Tessa and Scott @ the Ex 2015 08.28.15  Champs-Élysées 

( If you want to make gifs or take photos from this vid.. I would like photo creds please and thank you. Other than that, make as many gifs you want! )

salus442 asked:

Im sorry king of heros, but how do i get you in FGO's event? My mother language is spanish not english so I don't understand all your post about it... also creo que eres el mejor espíritu heroico y deberias haber matado a shiro y quedado con Saber... i just say

Mod: I believe the event hasn’t started yet (I think it starts near the end of this month). To get Gil, you need to spin for him… Good luck with that… XD

Yes, I should of had killed Faker. However, why would I need to kill my Saber? I wish to make beautiful music together.