Steve frowned because he knew that was true. Steve worked from home doing online commissions and comic books and self-publishing them since he knew that a real publisher wasn’t going to take a chance. Having a roommate would spare a lot of trouble, but he never had wanted to burden Bucky. Now though, Bucky had a baby to take care of, and he needed his job if he wanted to support her. Traveling back and forth would just eat so much time, and poor Angelina wouldn’t get used to home so easily and Steve knew how much babies needed stability. “…Okay.”


…I hate that sadness in your eyes
But Angie, Angie, ain’t it time we said good-bye?

With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats
You can’t say we’re satisfied

But Angie, I still love you, baby
Ev'rywhere I look I see your eyes
There ain’t a woman that comes close to you
Come on Baby, dry your eyes

But Angie, Angie, ain’t it good to be alive?
Angie, Angie, they can’t say we never tried

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Elgang's reaction when BM, RF, and VC suddenly turns into smol tiny (angy) crow babies.

Elsword is confused.  He pokes a crow.  Unfortunately, that crow happens to be VC.  Elsword gets bit.

Aisha is fascinated by the change and tries to seek out what magic caused this.  She finds nothing.

Rena coos at how adorable the itty bitty fluffy crow babies are and, ignoring their furious squeaks, scoops them up and cuddles them.

Raven is pissed. And fluffy.  He’s also very fluffy.

Eve picks up a crow baby and, ignoring how her fingers are getting pecked at, turns it over to see if the Nasod Arm transferred to Raven’s wings.

Chung is both confused and amused.  He doesn’t poke a Ravenbirb after seeing what happened to Elsword, but he does toss one in the air to see if it can fly.  It cannot.

Ara has to walk out of the room, because Eun wants to eat it.

Elesis makes hundreds of horrible ‘bird dad’ jokes.  The Ravenbirbs are not the only ones that want to bite her when she’s through.

Add immediately loses interest in Raven.  The only interesting thing about him is his Arm, after all.

Lu cackles. The big scary mercenary man is turned into a tiny adorable not-scary birb!  This is hilarious!  Ciel, get a pic- Ciel!

Ciel is in the process of dying from blood loss.  A nosebleed.  He has a nosebleed.  The angry Ravenbirbs are just so cute.

Rose squints and quietly goes “what the fuck” to Zero.

Ain also squints, then decides it’s none of his problem and goes to bandage Elsword’s bitten finger.

ishipallthings  asked:


Originally posted by youtube

Fiiiiiine. You know a few already but still:

1. The Lake House AU

2. She’s The Man AU 

3. Post CACW fic idea with Tony deleting his memories due to ‘reasons’ and starting a new life with Harley and his sis. Only, the world thinks he’s dead and so do the Avengers. Till they come across him during a mission and he has no clue of who they are.

4. The Newsroom AU where Tony is the reputed news anchor and face of Triskelion Cable News, and Steve Rogers is his ex who comes back as his producer.

5. Soulmate AU where the number of scars on your body will indicate the number of times your heart will be broken because of your soulmate. Steve cannot get scarred and Tony is a body of scar tissue. Yet, both of them hurt.

6. Pitch Perfect AU

7. Cutting Edge AU - You know the gist.

8. The comic book store Post CACW fic idea

9. The Lie Spell - Truth spell but concept reversed.

10. Steve and Tony are set to get married but there’s just one problem : Steve has run away. Now it’s up to Tony if he wants to find him or stay heartbroken in his half-informed inference. A story of the entire gang going on a roadtrip to get their favourite leaders married.

11. AU where Howard & Maria died when Tony was a baby and Peggy & Angie bring him up.

12. Tony is presumed dead in the end of the fight with Thanos. Unfortunately, he’s just stranded in another reality. The ‘unfortunately’ is deliberate, because he has to stop his own alternate self from making the biggest mistake of his life - Wiping his best friend’s mind (MCU Tony comes to 616 and finds 616 Tony planning the Mind Wipe with Illuminati. He knows a bad idea when he sees it and this one seems disastrous. Especially when he sees that 616 Tony might actually have a chance with Steve; one that he doesn’t think he has with his own Steve.)

13. Sharon & Tony grow up together, have the same issues of being legacies, fight for the same world, fall in love with the same man, and then? Well, don’t really have the same ending.

14. Tony & Steve grow old together.

15. Post CATWS fic where Steve tells Tony the truth and things unravel from there. Featuring Bucky/Rhodey and Sam/Nat

16. Steve Rogers has a daughter. He didn’t have her till yesterday, but he does now. The only thing Tony knows is that Steve came back from an alternate universe last night and the baby girl has freakishly familiar eyes. Eyes that he sees in the mirror every day.

17. The Accidental Husband AU

18. Steve and Tony are divorce lawyers who are married. The first part of the sentence is common knowledge. The second? Not so much. Not at all.

19. Tony doesn’t know much about baseball but his adopted son is definitely on the way to becoming a fan of the sport. So it’s only natural that Tony looks for a Little League Team for the boy. If it comes with Steve Rogers as the coach, Tony isn’t complaining.

20. Kate & Leopold AU where Steve travels through time and Tony is a snarky, lonely, overachieving media professional.


Angelica Tried to Take a Bite of Me

Summary: Alex makes Angelica mad and he pays for it.

Words: Almost 600

Warnings: A little cursing, asshole Alex

A/N: Hey everyone! So I want to do this thing where I take lyrics from Hamilton and write them into stories. Let me know if you all like this and I’ll do more :)

“So this asshole comes out of nowhere and cuts in front of me in the line.” Angelica says while she sits on the couch in Alex and Eliza’s apartment. “And I tapped on his shoulder to tell him that I was standing there for the past five minutes and he had the nerve to tell me that he was already standing there.”

“What?” Eliza says. “How the heck was he already standing there?”

“He said ‘I only moved out of the line for a minute to grab something I forgot.’ And I told him that I didn’t care if he stepped out of the line for a second. He got out of line and gave up his spot.”

Eliza nods her head in agreement.

“And he just turned around. So I tapped on his shoulder again and told him he was skipping. And this man kept ignoring me. I was about to start cursing him out, but then I remembered that Pip and Angie were with me so I couldn’t really start anything.”

Alex snorts from across the room, where he sits writing in his notebook. Angelica ignores it.

“You could’ve. They learn enough violence from their father who insists on letting them play those horrible video games.” Eliza says.

“I was about five seconds away from drop-kicking him. I could’ve beat his ass into nex- Alex what is it your laughing over there about?” Angelica interrupts herself when she hears Alex cackling.

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Headcannons for baby Angie in the elams parent au

I would love to be cause she’s HEALTHY and PRECIOUS (like all the other kids)

  • Angie is the first girl, and Eliza calls it literally within finding out she’s pregnant. The boys take that bet, and when she wins she gets to name her. Of course after Godmother & Auntie, Angelica.
  • She’s is a but fussy at first, she only seems to sleep with Eliza’s singing. So Ham is out of his usually nighttime Dad routine
  • She’s gifted early, shows high developmental promise as a baby and up until she’s a toddler
  • Has John’s hair but Eliza’s hair color; science or not, Ham swears she has his nose
  • First baby that prefers not to be picked up
  • Nocturnal baby, Elams parents are lost the only one semi-surviving is Alex who is use to this
  • First time Pip holds her she pulls on his hair and makes him cry
  • Sort of starts off their brother-sister (FRIENDLY) rivalry
You Think It’s Easy For Me Seeing You With Her? (Fredxreader Imagine)

Originally posted by couplenotes

You were in love with Fred Weasley. Seriously? Out of all the people in the school you HAD to fall for one that every girl had a crush on? He was your best friend and you hung out with him every day but you never got past that point. And now, he’s dating Angelina Johnson. Great. 

“Y/N are you STILL thinking about him? He.likes.Angelina.” Hermione snapped you out of your thoughts.

“Y/N, get over him. Look around you! Soo may fish in the sea.” Ginny said.

This was true.. You were an attractive girl and a few guys did have a little thing for you. Oh, what the heck? Maybe you can have some fun away from Fred for a little. You walked over to Oliver Wood and started talking.

A month has passed. You were now going out with Oliver, and Fred is still going on strong with Angelina. Things were alright with Oliver, it’s just that there wasn’t really much of a spark. You still felt butterflies in your stomach when Fred talked to you and you hated it. He’s your best friend for god sake and you have a boyfriend, get it together Y/N.

“Now why would Muggles even play Twisto?” inquired Ron.

“First of all, it’s Twister Ron, and second, its fun!” You exclamed setting up the game.

“I used to play this with Dudley all the time and for some reason he always ended up crushing me. He was a heaavy child.” Harry chuckled, rubbing his ribs reminiscing his childhood.

“Well it’s a good thing that none of us weigh as much as a baby killer whale. Angie you playing?” Fred asked his girlfriend.

“Nah, i’ll just sit back and watch with Georgie.” she said, plopping down on the couch beside the twin.

A couple of turns later, you were awkwardly balanced on your hands and feet with your stomach facing the air, Harry’s head was in between Ginny’s arms, Hermione and Ron were on the verge of collapsing and Fred was doing some sort of one-armed pushup.

“kayy Fred, put your left hand on a red.” George said spinning the wheel.

“Red? Aarh that’s so far away!” Fred struggled and planted his hand on a red circle right beside your waist, so he was hovering above you making you go slightly red. Ron’s elbow shook and the next second, he had collapsed onto Fred’s leg, making him collapse on top of you.

“Shit sorry there Y/N” Fred said, about to get off you when suddenly his brown eyes locked with yours and his face was millimeters close to yours.

“Um right it’s okay.” You broke away from his gaze and slid away from under him. That stare sure was something though. God why couldnt you get over that boy.

*A few days later*

You were walking down the hall, when you suddenly saw two people making out. Fred and Angelina. God it broke your heart each time you saw them together. And this was one time too many. You dropped your books and ran. 

A huge thunderstorm was going on outside, but you didn’t care. In fact, you liked walking in the rain when you were sad. Another clap of thunder erupted as you started crying, tears mixed with raindrops falling onto your moving feet. You didn’t really know where you were going but you didnt care. What happened to you? A month ago, you were fine. You actually thought you were getting somewhere with Fred. The bam he goes out with Angelina and your world crumbled down around you. You sat down on the wet grass, not even realising you were soaked to the bone.

Footsteps grew clear and you turned your head to see a tall ginger boy running to you. Fuck, it was Fred. He sat down beside you, pulling off his cloak and putting it on your shoulders.

“Y/N what’s wrong?”


“No seriously i’m your best friend, tell me whats the matter.”

At this you got up, sobbing even harder.

“Fine you want to know whats wrong?! I’m in love with you! That’s right! I’M.IN.LOVE.WITH.YOU! And no matter how much i dream about us being together, it will never happen because all you see me as is your best friend. And you’re with Angelina. God each time I see you with her I just die a little more inside.! And then i feel bad, because I’m your friend and I should be happy for you two. And just now, seeing you with her. It just kills me.” you finish, your voice breaking.

“You. You love me?” Fred asked.

“Noooo I just invented that whole speech and cried my soul out for the fun of it Fred.” you screamed.

“Well I’m sorry for making sure! God why dyou have to tell me now?! I’m with Ange, things are going well with her!  Ugh this is just the worst timing right now Y/N!” he bellowed back.

You sat back down. After a little while, you looked up at him.

“You think its easy for me seeing you with her? You think with all these feeling in me I can work out the most strategic time to tell you this? you whisper.

He sits back down and puts an arm over your shoulder.

“God, this wasnt supposed to happen. I, I love you. Like a lot. But since we were just stuck being friends, George told me to get over myself and find someone else. I thought I’d be happy with Angeina, you with Oliver and this whole loving you thing would have gone. But it hasnt. I cant deny it anymore, Y/N. I love you.”

“We’re in relationships Fre-

He cut you off by smashing his lips against yours. Your arms flew up around his neck and his hands cupped your cheeks, his thumbs wiping off your previous tears.

“Lets forget about them.” he whispers.

“They’re forgotten.” you answer and plant your lips against his again.

aaand here i would write that the storm cleared and rainbows and sunshines but thats too cheesy XD ;) lemme know what u thought! ik this was a little bit all over the place but hope u liked it. 


Can u guys tell me what u thought and what u guys want to read next? lovee u


Hi everyone! Mr.E here, finally catching up with Starco week. I was sick last week and babysitting and normally i can handle it but this time it was too much. So here we go @starcoweek2 prompt of Pregnancy. I decided to add my oc to the mix so in case you don’t know her, Nova is from my fanfiction that takes place 20 years in the future. that’s all i’m really going to say. it is on Fanfiction if you would like to read it but for now I hope you enjoy the story. have a great week and  I will see you soon with the next prompt. 

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If you had to assemble a team of heroes from ppl you follow or know on social media who would you choose? They don't get a say if they want to, They will be thrown a bag and brought to you.

WELL!!! LOL Let’s see….

@toxicrants @pretentiousnitwit @jenn-depsycho @underbree  @reduxist @thecuriousviolet @underbree @lemonade-time @chrisstork @mistawolfie @sissyhiyah @thatshowthefuckyousound @persnicketese @angelofsunshine99 @thefart-party @angie-baby @rowsdower-saves-us @grisabele 

And that’s not counting the friends I’ve made on other websites and stuff so hey, why have a team when you can have an army? lol