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I cannot express the love I have for this man! I seriously cried like a baby when watching this video. I love Jordan and his channel so much and I’m glad I found him when I did. I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to do when I grew up,but I’m seriously not that talented not smart,but I was encouraged by this video and by the one Tom posted about exams and such. I love video games so much even though I play just a few. I play console games(360),but I wanna play Pc ones,so maybe I can do that sometime. But ever since I started playing Halo I’ve had a huge interest in games and gaming! I played more halo and I currently own Halo 3,Halo Reach and Halo 4. Those games are what started my addiction,along with Jardon.
I started playing Cod, (though I’m terrible at it)and just loved it as well. I love first person shooter games so much!! Sometime down the road I stumbled upon minecraft and loved it instantly. When destiny came out I was so excited!! My parents got it and Portal 2 for me. Destiny was/is amazing to me! I’ve never played a game like that at all. I play Destiny almost everyday now,along with some Halo and Minecraft. Way before I got any games I found Jordan’s channel and loved watching him play games. I went through Jordan’s playlists and watch him play some adventure maps for Minecraft,some left 4 dead,etc. Jordan was the one who got me addicted to gaming,and I don’t mind because I love it so much. I want to work in the game design industry when I’m older. I know I’m not very smart,but I can at least try my best and learn. I know I said something like this before,but Jordan just makes me feel happy and I’m proud of him for doing what he does,and I’m glad he got to buy a house. He’s come so far and I’m just really happy for him.(Senpai notice your tumblr fans!!) lol. But anyways I would love to meet Jordan sometime in my life and hug him and tell him how much I love him,and how much I’m proud of him. I’m the type of person who would cry meeting Jordan,again he’ll be freaked out,but meh. Just keep doing you,Jardon!
Keep doing you.

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'Look At You Like That'

and don’t you dare think that I pack up all my tears and take them home and cry now when I’m alone, do it right here, crying right now, baby you can watch me crumble down, that’s for breaking my heart.

• put a Taylor song in my ask and I’ll tell you my favourite lyrics

• I genuinely had to relisten to this because it’s been so long i’d actually forgotten about it, oh my god.