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ok. TK wins. Jk is closest to V. Jk only bought V bday gift. Jk talks to V when he misses home cos V is fr Busan too. Jk calls V baby, honey, princess. Jk loses game in BV2 so he can room with V. Jk went to Tokyo with V. Jk did a GCF of V. Jk did a dance break with V in 21 CG & BoM. Jk is Satellite Jeon cos he follows V ard. Jk used to rank V last in looks. Jk was angry when he was asked if he liked V in VLIVE BKK. Jk saw the first snow with V in 2018. Jk says V is his limited edition toy.

wow, amazing, i dont even know what a jimin is


The Queen of Flame and Shadow, the Heir of Fire, Aelin of the Wildfire, Fireheart…

She burned through each title, even as she became them, became what those foreign ambassadors had hissed when they reported on a child-queen’s growing, unstable power in Terrasen. A promise that had been whispered into the blackness.