The Owlet Quest:  Here is the owl father I spotted this morning.  I’d hoped the owlets might be nearby, but apparently the dad was fishing, and the young owls fledged and were off into the impenetrable forest.  The reason I know this is that I ran into a man who’d been photographing the owls and their babies all spring.  He had a huge camera, and I guess because I pointed out the father owl to him, he was willing to trade some information.  So now I know that the original tree the owlets were in fell, and that the baby owls were moved to another nearby tree, and that the owls have since fledged.  He said if I can spot the mother owl, and follow her gaze, I might be able to see the babies, but time was short, and I needed to get home.  I probably don’t have much longer to search because those owlets are probably really extending their range, but I guess as long as Dad is nearby fishing, there’s a slim, slim chance of a sighting.  I have not given up hope yet.


Baby Owl doing…well whatever it is a baby owl does.