throwback to that time i thought it would be funny to turn in a photo of myself as a fetus for my high school yearbook but my asshole parents didn’t have one

but i’m no quitter so i just sent in this ultrasound photo of a wombat from some wildlife sanctuary in australia

Baby Photos -Derek Hale Imagine

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A/N: Let’s pretend that werewolves can be photographed without the light shining on their faces. Hope you enjoy this little imagine and feedback is always appreciated!

Pairing: Reader x Derek Hale

Word Count: 1023

Warnings: Mention of loss ( death)

“It should be in the back somewhere” Derek explains as he and Y/N searches through the attic, looking for the old movie. 

“I can’t understand why you hid it up here in the first place” Y/N says as she accidentally walk right into a large spiderweb in the left corner of the dark room. She tries to remove the web but It doesn’t get off. She waves her arms in the air and suddenly she bumps into the old wardrobe standing next to her. A small box falls down onto the floor with a thud which causes Y/N to jump in surprise.

 "What is this?“ She asks, picking up the box. It’s dusty and a little burned in some places but overall it looks fine. She opens it and immediately smiles when she realizes what it is.

 "Oh my God, Derek why haven’t you showed me these before?” She squeals as she holds up one of the pictures to show her boyfriend. Derek turns towards her, his eyebrows raised in surprise. 

“I didn’t know I still had those” He admits. “I thought they we’re distroyed in the fire” Y/N looks closer at the photo. Derek is sitting on the lawn, playing with a toy car. He doesn’t look older than 5.

 "You look so grumpy" Y/N giggles. “I guess you were a sourwolf from the beginning” Derek doesn’t seem amused, instead he just huffs in annoyance. She puts the photo back into the box.

 "Aw and look at this one" She points at the photo in which he is sleeping next to a stuffed wolf. “You were such a cute baby, grumpy but cute” Y/N says, looking up at her boyfriend. Derek scoffs. 

“Don’t you want to find that movie?” He asks, clearly trying to get her away from the photos. 

“No, I need to see these, they are so cute!” Y/N says, taking a few steps away from him. Derek sighs. 

Y/N puts the box down on the kitchentable, before she grabs all of the photos and places them all over the table. Derek watches as she goes thorugh them, a smile plastered on her face and a sparkle in her eyes. He loves that smile and those gorgeous blue eyes that reminds him of the sea. He loves how she bites her tongue while concentrating and that face she makes when she gets confused. He loves her and all the things she does.  Y/N studies the pictures and all of the memories they hold, thinking back at how much Derek has lost in his life. She smiles when she sees his older sister, Laura in a few of the photos. She is pushing Derek on the swings, the sun shining in the background. Y/N bites her lip, Derek noticing her sudden change of emotions. 

“Babe, are you alright?” He asks, taking a few steps closer, wrapping his arm around her waist. 

“It just makes me sad, you know.” She says. “You’ve lost so many people” she whispers, a tear running down her face. Y/N hadn’t lost a single one of her family, and she couldn’t even imagine what it must feel like to go through that. Derek puts his other arm around her and places a light kiss on her forehead. 

“It was a long time ago” He says as she leans her head on his shoulder. “And I haven’t lost everyone, I still got you.” He whispers. Y/N hugs him tighter.

“I’m sorry” she says. “I’m sorry that this happened to you" 

"It’s not your fault” He answers softly. “Come on, let’s take another look on these photos shall we?” Y/N nods, as Derek wipes the tear away from her cheek with his thumb. Y/N looks back at the table and spots a photo she hasn’t seen yet. She grabs it and giggles, looking at a young Derek sitting in the sandbox with his arms crossed. 

“I’m starting to believe that you didn’t like being photographed ” she chuckles, showing Derek the picture of himself. Derek smiles. 

“I guess I didn’t" 

"I have to show these to the pack!” Y/N says, sending Derek a teasing smile. “I think they will find you really adorable” Derek gives her a warning glare.

 "Y/N" He starts. “You wouldn’t dare" 

"But you’re wrong, I would” She winks. Derek growls causing Y/N to squeal as she runs towards the livingroom, her boyfriend following her. 

“Y/N you can’t show the pack those” Derek calls as he chases her around the house. Y/N laughs. She turns around the corner to the kitchen, almost bumping into Derek, who somehow appears right in front of her. She screams as she turns the other way, Derek’s arms reaching after her. He grabs her arm and pulls her towards him, while she tries to get free. 

“You can’t show them” He says. 

“You can’t make me” She replies, smiling at him. 

“I’m afraid you give me no choice, I’m sorry Y/N” He says before he starts tickling her. Y/N squeals  in surprise before she starts to laugh. 

“Say you won’t do it” He says. 

“No” Y/N laughs.

 "Say it!“ He orders.

 "Never!” She screams as she wiggles free and sprints to the livingroom. Derek chases after her again. Y/N looks behind her to see if he’s close when she slips on the rug and falls with her butt first on the floor. She lets out a small groan.

 "Are you okay?“ Derek asks, looking down at her with raised eyebrows.

 "My butt hurts” Y/N complaines, frowning. 

“Let me help you up” Derek chuckles, offering her a hand. She takes it and he helps her up on her feet again. “You shouldn’t run inside” He says with a smirk. Y/N rolls her eyes. 

“You sound just like my mother” she replies. 

“I bet your mother wouldn’t do this” he says before leaning in. Y/N closes her eyes as their lips meet in a soft kiss. She smiles as they break apart. 

“I’m still showing them the photos”

Baby photos Peter Parker x Reader

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You couldn’t believe this was actually happening, it had to be a dream and you didn’t want to wake up. You actually had a date with your neighbour Peter. You two always talked when you threw away the trash at the same time and soon you both became friends once you found out the big amount of things you had in common. Especially some movies and TV shows. He was much more into tech than you were but you loved seeing him building up computers and apparently he loved seeing you caught in a book or just writing.

Finally one night when you were coming back from the McDonalds he asked you out on a date. You truly had a crush on him but you always thought he liked a girl from high school so it really surprised you when he suggested it. Of course, you said yes.

And there you were, walking around the room, trying to find the perfect outfit when he was going to pick you up in fifteen minutes. There was no way you could do it on time! The bright side was that your mum had been helping you so now you had three outfits to choose from but you didn’t know which one would be better. You really liked the white dress but maybe it was too much for a first date? But what if it was also the last one? You needed to look good! With a sigh, you finally picked up the white simple dress, along with some brown sandals. Would he like it?

You put it on and then stood in front of your mirror thinking about the make-up. Definitely nothing too obvious.

“(Y/N), honey”, your mum said popping her head into the room, “Peter is here.” She smiled. She was even more excited than you when you told her about the date.

“What!? Already?” You looked at the clock. Yes. It was 8. “Tell him I will be ready in five, please”, you said.

She nodded and closed the door again. Quickly you applied some base and then a thin line of eyeliner. Your eyelashes were long so you didn’t need mascara. You also applied a bit of lip gloss. You didn’t do much to your hair since it was naturally wavy. You put the things you would need into your purse and finally took the phone and keys throwing them in as well.

Looking yourself once again in the mirror you thought you looked good so you opened the door and hurried downstairs. You could hear your mum’s voice.

“In this one she literally jumped to the cake! It was so hilarious, really”, you opened your eyes widely as you heard.

“Mum is showing your baby’s photos to your boyfriend”, your little brother said walking out of the kitchen.

“No, she’s not…” You mumbled. He shrugged and went upstairs.

Shit. You literally ran to the living room where, indeed, you found Peter and your mum both seated on the couch. Your mum had the photo album on her legs and was showing your most embarrassing photos to Peter.

“She’s naked there?” Peter laughed causing you to blush.

“She hated taking baths. She used to run all around the house until-“

“Mom! Not necessary!” You said before she could say anything else.

They both looked at you and Peter got up, literally staring at you up and down.

“Wow… (Y/N)…you-you…you look…you look great”, he mumbled as he walked towards you. Your mother winked at you and left the room being followed by your death glare. Then you looked at Peter and smiled shyly.

“Thank you. You too.” He smiled at that. He was wearing some dark jeans and a shirt.

Smiling you both just walked out of the house before your mum had any others great ideas like snapping photos at the two of you like it was prom or something like that. Once you were away from your house you started to relax and looked at him.

“Look, I’m sorry about that. My mother can be…” You sighed shaking your head.

“Don’t worry. It was funny. And you were really cute”, he laughed looking down at you which made you blush as you looked down. “And you still are, of course”, he added quickly which made you laugh and look at him.

“You are cute too, Parker”, you said.

With a big smiled he looked down and took your hand hesitantly, entwining your fingers with his as you walked down the street, ready to whatever was about to happen that night and the days to come.