I’ve finally started calling him Daddy. I think I’m going to ask for some simple rules.. like a bedtime for sure. I think he’s going to be such a good Daddy and boyfriend, he’s so so so sweet. I miss him already. I haven’t felt like this in so long.. falling for someone.. butterflies when they text or call.. butterflies on dates, waiting for the first kiss of the night. He makes me so happy, and he eases my mind when its racing. I feel like I’m getting ahead of myself because it’s only been a little over a month. I always fall too fast and too hard and get hurt… but he seems so serious about this and about me. So, fingers crossed. ❤


     This weekend was one of the most exciting things that has every happened to me on a relationship base topic. I got to see my little girl for the first time ever in person. Most people never get that opportunity and hell i was lucky enough she was even in the same state as me when i first got with her. I have no idea how i got so damn lucky to have her in my life. She was simply perfect..and for a lot more reasons than just one.

     I was waiting for this moment for weeks like it was no big deal. I knew it was gonna happen but didn’t take it serious and underestimated the power of love. On the exact day she was on her way her to where i live, I was sweating and biting stuff i was so nervous and didn’t say anything cause i didn’t want to sound weird for it or something. (A guy thing) I had that straight face and perfect body language to hide my real emotion. Even she she finally arrived, I just wanted to burst into tears that it was really her. She was even more beautiful in person and just the fact that it was her actual self in the flesh…ugh was just incredible alone. It took so much to keep myself strong and pretended to not be nervous and shake.

     Later on we decided to hang out and just sit around talk for a little bit  and just was so happy to see her and got my first hug and kiss from her. Which by the was AMAZING! It was powerful and perfect…I knew this love was so genuine and real when i felt her lips against mine. She ended up teasing me eventually and as the daddy i am…i didn’t take that shit. I gave her what she seemed she had wanted at the time. I gave her my large member nice and easy (never had a huge cock before.) She cam so much and was so hard to keep her quiet with other people in the house. My dirty ass having a sock fetish of course used my grip to go around her throat and also used a sock i was wearing to stuff her pretty little mouth. Was so fucking hot she did well and took it like a champion. The little girl said “Make me” a few times during it all so i had soemthing in store for her.

    We then watched tv, joked around, talked and bonded sitting with my roommate and it was amazing. It felt so perfect and it was just unreal to feel her touch and kisses and seeing her look into my eyes there was nothing like it. I loved her touch and would do anything to keep having her and just for her to be mine always and forever. I never wanted to leave her alone or let go. She even was “Little” for me in person quite a lot actually….It was THE BEST! She was adorable and so natural….Literally you guys don’t know what you’re missing. 

     Later that night i took her downstairs to bond and finish what started earlier. She got her punishment for the attitude during play time. I used my bamboo cane on her poor little legs and cute ass. She took it like the champ she is and then I gave her the best sex of her entire life as promised. I unleashed on her and gave her what a real dick suppose to feel like. My 10 inch member stretched and pounded her so much. I was so thick…I was literally 4 fingers thick from side to side. I did my job. She was able to take the thickness and every inch perfectly due to me knowing what im doing. I am literally an egotistic bastard and i will admit im a sex god. She cam literally every 25-30 seconds and fucked with me for 4 hours. I treated her during it like trash and downgraded her to the lowest of the low….It was the best sex either of us had. She was sore and bruised but did well and i could tell she loved every second. 

     Then we went to bed and cuddled together and slept. I woke up to the most beautiful girl in the world and it almost made me cry that she was still there. There is nothing like that feeling guys. I even woke her up with great morning sex and showed so much love. We showered together and helped each other get ready and we ate lunch and everything. We spent more time with each other and it was the best. I knew it was gonna be hard to take her back home but….i knew it was all worth it. I didnt know how sad id feel yet until it was close of reaching her home. Like 20 minutes away close. I started crying so much….. and its because i truly love this girl and i was so scared that this was the beginning of the end.

    I knew i was being over thinking things….but thats what you do when you love someone. I do miss her like crazy already. I legit do. I need her and will be hers forever. She is my princess and she deserves the world. I’ve never felt something so strong with someone in my entire life. I had the best time ever in just a day and a half of time. Its crazy. I just hope to see her soon again one day. Its so hard for me to express my feelings on how i feel and how empty my life in person now feels without her here….Its like we are meant to be in person to complete each other. She is the best girl in the whole world. She is beautiful and incredible. Literally she is the smartest girl i know and i am so lucky to of strike gold with getting her. God is good for giving me this….I cant thank him enough for this opportunity. And most of all i have to thank my princess herself for being awesome and making me feel like the best and luckiest Daddy in the whole world. I love you @pchfvzz  so so so much. Dont you ever forget that and never lose sight of our bond. We are meant to be… I just have that strong feeling. And I never ignore my gut. Good day everyone. Time fore me to head to work. :)

P.S: Thank you for the panties baby girl hehe and the socks. I hope you enjoy my pairs as well you dirty girl >=)