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Dally's little sister but is dating Ponyboy

🍑 Since you’re Dallas’s sister, you hang around the boys often

🍑 When Pony flirted with you before you started dating, you thought he was just being friendly

🍑 If you go out with Dallas, Pony wants to tag along

🍑 He subtlety tries to hold your hand

🍑 ^^Like does that hand brush thing

🍑 Eventually Soda finds out about Ponyboy’s crush

🍑 Tells you the next time you’re at their house

🍑 But he shouts it

🍑 So Dallas knows too

🍑 Gives Pony The Look™

🍑 “So you like my baby sis?”

🍑 Pony can’t form a sentence

🍑 “Dallas leave him alone.”

🍑 Soon you and Pony are actually dating

🍑 Dallas will literally come with you on EVERY DATE

🍑 You eventually have to tell him to take a chill pill

🍑 He hates it when Pony holds your hand

🍑 “Don’t touch my sister, Ponybitch”

🍑 “Dallas Tucker Winston. Be nice. He could be your future brother-in-law”

🍑 Pony with his tomato cheeks

🍑 When you kiss Ponyboy, Dallas will literally yell at you both to stop with the PDA

🍑 But he calms down after a month or 10

🍑 Doesn’t mind you going on dates with him

🍑 Still hates the PDA


The Activity Club was the fan club for collectors in the UK during G1, running between 1986 and 1991.

For a yearly fee, Club members would receive three packs (a welcome pack, a summer pack and winter pack) featuring newsletters, a membership certificate and badge, assorted gifts and in the latter years a Club exclusive baby pony.

 1989 Activity Club exclusive Activity Club baby pony.

The membership certificate this year took the form of an adoption certificate for the new baby and contained space for her new owner to name her.

 If you watch” friendship is magic” G4, you can almost imagine her being a part of the” cutiemark crusades”.

I love the simplicity of this baby pony, so pure and cute.