Be Still

Summary: Your back is injured. You and Sam don’t let that stop you.

Warning: smut, dirty talk

Word Count: 1500ish

A/N: Have some Sam porn, y’all.

“Owwwww,” you hissed, not caring anymore if it made you sound like a baby. The muscles in your back pinched and twinged, sending sharp pains through you and punching the breath right out of your chest.

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Shoulder day! I can’t even explain how nice it has been to have two days off in a row. For the next month I’m only getting Monday’s off because it’s the final push of summer and I’m a bit worried about what my gym schedule is going to look like honestly. But I’m going to try for at *least* 5 days/week through this last bit of busy season.


Crush!! Day 6

Does this count as a 2 pack?! I think I see an oblique 😂😭🙌🏼

Randomly did a day of Crush because my workout buddy was not feeling what was next up for Go! However, I think Crush is harder but I let him pick the day. 😅

When we workout, he said - are you even sweating? Is this even phasing you? 😂

I think I’ve gotten used to these workouts and they’re not as challenging. I need something new!! But I just signed up for an 8 mile run so guess I better start running!! 😳

Breakfast and lunch 🙌🏼🍴

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