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Can we talk more about Connor having a daddy kink??

Connor has a major Daddy kink. Whenever you moan that word you know your in for a long night of pleasure as Connor goes in hard and rough. Also he either calls you baby girl or princess so when he’s jealous it’s quiet common that he’ll pull you closer and lean in close whispering “remember baby girl… only daddy can make you turn into the moaning mess you are”

What Joy is like in bed/kinks

“Could you do what joy is like in bed?”

  • Alright so Joy is like all bark and no bite
  • Because she’s a total tease
  • And taunting you so much
  • Like she’ll literally be a power struggle
  • At first though
  • Because as soon as you so much as brush against her neck or thighs
  • She becomes weak and whiny, begging for you to touch her
  • Likes to do all the teasing but claims she doesn’t like being teased
  • Even though she loves it
  • Tbh Joy is kinky af
  • Lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets
  • And you can tell because she doesn’t try to hide it
  • Like the second time you’re intimate together she just asks you to bind her wrists
  • And you honestly can’t even say you’re surprised
  • Yeah she loves sensory deprivation
  • Also loves when you leave any kind of marks
  • Hickeys,.scratches, bite marks
  • Likes to be called baby girl/princess
  • Really into hair pulling
  • Loves being punished and made beg
  • Dirty talk makes her writhe
  • Even a little degradation
  • Like she just wants to feel so out of control and owned
  • She’s honestly so loud and vocal
  • Especially when she’s coming
  • Also really loves being edged
  • She still has so much energy because not even after a few minutes coming
  • The tables turn and she’s straddling you asking you what

I need to take a moment to bring up the fact that Taylor put Sparks Fly on the album because the fans asked her to

Taylor only performed the original Sparks Fly a couple of times in 2006/2007 but someone put a full live version on the internet and it went viral. Fans would consistently ask her to put the song on a record.

And she LITERALLY DID THAT. she revised some of the lyrics and put it on an album, FOUR YEARS LATER





The Queen of Flame and Shadow, the Heir of Fire, Aelin of the Wildfire, Fireheart…

She burned through each title, even as she became them, became what those foreign ambassadors had hissed when they reported on a child-queen’s growing, unstable power in Terrasen. A promise that had been whispered into the blackness.