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Omg, sorry the last ask made me remember a really sad head canon I had, in short, about after game fe:a where mu became grima and so chrom sends giaus to infiltrate grimas layer and he hears a baby crying and he finds Morgan, and starts crying because he didn't even realize mu was pregnant when she changed. I mostly thought it up for gaius but it could work for anyone really


A miracle for Michonne

Not to long ago I read what many people wanted for season 6. Of course like many in this fandom I want the same which is Richonne but I also want something else. I really doubt it will ever happen but I wish that Andre was not really gone and it appeared that way, something like what happened to Judith. That Andre was rescued and due to circumstance (an unrelenting herd of zombies) was actually taken. I would love for after Richonne becomes cannon that they find him. Today my husband and I were going to take the baby to the park and them go to baby r us and buy his food. I was getting his bag ready as my husband left to go to the car. Our son followed and turned and waved at me and said “Bye Mommy.” I looked at him as he went out the door with his father and for a moment I thought to myself that I couldn’t picture saying good bye for ever or life without him… I can’t! Later, I thought about Michonne and my heart broke for her again. Loss of a loved one can be heartbreaking but the loss of a child is unimaginable.
I would love that miracle, Andre not to be gone, for Michonne….

  • psychic:*looks inside my head*
  • my head:Let’s go.. S.I.S.T.A.R, SISTAR! Baby stop breakin’ my heart (OHHH NO) You heard me? No more next time! I hope you got that boy... HEY girls It’s gon’ be alright HEY boys better make it right Hey girls, We got ya back (ga ga ga got ya back!)
  • psychic:what a classic..

There was a time in my life when I wanted you so badly. Your photos send me that certain chill. It was a mixture of hurt and happiness, to be honest, but you always put the red on my face. Your words make me want to shiver in what seems to be a mix of ecstasy and nostalgia. It sends me into a spiral, a kind of adventure where I do not know if I should enjoy it or I would die. Every time you smile, I reach a state where time seems to tick slower than usual. I do not know if that is the best of life kept in a slower time frame for me to be able to enjoy it while it lasts, or if this is the last moment of my life before I die of agony. Your eyes speak to me, and I feel like wanting to keep staring and marveling at you, but at the same time, it seems like my eyes experience too much hurt and I would be spared if I just close them and die in silence.

There was a time in my life when I wanted you so badly. And that was the time when I felt like I lost a great part of me, a time when I might as well be dead, just because you never noticed me and never liked me back.