tfc characters as parks & rec quotes
  • Kevin: But then I remembered alcohol existed.
  • Jean: Horizons are dumb. Never broaden your horizons.
  • Jeremy: I think you've got several options. They're all terrible... but you have them.
  • Dan: Guys love it when you can show them you're better than they are at something they love.
  • Matt: Oh, Neil. You beautiful, naive, sophisticated new born baby.
  • Aaron: Nicky, could you please shut up? I can't hear myself not talking to Andrew.
  • Neil: It's fine. It's just that life is pointless and nothing matters and I'm always tired.
  • Andrew: My instinct is to be mean to you.
  • Renee: I am big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself.
  • Seth: I have never taken the high road. But I tell other people to 'cause then there's more room for me on the low road.
  • Nicky: I passed up a gay Halloween party to be here. Do you know how fun gay Halloween parties are?
  • Allison: Then I'm sure he's not cheating on you. But if he is, he's a monster. And if he's not, you guys are great together. But if he is, I will kill him.
  • Wymack: The thing about youth culture, is, I don't understand it.
[COMPILATION] Jungkook’s recommended/covered/lip-synced songs

Full Covers:

  • Working by Jungkook - Original : Yanghwa Bridge by Zion T (Jungkook altered the lyrics of the first verse to match it with his life.)
  • Sofa by Jungkook - Original by: Crush
  • Like A Star by RM ft. Jungkook - Original by Corrine Bailey Rae
  • Waterfalls by RM ft. Jungkook - Original by Junggigo
  • Beautiful by J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook - Original by Mariah Carey ft Miguel
  • Born Singer by BTS - Original : Born Sinner by J.Cole
  • Graduation Song by J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook - Original: Young, Wild and Free by Wiz Khalifa
  • Too Much by RM ft. Jungkook - Original by Drake
  • You’re My by Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook - Original by Taeyang of Big Bang
  • I Need a Girl by BTS - Original by Taeyang of Big Bang
  • This Love + T.O.P by BTS - Original by Shinhwa
  • A Typical Trainees’ Christmas by BTS - Original sound : Last Christmas
  • Christmas Day by Jimin and Jungkook - Original sound : Mistletoe - Justin Bieber

Snippets / Short Covers:

Recommended songs (via Twitter or Videos):


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Compilation by fy-taekook 

the foxes as gordon ramsay's quotes
  • kevin: you seriously surprise me. You surprise me, how shit you are.
  • aaron: fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off
  • allison: I’m nobody’s bitch
  • nicky: that baby was fucking ugly
  • neil: Look! Look!! LOOK! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!
  • andrew: I’ll get you more pumpkin and shove it right up your fucking ass. Would you like it whole or diced?
  • dan: Did that hurt? Fucking sue me
  • matt: so i'm not leaving until you laugh.
  • renee: don't worry, don't worry. look, i'm here to help you. please don't get upset.
  • seth: can you just shut the fuck up for 30 seconds?
Alternate Ending for TFC

Just me being overdramatic about Moriyama’s business:

  • Ok so when Ichirou said to Neil that a man’s name earned weight from the blood he has spilled for his family? Well, an unknown Wesninski is not enough.
  • He has to prove it. He has to spill blood in his name.
  • If Neil was SO worried about Riko being out of control, why don’t stopping him himself?
  • So he let him go back to the last game with a clear deal: if the Ravens wins, Neil will be executed, as he was indeed wrong about Riko.
  • But if the Foxes win, Neill will have to execute Riko and clean up his mess. He will be the person who cut losses everywhere, he will have to make dissappear people from Carolina to South Carolina. Cops, doctors, moles.
  • Neil thinks about Proust.
  • And when Nathaniel Wesninski has done with this, then he will be free to be Neil Josten. Not a minute before. 

  • So the Foxes wins. Neil confess about his duty with Ichirou, and disappears.
  • For two long years.

  • Last game of the season and it’s a victory. The foxes (all of them) go to celebrate it, as it’s the last year for some of them.
  • Andrew is at the end of the bar, apart from them, drinking quietly.
  • And then his phone rings.
  • And he knows, he knows, because even if he changed his device long ago, he had settled a song just for this day, just for this number, and it’s been two years and…
  • He doesn’t say anything when he picks up the phone.
  • “Come and get me from the airport”
  • Andrew hangs up.

  • When he’s passing by the foxes, they all look at him.
  • “Hey! Where are you going??????”, Nicky my baby he’s so confused.
  • He just answers with “this fucker”
  • Matt is the first one to get it and he lOSES HIS SHIT
  • It ends up in a chain reaction where everyone is screaming and crying in joy
  • But Andrew is now long gone.
(I wrote a fic!

The reason that Nicky didn’t take Lorna with her into the secret room is because SWAT was extremely aggressive, and violent. Nicky didn’t want Lorna to get hurt and jeopardize the safety of Lorna and her baby. Nicky wanted to take Lorna with her, and Lorna wanted to go, but Nicky knew that she would have to give her up, and have her surrender, to keep her safe. She put her safety before her needs. Anyone who says Nicky will ever get over this women has not been watching the same show. 


It’s an experiment in limitations, unofficially titled how drunk is too drunk for a person who doesn’t do the drunk thing. The mistake had been in thinking that a few extra drinks would do nothing more than loosen a few of Neil’s strings. Andrew had forgotten to consider the unfortunate side effect, that alcohol amplifies natural tendencies, and so as soon as Neil hits one too many, he takes the opportunity to thoroughly roast all of his teammates (with the exception of Andrew, who spends the evening braced for it anyway).

The non-monsters plus Nicky (and baby Foxes, whose existence Andrew ignores on principal) only egg him on, while Neil remains oblivious to the fact that they’re exceedingly entertained and not mortally wounded, like he intends. It’s a mess that Andrew watches silently from the kitchen, carefully nursing his own drink, while making sure Neil doesn’t do or say anything irreversibly stupid, or there would be additional messes for Andrew to clean in the morning.

It’s all well and good, fun and games, no one quite loses an eye, but Neil trips over a chair leg on his merry way to assault Kevin and goes sprawling on the carpet instead, amid a laughing (but concerned) chorus of fellow drunkards.



Neil rolls onto his back and claps a hand to his forehead, even though it was not his head that he hit, but most everything else.

Relinquishing the stormy hold he has on the empty kitchen, Andrew crosses the living room to loom over Neil, unimpressed and ignoring the triumphant cheers and disappointed groans as money exchanges hands behind them. (The game: how badly will Neil’s first drunken adventure end? Provide examples. Nicky whines, “Twenty bucks on Kevin bitch slapping him. So close. Damn chair. You rigged it, Allison, you put that there.” She did not.)

Neil looks up at him through his fingers and with unfocused eyes, but he smiles brilliantly. Andrew considers wiping it off of his face with his foot, but then Neil says, practically sings, “Andrew.”

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I can picture Alex and Piper’s wedding so clearly though. Red just sat there with a shit-eating grin on her face when ever anyone compliments the wedding cake/food on the buffet. Gina literally demanding to be the DJ. Lorna trying to give Piper tips on how to “properly” walk down the isle. Boo and Tiffany raiding all the refreshments. Yoda just analyzing all their gifts and what they mean spiritually. Everyone cooing over Lorna’s baby. Nicky and Boo furiously debating over who gets to wear the bridesmaid’s pantsuit. Alex low key cringing at everyone’s dance moves on the dance floor. Nicky making MILF gestures towards Lorna every so often. Probably a food fight. Can I just have this?

I raise you: Nicky and Allison as BFF’s.

  • like, we all know Neil dresses like shit
  • (still love you, baby)
  • so ofc Nicky and Allison have to do sth against that walking disaster of fashion
  • soon they begin to pick outfits together
  • then they proceed to take Neil with them, letting (forcing) him to try on their clothes of choice and then give thumbs up/down
  • one day Nicky comes up with the clever idea of rating his outfits with signs from 1 to 5
  • one time they take Andrew with them and as Nicky offers him the signs, he just breaks them
  • Andrew never goes shopping with them again
  • but also
  • Allison giving him make-up tips?
  • teaching him how to perfect wing an eyeliner
  • they paint each other’s nails all the time tbh
  • and after some time Allison even trusts him with her hair
  • (which is a BIG thing, trust me)
  • every time Nicky opens his mouth, she senses when he’s about to say sth stupid and puts her hand on his mouth
  • or hits him on the back of his head
  • seriously
  • she can sense that shit from miles away
  • Nicky is pouting 25/8 about it
  • and he helps her (tries to help her) to be more sensitive
  • doesn’t work, tho, but she appreciates his efforts
  • one day he rips a hole in his favourite jeans and is so Sad™
  • luckily, Allison can sew
  • secretely she steals the jeans and brings them back whole after the weekend
  • Nicky is crying and hugs her
  • she just rolls her eyes, but pats his back
  • but then, he is Nicky, right?
  • he begins to tell her what she could design
  • “How about a jeans with a “gay” on the ass?”
  •  “Nicky -”
  •  “In fat pink glitter letters!”
  •  “NICKY!”
  •  “Oh, and it blinks whenever I wiggle my ass!”
  • Nicky is not allowed to design sth again
  • rip
  • but also
  • Allison becomes fiercely protective of him bc he’s just,,, such an idiot?
  • one time they are out in a bar and Nicky wears a “Pride to not be straight” shirt
  • as the foxes go outside, some guy begins to insult him
  • before one of them can even blink, Allison stands right before that guy
  • and smiles at him and asks: “Hey, who are you?”
  • the guy smiles back while the foxes stare in horror/confusion
  • is she really flirting with him???
  • “Jake”
  • she kicks him in the balls and bows down to his ear before saying: “Well, you’re an asshole, Jake. Fuck you.”
  • before walking back to the foxes with head held high, hooking her arm with Nicky’s and going away
  • seriously
  • just
  • Nicky and Allison being buddies

A/N: A Dad!Seungcheol fic requested by @aesthedick-cheol! The day Seungcheol becomes a father will be the day I am finally complete. Bless and good luck to his future spouse lmaoo. Also, sorry I couldn’t think of a better title.. I’m sorry if this came out bad! Constructive criticism is always welcome on my blog so please if you have something to say! Anyways, thank you so much for requesting and I hope you all enjoy <3<3

Genre: Fluff

Character(s): Seungcheol x Reader

“What do you think about kids?”

You and your boyfriend Seungcheol were sitting on a park bench, your head tucked in his shoulder, his arm around you as you watch a young family playing about on the grass. The giggles of a toddler echoed through the trees as the father chased him around.

It was one of the days Seungcheol could take the day off and today he chose to spend it with you. You had decided to go to the park on a whim, seeing that the weather was bound to be nice enough to spend the day out that day.

The weather was gorgeous, the sky streaked with pinks and purples as the day was coming to an end. The days had grew warmer as Spring gave way to Summer. The cool gentle breeze made you snuggle closer into the warmth that is your boyfriend.

You were taken off guard by the question and you looked up to see your boyfriend watching the scene before him with a fond smile. It wasn’t a secret that Seungcheol has a deep fondness towards children. He said it himself once that he wanted to have a big family one day.

“They’re pretty cute..” you started “I mean, they’re great but that also means you’d have to get up early and pay for tuition.”

You both laughed at that.

“Do you want kids one day?” he asked.

“Hmm, maybe? I think so..” you mumbled in reply.

You never really thought of it. You never really thought much about getting married before, let along having kids. But Seungcheol’s did question make you take a step back and think. You couldn’t help but blush as the image of Seungcheol playing around with your own children flashed in your mind.

“If you have kids, how many do you want?” he asked.

“Maybe three?? So the oldest can take care of the younger ones and the youngest can tease the older ones,” you let out a small laugh at thought of it.

“Three sounds good,” he chuckled in agreement.

You laughed and poked his side “Hey mister, what made you ask?”

He looked at you with a smile on his face, his eyes crinkling on the edges “Ahh, I don’t know.. I just want children of my own one day.. And now that I got you..” he tickled you on your side as you squealed.

“Cheol!” you squeaked, giggling. He laughed and kissed you on the cheek.

“I just thought you’d be a great mom one day,” he said. “I mean, imagine: our kids would get my good looks and long lashes and your personality.”

“Hey!” you smacked in in the chest. His laughter rang out, the kind where his gums shows and the sight of it melts your heart.

You smirked at him “How many kids do you want someday?”

“Ten” he quipped. You gasped and hit him in the arm.


You can’t believe your baby kicked to Nicki Minaj.

It was one of the days you felt cooped up just staying at home all day. Since you’ve taken your maternity leave,

So you begged Seungcheol to take you to their practice today to observe. At first he had denied your request, saying you shouldn’t get too tired but with enough puppy eyes and aegyo, Seungcheol’s resistance broke and so here you are sitting on the sidelines and watch the boys practice.

It just so happens when the hiphop team played Nicki Minaj on the speakers during one of their breaks when you feel your baby kick. You let out a startled gasp and Seungcheol was right beside you in a second. “What’s wrong, babe?! Are you okay?? Is the baby okay?? What happened??”

By this time, the boys have crowded around you, concerned and wondering what’s wrong. You looked up at your concerned husband with your eyes wide,”The baby kicked..”

There was a pregnant silence until the boys erupted in excited squeals and Oh my gods. Seungcheol’s face broke into a relieved smile and he finally let out the breath that he’s been holding. He gave you a quick peck on your forehead and laid his hand on your stomach

Vernon snickered “I can’t believe your baby reacted to Anaconda.”

“Oh! Oh! Try playing something else!” Mingyu called out. Vernon scrolled to his playlist and in no time, another Nicki Minaj song played, this time it’s Starship.

And so you found thirteen hands eagerly trying to get a feel on the baby’s kick. And as expected, as the beat dropped after the chorus, you could feel another kick, this time much harder than the first.

Thirteen boys jumped and made faces of astonishment at each other. Joshua and Jun were congratulating you and Seungcheol as Jeonghan grinned ear to ear. Seokmin’s eyes grew as big as saucers which reminded you of the first time Seventeen had gotten their first win. The room was filled with awe and joy and the lot of you were laughing at the hilarity of the situation.

“OH MY G O D!!” Seungkwan shouted, starring at his hand “I’m going to be a kimbap uncle!!!”

The boys laughed at that. You must’ve looked pretty disturbed at the realization that your baby reacted so much to Nicki Minaj it made them laugh even louder. Seungcheol on the other hand, has never looked so proud.

“What can I say, she has a good taste.” he joked.

Later that night, you both said goodbye to the boys in a good mood. Seungcheol couldn’t keep his hands to himself that he held your hand all the way home in the car. He helped you change, helped you brush your hair as you removed your make-up and helped you get tucked in for the night from your side of the bed.

His actions just spoke the words he didn’t say. To say he was eager was an understatement.

You were both half-asleep when his voice suddenly rang out softly “You know I will take care of you, right?”

Your eyes were heavy as you answered “I know.”

That night you fell asleep to the sound of his breathing.

It was a shame that Seunghceol wasn’t here right beside you.

Seungcheol and the boys had went to LA for the K-Con earlier in the week and are scheduled to be back two days from now. The both of you knew that he won’t probably be there when you deliver the baby but he’d promised that he would take the next flight back to Korea if anything were to happen.

So now here you are, waiting for the baby and through the waves of pain, you had decided to give Seungcheol a call. Apparently they had just finished with their event and Seungcheol was taking a break at the backstage when you told him you were in labor.

His parents from Daegu had come to take care of you while he was gone and they were the ones who brought you to the hospital when you woke up in the middle of the night when your water broke. You were whisked away to the hospital via a taxi and here you were, waiting to be dilated enough to finally push.

“Who do you think should be her godfather? Jeonghan?” The sound of car honking came through. You’re on the phone with Seungcheol as you waited and itt sounds like he’s stuck in a traffic. Your heart clenched a bit at the thought.

“Not Jeonghan.” you protested. You both had a good laugh on that one.

Seunghceol’s voice was full of mirth when he answered “Yeah, alright, not Jeonghan. I don’t want him to terrorize her like he did to Dino. ““Y/B/N, whose baby are you??””

You laughed at that and imitated in a baby voice “”Jeonghan’s baby~””

His laughter sounded a bit forced by now, as if he was trying to mask his anxiety, but the sheer sound of his voice was enough to calm you down. That’s the thing with Seungcheol; you may be separated by miles and schedules but you will always know that in the end of the day, he will be there with you. Like an anchor.

There was a silence before you spoke “Cheol.. It’s alright if you can’t be here with me, right now, at this moment.. I just want you to be here safely..”

You didn’t expect the tears that burned your eyes because you didn’t expected anything more from him. All that you said was true and you weren’t lying to yourself. You really hope that he would come back home to you safely. That’s all.

Because isn’t that what love is? Being selfless? You knew how much he wants to be here, as much as you do. You knew things will get in the way between the both of you but you’ve always worked it out.

And now you just want Seungcheol to come safely. To meet his daughter. His beautiful baby daughter. Seungcheol must’ve sensed the tears in your voice and his voice came through softly “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there with you..”

“No, Cheol, this is enough..” you sighed, your breath stuttering.

“You’re enough..”

You both talked and talked until it’s finally time for you to push the baby and you said your goodbyes as the doctor came. Seungcheol promised everything will be alright and told you he loved you.

You felt as if he was with you all the time.

Seungcheol arrived at the break of dawn. By this time, you were fast asleep and your baby was dozing off in her incubator next to your bed. She was born at sunset and was declared perfectly healthy by the doctors.

And she’s beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

While she has your complexion and your smile, she has his father’s dark hair and big, expressive eyes and yes, his lashes, too. You had cried the first time you held her in your arms.

Seungcheol crept into the dark room slowly, as to not wake you up. He went to your bedside and planted a soft kiss on your forehead. You stirred in your sleep and through your sleepy haze, you looked up to face him.

You felt a smile break on your exhausted face. “Hey” you croaked. 

“Hey” he whispered, kissing you once more, this time on the lips. You can feel his longing pour into that one single action. When you broke it, you saw his eyes glance at the incubator.

“Is that…her?” “Yeah.”

“Can I meet her?” “Of course.”

Seungcheol went around the bedside and went to pick up your daughter. She grumbled and frowned in her sleep but found peace when Seungcheol finally held her. He began to rock her softly and you couldn’t help but feel your heart swell at the sight. 

Seungcheol was really made to be a dad.

His gaze was soft and full of adoration as he looked upon his newborn daughter and at that moment you knew Seungcheol fell hard and deep and your daughter has his dad wrapped around her little fingers just like that.

“Y/B/N… I’m your dad…” you hear his voice whisper, “Y/B/N.. Welcome to this world.. Your mom and I are going to take a good care of you.. We love you so much..”

The lights from outside filtered through the shutters and casted a soft light on Seungcheol as his voice echoed through the darkness of the room in a soft lullaby. And at that moment, everything was perfect.

The boys came back two days later and decided to pay you and the baby a visit before you were discharged.

To say that the room got much, much more livelier was an understatement because thirteen loud grown men surrounded your baby like a moth drawn to a light. Joshua and Seungkwan especially took an extra liking towards the baby, cooing at her and getting excited whenever the baby’s tiny digits squeezed their finger. Seungcheol looked worried and exasperated every time the boys passes the baby between them but you know they would never do any harm to her.

Just like her father, her twelve uncles’s hearts were snatched with just a glance at her glossy obsidian eyes and rosy cheeks. You just knew she’s going to be as much as a heartbreaker as her father one day.

Later in the evening, you brought your newborn home for the first time. Your in-laws had gone back to Daegu and the house was quite when you both arrived, this time with your little bundle of joy. 

Y/B/N has been a pretty quite and demure baby so far, only crying when hungry and you couldn’t be more thankful for that. As you set her in her crib in the nursery, you got reminded of months ago when Seungcheol had went out of his way to paint the nursery himself. You, who was only four months into your pregnancy wasn’t even given a chance to touch the paints as he didn’t want you to get tired. Looking around, you could tell he had done an excellent job.

The walls are painted a soft blue, with white accents. The smell of paint was long gone, now overpowered by the lavender smell from the scented candles you bought not long ago. The white shelves were littered with soft toys and children’s book, for when your baby is a little bit older and the hanging toys hanging above the crib played a soft lullaby that’s slowly lulling your daughter into slumber.

You felt a strong familiar pair of arms circle your waist from behind as you looked over the angel thats you child. Seungcheol’s lips descended on your neck, a ghost of a smile on them as his warm breath fanned along you jaw.

“She’s beautiful,” he stated. You leaned into his embrace, your eyes closed.

“She is.”

His hold on you became tighter,”Y/N.. Thank you for giving me such a beautiful family…”

You didn’t say anything. You didn’t have to. Because you both know that you love him, as much as he loved you, and with the arrival of your daughter, you knew that love just grew. 

So in the silent room, save for the lullaby playing in the background, with you encased in your husband’s loving arms and your child sleeping soundly in her baby crib, you found solace.

You found home.

Things tfc characters have said as B99 Quotes
  • Wymack: "Drinks are on me. There's a two drink maximum per person. It is non-transferable. Your guests will pay their own tabs. Valet parking is not included. Tomorrow's briefing will be fifteen minutes earlier than usual."
  • Abby: "Oh, guys, please, please calm down. I hate it when you argue. It reminds of when my dad used to fight with my best friend, my mom."
  • Dan: "I am terrible with kids. I haven't listened to rap music in three years. I don't know the lingo. You have to do this."
  • Matt: "I got aroused last night watching a nature documentary on bees. I was fine until they went inside the hive."
  • Seth: "You guys have been down here for two hours. What, did you have sex forty times?"
  • Neil: "There's only one option for me: Burn my face off with acid and disappear forever."
  • Andrew: "Click. I just captured the exact moment you realized you had failed. I guess we all got something out of this."
  • Aaron: "You think you can just bully people, but you can't. It's not okay. I'm the bully around here. Ask anyone."
  • Katelyn: "Baby, I've got some bad news. Someone painted a giant penis on our minivan. No, you can not have an SUV now. Those things roll, baby, they roll!"
  • Nicky: "We don't need guns. I have a lighter, okay, we get some hairspray, make some flame throwers. Let's fry these bitches."
  • Kevin: "(At cinema to see Moneyball) The statistical analysis. (Sobs) It's so beautiful."
  • Allison: "Turn your greatest weakness into your greatest strength. Like Paris Hilton rehearsed her sex tape."
  • Renee: "What if we wrap his motorcycle in plastic wrap and melt it with a hair dryer? Little trick I learned in gift basket making class."
  • Jeremy: "No, I was out getting him some healing broth. I was torn between chicken or beef, but then it hit me, goat"
  • Riko: "I'm sorry. I tried to be myself and they hated it."
  • Jean: "I was so scared, you guys. A psychic told me I was going to die alone in a pit, and I kept telling myself, "This is a hole, not a pit. This is a hole, not a pit. This is a hole, not a pit. This is a hole, not a pit. This is a hole, not a pit." "
  • Lola: "Hello, friends. Who here would like to see a presentation of crime statistics as a function of demographics and time? Who wants to see a picture of a dead body?"