Anthony: “While it would’ve been nice to meet Coulson and Pietro, unfortunately they’re dead… It kind of makes hanging out with everyone else even more important.”

aaaaaaaa, I’ve been going through my old roleplays from way, way back in the day and remembering how much fun those were! I actually forgot some of my old characters existed and refreshing my memory makes me wanna play them again, but I’ve already got so many blogs and I barely keep up with one of them.

Highlight reel:

Ex-hero teenage girl turned ultraviolent baby Cthulhu with aspirations of ending the world, her supervillainy ultimately undone by befriending the world’s saddest middle-aged scientist

Firestarting demon freedom fighter trying to overthrow her home dimension’s government while learning the strange wonders of human emotions

True-Neutral Faesworn knight of the Autumn Court who just wanted to be a doctor but wound up having to navigate the perilous world of “your word is your bond. every word.”