Goodness Can Survive Too - Deanna, Rick, and Beth

Once I started thinking about it after re-watching episode 5x15, I just couldn’t stop thinking about a possible future meeting between Deanna and Beth, and how Beth could help Rick come out of his wild married woman creeper state.

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The sound of Mark Edward Fischbach sobbing hurts me deep inside.  I have so many things to say to you, but I cannot express myself in such a short space.

I love you, Markimoo. Smile, we’re with you every step of the way.

markiplier, you amazing, beautiful person.

videos not mine, I just cropped them and put them together 

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Changed Man
  • Changed Man
  • Chris Brown

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If you could hear any 1D song from the future, what would you pick?

The one Harry and Louis will write for their first kid T.T

The first time I met Alaska my friends phone background was a picture of Jinkx  doing her orgasm on the show, Alaska seen it and for about 5 minutes (I’m not even exaggerating this) did the Alyssa orgasm from the show, practically falling to her knees and then laughed at me because my phone broke

I miss that bitch so much holy fuck 

Remember when you have babies that they talk at 4 in the morning. No matter how dark it is.
—  Jackie O. (DTSPS) thought babies would be more like birds.
Week 12

Ever since last week (week11) I’ve been able to feel my baby move. It’s not very hard and definitely can’t feel it from the outside. However I feel the little tumbles and kicks. The Husband wants to be able to feel it so badly, and honestly I think it’s so sweet. July 1st will be our first ultrasound and honestly I just want to know if we are having twins or not.