the best los campesinos! songs

  • every song they’ve ever MADE kidding that’s not the case but i actually am nearly that biased when it comes to them and do love all of their songs in some way almost… but anyway, to be serious, to address the topic truthfully
  • what death leaves behind, a portrait of the trequartista as a young man, as lucerne/the low 
  • by your hand, light leaves dark sees pt. ii, baby i got the death rattle, to tundra
  • romance is boring, i just sighed. i just sighed just so you know, who fell asleep in, every defeat a divorce - three lions
  • miserabilia, we are beautiful we are doomed, ways to make it through the wall
  • knee deep at atp, ..and we exhale and roll our eyes in unison, sweet dreams sweet cheeks
  • four seasons, she crows (documented minor emotional breakdown #4), letters from me to charlotte (rsvp), romance is boring (princess version), uhhh that cover they did of going away to college by blink-182 honestly? seriously? that was good
  • i hate los campesinos!

in your wake  -  a jk mix for just under two months, and the rest of a life. first half of the mix is muddled teenage feelings; second half is after the end. complete with annotations.

your dead best friend is walking up the stairs with you. … we were in love, we were in love.

8tracks / youtubecover art

1. she’s the prettiest girl at the party, and she can prove it with a solid right hook  -  frnkiero and the cellabration (all we wanted was what we were / and what we were was young and naïve / i found my place in this world / it’s in your wake, in your wake, in your wake)
2. samson  -  regina spektor (you are my sweetest downfall)
3. it’s not a side effect of the cocaine, i am thinking it must be love  -  fall out boy (think of all the places where you’ve been lost and then found out)
4. baby i got the death rattle  -  los campesinos! (you are an angel, that’s why you pray / and i am an ass, and that’s why i bray)
5. old college try  -  the mountain goats (i will walk down to the end with you / if you will come all the way down with me)
6. in our bedroom after the war  -  stars (we won, or we think we did / when you went away, you were just a kid / and if you lost it all, and you lost it / we will still be there when the war is over)
7. best friend  -  andrew jackson jihad (what is the wind saying? does it tell who isn’t there? / do the spirits haunt us by blowing through our hair?)
8. several ways to die trying  -  dashboard confessional (take notice, take interest, take me with you)
9cigarettes  -  russian red (all the cigarettes that i have never smoked / and all the letters that i have never sent) 
10. the sword and the pen  -  regina spektor (so what if nothing is safe? / so what if no one is saved? / no matter how sweet? no matter how brave? / what if each to his own lonely grave?)
11. the only thing  -  sufjan stevens (how do i live with your ghost?)
12. impossible year  -  panic! at the disco (there’s no sunshine, there’s no you and me / there’s no good times, this impossible year)
13. the predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us!  -  sufjan stevens (i can’t explain the state that i’m in / the state of my heart, he was my best friend)

when the obsession with death // a naomi kimishima fanmix


dead is the new alive // emilie autumn | see these bones // nada surf | looking glass // the birthday massacre | artificial nocturne // metric | oblivion // bastille | shake it out // florence + the machine | your bones // of monsters and men | all the rowboats // regina spektor | nobody’s side // chess | baby i got the death rattle // los campesinos! 



No One Needs To Know - An EreJean Fanmix [Art]

Next in Line Walk The Moon // Jump Into The Fog The Wombats // Hurricane Panic! At The Disco // Death Valley Fall Out Boy // Sex The 1975 // This Is The Life Two Door Cinema Club // Kids MGMT // Fall Into These Arms New Politics // Carried Away The Kooks // Addicted To The Cure The Wombats // Tonight You’re Perfect New Politics // Out Of My League Fitz And The Tantrums // A Certain Romance Arctic Monkeys // Baby I Got The Death Rattle Los Campesinos!