@jackbrogers I read on your blog that you love it when people colour in your art, so here is my best attempt at colouring in a drawing of yours that I am especially fond of :)

This combines three of my very favourite things in life: nonbinary Bucky, jackbrogers’ beautiful artwork and colouring stuff in (btw Jack if you ever decide to produce a colouring book, please let me know :))

Colour interpretations caused by the fact that I love soft, gender nonconforming Bucky and headcanon Bucky as loving to paint their nails and dye their hair bright happy colours and I absolutely had to include the baby pink jumper/sweater of comfort that I can’t not imagine Bucky wearing since I read this:

“The sweatshirt he favours when he’s feeling cold and shitty and stuck in his head is equally pretty (a warm pink that could never be cold), that’s part of the reason it comforts him so much. The Asset was ice, unfeeling, useful and used, and that’s all it was. No emotion, no preferences, nothing but point-shoot-kneel-open-obey-kill without a say in any of it. Now Bucky isn’t the Asset, he’s not going to let something like gender (he barely knows how to be a person some days, what the fuck does he care about gender?) stop him from wearing the fluffiest, cosiest, most comforting baby-pink sweatshirt just because it doesn’t fit some expectation. He likes frivolous things these days, partially because he’s allowed to like them. He can paint his nails and braid his hair and wear soft clothing if he wants to, so he does. Excessively, offensively, because he can. It’s liberating, and any way Bucky can be Bucky and not the Asset is just fine by him.”

From the ‘Like Real People’ series by neversaydie