This is directed at all the Larries who aren’t supporting Larry anymore because of this tweet. I just have a few questions. What makes this stunt any different than every other stunt that has happened over the past 5 years? What makes this any different than Haylor or Hendall or Elounor? Does that fact that it involves a baby really change that much for you? An imaginary baby may I add. And do you think that if this was an actual birth that Louis best friends in the entire world wouldn’t be there for it? Niall and Liam were there right up until the “birth”, do you really think, being the caring people that they are, that they would just leave him? Don’t you think they would’ve at least congratulated him if it was real? And Harry was his best friend for years, and he loves kids, he congratulated Kate on her child when he met her the first time, do you really think he wouldn’t congratulate one of his best friends. This tweet means nothing. You have to remember that even though there is no proof, we still know that Louis isn’t the only one with access to his twitter.

Pairing: Dean x reader

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“You swore, Y/N you promised! You promised you’d be okay… you swore that you were going to come home tonight and make me watch that damn show you love so much. You’re breaking your promise. Come back to me so you can make it up… Please baby please. Don’t do this, fight!just keep fighting baby please. I need you. “ Dean let the sobs overtake his body while he sat in the hospital chair next to your unconscious body. He wanted to block the deafening hospital beeps or the scent of fresh medical care. It reminded him of everything bad that has ever happened, it reminded him that anyone he’s ever loved ended up on some hospital bed.

“Remember the time we finally told each other that we like each other? Sam got so pissed off at us that he left with the impala and made us walk back to the motel. That was the best night of my life. I still remember the horrible jokes you told me” Dean chuckled at the memory, creating a smile through his tears. He viciously wiped them away and began reminiscing in his struggled voice.

“I remember just looking at you, the way you laughed. Your head thrown back with your mouth wide, showing your teeth. I remember how your laugh was similar to a melody. Your smile made me feel powerful enough to take down 20 demons. You’re better than any drug,  Y/N. Just don’t make me go through withdrawal please.” Sam walked into the room with a cup of coffee in his hand. His eyes were bloodshot red, puffy and burning. He tried to get Dean to move but it was pointless. Sam knew Dean wasn’t going to move till you woke up.

“Baby come back to us. I need you to prove me wrong. I told you everyone gets hurt around me and you promised you’ll alway prove me wrong. So come back and kick my ass for doubting you…oh so help me god, I will pull you out myself.”

“Please keep fighting, you run away from that reaper baby. Run towards me. Come back and I promise we’ll get our vacation baby. The one I promised, the sand between our toes and the salty air… I promise.”

“Just follow the road that connects our hearts together baby, I need you to wake up so you can punch me in the face since that is the cheesiest thing i’ve ever said. You’re stronger than Sammy and me combined and if anyone can do it, its you. I aint leaving this spot till I get to see your pretty Y/E/C eyes again.”

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Whether your home team is Bellarke or Kabby or Minty or Doctor Mechanic or Clexa or Braven/Rellamy or Princess Mechanic or Murphamy or Becho or Bravenlarke or Linctavia or Flarke or Jonty or Harpoe or Clarke + that hot Grounder from the trading post or Indra/Abby or some other weirdly specific ship I’ve never even thought of like Jaha/Sinclair or something (no judgment from the girl who writes Kane/Jake slash, YOU DO YOU), WE ALL MADE IT


In the immortal words of Octavia Blake:

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