Congratulations Baby - Jaime Preciado - Submission

Jaime comes home from winning the best bassist award at the APMA’s and I give him whatever he wants (smut plz) thanks I love your blog

Submitted by shiiit-face. Smut Warning.

Jamie had told you not to go onto and social media sights or even think about watching the APMA’s tonight because he was in the running for best bassist this year and he wanted to tell me the results in person. So while he was gone for quite a few hours you sat in your room in one of his over sized shirts and some panties reading a book. After you gave up reading your book fell asleep to wake to a smiling Jamie standing in your door way.
”Guess who won motherfucking bassist of the fucking year?” Jamie cheered as he jumped up and down.
You scramble out of bed straight away and jumped in his arms as he continued to jump for joy.
”Congratulations baby” you squealed as he placed you back onto the floor.
”I think it’s time to celebrate,” he smiled at you.
He stared to kiss you roughly straight away moving his tongue across your lips begging for entrance which you granted. Your tongues danced together and you slipped Jaimie’s shirt over his head breaking the kiss for only a second. He quickly pulled your shirt over your head and pulled your panties off in one swift motion. You were glad it was a warm night so he didn’t have the trouble off taking any more clothes off you. After that you worked you way to Jaimie’s trousers palming the his hardening member, you got them off and hooked your index fingers in the waist band of his boxers and pulled them down too. You took him in your hand slowly pumping up and down as you kissed him.
He then pushed you onto the bed and moved between your legs. You could feel him brush against your thigh as you explored each other’s mouths with your tongues. He moved to your neck leaving a trail of purple marks and then moved to your breasts. He squeezed and sucked on them making you close your eyes and tilt your head back. You then felt something cold around your wrists and a click came after that. You looked up to see Jamie had putt cuffs on you arms had made it so you couldn’t move them from the head board.
”What the? When did you get these?” You asked Jamie confused.
”On Friday, I got them to use as a present if I won tonight. And let me tell you y/n I’m so glad right now that I won.”
Then Jamie moved again and you saw a piece of cloth in his hands.
“Do you know what this is for?” He asked.
You nodded at him, just thinking about all the things he was going to be doing to you tonight make your knees go weak. He then placed it over your eyes and you could only see darkness instead of his beautiful face.You felt the bed shift and something just brush against your lips. You knew what it was.
“Suck” you didn’t react at first until he told you again and grabbed your hair.
You decided to tease Jaime, testing him you only took his tip in my mouth swirling your tongue around as he let out a small steady breath. Without warning he rammed his large member down your throat and started to fuck your face.
”Do you think you can tease me like that slut?” Jamie questioned as his large hands found their way to your breasts and started to squeeze and pinch your nipples. You let out a groan from how much this was turning you on. He started going faster and deeper down my throat and you started to gag on him.
”Am I too big for you? I though little whores like you could take all of it.”
After a few more thrusts into your mouth Jamie pulled out and after a few seconds he called out your name (the hottest sounding thing in the word) and came on your heaving chest. You felt Jaime run a finger along your breasts and he put it to your mouth. You obliged and sucked up and down on his finger running my tongue along it.
I’m going to make you scream my name so much tonight that it’s all you know,” Jaime said as he moved to the end of the bed and pushed your legs open as he kissed the inner of your thigh.
You bucked your hips up hoping that he would just hurry up. He then moved to right above your aching core and you could feel his warm breath. Fuck you had never been so turned on in your life.
”You’re so fucking wet you slut. Who got you this worked up?’”
”You… You did” You whispered as you felt his face only inches from where You needed him most.
”What was that?” He said as he flicked your clit sending shivers all throughout your body and a loud moan escaped your mouth.
He flicked your clit again and you whimpered at how much you just wanted him to fuck you.
<p>”Jaime you did this to me. You made me this wet under your touch,” He then pushed two fingers inside of you.
“FUCK! Oh my god yes baby,” You called out as he moved his tongue over your bud and swirled it around and around adding pressure very slowly.
You started to tangle your hands in his hair as he was pleasing you. You was a mess letting out load moans and whimpers at how good he was making you feel. He then added another finger and continued to pump in and out rapidly, you couldn’t take it and bucked your hips up to him screaming out. With one of his hand he held your stomach down and continued to work his magic. You weren’t going to last long and he then added a fourth finger. You felt him stretch you and you gasped for air in pleasure.
”Do you like how I make you feel? You know I’m the only one who can do this to you” he then spanked the side of your arse leaving a mark there later.
Moments later you came undone coming onto his fingers and crying out as pure bliss consumed your body. Jaime then leaned up and kissed you passionately so you could taste yourself.
Jamie then flipped you over onto your stomach.
”Put your arse up in the air whore” he demanded and as you did he slammed his huge dick into you filling you all the way up.
You were already about ready to come again with how rough Jaime was being. You gripped onto the sheets and started to push yourself against him.
”Fuck y/n” Jamie said as he gripped your waist and helped you slam against him.
He slapped your arse with one hand while the other one roughly circled your clit.
”Fuuuuck!” You screamed out.
“Faster baby,” you managed to say through load moans.
You don’t know how he did it but Jaime went faster and the pushed you face down making your arse stick up even further giving him even better access to you. He hit your g-spot even better making the knot in your stomach build up until breaking point and I you screamed a bunch profanities with a mix of Jaimie’s name as you came for a second time that night.
Jaime started to groan and slow down his pace “y/n you’re so fucking hot,” you felt him release his hot load and you collapsed onto the bed.
”Fucking hell I don’t think I’ve ever felt that goodJamie said as he undid your handcuffs still done up above your head. You pulled off you blind fold as Jamie laid down next to you pulling you into his arms.
You giggled in response feeling a boost of confidence knowing that you made Jaime feel that way.
”I’m sorry if I was a little too rough with you y/n”
“not at all i mean might be able to walk tomorrow but fuck that was good you leaned over and kissed jamie as he laughed. “So I have to tell you all about what happened tomorrow,” Jamie said “yeah you didn’t really tell me too much about it when you got home only that you won, but I am very very proud of you honey.” And with that you fell asleep with your naked bodies pressed together.