So as a couple of you may know, or not know, Patrick Stump went to my high school, class of 2002. My brother is graduating today (congrats William!) and Patrick was supposed to be a guest speaker and win an alumni award. HOWEVER, he couldn’t make it because HIS WIFE IS VERY CLOSE TO HAVING BABY NUMBER 2, AND HE WAS AFRAID TO LEAVE HER!!! Here is the video message he sent in, in his place! Congrats to Patrick and Elisa!

You know what would be cute?

If the Stumps did a family photo…Elisa could be in the middle with the baby on her lap, Patrick would be kissing her cheek on one side, and Declan would be kissing her cheek on the other side. It’s like she has so many “men” in her life (but it’s really just her husband and sons). Just think how cute that would be!

Too bad even if it did happen Patrick probably wouldn’t let us see it but oh well it’s a cute idea.

No One Puts Declan In The Corner

I just realized that Declan and his future sibling(s) are growing up with their childhood movies being Zootopia, Finding Dory, The Good Dinosaur, The Secret Life of Pets, and other movies of the like that’ll be coming out. I’m so imagining Patrick and Elisa renting the movies at like Redbox and having movie night in their living room or bedroom, maybe even occasionally taking their son to the movies. Did I make you cry? Good.

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this is the proof that Patrick and Elisa are expecting baby stump #2