I am feeling pretty, damn great today.

Ironically, I weigh almost the exact same in each of these photos, BUT the differences are boldly obvious.

The scale lies! Don’t get discouraged by those daunting numbers. Put the scale away, do the work, give it time, and your body will change.

I cannot wait to see what the next eleven months will bring!


Tagged by the bae lifeisfitness for selfies since my birthday was 21 mins ago I threw in a pic of me as a chubby baby haha. I haven’t been to the gym in weeks because of school so my progress has taken a step back, but anyway, I tag cinnamonbuns-and-curlbars kapot-ass-ana coffeebeansandpowercleans hulkgains samliftsthings onmypace & lift-like-a-lady (I’m sure she has plenty of selfies😂)