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Hcs on the gang at the water park

Oh lord

- Darry thought it would be a good idea
- Darry was wrong
- as soon as they get there Soda and Steve are gONE
- they literally just disappeared
- Dally keeps trying to hit on girls and it doesn’t help when Darry calls him over to put sunscreen on
- Johnny and Pony have used like 3 bottles of sunscreen but there still both sO SUNBURNT
- Two-Bit got in trouble because he snuck a 6 pack of beer into the park
- then he fought a security guard who tried to take it from him
- Soda and Steve show up again about 2 hours later with bruises and scrapes hands and knees
- apparently they tried to climb UP the water slide while a big guy was coming DOWN the water slide
- there both slipping on E V E R Y T H I N G the poor babies
- Johnny and Pony are just happily sitting in the wave pool talking about life
- Dally and Two-But hit on the life guards
- Darry is just…full of rEGRET
- they all eventually get kicked out because Soda and Steve got into a fist fight with some guys who were pushing little kids
- Darry is NEVER taking them to the water park again

That sucked sorry


On April 26, 1986, a power surge caused an explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant near Pripyat, Ukraine. A large quantity of radioactive material was released.

On May 2, 1986, the Soviet government established a “Zone of Alienation” or “Exclusion Zone” around Chernobyl – a thousand square miles of “radioactive wasteland.” All humans were evacuated. The town of Pripyat was completely abandoned.

But the animals didn’t leave. And a new study, published this month in Current Biology, suggests they are doing fine. “None of our three hypotheses postulating radiation damage to large mammal populations at Chernobyl were supported by the empirical evidence,” says Jim Beasley, one of the researchers.

In fact, some of the populations have grown. These photos (mostly taken by Valeriy Yurko) come from the Belarusian side of the Exclusion Zone, and area called the Polessye State Radioecological Reserve. Kingfisher, elk, boar, baby spotted eagles, wild ponies, moose, rabbits, and wolves all make their home in the park. In some ways, human presence is worse for wildlife than a nuclear disaster.

Image credits:

  • 1986 Chernobyl - ZUFAROV/AFP/Getty Images
  • Wildlife photos - Valeriy Yurko/Polessye State Radioecological Reserve
  • Ponies in winter - SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images
the gang @ a karaoke bar - hcs

requested by anon! ;) 

  • two knows the bartender??
    • bc they’re tight and know that darry isn’t drinking, they’re fine w the drinks
  • steve and soda up at the bar bring stuff down for everyone and soda is so concerned like
    • “wait what should we get pony he’s just a lil baby”
    • soda’s probably worried that pony will see him drink and
    • “god steve, pony thinks i get drunk on life”
    • “u told him that???”
    • “yeah and he thinks i meant it”
    • “ok, we’ll just say the apple juice is for you instead”
    • LMAO pony’s “guys im 14 now im practically an adult” senses are tingling
  • pony has ONE sip of alcohol and he’s doNE 
    • with the exception of soda, johnny and darry
    • pony can kinda sing but it’s really not the best
  • pony sings "baby one more time” by britney spears
    • he gets so into it, this cute kiddo
  • darry’s singing some elvis!!!
    • he doesn’t drink bc he’s the designated driver
    • he doesnt mind not drinking bc he’s having a grand ol time seeing the boys laugh and smile (esp. dally and johnny!)
  • dally and two are literally screaming they aren’t even tryna sing
    • dal is tipsy af!
  • STEVEPOP DUET #1 !!!!!
    • they were warned that they were gonna be kicked out lmfao
    • and soda responds:
    • and theyre waving the microphone back and forth between the two of them like
    • “I WANNA”
    • “I WANNA”
    • “I WANNA”
    • “I WANNA”
    • theyre having the time of their LIVES
  • steve has a solo bc he’s feelin it
    • it’s a mashup!! and a wild ride lmao
    • “all the time i turn around, brothers gather round always looking at me up and down looking at my UH”
    • johnny is so spellbound
    • like “aW that’s my dally!!”
  • johnnys jamming out to “pocketful of sunshine” and he aint even ashamed
  • in the middle of trying to get through a really passionate rendition of surfin USA, two probably runs to the bathroom to throw up
  • soda’s amping up everyone like “fuCK YEAH LETS DO THIS GUYS”
    • and like 2am hits and the bar doesn’t close till 4
    • and they’ve been there for four hours
    • and he’s knocked out underneath a table somewhere
    • darry is like “wtf man i can’t take u anywhere”
    • and then after steve finishes his drink he’s like
    • "dw darry i got this”
    • steve tries to pick up soda 
    • they try walking together and they immediateLY FALL
  • then they finally (finally!) get kicked out LMAO
    • dal calls shotgun to be an ass
    • pony thinks he’s fucking wasted
    • two is dry heaving out the window
    • johnny hasn’t touched liquor bc he was having fun just fine without it and he’s just ??? at the whole car situation
    • “i’ll just walk home darry it’s fine”
    • *trying to pull around a passed out soda* “loOK JOHNNY ILL STRAP U TO THE FUCKING ROOF OF THIS CAR IF I HAVE TO”
  • steve makes darry’s life harder and argues to drive
    • “i gOT THIS”
    • this night sounded like fun at first until he realized he has to drive these fucks home
    • “bUT I CAN DO IT”
    • darry lunges at steve but dal holds him back bc dal really isn’t tipsy lmao
    • it wore off as the night went on and he’s actually able to drive but
    • he’s not tryna have darry ask him to sooo 
  • when they get to the curtis house (bc darry aint drivin all these children home smh he’s only one boy)
    • everyone is knocked!!!! darry may have no idea where any of the guys fell asleep but at least they’re nearby and asleep
  • when they wake up the next morning,
    • soda and steve found that they fell asleep on each other in the kitchen
    • pony is on the floor near the couch?? why he didnt sleep on the couch idk
    • dally wakes up hanging half off of soda and pony’s bed
    • johnny’s at the corner of the bed sprawled out
    • no one knows where tf two went until darry gets in his car the next morning
    • and two pops up from the back fuckn seat
    • scares the living fuck outta darry
    • vows to never take em out to a karoke bar again unless he’s gonna be drinking

Poor Flower Flash had actually been restored before, before I was regularly documenting the process of fixing my ponies! She has…never really been my favorite pony, since I’m not a big fan of G3 baby ponies in the first place. I just don’t really get the drastically different pink compared to her hair! But, now that her tail isn’t a big puffball any more, she is starting to grow on me a little bit!

The Soccer Player - Pt. 4

quick note: THIS ISN’T EDITED sorry if there’s something wrong, you can message me and i’ll take a look! thanks for reading :)  part one part two part three part five part six part seven 

The ride in the elevator consisted of Calum pinning you against a wall, hands on either side of your head-yours roaming the skin beneath his shirt- as he hungrily kissed you. You were relieved getting on to find it was empty. You let out a groan as the elevator dinged again, signaling you were on the tenth floor: your floor.

“Come on,” You gripped his hand and lead him out of the elevator, stopping at the access door to your hall. You stuck your ID card against the sensor and it beeped and the door clicked unlocked. You pulled it open and moved to your door, sticking your key inside the lock quickly. Charlie had a class right now and it just started, being noon now, so you had the room to yourselves.

He moved into the room when you opened the door, shutting it behind him. “I’ve never been in here before.” He commented as he looked around.

“It isn’t much.” You said, setting your keys down and immediately kissing him again. He responded quickly, beginning to push you backwards before breaking apart with a confused look on his face.

“Which bed is yours?” You laughed as you pointed to the one behind you. He hastily nodded, not even a full nod, just a quick half-nod, before catching your lips in another kiss. This time he walked you backwards more confidently, to what he knew now was your bed. When the back of your legs hit the bed he broke apart again, panting out of his plump lips.

He reached behind him to the back of his hoodie and pulled it up over his head and let it fall to the ground beside his feet. Your fingers came to the hem of his shirt, looking up into his eyes for a green light. He smirked down at you and you took that as a yes, pulling it up and helping it off of him.

He was gorgeous. Beautiful tan skin and tattoos and toned stomach. Your eyes wondered from his collar bones, where you thought to leave a few marks, down to his chest, where you thought to leave a few more. “Stop staring, you’re making me blush.” He said in a cocky tone. You pushed his chest lightly as he let out a laugh, leaning down to kiss you again. It was sweet and short, but his intentions remained the same. His fingers came to the button of your jeans, unbuttoning them and unzipping the zipper.

You kicked off your Vans before pushing them down and using your feet to get them off completely. He watched with a small smile as you struggled to pull them off without using your hands, holding you steady. You looked back up at him, giggling as you were without pants and he was shirtless. “We did that differently.” You commented and he shrugged.

“We’ll do a lot of things differently,” And suddenly he stuck his hand in your panties, causing you to gasp and hold onto his shoulders for balance. He rubbed your clit, watching your lips part and eyes close with a smirk on his face. “You like that?” He hummed.

“Y-yes.” You breathed out, breath hitching in your throat as his fingers moved further down.

“You want my fingers, baby?” You could tell that he was enjoying you enjoying him.

“Yes, Cal.” You leaned your head forward, resting your forehead on his chest, kissing the skin lightly. As he pushed his finger into you, you gasped, attaching your lips to his chest and sucking.

“Marking me up already.” He snickered, as he thrust his finger in and out, palm rubbing against your clit. You let out a soft moan, forgetting about the hickey, instead focusing on the pure bliss.

“Another.” You mumbled against his skin and he complied, adding his middle finger. You let out another moan, a little bit louder this time, breathing it out against his chest. You moved your hand down his chest and torso, trailing his happy trail and stopping just above the hem of his skinny jeans.

Delicately, you slid your hand across his bulge, barely giving it any friction. His fingers moved quicker, clearly wanting more. You did the same, softly sliding your hand over his hard on, pressing a kiss to his skin where the new hickey was. “Don’t be a tease, baby.” His hot breath hit the top of your head and you replied with another, slower, kiss.

You dragged your hand back up over his jeans and sunk your hand into his pants, palming him through his boxers. He let out a loud moan at the sudden contact, fingers pausing for a moment before picking up the pace again. “Another.” You drawled and he listened, lost in his paradise to make a cocky comment. He just slipped in another finger as yours slipped into his boxers, wrapping around his hard dick.

“Fuck.” He cursed as you began to move slowly up and down his length, rubbing your thumb over his tip. You decided, after a few more moments like that, that you’d had enough and it was his turn. You pulled your hand out, him groaning, and stood up straight again. He took his hand out of your panties, sticking his fingers in his mouth, eyes stuck on yours as you watched.

“Take off your pants.” You said. His wet fingers came down to undo the button and zipper. He kicked off his boots and slid off his pants. You pushed him down onto the bed, beginning to take off your shirt as he propped himself up on his elbows, watching.
Your shirt fell to the ground on his, exposing your bra and chest. His hands came up to cup your breasts, catching you off guard when he sat up and reached behind your back and expertly fast unclipped your bra. He threw your bra to the ground and pulled you down to straddle him, attaching his plump lips to your nipples and sucking harshly. As much as you enjoyed it, you wanted to please him now. You gently pushed at his cheeks with your hands and slid off of his lap.

You kneeled before him, now leaning on his elbows again. He watched with lust-filled eyes as your hands slowly trailed up his thighs to his boxers. You brushed over his boner before reaching for the elastic band of his boxers and pulling it down. He lifted his butt to help you slide them off, falling back down on the bed when they were past his thighs.

His dick sprang up and his hand wrapped around it, pumping it a few times before you pushed it away. “No touching.” You said in a sultry voice, looking up at him through your eyelashes while discarding of the boxers. He whined at this and waited patiently for you to touch him.

You slowly sat up on your knees, pulling your hair back into a pony tail. “Baby, come onn.” He pleaded, abiding by your rule and not liking it. You giggled as you complied, wrapping your hand around his length. He let out a choked moan, causing you to smirk as you rubbed your thumb over the tip.

You decided not to tease him, as he hadn’t teased you. He was taken aback when you attached your lips to his tip and moved down, letting out a gasp. The taste of precum became apparent as you worked, the whole time he was a moaning mess beneath you. High-pitched whines were your favorite noise, you decided, that he made, egging you on.

“You’re too good at this.” He huffed out, eyes shut and head lulled to the side. You pulled off.

“Is that a bad thing?” You asked, working him with your hand as you waited for his response.

“I can’t decide.” He mumbled, enjoying your touch. With that you kissed his tip and took away your hand.

“Maybe I’m better at something else.” You said as you straddled him, grinding your hips down. He let out a loud moan and you slapped your hand over his lips, giggling. He licked your palm and you rolled your eyes. “I just had your dick in my mouth, you think that your tongue freaks me out?” His eyes crinkled with laughter as you removed your hand.

He came up to kiss you, cupping your cheek with one hand. It was sweet until you ground your hips down, your panties against his dick. “You’re so wet, I can feel you through your panties.” He mumbled into your lips.

“You’ve got yourself to blame for that.” You smiled. He suddenly flipped you over so he was on top and working on taking off your panties. He took them off successfully and got up, going to his jeans. He dug through one of the pockets and took out his wallet, smiling as he found a condom. You scoffed, of course he had that. He dropped your panties, his pants and wallet back down and came back to you.

He ripped off the top of the package, taking out the condom and rolled it onto his length. He spit onto his hand and rubbed it up and down his length, coming back to you with wide open legs and hands ready to scratch up his back. “Are you sure?” He asked, a note of seriousness in his voice.

“I’m positive.” You leaned up to kiss him, giving him an award winning smile. He returned his own before lining himself up with your entrance and pushing in. Your eyes scrunched up in discomfort.

“Should I pull out?” He asked, hands gripping your waist.

“No, no. You’re good.” You opened your eyes as the pain subsided and he began to move. He found a good pace and you closed your eyes as he came down to press his lips against your neck. You wound your legs around his waist and arms around his shoulders.

“Fuuck.” He breathed against your neck. “You feel so good, baby.” He praised as he nipped the skin where his lips were resting gently. You let out a moan at his words. “You like that? You like it when I talk dirty to you?” His words only added to the build up, making it come faster.

“Oh, fuck.” You cursed as he hit a new spot, hands kneading your ass at the same time. Your hands came up to his hair, gripping and tugging at the dark curls. He moaned when you pulled his hair and you smirked. “Didn’t picture you to like your hair pulled.” You hummed, more focused on the pleasure.

“I could like anything if you were doing it to me.” His words made your heart fill with something other than lust. A few more moments passed, the room only filled with heavy breathing.

“Let me ride you.” You said, playing with his hair and he quickly pulled out to flip over. You climbed on top of him and sank onto his length, earning moans from both of you. You began to bounce up and down.

“You look so good like that,” He hummed, eyes racking your body. This made your hips work faster, grinding down onto him. He let out a loud, sudden moan at your action. “Fu-ck. I’m not gonna last long if you keep doing shit like that.” His hands wrapped around your waist, holding tightly.

It only took a few more minutes of this to have you both reaching your highs. Your walls clenching around him as you came sent him over the edge. He came into the condom, moaning your name and squeezing your ass.

You slid off of him and laid beside his sweaty body, your own drenched to match. He sat up, pulled off the condom and tied it. He threw it in the basket beside your desk and you decided you’d have to cover that before Charlie got home. Fuck-Charlie.

“Oh my God, what time is it?” You asked, sitting up wide-eyed.

He got up to get his phone and looked back at you. “Nearly one, why?”

“Charlie will be home soon. You need to go.” You quickly got up and began to hand him his boxers. He took them and slipped them on while laughing at you.

“You don’t want to show me off to the family?” He joked.

“Calum, she’ll never let it go if she finds out I slept with you.” He chuckled, shrugging on his jeans and throwing on the t-shirt you handed him. You were putting on your bra as he stuffed his wallet and phone in his back pocket.

“Well, I’m not too far down the hall if you ever wanna do that again.” He smirked at you, picking up your panties. He looked you in the eye as he put them in his back pocket as well. “I’ll be keeping these.”

You rolled your eyes, putting on some new panties, shorts and shirt. “Okay, they’re all yours, you’ve got to go.” You pushed him towards the door, stumbling into him over your shoes.

“I need those.” He laughed. You moved aside so he could slip on his shoes again and then he stood back up, looking down at you. He trailed his hand up your arm. “So, are you all mine too?”
You scoffed. “Go!” You opened the door and shoved him out of it. He almost fell, but regained balance.

“No one’s ever gotten rid of me that fast. But there’s a first time for everything. See you around, princess.” He sent you a wink before going off down the hall, a lazy smile on his face. He didn’t know it, but his comment about you being all his had refilled your chest with adrenaline all over again. You closed the door, sighing to yourself.

Maybe this would end in heartbreak, but you’d have fun while doing it at least.