Fish Day Saturday - Dad!Johnny

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 3,012

The alarm on your bedside table went off exactly at 6 in the morning, waking you up from deep slumber. You reached out your hand to shut it, wiggling your body a little to move from the tight grip encasing your stomach.

“Babe?” Your husband’s croaked voice startled you, the small movements you made had woken him up.

You turned around to face him, his body pressed against yours comfortably; your noses touching one another from the close proximity. You gave his lips a little peck.

“Sorry to wake you up, it’s already 6.”

“Let’s get some more sleep.” He mumbled, pulling you to his embrace.

You chuckled, lifting one hand to caress his cheek with your thumb. “You do remember saying you’ll take her to the aquarium today, right?”

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SHARK ATTACK!🦈😈 (sound on📢❗️)😂 @loving.lealuna #sharkbaby #sharkattack #baby #yoga #yogaeverydamnday (at Island Yoga)

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-Pre-calamity Link being crushed on by little kid Sidon

-Sidon being the cutest lil baby shark, getting excited every time Link comes to visit the domain and attempting to spend every possible second with him

-Sidon drawing Link pictures and bringing him random stuff like snails and crabs as gifts

-Sidon going up to his dad “Father, I’ve met my future bride!”

-King Dorephan “Who???”

- “Link!”

- “…Oh dear”

-Sidon declaring his big sister to be his love rival like an anime character

-Sidon insisting on helping Mipha make Link’s Zora armor, he mostly holds tools and materials while she works, because he thinks if two people work on the armor Link will have to choose between them

-Mipha doesn’t really take it seriously cos hes like, 12, and lets him help

-Link has no idea whats going on and thinks Sidon is just being a cute lil shark buddy, enjoys playing with him and gives him affectionate headpats

-Hundred years later, they’ve forgotten eachother only for Sidon to fall in love with him all over again


just some cute, pure, fun loving B.A.P :)))))))))