A: “Hi Mom… So good to see you.”
B: “Hi baby ! Have you grown taller ?!”
A, chuckling : “No Mom, you just keep shrinking as you get older…”
B, laughing : “Brat.”

A: “Mom, Dad, let me introduce you Holland.”
H, small shy voice : “Hi.”
W: “The reputed Holland. It’s nice to finally meet you. I thought for a long time Andrew made you up.”
A: “DAD!”

Song Url Tag Thing

Rules: write your url in song titles (pick every artist once) and tag ten people.

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B: Baby Good Night by GD&TOP

A: And July by Heize

P: Peekaboo by ToppDogg

S: She Is by Jonghyun

V: Voice by Rap Monster

E: Empty by Winner

Well that was easy I don’t think i have ten mutuals to tag so i’m tagging all the mutals with super long urls just because😈 @lilacnamjoon @restingbiitchface @taekookiesandjam @sehunsjacket

Shit NCT says

“I’m a mountain type of guy.”- Yuta (Life in Paju)

“I’m a freaky deaky man.” (Taeyong Mad Life)

“I lived in America for four years, that’s why I’m here man.” (Jaehyun)

“Be there or be square.” (Foreign swaggers)

“Mark is absolutely fully capable.” (Truth by Mark in Mad life)

“Is it here for fragrance?….It’s brilliant.” (Mark about mosquito repellent)

“I am a cutiepie, all of you are ugly.” (Donghyuc NCT life in Paju)

“Oh, That’s nasty.” (Mark in NCT life in Paju)

“What kind of meat is not important. Who your eating it with is important.” (Taeyong)

“Arigato man” (Mark)

“Booming system up, up TY track Ty track.” (Repeatedly said by Donghuyck)

“Uh Jonny’s gonna freestyle.” (Johnny)

“That’s a long ass ride.” (Mark in 7th sense)

“I want to have xxxx with you fataaa.” (Ten to Johnny)


“When I lie in my bed, I feel like a forest fairy.” (Taeil)

NCT’s most iconic lines so far. There will be more so prepare yourselves.