RFA Headcanons! Pt. 2


>His nervous tick is fiddling with thing on his left arm; the cufflinks on his suit, rings, bracelets and if there is a scar, he’ll poke it lightly
>Had a bad start with Elizabeth 3rd; his hands used to be cover in scars long, short, deep, shallow and even bite marks.
>Had taken rabies shots so many times the family doctor isn’t even surprised anymore
>Regularly donates to wildlife sanctuaries, especially when its for big cats. He even helped a few organizations start.
>Has ‘adopted’ a total of 6 wild cats; Siberian tiger mates he named Ahreum and Daewoo, a lioness he named Minsun, a snow leopard named Haneul, and a litter of cougars, still unnamed. He originally wanted Haneul to be shipped to Korea so she could live with him, but Jumin, NO.
>Trained Elizabeth to respond to her name, ‘come here’ and also ‘scratch’. The last one is specifically for Seven
>Can’t take good picture himself because he’s trembling too much; a combination off caffeine overdose, lack of sleep, stress and emotional suppression had unconsciously caused this condition.
>Related to the one before, he stuffs his hands beneath his thighs to hide them when no one is looking
>Listens to traditional Korean music but his guilty pleasures are electro-dance music. Because the beat helps him stay energized, apparently
>Sleeps like the dead; quiet and unmoving
>If the RFA would have a group vacation, he’ll be taking them on his private jet


>Has an folders filled with thousands of pictures for specific purposes; kitties, puppies, bunnies, Best of 9gag, trivias, memes, Anti-Depression, and even drawing references
>Actually a good artist
>(707 did the custom emoticons for each RFA member, the UI of the APP and even the backgrounds are actually drawn by 707 himself)
>His artistic mediums are digital, but he has dabbled with sculptures before (not so good idea; his pieces are destroyed because the poor baby gets too emotional and ends up trashing everything)
>Heavily dependent on Vanderwood to bring him back if he gets lost in his own (mess of a) mind
>Speaks 10 languages; Korean, English, Chinese, German, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Italian, French and Spanish. Learned to better hack into places, or peer into the major crime syndicates across the globe
>Only consumes HBC and PhD Pepper because he cant bring himself to eat proper food, remebering all the times his mother fed him well but not his twin and thinking himself cruel for it, while his twin suffered. Vanderwood has to force feed him, a handful of times resorting to violent methods when Seven fights back just as viciously
>Has a mentor named 404, and they taught him the basics of technology and hacking. Vanderwood is his mentor in regards to anything physical, as well as his handler
I>Q of 140, he a smart baby
>Uses a workstation that he modified himself; 6 34 inch screens, two backlit keyboards, a single mouse with double scroll buttons, and a baby supercomputer-level system unit, the entire setup he named 'Saejoon’, which is also the name of the AI he is developing
>His babies is are Taeil (Lamborghini Huracan), Eunjae (Hennessey Venom GT), Yoona (SSC Ultimate Aero) and his first ever, Chaeseon (McLaren F1)

The Weekend

Wow, honestly…. What a weekend!! I didn’t expect this.

I will start from the beginning. I went down to LI (long Island) to visit my Doctor. We met 1,5 years ago and we been “dating”, he is not my sugar daddy, but for any means he is not poor. He is athletic and handsome. I know him very well, we went on vacations and I have met his family, and best friends. He never been married and don’t have kids. He is totally ok with us dating and our age difference. He is in his early 50s. He has beautiful house and lovely dog. I care for this men and have fun every time I come down to visit him. So we been on and off for a year ad half, but we never been official, just we know we are dating and there is no drama or stress. He takes care of me and we enjoy each others company.

So I haven’t seen him for 2 months now, and I texted his Wednesday to check up on his, see what is up and how is things going. Well, I always knew that he is successful doctor with his own practice and special treatment he has so things been great for past year or so. But this blew mine and his mind as well. 

His living room. 

So his best friend, let’s call him “musician”, have been in music industry for ages, I mean he knows whole Hollywood and all music crew, big names. He told me stories how Kim become popular and etc. So he is living between LA, Florida, NY and Canada now. So, more about Canada, Musician have a project in Canada with one Billionaire (WITH A B) in Canada, its ongoing project and will take some time to get it done. About two months ago this billionaire talked about special treatment he wants to do in Canada, Florida and Bahamas, open a wellness centers with it and run it. So my Doctor actually the best in USA for it, so musician told billionaire that Doctor is specialized on it and so now Doc is on it. This Billionaire is so interested in this project and so excited. So Doc went up there to Canada to see him and talk. It was rare that this guy would give 5 min to someone as much as busy he is. He spends whole day with Doc, that was unusual already. This Billionaire, lets call him “Mr. Sir”. He has hones all over the world. Have 7 private jets and 400 cars, I am not shitting you guys. When doc went up there, Mr. Sir gave his Lambo with top down for the weekend. He lives in huge place in Canada, like sizes of the area is HUGE.

So now, I am flying in Friday, don’t know anything about it. Doc sends his driver to pick me up in JFK, while Doc is taking pilot lessons, he is thinking get small jet too now as he could fly himself.
I’m getting there, starving, so we go to nice Italian place. And he starts telling me about this Mr. Sir and whole project. So I am like wow, that is great. But then he is like: “oh Mr. Sir and his buddy flying in tomorrow for the procedure” (the one all this project is about) , I am like okaaaay , he goes: “they are flying in on his private jet in the morning and leaving around 4-5 pm the same day”, I am like wow, this guy will just casually fly down to NY to visit DOC and get procedure. Ok, so Doc asked if I wanted to come in the morning but it was too early so I decided to sleep in, so around 12-1 pm he called me and said that they coming to house and will go to the lunch to the yacht club doc belongs to. So I just got out of shower, really quick making my face a piece of gold and putting on DVF dress on and some pumps, casual but with class. 

 He especially told me to be casual, knowing me and my dress code where I dress up all the time haha. So they got here and GUYS, like seriously never in the world by meeting him on the street I would think he is Billionaire, like this guy is so humble, and down to earth its crazy. So we went on lunch, it was nice, talked about this and that, said that his son got married in Bahamas and it was amazing, spend $1MM on wedding. Then we just talked about how if something supposed to be, it will happen. So Mr. Sir was like: I was looking for house in Bahamas for years, and it couldn’t fit my desires, no deck for yacht, too small yard, etc. And here it is, this year he found perfect house that cost his about 20 $MM. And he casually invites me and Doc to his house, I am in my head like fuck yeah I will go! So we ate, great guys, very funny, and very simple, no idea that Mr. Would be billionaire. He is going to smoke cigars with PUTIN (I don’t like the guy) but fucking Putin?  Crazy. So we drove them back to their private jet that they flew in to this small private airport in long island, so it was very convenient. Guys, the jet, I mean I have never seen private jets in my life and been able to come close and meet pilots and just experience all this is amazing. Never in my life I thought I would be able to meet people like this. I am always will be humble with sugaring just because of this experience. I am so hoping go to Mr. Sir’s house in Bahamas with Doc, that would be amazing, meet his family, get closer, and you never know what I can get out of there. Job, career, good connections and etc. I just hope so. This meeting and experience just made my weekend, already.  

So we get back with Doc to his house and then I dress up and we took his new baby Lamborghini 2015 avendator to the restaurant, and I got to drive it. This is second “boyfriend” I have that own Lamborghini and I just love to ride in it, and Doc like to speed so its super fun! Came back from dinner home, watched some TV and then I gave him a full body massage and he passed out. Today, We got up, I made breakfast for both of us, this is only men I would make breakfast for, just because. Then he went to the gym downstairs, yeah he has his own spacy gym in the house. Then he came up, I already showered and he hop on and then we had first sex for the whole weekend, other two days we were too tired. So right after that I asked him if he wanted to go shopping. So we went got him IPad, then all me haha got wireless headphones for the gym, cloth for the fall for work and casual from J. Crew and got fall boots from Coach, they are babies for everyday and new perfume from Burberry, amazing smell. So, it was already late, I had to pack and get ready to fly back home. So we got back and I few out. Typing this text in the plane actually.   

So that was my amazing weekend! It was fun and so eventful! Doc is flying there next Sunday, so hopefully I keep in touch with Doc and it will work out just perfect and will benefit me  


Gallardo replacement breaks cover finally!

Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4. Set to debut officially in Geneva this upcoming March. 610 BHP and 413 lb-ft of torque from a naturally aspirated 5.2 liter v10. Weighing in at 1422 kg the car comes standard with carbon-ceramic breaks, a TFT instrument display, and a plush interior adorned with Alcantara and leather.

0-62 mph: 3.2 seconds
Top speed: 202+ mph
18.5 mpg (US cycle)