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Question... If we have a next gen blog, would it be considered forcing our characters to have them ask their half siblings something? Such as, if we have a Spike kid ask your Spike kid something?

Oh shoot, I never noticed this ask :S Sorry Anon, it got kinda buried.

No, it’s completely fine for other NextGen characters outside of the fDtM universe to ask the NextGen characters of this universe questions.
The only way you’d seem like you’re forcing your characters into this universe, is if you do like a roleplay ask. You know, like

*a mysterious hooded pony cautiously walks up to Rarity. Only their muzzle and tail was visible in the light, revealing a dark red coat and black tail. They were cradling something in their hoof. They spoke with a raspy voice* Please, miss. Take care of his child for me, as I cannot provide for it and bring it up safely. *hangs her a tiny baby pony wrapped in an old blanket*

Can you tell I’ve seen a lot of these asks?
Asks like these are roleplay asks and basically pushes unwanted characters onto my storyline.
If it’s just a simple interaction without a whole paragraph of an action or just a question, it’s completely fine and I won’t throw you off a cliff! 8D

Fun fact! If your question has something to do with the previous happenings of the blog, there’s a bigger chance for it to be answered ;b


The Activity Club was the fan club for collectors in the UK during G1, running between 1986 and 1991.

For a yearly fee, Club members would receive three packs (a welcome pack, a summer pack and winter pack) featuring newsletters, a membership certificate and badge, assorted gifts and in the latter years a Club exclusive baby pony.

 1989 Activity Club exclusive Activity Club baby pony.

The membership certificate this year took the form of an adoption certificate for the new baby and contained space for her new owner to name her.

 If you watch” friendship is magic” G4, you can almost imagine her being a part of the” cutiemark crusades”.

I love the simplicity of this baby pony, so pure and cute.