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I wish Taylor was on tumblr fangirling with us. Baby come back!!!!

i missed her for like 4 seconds today tbh…but she’s gone..and that’s fine.

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Some ideas for skirts/tops/etc: bottles, pacifiers, baby blocks (i noticed that stuff is coming back since Nile Perch uses a lot of 'baby'-ish stuff on their accessories ;_; ), black rabbits, lambs? Just a suggestion! I love your shop so much, keep up the fantastic work!

i’m such a big fan of nile perch, though idk if those particular things fit in my brand? i do plan on making things with more pastels, and am planning on making stuff featuring more food packaging in the future (soda cans, drink bottles, etc) but directly baby-related imagery isn’t very trash queen, heh. 

i’ll keep it in mind though, anon! thanks for the nice words and the suggestions! i’m definitely open to more suggestions by people if anyone wants to send in more asks! 

I don’t even know what to say right know.
I might not as perfect as the other girls
I might not as pretty as the other girls
But I want you to believe that I’m
the only one who love you
more than my own life.
And it would be forever.
I’m so sorry for letting you
fell to her. I’m so sorry.
Now baby please come back to me.
I want the old us
#fixmeup #brokenup #love

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