I like to wear daddy’s hand as a necklace, and his body like clothes.

My skin matches with ribbons and bows.
I’m a good girl daddy, please dress me up.

make me pretty, Daddy. With bruises and welts, from daddy’s special princess kit. He knows just where certain stuff goes.
Shhhhh. I think he’s a professional.

I’m a good girl, daddy.
With an ass that glows.
You make me smile daddy.
With red cheeks, and a button nose.

—  ( via @musikwonderland 👑🎀)

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Baby Blues


The child didn’t seem to want to sit still and Regina couldn’t help but think that he was just like his mother. He had grown into a strong toddler, walking now and babbling in a language that only he could understand. His tiny hands would touch everything within his reach and though exasperated, Regina couldn’t stay mad at him for very long. He was the only creature in this realm that did not fear her simply because he had not existed during the height of her reign.

He ran into her legs and hugged her skirt, balling it up in his fist and laughing. “Would you mind controlling your terror of a prince?” Regina snapped at Emma, glaring at her over her shoulder. The child only laughed again and slapped his chubby hands against her knee.