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Punk!!Phil jerks off Pastel!Dan in front of all their friends at a party (and maybe some angst? Like Dan's never had an orgasm so he avoids phil)

Im still working on the other pastel and punk hc, but this one was such a cute idea i had to do it.

– This was the first party Dan was going to attend. He knew there would be alcohol, but he told himself he wouldn’t drink any. He was very innocent, he had never done anything to get him in trouble. His parents were very proud of the good boy he was and told him he could go to the party since he had been so great recently. But Dan knew the kind of people that were gonna be there, his friends, just random people, and the punks. Aka Phil Lester and his friends. Dan wanted to look nice for this party, so he put on lavender skinny jeans, a baby pink sweater with a collared shirt under it, baby pink high tops, and a matching flower crown.

– He told his parents goodbye and ran outside to the car full of his friends waiting for him. He really hoped they wouldn’t drink, even though he knew they would. There would probably also be people smoking, which Dan found disgusting. After sitting in the car and having bants, they arrived to a big house with a bunch of cars parked outside it. They all filed out of the car and walked up to the door and knocked, “Hey look the flower boy showed up!” Chris laughed and opened the door, letting them in. Dan just rolled his eyes and walked in. The smell of alcohol hit him right away and how many people were there. He felt slight social anxiety, but ignored it and followed his friends to the living room.

– There was no where for Dan to sit, so he just sat against the wall and pulled out his phone and went on Tumblr. This wasn’t much fun already to him and he was going to be here basically all night. After about thirty minutes of doing nothing, Pj ran down the stairs into the living room and up to Dan, “Danyull! Come up stwairs, we’re pwaying trwuth or dare!” Pj slurred his words, obviously drunk. Dan knew he wasn’t getting out of this, so he followed him upstairs. The group of people was big, but not that big. Pj, Chris, Louise, Carrie, Zoe, Tyler, Troye, Charlie, Dodie, and Phil were up there. Of course Phil was up there. Dan quickly, without making eye contact with anyone, sat down next to Louise and looked at the ground.

– “Hey Flower Boy, how nice of you to join us,” Charlie chuckles and takes another drink of his beer. Dan rolled his eyes and didn’t respond. “Lay off him Charlie, and you really don’t need anymore to drink,” Phil laughed. Dan felt his cheeks heat up. Why was he like this. “Okay, I’ll start. Dodie, truth or dare?” Zoe giggled. “Ummm, dare,” “Okay, I dare you to kiss Tyler!” wolf whistles filled the room and Dodie frowned, “Tyler is about as straight as a hula hoop!” Tyler laughed in response and nodded. They ended up kissing and people drank more, but not Dan. Dan thought he was going to not be asked anything, until it was Chris’s turn, “Flower Boy! Truth or dare?” Dan turned red and looked up at him, “Um, truth.” He heard someone say ‘boo’ in the background.

– “Ugh, you’re no fun. Okay, who do you think is the most attractive person in this room?” Chris grinned. All the girls looked at Dan as if he was going to say one of them. Dan stood where Tyler was, he was about as straight as a hula hoop. He hadn’t even really said he was gay out loud, but people assumed. And Dan knew who he found the hottest. “Probably Phil,” Dan turned bright red, realizing what he just said. “Ooooo”s filled the room as a result. “I didn’t know you were gay, well I guess I assumed,” Chris chuckled and took a swig of his beer. Dan looked over and saw Phil smirking at him. “Not to bad yourself, Howell,” Phil grinned and then continued the game like nothing happened.

– About twenty minutes later, the group had dwindled down to just Chris, Pj, Phil, Dan, Louise, Charlie, Zoe, and Tyler. The game was getting a little boring until it was Charlie’s turn, “Phil, I dare you to jerk off the Flower Boy, seeing he’ll like it.” Dan’s eyes went very wide and he turned beet red. He saw Phil raise and eyebrow and do one of his smirks, “Alright, come here Howell. You’re a lot smaller than me so you’ll have to sit in my lap.” Phil patted his lap and gestured for Dan to come over. “I’m not doing that!” Dan squeaked. “Why? Are you a pussy?” Chris cooed and moved away from Phil. “No… I just don’t want to.” Dan mumbled. “It’s a dare, you have to.” Pj informed him.

– Dan knew there was no way he was getting out of this. He had never even touched himself, not to mention someone else touching him. Dan shook his head and crawled over to Phil. Phil smiled and pulled Dan onto his lap, so Dan’s back was against his chest. “Okay fine, but I need a blanket and we must continue the game– Ah!” Dan squeaked as he felt a pressure on his crotch making him tingle everywhere. He looked down and saw Phil palming him thru his jeans. Dan also heard people chuckle and then throw a blanket at him. Dan quickly leaned back against Phil and pulled the blanket over them. Dan felt Phil undoing his pants and starting to push them down, “Lace? You’re so naughty Dan,” Phil whispered into Dan’s ear so nobody else heard.

– Dan gasped as He felt Phil’s hand rub him thru his panties, making him shudder. Phil then pulled his panties down and grasped his half hard cock properly. As soon as he started moving his hands, Dan actually whined and held onto Phil’s thighs. He could feel Phil’s snake bites against his neck and that wasn’t making the situation any better. The other’s asked each other questions until someone wanted to pick on dan and phil again. “Phil, I dare you to give Dan some hickies!” Pj chimmed. Dan hated life, but loved it so much in that moment. He knew he liked his neck touched, but he also knew it made him weak.

– As soon as Phil started to bite and nip and suck at Dan’s neck, Dan fucking whimpered. He could basically feel Phil smirking against his neck. He could feel the hickies forming, leaving blotchy purple marks. Dan let out little adorable sounds of pleasure as Phil moved his hand faster. “Dan, is Phil hard?” Tyler giggled. Dan tried his best to shift his hips back to feel Phil’s crotch. And oh he did. He felt a rather large tent that made him moan loudly by accident, he turned bright red and nodded frantically. Phil blushed a little too, and buried his face in Dan’s neck. Dan gripped onto Phil’s thighs tighter and squirmed as Phil swiped his thumb over Dan’s slit a few times.

– “You’re already close, aren’t you pretty boy?” Phil groaned into Dan’s ear, so only Dan could hear. Dan didn’t really know what it meant to be close, he had never orgasmed before. But everything felt so amazing right now he didn’t dare try to speak. He kinda hated that his first climax was going to be stolen by a stupid dare. He could feel something weird in his tummy, it felt like it wa tightening. The overwhelming sense of pleasure was taking over him. It all felt so good that he arched his back slightly so that he head was in the crook of Phil’s neck. Phil’s hand moved faster and his other hand went under the blanket and massaged Dan’s balls lightly, making it even harder for Dan to calm down.

– “shit shit shit!” Dan whimpered and slowly thrusted into Phil’s hand. He hadn’t even noticed that everyone stopped asking questions and were just paying attention to Dan now. Before Dan could give any warning, he was cumming all over the underside of the blanket. Phil stroked him thru it and whispered dirty things into his ear. Someone tossed over a tissue box, which Dan grabbed right away and tried to wipe himself off. He was shaking from the whole experience and was a little upset that his first orgasm was stolen just like that. He actually felt like crying, which he knew was going to happen.

– He kept fumbling around under the blanket to clean himself off, so he just whined and started pulling his panties and jeans up. Phil noticed Dan still had a big mess on his tummy and that he was distressed, so he tried to help, “Danny, I can clean you up.” Dan shook his head quickly and hopped out of Phil’s lap, not even trying to zip his pants and started to dart out of the room. He felt hot tears going down his cheeks as he left the room. Dan heard someone mutter, “Is he fucking crying?” as he left. Dan quickly found the bathroom and went inside, forgetting to lock the door.

– He fell to the floor and leaned against the wall, pulling his knees to his chest and cried. He felt like such cry baby (and you don’t fucking care), he felt like he got his innocence stolen. Then he heard knocking at the door, “Dan? Are you okay love? Can I come in?” It sounded like Phil. “No, go away…” Dan mumbled into his knees. “I’ll take that as a yes,” Phil said and opened the door and saw Dan curled up on the floor crying, he looked so little. Phil immediately got down on his knees and sat in front of Dan and tried to pull him in for a hug, but Dan backed up, “Don’t touch me.” Dan whimpered and held his knees tighter. “I’m so sorry if I did something to make you feel uncomfortable, can you please tell me what’s wrong?” Dan sat there in silence before responding, “I feel like I’ve had my innocence stolen…” Dan mumbled. Phil raised and eyebrow and tilted his head a bit, “What do you mean?” “That was my first orgasm. And it was in front of people.” Dan cried into his knees. Phil’s face dropped and he ran his fingers thru his hair, “Oh my god, I feel like such an arsehole. Dan, I’m so sorry. If I had known that, I wouldn’t of done that. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me,” Phil moved so that he was sitting next to Dan against the wall.

– “You didn’t know I guess… I forgive you.” Dan sniffled and wiped his tears with his sleeve. He then felt a warm hand wiping a tear off his cheek, he glanced over and saw how close Phil was to him. Dan didn’t know what he was thinking, but he leaned all the way forward and kissed Phil. Phil felt shocked at first, but then he melted into the kiss. He put a hand up and laid it on Dan’s jaw bone lightly, to hold him in place. The kiss was soft and gentle. Dan was the one to pull away and look up at the tattooed boy. “T-That was n-nice,” Dan stuttered and blushed. He saw a small blush form on Phil’s cheeks as well. “It was very nice, indeed.” Phil chuckled and pulled Dan into a hug.

– “I am really fucking sorry though. You don’t deserve to be forced into stuff like that if you don’t want to.” Phil talked into Dan’s neck. Dan held on tight and pulled himself onto Phil’s lap to hug him better. “It’s fine.” Dan smiled into Phil’s leather jacket. “No it isn’t.” “Yes it is.” Phil pulled away to look Dan in the eyes, “Why is it okay?” He asked. Dan started blushing again, as if he stopped, and put his arms around Phil’s neck and pulled them together so that their foreheads were touching.

“Because you were good at it.”

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