These words are so true, being away from the one you love the most kills you inside. This weekend I spent with my baby, three days together and it’s still not enough. Although we had the most amazing time, loads of laughing, kissing and cuddling we’re now back to being apart. It was the best weekend of my entire life, I can’t wait to see her again, it’s been two days and I’m missing her so much already, it breaks my heart. We make the most of a bad situation, we always have. But you don’t realise how lucky you are to just be able to see the one that means the most to you whenever you want, any time or any place throughout the day. 229 miles apart and I love you with every piece of my heart ❤️
- D

  • my dad :so you don't believe in the baby rumours?
  • me :no i think he is gay
  • my dad :only him in the band or?
  • my mom :no he is gay with harry
  • my dad :why do you think that
  • me :well there are way too many proofs to name all of them-
  • my mom :well you can clearly see that back in 2011 they interacted a lot. management of course do not want that so " the little girls " still wants to marry the boys and harry is the most popular member so it would break a lot of hearts. they have also matching tattoo like dagger and rose.
  • me :
  • my dad :
  • my mom ::)

Okay let me just say this right now: NO. Did I give you permission? NO. Did I ask or imply that this is something I would want? NO. Did you go to the Consulate and apply for a Visa to enter my heart like this? NO. Did you even think of what you may do to me through this shoot? NO. Did mother Mary immaculately conceive the lord Jesus baby Christ of holiness for you to go around and break my heart with you face? NO. So what the fuck are you doing to me it’s 3:20 am & I did not sign up for this shit I’m just a young girl trying to get by in life, doing the best I can and ur making it v hard for me. Just NO.

My mom and and I got in a fight about you today
And honestly it’s got very little to do with you
Well it’s got part to do with you
Because she doesnt trust guys that age
And I don’t blame her
Because she looks at her little girl
And sees parts of who she was when she was my age
And we fought while she worries about a careless boy breaking my heart
Just like my father did
And she remembers having unscarred wrists and heart
And loving him
And she sees that my eyes
I don’t blame her for being scared
She was my age when she found she was gonna have a baby
And she was so scared
And I know she never wants that for me
She doesn’t want me to run off with some boy and fall into the arms of a trap
So yeah
We fought today
But honestly
It really wasn’t about you
Seungri being your big brother would include:
  • “I’m older so we do what I want”
  • Him playfully tripping you 
  • Constant play fights 
  • Him dealing with your lip syncing to his music goofily   
  • You having a crush on another member of Big Bang
  • Him constantly covering you with a towel when you go to the beach because your swimsuit is too exposing
  • “No you’re not wearing that out it’s too short. Go change now”
  • “Seungri I’m an adult now”
  • “Too bad you’re still my baby sister”
  • Those now and again cute moments caught on camera
  • Him yelling at any guy/girl who breaks your heart
  • Whining when he wants you to make him something to eat
  • “Hey sis which looks better on me?”
  • Him stealing/knocking a drink right out of your hand as you’re about to take a sip

Maybe babies to cure my broken heart.

Buddy Biddle I That guy’s who’s like thirty, but still hangs around with the teenagers at the skate park. He’d rather be pulling some kind of stunt and breaking at least a dozen bones than get a “real” job.

Jovie Biddle I That girl who’s been obsessed with space since forever. Her greatest, and only, ambition in life is to become an astronaut. She thinks she’d be perfect for it. But until that day comes she’ll be down at the fair grounds, riding the tilt a whirl and waiting for NASA to return her calls.

Thoughts on The Fosters season finale

- I’ve just watched the finale and I’m emotionally wrecked right now, this episode was TOO intense.

- First, THANKS GOD the writers rethinked about Stef having cancer, because I was so ready to fight them. Give her a break please.

- I’ve got so angry with Monte when she said she wasn’t trying to break them up, what the hell do you think you’ve been doing all this time??? I’m so happy that Lena and Stef are finally okay, because my heart couldn’t handle seeing them fight.

- Mariana saying she forgave herself made me so happy. YES GIRL I’M SO PROUD.


- MY BABIES SAID I LOVE YOU TO EACH OTHER I’M DYING. AND THEY DANCED AGAIN. THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. But it makes so sad that Connor is moving (I hope it’s not for too long or the writers will die), but is what Jude said, Connor can’t live in a home when he can’t be himself. 

- I like a lot the new actor playing Jesus, but is soooooo weird. I guess we’ll have to get used to him.

- You are welcome to cry with me in my ask.

I saw you sit on your own for the very first time. Put you down on your mat and you’re just that close to crawling away. You’re 2 heartbeats away from your own mobility, 2 giggles away from dumping out draws and breaking. Decor. Excitement and terror and a little bit of thrill knowing the mischief you’ll cause. You’re even more head strong than I am, so eager to leave your confines. And for this I thank God for, I send my prayer up to heaven that this world never breaks your spirit. That your forever have the will to kick, push, throw and demand the best. I pray that your heart filled with joy and love will remain so even as life will in time throw you some obstacles you will never loss your heart. Rise my little butterfly, explore your home, your world, make a mess, disturb the silence, destroy the order. Kick their ass baby girl make them know your here, never let them forget your glory. -letters to my daughter-

I love you

Every single day I find myself loving you more and more. I can’t explain how happy you make me. If you ever need an explanation just look at my face. It says it all. I know that long distance isn’t going to break us apart and I have never been so sure about someone in my whole life. Baby when you read this thank you. Thank you for loving me for who I am. Thank you for accepting me as a boy and a girl. I love you more then you will ever know. From your small quirks to your insecurities. Every last inch of you has a place in my heart. 

So this group plus 2 who aren’t pictured are my life. Tim: child you can always make me smile and laugh. You make things hella awkward but in a funny okay way. Willie: you make me laugh and give great hugs. You are a child at heart and make me go mom mode a lot but I love it Morgan: your smile is contagious and you never cry so when you do my heart breaks a little and I just wanna hug you until it’s better. Ian: you constantly make me laugh and question my fashion sense tbh. You are adorable and give fantastic hugs. Daisy: you hug me so tight whenever you see me and you were my little oboe baby. I can never be upset around you cause you won’t let me Kyle: child you are so funny and adorable. You look innocent but once cards against humanity comes out you nasty bro. Mauree: oh gosh my baby girl you are so sticking cute. You are sassy as hell but that’s okay cause it’s funny. You give great hugs and you brighten up every day Amanda: my first kid. You always open up your house to me. You share your juice pouches and your parents. You make days more bearable and make me smile no matter what. Dejah: you are so quiet but you are always there and when you break out of your quietness you always make me smile. Camilla Jane: child you are my other half, my kid, my best friend. I would not be here today if it wasn’t for you. Before you I didn’t feel important I just felt replaceable. You gave me a purpose and I will always and I mean always love you. You make me laugh no matter what and you can always calm me down from a breakdown. You give fantastic hugs and advice. Zhane: although you aren’t visible to us any longer. You are here. You were my best friend for two years. You could always tell when something was wrong. You could make me laugh just by looking at me. You gave me a shoulder to cry on many times. You were my rock and made sure I was okay. I miss you more and more every day. This is my family. The squad. My life line. Mess with them and I’ll mess with you 💙💙 i love you all so much


I’m so bad at these. I was tagged by xpenguinhugsx. I just reset my phone so there’s hardly any music on there too.

1. Girls - Mayday Parade
2. What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
3. Blood Red - The Maine
4. BUrn - Ellie Goulding
5. Baby I - Ariana Grande
6. Hate To See Your Heart Break - Paramore
7. Can’t Stand It - Never Shout Never
8. Brand New Day - Kodaline
9. Luxury - The Ready Set
10. Smile - Avril Lavigne
11. Love & Drugs - The Maine
12. End of The World - Juliet Simms
13. One Thing - One Direction
14. I Woke Up In A Car - Something Corporate 
15. Pity Party - Melanie Martinez
16. My Hero - Paramore
17. Hurricane - Halsey
18. Everyday - The Tragic Thrills
19. Bad Blood - Taylor Swift
20. Real Girls Eat Cake - The Janoskians 

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This girl is the love of my life. Baby I love you on the good days and bad. I love you when you are staring lovingly into my eyes and just as much when I wipe tears from your face. You are the one person I see myself with. I love you through the good, the bad. The ups and the downs. You are everything and my heart breaks knowing pain has passed through you. I wish I could shelter you through everything. I love you and I will do whatever I can to make sure you have the most love and support possible 0bornthisgay0

rachesduncan replied to your post:I’m feeling like watching something really sweet…


lastknownwriter replied to your postI’m feeling like watching something really sweet…

LOVE ACTUALLY is my literal fave, I cry like a baby in the best way at so many spot. Also The Proposal? It’s my happy go to feel good movie.

OMG YES LOVE ACTUALLY. it kinda breaks my heart in places and then makes it whole again in others!! and I would seriously watch a whole movie of the story with the writer and the Portuguese girl ^u^ or, you know, read a whole fic of it. if. for example. the main characters were substituted. for. some other characters. I’m not saying I have two in mind but. I HAVE TWO IN MIND.

and The Proposal!! is such a good movie!! literally fake married is my favourite trope to EVER TROPE <3

Tell the Moon, I'm Yours
  • the moon was full last night, now it's almost out of sight
  • the stars have gone and ran away
  • close my window, close my eyes
  • hold myself and hold on tight
  • don't wanna fall apart again tonight
  • i can feel you close, can almost hear you breathing
  • you've got your door closed, but i'm never leaving
  • this is what you've made me, take a look at what you do
  • a pretty girl who's breaking, and it's all because of you
  • you could be my everything, i could give you all of me
  • just give me the word and baby, i'm yours
  • the rain was coming hard, it was pounding on my heart
  • a rock in my hand, to throw at your window
  • close my fist, close my eyes
  • meet the pavement arms wide
  • i can't take the thunder another night
  • i can see your face, back behind my eyes
  • i reach out my hand and realize
  • the moon was full last night
  • this is what you've made me, take a look at what you do
  • a pretty girl who's breaking, and it's all because of you
  • you could be my everything, i could give you all of me
  • just give me the word and baby, i'm yours
“reading the torah”

A big thank you to Brit-El Mabourakh for featuring this poem on her radio show “Gothropology”

[jul. 20, 2015]

there’s a rib in my chest that’s about to break in half
like the pocket knife my sister gave me to keep in my shoe;  
a heart murmur pushing up bruised daisies to be free
i think the last bit of adam is trying to escape from me
and my white knuckled, red manicured grip

lilith had a baby girl with cain and she is every survivor
a demonic, nymphet thing with powdered sugar on the corners of her lips,
freshly grown horns poking out from underneath her tangled, dirty hair
and sharp fairy wings digging into her skin like stick and poke tattoos

this wild child is anger and greed and vanity
she is worry and fear; kicking and screaming
she is fluttering eyelids and chewing gum in pigtails
- and all the horrible, wonderful things girls are made of

i have every witch’s spirit that has ever been burnt at the stake inside of me
every girl who wakes up with confusion and anger growing in her bruised thighs
every gum spitting, cum swallowing teenager with a smirk on her face

there’s a switchblade in my heart that opens about twice a day
her name is eve and she cuts me more than she ever managed to cut you
because the trigger rusted over from angel tears when you were inside of me
and it broke when i pried it open, so my chipped nails are my daggers now

he told me “G-d can’t be all-knowing and all-good,
G-d had to pick one just like us mortals do”
and i know whatever made G-d made G-d make us that way
because there can’t be good girls like me without evil in our men
and G-d would’ve been mighty lonely on his own…so…

we hold onto these things in boxes like rock collections and tubes of lipstick,
as we climb the tallest trees in our back yards to be closer to Heaven
looking for snakes on the way with their thrift shop costume jewelry for eyes

we try our hardest not to let our abusers consume us
- as we fall to the earth like Satan did,
but from a height so much more extreme
when it’s from their very hands

bruising our knees for blowjobs;
rolling in white lie dresses with grass stains
saying “thank you” with a smile and crossed fingers behind our backs
while we wait around for the venom to set inside our sisters’ souls

lilith’s daughters carry on, holding hands at night in alley ways
and read the Torah and try to understand why things are the way they must be,
but they try even fucking harder to forgive

- kate west

Write down the first 10 songs that come up on shuffle - no skipping, no cheating. a new twist has been added on - quote a favorite lyric from each song, and at the end, tag 10 people.

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1. Old Pine, Ben Howard
“We slept like dogs, down by the fireside” 

2. Your Song, Ellie Goulding
“See I’ve forgotten if, they’re green or they’re blue. Anyway the thing is, what I really mean, yours are the sweetest eyes, I’ve ever seen”

3. Sugar Tongue, Indigo Girls
“Sing me lullabies of shoeshine days”

4. Baby Don’t You Break My Heart Slow, Vonda Shepard & Emily Sailers
“I like the way you’d hold me, every night for so long baby. I like the way you’d say my name in the middle of the night when you were sleeping”

5. Songbird, Naya Rivera
“And I feel that when I’m with you, it’s alright, I know it’s right.”

6. Under Pressure, Kerry Ellis & Peter Johansson
“Turn away from it all like a blind man. Sat on a fence but it don’t work”

7. Oh What a Circus, Original Cast Recording
Salve regina mater misericordiae
Vita dulcedo et spes nostra
Salve salve regina Peron
Ad te clamamus exules filii Eva
Ad te suspiramus gementes et flentes
O clemens o pia

8. Facade Reprise 4, Jekyll & Hyde, The Musical 
there’s a beast at the door
And he’s wild and free!
But we don’t let him in,
‘Cause we don’t want to see -
what is lurking right behind the façade!Man is not one, but two!
He is evil and good!
And he walks the fine line
That he’d cross, if he could,
He’s just waiting…!

9. Where I want to be, Josh Groban, Chess the Musical
“Now I’m where I wanna be and who I wanna be and doing all I ever said I would and yet I feel I haven’t won at all, running for my life and never looking back incase there’s someone right behind me shoot me down and say you always knew I’d fall”

10. Turning, Les Miserables 2010 Cast.
“They were school boys, never held a gun.
Where the new world now the fighting’s done?
Who will wake them?
No one ever will
No one ever told them that a summer day could kill”

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jodiepodie3 asked:

Hope you enjoyed your break happy to see your back! What's going to be different this time around? Thanks

ooc: I needed that break more than anything. It was great to be able to relax and just enjoy the summer with my family. We will be focusing more on character development. I’ve decided that I’m going to be writing journals for Jazzy. Funny how we’ve been here for about a year and a half and not one single journal entry has been written by my baby girl. I used to do that for Sunshine when I was doing Tin Hearts with Ngawai, and I’m going to do that with Jazzy too. So basically, you’ll see her thoughts and how she’s feeling about things as the story progresses. Thanks for stopping by, love. :)