Fenhawke week- day 6

Ragged Band of Misfits (extremely belatedly because I promised myself I’d do all of them)

Merrill hiccupped and almost banged her nose on the worn wooden table before laying her head on her arms, sniffling like a kitten.

Fenris snorted, his tipsy state making it harder for him to suppress his amusement. Nearly everything seemed to be amusing at this point in the evening, after knocking back almost a pitcher of dank ale.  

Varric cut him a glare from the head of the table, patting Merrill on the arm before mumbling about table manners and broody elves with weird senses of humor. Rising from his chair, he stalked off, no doubt to make arrangements for her to stay in the Hanged Man for the night.

Aveline was the only other person left at the table, an unusual occurrence in and of itself, but what was more unusual was the forlorn way she was staring into her tankard, as if she were looking into a window while standing out in the rain. She heaved a sigh, the flush on her cheeks a clear sign of how much she’d had to drink.

“You hiding something down there?” Fenris asked, leaning heavily over his own nearly empty mug.

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HA! You thought I was done with bby!dragons DIDN’T YOU!?

Nope. Baby Toothless. Night fury. Whatever. Babies. 

I really liked the idea that baby night furies have bold spots and stripes due to people noticing that the black leopard-like spots you can kind of see on toothless’ sides in the first movie are more faded or at least less noticeable in the second movie. (I’ll add a link/mention if I find that post) Felt like playing around with it. Also night fury babies.

Very important.

Whoops my hand slipped.

That old baby-toothless picture suddenly got a bunch of notes and in my curiosity/investigation reminded me how much I like drawing babies. So Valka!Returns AU revival! It’s only fair, with so much attention being paid to my feral!AU..


Valka was standing iat the table just starting some dinner preparations and idly thinking on the day when she felt a small tug on her skirts. Looking down she was assaulted with two pairs of impossibly large eyes and adorable faces looking up at her. Wee Hiccup and his newest (and by all appearances Best) friend, a little orphan that had recently drifted into the Berk flock. Much to his father’s (badly hidden) dismay Hiccup had been proving these last few days just how much he took after his mother and the two had become almost instantly inseparable. 

“Hungry!” his little voice like a chick’s imperious chirp. “Want cookies!”

As Valka looked down at their unwavering green stares and chubby cheeks she realized how very much trouble she was in with these two.