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when it comes to Twinbrook I’m not trying to question things too much.  Especially the mysterious baby boom xD

The sharks at the beach are one of my favorite things as I get an evil satisfaction seeing sims nearly drowning by them hahahaha. I think I might add more spawners there just for kicks. I also thought making a dive spot in that lake would be fun. Add a bunch of rusty cars and broken wash machines. :D


Thank you! 

Hidden Springs is still my favorite but it isn’t the most well made town. Twinbrook is quickly rising through the ranks of my favorite worlds though :)


Hahaha I know! My sim Mari is a lifeguard there and while she was working I was messing with the tab key looking for a photo opportunity when I saw a speck walking towards the beach. Thus this post was born.

For some reason that beach is glitched because I’ve seen a lot of sims walking on the water around there. One time it was a newspaper girl and the other was a sim who was trying to swim but then floated to the top of the water and started to run away. “I ain’t got time for this!” xD


just some cute, pure, fun loving B.A.P :)))))))))

After four years alone, female shark has babies without a male mate

  • Leonie, a female zebra shark in Australia, had three offspring in early 2016 after being completely isolated from males for roughly four years.
  • According to New Scientist, Leonie was first paired with a male at an Australian aquarium in 1999; the couple had over two dozen babies.
  • In 2012, aquarium staff moved Leonie’s partner to another tank, leaving her alone— which is why scientists were stunned when she gave birth.
  • How did it happen? It could be because of a kind of biological contingency plan for if there are no male sharks around.
  • According to New Scientist, sharks are capable of asexual reproduction if there’s a genetically identical cell called a sister polar body nearby to fertilize it.  Read more

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Please consider

-Pre-calamity Link being crushed on by little kid Sidon

-Sidon being the cutest lil baby shark, getting excited every time Link comes to visit the domain and attempting to spend every possible second with him

-Sidon drawing Link pictures and bringing him random stuff like snails and crabs as gifts

-Sidon going up to his dad “Father, I’ve met my future bride!”

-King Dorephan “Who???”

- “Link!”

- “…Oh dear”

-Sidon declaring his big sister to be his love rival like an anime character

-Sidon insisting on helping Mipha make Link’s Zora armor, he mostly holds tools and materials while she works, because he thinks if two people work on the armor Link will have to choose between them

-Mipha doesn’t really take it seriously cos hes like, 12, and lets him help

-Link has no idea whats going on and thinks Sidon is just being a cute lil shark buddy, enjoys playing with him and gives him affectionate headpats

-Hundred years later, they’ve forgotten eachother only for Sidon to fall in love with him all over again