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okay i have finally made peace with myself and started watching this as the social experiment that it is nothing affects me anymore i have accepted to myself the possibility that louis and harry are no longer together and made piece with that and now i am just watching this unfold like a tv show that used to be so good but now its its last season everything has gone downhill but you can't stop watching cause you need to know the ending even though you know its gonna be like lost lol

funny you should mention lost because i literally wrote these tags yesterday:

#listen #this is lost season six when you finally realize you’re getting zero answers and they NEVER HAD A FUCKING PLAN THIS ENTIRE TIME #and you’re bitter about it but you pretend that you’re like #into the deep philosophical shit #‘WHO CARES if they never give anything a decent explanation it’s about Good and Evil and the Meaning of Life wow!!!!!!! a masterpiece!!!!!’ #*eight thousand straight face emojis*

🎶Late at night when you can’t fall asleep
I’ll be lying right beside you counting sheep🎶

So when I watched “A baking video” my level of fangirling went from 2 (awww my children are baking a cake how cute) to 5 (tell him, tell him, tell him) to 10 (yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!) And then I maxed out the meter (oh mY GOD OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG) and then I just smiled stupidly (finally!!!!)

Our Honest vitamins came in today, and the boxes are individually wrapped in bubble wrap (on top of the usual air packets; Honest is really thorough).

I tried to introduce the kids to the pleasure of popping bubble wrap (because they’re kids and attainable positive universal life experiences are a must). They looked at me like, “wtf are you doing mom. And what is that doing? That stuff is making noise.”

I tried to show them how to do it with their own hands and they just ran off. 😪