Bridget Jones’s Baby 2016

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Breaking up with Mark Darcy leaves Bridget Jones over 40 and single again. Feeling that she has everything under control, Jones decides to focus on her career as a top news producer. Suddenly, her love life comes back from the dead when she meets a dashing and handsome American named Jack. Things couldn’t be better, until Bridget discovers that she is pregnant. Now, the befuddled mom-to-be must figure out if the proud papa is Mark or Jack.

y'all ever just start sympathy crying? like u see one of ur homies crying and ur just like don’t do this to me dont u do this and then u burst into tears and cry w them in a mess? bc I do this every time

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Ashlyn watches Ali give birth to their first child.

It was a little like goalkeeping, Ashlyn thought to herself at first. Standing back and waiting for the action to come to you, waiting for something to do. 

Pacing and tracking, watching and watching and watching. Always on edge, always having to be ready for the moment when the play lands at her feet. 

It was a little like goalkeeping, except it wasn’t. 

Not at all. 

Though she did wish she’d thought to bring her gloves.


“Come on, baby,” Ashlyn said, watching her partner’s face, the pain etched there. “Breathe, it’s almost over, it’s already easing off.” 

The monitor in the corner beeped to signal the end of another contraction, and Ali sunk back against the raised bed with a pained sigh, eyes closed and forehead beaded with sweat. 

“Hey,” the blonde said as she gently kissed Ali’s forehead, “you’re doing so good, honey.” But the other woman laughed in frustrated disbelief.

“You heard what the doctor said last time he was here, Ash, I should be further along by now.”  And even though she smiled in thanks as the goalkeeper fed her another chip of ice, rubbing it carefully over Ali’s dry, chapped lips, it was obvious how tired, how exhausted the pregnant woman was. 

“It’s those broad Krieger shoulders,” Ashlyn teased carefully, trying to keep her partner’s mood up, lighthearted, despite the exhaustion and the frustration and the worry they were both feeling. “We Harris babies were all tiny at birth, unlike you and your brother. I’ve seen the pictures, you know,” she continued, “you both look like holiday hams in your first pictures. Pinked up and screaming at the top of your lungs.”

Ali started to groan again, and with a quick look over at the monitor, Ashlyn understood why. 

“It looks like a big one, honey,” she said as she pulled away the cup of ice chips and fit her hand into the pregnant woman’s hand again, starting her mantra over. 

“You can do it, baby,” she whispered into Ali’s ear. “We’ve waited so long and it’s almost time. Just a little longer and our baby will be here. Pink and beautiful, just like her mom.” 

She was met with silence, but Ashlyn knew it wasn’t personal, and began coaching the brunette through her breathing again. 

When it was over, Ali’s eyes were wet with tears, her face red from the pain and the struggle not to push too early, to listen to the doctor’s careful words. 

“Hey, hey,” the blonde whispered, pressing their heads together, “we’re almost there, honey. I’m so proud of you, you’re doing so good.” 

But Ali shook her head. “I can’t,” she said, her voice raw, “I can’t do this anymore. I’m too tired, I can’t.”

And Ashlyn understood. It’d been almost twenty-four hours of labor already, after at least a day spent timing contractions, how many minutes between, until at last they were close enough to warrant going to the hospital. A nap here or there, in-between contractions, but otherwise, Ali had been awake for almost forty-eight hours, struggling to bring their baby into the world. 

“I know you’re tired, Alex,” she whispered, “but you’re so close. You’re almost there. Just a little while longer, okay?” 

Ashlyn wiped away her partner’s tears and looked down to the foot of the bed where their OBGYN was examining Ali again. 

“Okay,” he said from between Ali’s legs, “you’re ready to start pushing, Ali. So with the next contraction, you’re going to give me a good, strong push, okay?” 

But Ali shook her head, “I can’t, I can’t.”

A nurse appeared nearby, and looked at the two of them sympathetically, nodding at Ashlyn’s look of desperate helplessness.

“I know, honey,” the nurse said, rubbing gently over the pregnant woman’s shoulder, “it’s been a long, hard labor. And it’s almost over.”

“What if,” the nurse started to say, “mom here could give you a little help while you pushed, you think you want to try that?” And she looked over at Ashlyn before nodding with Ali. 

“Okay, mom, climb up here behind mama,” the nurse directed, helping Ali to scoot down the bed to make room, to get in position to deliver, “there we go.”

“Hey,” Ashlyn whispered into Ali’s ear, “I’m here, I’ve got you.” And she felt Ali relax, just the slightest, against her.

“Now, mom here is going to support you while you push, she’s going to wrap her arms over yours like so,” the nurse demonstrated, “and lean forward with you when you’re pushing. So all you have to do is focus on baby, okay, mama?”

And Ali nodded. 

It took a minute or two before the next contraction started, and Ashlyn did as the nurse had suggested, pulling Ali back to lean into her again after the contraction passed. 

“Good job, Ali,” the doctor encouraged, “I think with the next push we’ll see the head.” 

It took almost an hour more. An hour of pushing and crying out, of crying and playing cheerleader. Of grunts and groans and soft encouraging words. 

But then–

“One more push, Ali, one more push,” the doctor said as Ashlyn felt her partner’s entire body tense with singular focus on the baby who was almost there. 

And then with a sharp cry from the foot of the bed, an exhausted laugh from Ali, it was over. 

“A big healthy boy, moms,” the doctor said and held up the red, angry baby, cord still attached, linking him to Ali just a little longer.

“Look what you did,” Ashlyn whispered, already so in love, “baby, look what you did.” 

And Ali panted, exhausted, but the joy in her voice already bigger than anything that had come before. 

“He’s beautiful,” she said, laughing and crying all at once, “big Krieger shoulders and all.”

Sweet Child o’ Mine

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Pairing: Deanxdaughter
Word count: 1,066
Request: Anonymous. Do you think you could write a fic about Dean being a protective dad? Possible with him singing sweet child of mine by guns and roses to her at one point?

Dean sighed as he watched his baby girl go off to her first day of high school. He hated it. When the hell did his little blue eyed angel in pigtails grow up to mascara and braces? You walked up behind him, wrapping your arms around his waist. “She’ll be fine, Dean.” You assured him. “And it’s not the last time that we’ll be watching one of our kids go off to high school.”

Groaning, he turned and hugged you. “Can we just lock them up? Until they’re like…30?” He kissed the top of your head. “Seriously? How did we get 4 girls? 4. We couldn’t get one boy?”

You laughed and patted his chest. “Yeah, because having a teenage you running around is exactly what we need.”

“You do have a point.”

“Come on. You aren’t standing at the door all day.”

“Can I follow her to school?” He asked, and when you gave him a look he gave in and followed you to the living room.

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i cried and screamed and rocked back and forth and became an emotional mess after the tatinof trailer

pretty much the same for me!! i cried when i saw the show live so i bet the movie will still get me! especially since i won’t be in a huge audience with strangers i’ll probably cry like a baby watching it at home!!

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Love (Cinderella and Four Knights! Kang Seo-Woo)

Type: Fluff

Request: YES! CINDERELLA AND THE 4 KNIGHTS IS MY SHOW! If you do scenarios for them you should do a fluffy one for my baby Seo Woo

Seowoo watched you dance around his room while he was just messing around on his piano, your body clad in his shirt and a pair of shorts before you came to stand in front of him. You smiled as you spun the diamond engagement ring around your finger. You had been dating him nearly 4 years and had been his biggest fan. “What is it?” he asks lovingly. You giggled shaking your head “no no come on tell me” he says as he watched you think. You looked around like there was someone else in the room before leaning down. You ushered him closer like you had a secret once you two were inches apart you leaned in and kissed him on the lips before pulling away. 

He leaned back and his hand quickly went over his heart as he pounded it lightly “ah I think my heart skipped a beat” he spoke. You two had been locked away in his room for nearly two days and Ms. Beolgyo was the only one who saw you two it seemed. His cousins and Howan had theories of what you two had been up too, mainly dirty ones but they found it kinda cute how you two made the world disappear when you guys were together. 

You walked around his desk and he patted his knee letting you sit down. You began to lightly play a melody you had in your head as he leaned his head on your shoulder. “That sounds amazing” he spoke before he pulled your hands off the keys “get changed we’re gonna go out” he spoke as you nodded. He sat back as he watched you change, you were deciding which dress to wear and decided to pick the flowers “no no wear the one with the cute little pineapples” he says. You gave him a look “have I ever steered you wrong on your fashion before?” he asks “no you haven’t” you say in a cute fashion as you slid the dress on. He came up behind you and zipped the fabric up “perfect” he spoke as he went to get ready himself. 

He smiled at you when he was done “m’lady” he says sticking his arm out for you as you grab your skirt and curtsy before linking yours around his. You two laughed at your dumbness “and the lovely couple finally leave their room” you hear Hyunmin speak. “What have you two been up too?” Howan asks as you and Seowoo gave each others cute looks. “Making lovely music” you coo to him as he leans in and kisses your lips lightly Jiwoon makes a sound in disgust “is that lingo for something?” Hyunmin hints wiggling his brows Seowoo blushes. “No not like that, we’ve been writing a song together” he spoke. 

“Do you guys want to go out with us?” you ask kindly to them “and do what?” Jiwoon asks. Seowoo pulls out his phone “since it’s around dinnertime, get something to eat. Then you guys can go because I want to go on a romantic walk” Seowoo spoke before finishing with a coo grabbing your chin shaking your head lightly. “You’re buying?” Hyunmin asks as Seowoo nods. Hyunmin went to grab his jacket “you guys coming?” you ask “sure” Jiwoon says as Howan nods happily.

so this happened today...

I had a dream that I was mc and jumin was in a maid outfit while seven was taking pictures of it then he suddenly came to me wanting me to help him troll a guest of the party called ‘flat’

Flat is a fat guy who burns if you throw healthy food at him and seven was just there throwing baby carrots at him watching him twist in pain and I was laughing along…

this game is not only making me lifeless but also is giving weird dreams 

Professional art director Alan Lawrence created a photo series that imagines his 4-month-old son as the Elf on the Shelf, and he’s posting them on Instagram as a countdown to Christmas.

Baby Rockwell is quite mischievous.

He’s not been put in any danger, because his daddy has many photo-editing tricks up his sleeve. 

But you can’t edit in that natural-born cuteness!

I now want to imagine that all elves are exactly like this.

I’d also like to imagine that the following incidents happened in succession…

…Because this is exactly what happens whenever I get drunk.



And Taron, seriously, fax me.
Yeah, I will. Cheers, love.

Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016) 

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Breaking up with Mark Darcy leaves Bridget Jones over 40 and single again. Feeling that she has everything under control, Jones decides to focus on her career as a top news producer. Suddenly, her love life comes back from the dead when she meets a dashing and handsome American named Jack. Things couldn’t be better, until Bridget discovers that she is pregnant. Now, the befuddled mom-to-be must figure out if the proud papa is Mark or Jack.