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umm jon and dany having babies? did you watch the episode? a happy ending? do you watch game of thrones? Either one of them dies or at the very least when they find out jon is a targaryen. dany won't let her bloodline die. She can't have kids (they made that VERY clear ) he can! She won't marry him for this reason alone. I'm going to be very bitter about it as a jonerys fan but they won't be endgame. Enjoy this season becasue I think it will be downhill for us in season 8

*sigh* You must be new here.

It amazes me how many people over-state the meaning of bittersweet. I’m sorry but Dany or Jon dying is not bittersweet, it’s fucking devastating, I don’t care how it’s cut. Why build up these two characters only for one or both to die at the end? What a cop out that would be. And GRRM appears to agree:

“I haven’t written the ending yet, so I don’t know, but no. [Some horrible apocalypse] is certainly not my intent. I’ve said before that the tone of the ending that I’m going for is bittersweet.

I mean, it’s no secret that Tolkien has been a huge influence on me, and I love the way he ended Lord of the Rings. It ends with victory, but it’s a bittersweet victory. Frodo is never whole again, and he goes away to the Undying Lands, and the other people live their lives. And the scouring of the Shire—brilliant piece of work, which I didn’t understand when I was 13 years old: “Why is this here? The story’s over?” But every time I read it I understand the brilliance of that segment more and more.

All I can say is that’s the kind of tone I will be aiming for. Whether I achieve it or not, that will be up to people like you and my readers to judge.”

For him to consider LotR a bittersweet ending says a lot because many think it was just happy because Aragorn becomes king and marries Arwen. This fandom gets so caught up in the ‘bitter’ part and not the ‘sweet’. Also fyi, Dany and Jon are both Aragorn type figures in this story and their journeys even match up. It wouldn’t make sense for their endings to suddenly deviate from each other. I’m not saying I’m right but I think some of you are way too doom and gloom.

When You Have A Thigh Riding Kink (Requested)

~Kim Namjoon~

Namjoon chewed on the end of his finger while watching his baby girl. You tried anything to get yourself off on his thigh. Rubbing, bouncing, grinding, anything to soothe the ache within you. The fabric of his jeans were soaked in your juices. His hand cupped one of your hips to beckon you back and forth.

“Harder baby. You are far from wet enough.”

~Kim Seokjin~

Jin flexed his thigh muscles, watching your mouth fall open in ecstasy. He himself wasn’t receiving physical pleasure, but watching you come undone was enough of a reward. You grabbed onto his shoulder and looked down between your legs to the wet spot forming. You whined pathetically and Jin cupped the flesh of your ass.

“That’s right Princess, keep going.”

~Min Yoongi~

Yoongi leaned back in his studio chair, enjoying the view . He hadn’t touched you at all the entire time. You’d only mentioned thigh riding once, in fear that Yoongi would despise it entirely. When you displayed signs of being needy, he took you into his lap. Though not for spankings. You clenched your legs around his thigh and felt your orgasm shift closer.

“I didn’t give you permission to cum. Hold it in.”

~Jung Hoseok~

Hobi was as just a mess as you were. He panted at just the sight of your pussy rubbing his leg, and your breast bouncing beneath the white shirt you wore. He dug his nails into the couch cushion and licked his suddenly dry lips. You tossed your head back in pleasure, an orgasm beginning to rip through you.

“Fuck Y/n. It’s my turn now.”

~Park Jimin~

Jimin clicked his tongue at how needy you were on his thigh. You had dreamed about this moment forever. The thickness and muscles bulging in his thigh was enough to drive you mad. Jimin flexed his leg and you nearly lost your shit. His hands on your hips kept you steady as he lifted his thigh into you once more.

“I knew these thighs were good for something. There you go Kitten.”

~Kim Taehyung~

Taehyung had both arms on the rest, bucking his thigh between your legs. Arms bound behind you, you were forced to stand tall while Tae teased you with his thigh. You were completely at his mercy. Countless times had your knees buckled and you almost collapsed. Taehyung would just command you to stand longer and rub his thigh harder against your pulsing clit.

“5 more minutes baby. You can do it.”

~Jeon Jungkook~

10 minutes until he had to be onstage. You were grinding against those slick leather pants you loved so much. Jungkook kissed the sensitive skin behind your ear, instructing you to move at a faster pace. His long fingers found you sensitive bud and drew circles around the flesh. You bucked on his thigh and proceeded to finish yourself off.

“I have 2 minutes Y/n. Mind giving me a hand?”

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While your son is playing with his toys in the other room, Bucky comes up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist while you're doing the dishes. He rests his chin on your shoulder and asks, "Can we make another one?" You laugh, knowing exactly what he's talking about. "You want another baby, Buck?" You both look over when you hear a tiny gasp. "You guys are gonna make another baby? Can I watch?!" Bucky then looks at your son in horror and doesn't know what to say.

oh my god I’m dying 

Daddy Wednesday™

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Bucky is willing to be a stay-at-home Dad while you go off to school (you two met after your freshman year in college) He knows how important it is for you to be able to succeed and provide for your soon-to-be family of three w/ cat. Watching the baby if you have late night studying, giving your foot messages on the coach during feedings, cooking your favorite food if your were stressed or passed an exam, and when you don't have to worry about school you all would cuddle in bed

oh he’d be the perfect husband 

Daddy Wednesday™

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So, as promised, here’s my list of lesbian movies for all of our lovely followers and the people you want to share it with. I hope I haven’t forgotten any good ones, but if you feel like that is the case, feel free to add movies to the list! 

This is my gift for all of you, I hope you’ll like it ♥

/ Mod W

Tipping the Velvet 

  • based on the book by sarah waters (she has written many lesbian books!)
  • it’s a bbc adapatation
  • technically a mini series but i like to see it as three hours of lesbian content heaven
  • it’s about this girl who falls in love with an actress and she goes to see her at the theatre five billion times until the actress notices her (that’s just the first part, other things happen to the main so watch the rest for more lesbian content~)
  • the main character (nan astley/king) is like… my fave. i love her.
  • the book is very good too!!!
  • honestly i have so much love for this movie/book i get all giddy just thinking of it


  • lesbian gangster/mob movie do i need to say more???
  • the main actresses are cute af (one of them is a butch lesbian!)
  • it’s awesome and very cool
  • (gonna trigger warn for use of lesbophobic slurs used by some characters/some lesbophobic violence)

Below Her Mouth

  • meh plot with amazing sex scenes basically?
  • a lot of sex scenes
  • i mean it like half the movie is graphic sex so if ur uncomfortable with that you probably shouldn’t watch it lol
  • all female cast
  • willa from wynonna earp!

The Handmaiden

  • also based on a book by sarah waters (called Fingersmith, there’s a bbc adaptation of it too which you should totally check out as well)
  • good quality movie right there
  • (putting a trigger warning here for sexual and psychological abuse and abuse in general)

Kyss Mig

  • one of few good swedish movies
  • basically about two step-sisters who fall in love (they’re not actually related i promise)

But I’m a Cheerleader

  • baby natasha lyonne is in this one! also i have a crush on clea duvall in this movie lol
  • a very cute love story tbh
  • good aesthetic
  • you’ve probably heard of it before but idc cause it’s great
  • (it’s like a satire of conversion therapy so if that’s something you can’t watch i don’t recommend this movie for you in particular)

If These Walls Could Talk 2 

  • a bunch of famous actresses (like chloë sevigny, michelle williams, natasha lyonne, ellen degeneres, etc. etc.)
  • divided in three segments from three different periods in time
  • one segment is set during the feminist movement in the 70s and features chloë sevigny as a butch lesbian with a motorcycle do i even need to say more??

Anatomy of a Love Seen

  • this is about two actresses who were a couple when they shot a movie together and now they have to go back and re-shoot some love scenes but they’re not a couple anymore and it’s sad af
  • i have basically never seen this movie in any rec lists but it’s actually one of my faves and i cry so much to this movie tbh

Saving Face

  • this is a good one
  • also pretty funny tbh!
  • it’s about a doctor who falls in love with a dancer and the doctor’s relationship with her conservative mom
  • it’s kind of rom-comish

Lost and Delirious

  • warning: very sad like super sad?
  • it’s about a girl who goes to a boarding school and so happens to become roommates with a lesbian couple
  • teen angst squared and multiplied with gay panic

The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls In Love

  • you may have heard of this one but if you haven’t it’s time you watch it
  • that woman who plays tina on the l word is a butch-ish girl in this one
  • VERY CUTE and chill
  • every time i watch this it feels like this movie is the director’s BABY like it seems like she cares about this story so much and it makes the movie feel so genuine and lovely
  • i want every baby lesbian to watch this, please, it’s my gift to you.


  • you may have heard of this one too but if you haven’t seen it yet it’s definitely worth a watch!
  • lesbian spies!
  • the heroine falls in love with the villain (that enemies to lovers trope tho!!)

Desert Hearts

  • old but good!
  • i feel like this movie is on most of these long rec lists but people probably don’t watch it cause it’s old but it is actually pretty good!
  • your classic “oops i thought i was straight but that woman is hot” story

Margarita With a Straw

  • indian girl figures out she’s bi when she goes to uni in new york and meets a lesbian girl
  • cute, funny, sad, it has everything tbh
  • The Hours (actually one of my all-time favorite movies/books!)
  • The Intervention
  • The Kids Are All Right
  • The Children’s Hour
  • Elena Undone
  • Fucking Åmål 
  • The Carter household just got a little bit bigger. Multiple sources have confirmed to Us Weekly, People and E! News that Beyoncé has given birth to twins. 
  • The newborns arrived earlier this week, according to Us Weekly’s sources. That now makes three children for music’s power couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z, whose oldest child, Blue Ivy, was born in January 2012. Read more. (6/17/17, 11:06 PM)
watching baby driver
  • baby: *sits stoically in the car, expressionless and still, while his companions head off to Do A Crime*
  • me: i don't know about this kid.
  • baby: *waits until they're gone before bursting into a truly wild lipsynching routine with reckless abandon, pouring his heart and soul into every movement and dancing like nobody is watching*
  • me: I've only known this kid for a few seconds but if anything happens to him, I will kill everyone in this room and then myself.
【TRANS】 EXO - Touch It (Lyrics by CHEN)

No words can replace you
They are unnecessary
It cannot be expressed
I don’t need anything else if I just have you
Yes if I only have you
Your dizzying silhouette
Even your shadow is beautiful
All of your small actions that
Make me go crazy
When you slightly sweep your hair up
That sexy gesture gesture baby
Your gesture gesture
I lost my way when I was caught
By my attraction to you gesture gesture baby
My gesture gesture
Ay and she goes like nanana
Ay all the girls go nanana
Oh yeah
You in front of me now is absolutely
Feeling good now
Feeling good now
Yeah I’m feeling good now
But in my mind boom how should I say it
What what in my head black out uh
My imagination is awakened
I draw hundreds of figures of you
Your small motions all seem like your voice
When you slightly sweep your hair up
That sexy gesture gesture baby
Your gesture gesture
I lost my way when I was caught
By my attraction to you gesture gesture baby
My gesture gesture
All my ladies say yeah nanana
Ay with one voice feel me nanana
All my ladies say yeah nanana
Yo yo sing it again nanana
Why do we need a reason
It doesn’t need to be great
Just one of your trivial gestures
Torments me
You shake me babe
Oh you got what I want
Ay ay I only need you
That’s all babe
Oh you got what I want
Ay Ay just stay by my side
We don’t want to regret
I can’t help myself
Even if I don’t pretend to stay calm and let it show
I keep falling for you without knowing it
Gradually without you knowing
Your eyes are facing me
Did you think I didn’t know yeah
Tell me if you want me
When you slightly sweep your hair up
That sexy gesture gesture baby
Your gesture gesture
I lost my way when I was caught
By my attraction to you gesture gesture baby
My gesture gesture
Sing it sing it baby nanana
Ay c'mon c'mon do it again nanana
Do it together with me
Your white fingertips
Oh as if you’re teasing me
And sometimes as if you’re indifferent
Your gesture gesture to me
Make me dizzy
Show me a little more
Oh as if I pass by you
Watch it baby
Maybe I’ll get closer to you
Watch it baby
My gesture gesture
Will stop you stop you
trans: andie @ fychen ϟ please take out with full credit!

bts scenario: you’re thick/curvy

as a fellow curvy girl, hope you all enjoy this! i made it into all the members btw, so everyone can get their bias. enjoy! xx

requests: open



jin: small kisses were being trailed up your neck as jin’s hands caressed your body. slow hands slowly pushed the hem of your tshirt higher and higher and jin gripped onto your hips. “god i love your hips, baby,” he whispered into your ear, “you’re so pretty for me.” a blush crept up your neck as you shook your head, “jin no…” “shush, princess,” jin bit down onto the supple flesh over your hip bone, “don’t finish that thought, you’re gorgeous.”  jin used his tongue and his fingers to make sure you knew just how gorgeous you were. 

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yoongi: yoongi’s sharp thrusts drew out loud moans from your throat as you tightened your arms around his neck. earlier that day, you had been insecure about your body, saying that your thighs were too fat along with your stomach, and yoongi was not standing for it. “you’re fucking gorgeous baby,” a hickey was placed on your neck, “say it.” he growled in a voice that you knew had no room for ‘no’. “i’m gor-,” the next thrust hit the most sensitive spot inside you, “i’m gorgeous,” you moaned. “that’s right, baby,” yoongi said, “my gorgeous babygirl.” 

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hoseok: “but hoseok,” your voice cracked as you protested his pleas, “this dress makes me look fat.” your face scrunched up in pain as tears flooded your eyes and one slipped down your cheek. “baby.. baby, no,” hoseok shook his head frantically as he came to stand behind you while you were looking at yourself in the floor length mirror. “you’re fucking beautiful,” his arms wrapped around the silk dress and your waist, “i’ve never seen anyone more beautiful than you, baby,” he continued. soft hands pulled your arms away from covering your stomach, “i love you, all of you.”

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namjoon: “wow,” you said as you watched the pretty girl on the screen dance with her partner in the cheesy romcom, “she’s really pretty,” you said as you slowly curled in on yourself. “yeah,” namjoon agreed, “but you’re prettier~” he teased as he kissed your cheek and cuddled you closer to his body. “don’t be jealous of her, baby, you’re drop dead fucking gorgeous.” he nibbled on your ear as you giggled, “so pretty, amazing, caring, smart, and beautiful,” he whispered into your ear. “joonieee stoppp,” you laughed as his fingers began to tickle your sides. “see? even your laugh is beautiful, never doubt yourself, princess.”   

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jimin: the water splashed around your and jimin’s bodies and bubbles fluttered into the air as you squealed, “JIMIN!” jimin’s adorable laugh filled the air as he blew bubbles into your face. “this was supposed to be romantic, park jimin,” you huffed while trying not to laugh yourself. jimin reached forward and pulled your hips to have you sit on top of his thighs. “jimin, don’t, i’m heavy,” you whispered the end as you tried to scoot backward off of his legs. “you are not,” jimin grabbed hard onto your hips and tugged you back onto his lap, “heavy.” you giggled as he started to kiss up your neck, “jiminieee.” “i love you baby, don’t ever think you’re anything less than perfect.”

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taehyung: your hips swayed to the music as you flipped the pancakes that you were cooking for you and taehyung. turning around, you went to go get the orange juice from the fridge but instead you were met face to face with a grinning taehyung. “don’t let me stop you,” he winked suggestively as he began to sway to the music as well. your cheeks flushed red with embarrassment as you remembered you were only in a pair of booty shorts and one of taehyung’s tshirts. “tae, you’re embarrassing me…” you covered your face with your hands. “hush none of that,” he pulled his hands away from your face, “you’re gorgeous,” he planted a kiss on your neck, “gives me something to grab onto yeah?” “KIM TAEHYUNG”

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jungkook: sweat poured down your forehead and your back as you tried to keep up with jungkook while learning the dance moves to ‘dope’. you had wanted to dance with jungkook for a long time, to see him dance up close. “i almost have it,” you said as you pushed yourself harder, trying as hard as you could to get the move right. “babe it’s okay,” jungkook said as he walked up to you, taking your hand in his, “this is a hard dance, it took all of us hours to get it right.” you huffed, “i knew, i just want to live up to being the golden maknae’s girlfriend, and it’s kinda hard with all this,” you said gesturing to your body. jungkook growled, “don’t ever think you’re anything less than perfect, baby,” he said, “besides, watching you dance like that is really doing something to me,” he said as he ground his hips onto your backside, “let’s go home, yeah beautiful?”

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