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anonymous asked:

Isn't uncle grandpa boogaloo baby war 3??? I thought baby war two was the anime Steven universe prank??? I am losing track of the baby wars very quickly

Nah, the anime prank was more like a baby riot or a baby mass bar brawl seeing as it didn’t seem to last long.

Uncle Grandpa boogaloo’s been brewing for much longer and has now come to a head thanks to these idiots whining about “transmisogyny” (what, is regular transphobia not good enough for you fucks anymore? oh that’s right you guys hate trans men because for some reason you think that “male privilege somehow overwrites the fact that they’re trans) because of out of context pictures and over an incest joke because they all have no respect or understanding for western animation’s long and proud history of getting adult jokes past the radar.

Of course that’s if you actually believe their bullshit instead of seeing they’re obviously just throwing a babyfit because a show they don’t like is touching “their” show that TOTALLY “belongs” to them, despite the fact that the creators themselves saying SU was meant for everybody.

PSA to the SU fans with working brainstems: 

your fandom is going to be treated as a fucking joke until you actually DO SOMETHING about these idiots.

And people are going to be driven away from your show when they learn how godawful your fellow fans are to everyone else.

You already drove one of your own writers off tumblr, for fuck’s sake STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES and put these morons in their place; the garbage bin.

Tumblr always claims we bronies don’t “police our fandom” (which is a lie just  like literally everything else they say about us, but that’s beside the point), so how about YOU put your money where your mouth is and help the rest of us smack these dumbfucks in the jaw with some common sense and decency?

Is this how you all want to be remembered?
Is this the reputation you want Steven universe and it’s fandom to have?