Watch a Male Seahorse Give Birth to Hundreds of Babies

Male seahorses are the ones who carry children and give birth. And when they do, they can produce up to 2,000 babies at one time.


Baby lined seahorse #newenglanaquarium #boston #massachusetts #videos (at New England Aquarium)

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The google search history of a new Marine Bio major

-do whales have nicknames for each other
-do jellyfish make noises
-would jelly fish noises be more bloop or more sploosh
-why do some sea turtles look angry/annoyed
-can starfish dance
-why are dolphins mean
-why are dolphins horny
-what is wrong with dolphins
-cute shark video
-funny shark video
-sting ray smiling
-how long are eels
-can an eel tie itself in a knot of it wanted to
-are axolotls okay?
-is it possible for one person to singlehandedly save a coral reef
-cute squids
-tiny squids
-how big is the biggest squid
-could a giant squid eat a person
-would people taste good to a squid
-do octopi know that they are awesome
-are octopi mean or are they cool, like nice and stuff
-pregnant seahorses
-seahorse dads
-tiny seahorse babies
-do whales have cliques
-like could there be a mean girls: whale edition
-do whales have whale gender stereotypes

Happy Birthday Drabbles

Happy Birthday just two short and sweet drabbles enjoy :) - @roshytsunami

thank you for the lovely, creative drabbles!!! they are so cute!! and algae chocolate cookies indeed sound yummy! sweet and salty treat :D

below you will find two drabbles!

Stony Hercules!AU (Tony as Meg, Steve as Herc)

Stony Sea horse - human AU (Tony is half seahorse, Steve is a human, and they are going to have a baby together)

Hercules by @roshytsunami

Tony rolls his eyes crossing his legs as he sits on the smooth rock. Of all the gods he has to say Hades is the biggest diva besides Zeus. He’s freaking out because Wonderboy has foiled another one of his cheesy monsters from his chambers. Honestly, it’s getting tiring, charming the monsters to fight Wonderboy.

“Tony how can you remain so calm. Don’t you know what’s at stake?!” The fire on his head turns a bright orange rising from the normal blue flames.

Tony sighs, “Hades you’ve told me a thousand times but tell me again sweetheart,” he replies coyly.

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Baby seahorses everywhere at @discoveraqwa today! They look like they are swimming in the night sky! Look at how they tustle with each other!

#aqwa #discoveraqwa #aquarium #underthesea #underwater #seahorse #ocean #seahorses #cute (at AQWA The Aquarium of Western Australia)

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