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Hey. I don't know if you've been asked this before, but how do you feel about an Olicity pregnancy scare during season 4?

Man.  I hope there’s not one. 

BUT, if there is, I hope it’s just a scare.  I don’t want any babies yet.  If I had my druthers, there wouldn’t be a baby born until the very last episode of the series.  It’s not that I don’t like babies… it’s just that babies are so often used as cheap plot devices and I think it gives people a poor expectation of what having children is actually like.  

Story time: I was married when I was 22.  My first child was born a month before I turned 24.  I’m not overdramatizing when I say that my 20s are lost to me.  I look at pictures of myself from that decade and kinda… sigh a bit.  Now, I love my son (who is now 15 and taller than me holy shit) and I wouldn’t trade him away for the WORLD.  But there are times I think that maybe not having kids right away might have been fun too.  Then again, we weren’t in a position to be able to do much traveling or anything at that time but… maybe I could have done more for me during that time? I don’t know.  I went through a lot in those years.  More pain and hardship than I ever could have expected.  My 30s, by comparison, have been a LOT better for me.  Like… woah.  

So I think I project a lot of that onto fictional couples.  I’m pretty much done saying that I don’t like baby fic because there’s always an exception to that (people are so talented and write such good stories, i can’t resist!), but it’s still not something I generally seek out.  The reality of kids isn’t cooing into a crib and getting heart palpitations while watching your husband cuddle the baby.  Or, actually, it isn’t just that.  Frankly put: it’s a lot of poop.  Baby poop is one thing (one thing you grow frighteningly accustomed to actually) but then toddler poop comes along and next thing you know you’re wiping the same kids ass for five years.  That’s not really an exaggeration.  Even potty trained, they need assistance from time to time.  

It’s not my favorite, to be clear. 

And I love Oliver and Felicity. I adore them.  And the thought of saddling them with that reality right out of the gate just makes me… sad.  I’d rather they had a few years to just be together (and have all the sex on all the surfaces in all the rooms) before the kids come along.  Because while I understand girls find babies romantic, the reality is that if your relationship isn’t so great before a baby is born, it’s gonna get a lot worse AFTER.  Babies don’t reaffirm relationships, they TEST them.  

But to circle back to your question: a scare might be interesting to delve into, but might be more dramatic than the show wants to go this season.  Because the scare implies that there isn’t an actual pregnancy to deal with.  Which either means it was just a scare or there was an early miscarriage or something and THAT is some angst that I don’t know if the writers want to deal with coming off an angstful season like s3 was. 

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It’s 1.30 am, according to the clock on the bedside table. Louis entangles himself from his husband, trying not to wake him up since he’s the one who put their daughter to bed just a couple of hours before. Luckily Harry is too tired to feel Louis’ arm sliding under his grip. Louis then rolls in his and Harry’s bed as he tries to wake up, after he heard their daughter screaming her lungs out in the nursery across from their bedroom. Her cries are pretty powerful for being just a few weeks old baby: well, she’s a Tomlinson after all.

He stands up and heads towards the baby girl’s room, trying to figure out, as soon as he holds her, whether she needs to have her nappy changed or she’s just hungry. It turns out it’s both.
After he sets everything ready to feed her a bottle, and after having her all cleaned up, he suddenly remembers that it’s the 1st of February.
He mentally slaps himself as he realizes that he wasn’t awake at midnight to wish his boy a happy birthday. It’s just that everything has been so hectic since this little ball of sunshine falling asleep in his arms joined their world a few weeks aback, turning Harry and Louis’ lives upside down. She completes them.

He then decides to take her back to their bedroom instead of putting her down in her crib. “Let’s go wish a happy birthday to your father,” he wispers in her ear, as he holds her close to his chest. She’s breathing evenly now, content after the first one of what Louis calls their ‘feeding night dates’. 
He lays her on her tummy in the middle of their king size bed, between him and Harry.

The younger boy recognizes her baby scent immediately, as he cracks a green eye open, smiling sleeping and putting a hand on her back, still incredulous of the fact that this tiny human being is his. Theirs.
“I know I’m kind on an hour and forty-five minutes late,” begins Louis, resting his hand on top of Harry’s on their daughter’s back. His wedding band shining in the dim light of the room. “But, happy 26th birthday, Papa. I know you’re tired now, so I’m going to give you your present in the morning. I love you so, so much.”

Harry tears his eyes from his daughter to stare at Louis’ impossibly beautiful blue eyes, and replies teasingly, “You’re lucky I was born at 9.48 am then, it’s not my birthday yet.” As Louis lets out a silent laugh, Harry continues, “You know I don’t need a present. Everything I need is already right here, in this bed with me. The two most important people in my life. The ones I love the most.”
He leans forward to capture Louis’ soft lips in a chaste kiss, and Louis meets him halfway. They stay like this for a few seconds, before they both rest their heads on their respective pillow.

Harry is too engrossed in admiring the perfect features of his sleeping husband and the little human being they promised to love unconditionally to go back to sleep again. While he stares at them, he already know that this is going to be the best birthday of his life.

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I just wanted to say thank you for leaving the fandom... If you think thats what a "dedicated" fan does, then i've got bad news for you honey...

1- I never defined myself as a part of this fandom because you guys are all whiny babies, so-called dedicated fans following blindly one day and snapping the next, calling Yongguk (and Youngjae) a racist (which if you knew even just 10% of his past, you’d know he’s all the opposite), you’re naively ignoring how B.A.P’s had issues with known sasaengs (and till this day still) and rather comment on their insecurities, calling Junhong a foetus and a baby when he’s stated that he doesn’t like that, you’ve driven one of the greatest persons away from the fandom (Jin who did more for you than you will ever do for your mom) by sending him so much hate he just quitted, made Daehyun leave his teacher and hometown because he dared to have fun with his friends away from B.A.P on his birthday (the only fucking source of info we had regarding the trial), and the biggest joke must be you pointing and spitting at TS and then approving them going back to this toxic environment

shall I continue ?

tbh by november 2012 I had lost faith in the fandom sooooo never really been there

2- I’ve supported the boys before their debut and I’ll support them forever, even if it has to be individually. I’m just stopping supporting TS, which is different “honey”.