[PD101 S2] MY PICK’s reaction to a sudden backhug (3/3)

part 1 with big woojin, wink boi and daehwi here

part 2 with kaneki bae, daniel and our precious muel 

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JOO HAKNYEON: haknyeon was walking towards the bathroom when you suddenly wrapped your arms around him. “guess who?” you smiled.

“uhm uh i don’t know who this is… let me guess” he cheekily faked a reply while looking around quickly, as if he’s thinking of an answer.

laughing, you nuzzled your nose into his back and breathed out in a content manner. “i’m so lucky to have you”

“haha yeah i feel so lucky too….” a few moments passed as you kept on holding him.

his voice cracked as he muttered urgently to you, “… but i think that i’ll be really lucky if you let me go to the toilet now”

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ONG SEUNGWOO*: he noticed your figure from his peripheral vision and smirked slightly. as you tried to grab onto his waist, he pops out of your grasp, spun around and swoop you up into his arms. “hello beautiful?”

you giggled at his greeting. “hello handsome”

seungwoo nuzzles into your neck, “how have you been? i haven’t seen you in a long time~”

you pat his head, “good! but since we haven’t done much these days… should we catch up with a pizza night?”

“if it’s hawaiian then i’m in!” he gave you a high five and swung his arm around your shoulder.

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IM YOUNGMIN*: "whoa- babe, i’m holding your coffee!“ youngmin yelped as he swiveled around your grasp to stabilise the drink.

"oh! sorry” you apologise meekly. “thanks for the caramel macchiato though!”

youngmin smiled at your bright expression. “you’re welcome~” he hummed while watching you as you take a sip.

“thank god i said that i wanted cream on this” you licked your lips.

youngmin glanced onto the corner of your mouth. “and thank god you’ve got me to wipe it away hey?” he closed in on you and swiped his thumb over the fluffy residue.

blushing, you held onto your cheeks and shook your head. “t-thanks”

youngmin tapped your nose and sipped on his drink. “you’re welcome baby alpaca”

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