…I hate that sadness in your eyes
But Angie, Angie, ain’t it time we said good-bye?

With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats
You can’t say we’re satisfied

But Angie, I still love you, baby
Ev'rywhere I look I see your eyes
There ain’t a woman that comes close to you
Come on Baby, dry your eyes

But Angie, Angie, ain’t it good to be alive?
Angie, Angie, they can’t say we never tried

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Murklins with Bucky, pretty please?

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Someone was screaming.

He could see nothing but darkness. 

Thrusting his arms out into it, trying to find some traction, he couldn’t even spy his own fingers a few inches away from his face. In such darkness brought fear and Bucky tried not to let the quickening thump of his heart give him away. 

He wished for a weapon, something to protect himself should a foe appear. 

The screaming continued. A burst of light appeared from nowhere, a crack in the darkness, and he could spy a bulky figure. 

He ran- he hoped- towards the figure, the crack seeming to fall away further and further the closer he appeared to get. Then suddenly before him, there was a body. Despite the darkness, the figure lay with a startling clarity.

Steve was paralysed beneath him. His chest was coated in a dark red of drying blood, a few bullet wounds making holes in his uniform. Bucky dropped down to his knees, desperate to find some life in him. The screams continued. 

Steve’s mouth was wrenched open, frozen in place, his eyes wide and terrified. They were unblinking. Trying to shake him, Bucky found nothing but a statue in its place. 

Then- footsteps. Coming closer, speaking in a language he hated to remember. In the shadow the light created, he could spy military grade boots, camouflage pants tucked inside of them, the barrel of a gun hanging from someone’s hip, a beret tipped on the head. 

They were coming for him. He screamed, only to realise the truth. 

He was the one screaming. 

Wrenching himself up from the bed, Bucky tried to calm his breathing. The quick, heavy need for oxygen- a panic attack. He knew them well. The duvet had been shoved onto the floor, pillows were thrown about the bed. 

Falling face first onto the mattress, he squeezed his eyes shut and clenched the sheet beneath it, forcing himself to count out breaths. Quickly at first, his mind smoking. Then- slower, calmer, until he could bring himself down from the smoke in his brain. 

He was drenched in a cold sweat, thick beads of moisture dripping down his naked chest. Bucky’s hair fell in front of his face, greasy and unkempt. Yet he didn’t look up, didn’t dare try to move. Not until he could be sure he was OK. 


Bucky’s eyes snapped up. Clutching her blanket, which was wrapped toga-style around her cuddle buddy of choice- a bear named Bobo- Angie’s big green eyes were poked around the door frame, unsure if she was allowed to enter. 

His heart tightened again. She had probably been woken by his screaming. 

’D'you want me to get Uncle Stevie?' 

Angie hadn’t always been his daughter. She’d been left on the steps of the compound, and something about the tiny baby had prompted him to offer to care for her. 

He was desperate to have something he could proud of, instead of a life that he hated and refused to remember. She lived in the compound with all of them and had the room next to his, adjoined by a single door. A door she’d learned to operate once she could stand. 

When he didn’t say anything, Angie appeared to make a decision. 

Closing the door behind her, she toddled up to the mattress and managed to scale her way up the mattress and onto the bed. When Bucky didn’t get up, she clambered over him and found his palm. Angie placed the bear by her side, before wrapping her tiny hands around Bucky’s wrist and gently pressing her thumbs against his pulse point. 

'In…two, three, four…out, two, three, four…’ she murmured softly, massaging the pulse point. It took him a moment to work out that she was trying to steady his breathing. 

Burying his face into the mattress again, he focused carefully on the tiny voice of his daughter, matching his breathing to her soft words. She didn’t get bored or irritated, as he would have expected. Instead, she waited until his breathing had steadied. 

After a little while, Bucky allowed himself to lift his head. His cheeks were wet with tears. When he sat up, Angie gently brushed away his tears with her thumbs again, a frown of worry in her little brow. 

'Better, Daddy?’

He nodded gently, still not yet prepared to say anything. Angie reached across to the bedside table and turned on the switch for the lamp, bringing soft light to the bedroom. It seemed to make everything cosier. When he tried to spot her again, she was reaching for a half glass of water. 

Holding it carefully in both hands, Angie held it out to him and he took it gratefully, gulping down the last of it quickly. She watched him carefully, waiting until he looked up before she stumbled across the mattress and stood in between his legs, wrapping her arms around his neck. 

It was a little tight, but he didn’t care. She smelled like bubble bath and talcum powder. It soothed him. Bucky pressed a soft kiss to her cheek, holding his baby close. 

'Thank you, baby. M'sorry.' 

Her little hand stroked his hair. 

'It’s OK. Uncle Stevie taught me what to do.' 

The knot in his chest loosened slightly. Gently, he let Angie go, tucking his hair behind his ears, hating that it was stuck in the way of his eyes. 

'I can do it. I been practising,’ she said matter-of-factly, standing up behind him.

Her hands were gentle and almost soothing as they pulled Bucky’s long hair into a small ponytail, the hair tie keeping it in place and her fingers tucking a few strands behind his ear. 

He picked up the duvet from the floor and carefully placed it back on the bed. 

'Will you and Bobo stay in Daddy’s bed tonight?’ Bucky asked quietly. Angie smiled happily at him, crawling over and making herself comfortable on his lap, pulling up the duvet around her. 

Reaching for his tablet, still keeping an eye on the rapid thumping of his heartbeat, he propped it up in front of her and opened up Netflix.

'Why don’t we watch something till we get sleepy, baby?’

Angie clutched the tablet in her hands, even more technologically advanced than her old man, settling on a Disney movie about a princess. She curled up against his chest, sucking her thumb and gently cradling Bobo in her other arm.

And Bucky simply held her, both arms tucked tightly around her small body. Even at his worst moments- he would always have her.

  • Gonta: How are babies made?
  • Ouma: You should ask Amami-chan or Akamatsu-chan! They're the expert in making babies!
  • Kaede: Ouma WTF
  • Kiibo: Actually, the process of making babies is--
  • Himiko: Magic!
  • Angie: Yeah! Rantarou and Kaede do the magic ritual to make babies every night!
  • Kaede: GUYS STOP IT!!!
  • Gonta: So the ritual has to be done at night?
  • Angie: Yes! The God of Children is asleep during daylight.
  • Gonta: Oh... so that's why.
  • Gonta: In which case, Akamatsu-san, do you mind if you teach Gonta how to make babies later?
  • Kaede: ...

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Elgang's reaction when BM, RF, and VC suddenly turns into smol tiny (angy) crow babies.

Elsword is confused.  He pokes a crow.  Unfortunately, that crow happens to be VC.  Elsword gets bit.

Aisha is fascinated by the change and tries to seek out what magic caused this.  She finds nothing.

Rena coos at how adorable the itty bitty fluffy crow babies are and, ignoring their furious squeaks, scoops them up and cuddles them.

Raven is pissed. And fluffy.  He’s also very fluffy.

Eve picks up a crow baby and, ignoring how her fingers are getting pecked at, turns it over to see if the Nasod Arm transferred to Raven’s wings.

Chung is both confused and amused.  He doesn’t poke a Ravenbirb after seeing what happened to Elsword, but he does toss one in the air to see if it can fly.  It cannot.

Ara has to walk out of the room, because Eun wants to eat it.

Elesis makes hundreds of horrible ‘bird dad’ jokes.  The Ravenbirbs are not the only ones that want to bite her when she’s through.

Add immediately loses interest in Raven.  The only interesting thing about him is his Arm, after all.

Lu cackles. The big scary mercenary man is turned into a tiny adorable not-scary birb!  This is hilarious!  Ciel, get a pic- Ciel!

Ciel is in the process of dying from blood loss.  A nosebleed.  He has a nosebleed.  The angry Ravenbirbs are just so cute.

Rose squints and quietly goes “what the fuck” to Zero.

Ain also squints, then decides it’s none of his problem and goes to bandage Elsword’s bitten finger.

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Fiiiiiine. You know a few already but still:

1. The Lake House AU

2. She’s The Man AU 

3. Post CACW fic idea with Tony deleting his memories due to ‘reasons’ and starting a new life with Harley and his sis. Only, the world thinks he’s dead and so do the Avengers. Till they come across him during a mission and he has no clue of who they are.

4. The Newsroom AU where Tony is the reputed news anchor and face of Triskelion Cable News, and Steve Rogers is his ex who comes back as his producer.

5. Soulmate AU where the number of scars on your body will indicate the number of times your heart will be broken because of your soulmate. Steve cannot get scarred and Tony is a body of scar tissue. Yet, both of them hurt.

6. Pitch Perfect AU

7. Cutting Edge AU - You know the gist.

8. The comic book store Post CACW fic idea

9. The Lie Spell - Truth spell but concept reversed.

10. Steve and Tony are set to get married but there’s just one problem : Steve has run away. Now it’s up to Tony if he wants to find him or stay heartbroken in his half-informed inference. A story of the entire gang going on a roadtrip to get their favourite leaders married.

11. AU where Howard & Maria died when Tony was a baby and Peggy & Angie bring him up.

12. Tony is presumed dead in the end of the fight with Thanos. Unfortunately, he’s just stranded in another reality. The ‘unfortunately’ is deliberate, because he has to stop his own alternate self from making the biggest mistake of his life - Wiping his best friend’s mind (MCU Tony comes to 616 and finds 616 Tony planning the Mind Wipe with Illuminati. He knows a bad idea when he sees it and this one seems disastrous. Especially when he sees that 616 Tony might actually have a chance with Steve; one that he doesn’t think he has with his own Steve.)

13. Sharon & Tony grow up together, have the same issues of being legacies, fight for the same world, fall in love with the same man, and then? Well, don’t really have the same ending.

14. Tony & Steve grow old together.

15. Post CATWS fic where Steve tells Tony the truth and things unravel from there. Featuring Bucky/Rhodey and Sam/Nat

16. Steve Rogers has a daughter. He didn’t have her till yesterday, but he does now. The only thing Tony knows is that Steve came back from an alternate universe last night and the baby girl has freakishly familiar eyes. Eyes that he sees in the mirror every day.

17. The Accidental Husband AU

18. Steve and Tony are divorce lawyers who are married. The first part of the sentence is common knowledge. The second? Not so much. Not at all.

19. Tony doesn’t know much about baseball but his adopted son is definitely on the way to becoming a fan of the sport. So it’s only natural that Tony looks for a Little League Team for the boy. If it comes with Steve Rogers as the coach, Tony isn’t complaining.

20. Kate & Leopold AU where Steve travels through time and Tony is a snarky, lonely, overachieving media professional.