A Great Year for Seahorses at Allwetterzoo Münster

Allwetterzoo Münster has had a very successful crop of Long-snouted Seahorses this summer. About 400 juveniles have been born since May—from just eight parental pairs! Seahorses are unusual among fish because pairs remain monogamous for a whole breeding season, and sometimes for life. Even more unexpected, it is the male who incubates and gives birth to the young.

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(so i kind of totally stole this from someone else but wanted to change the picture and fix their “ preggers ” to “ prego ”.)

Male seahorses are pregnant for most of their lives.

You would think that since males are the ones that bear the babies, the females would fight over the males, right? But males still compete to get the girl. Yep, they compete for the right to be prego for three weeks, go through 72 hours of labor and give birth to as many as 200 baby seahorses. And male seahorses mate for life with their spouse. That’s dedication right there. :)

on another side note, i totally wish the baby or babies could just burst out of you super quick like that. the whole like 72 hours thing isn’t very cool, but yeah. and that the babynest/incubator could totally be the dude. i’m so scared of having babies. eventually. :x.