baby vera


Marcus Kane in every episode | 1x07 Contents Under Pressure 

“320 people. If I’d waited a day, two days… They’d still be alive. Maybe not. But I pushed. I was – I was so sure. I swore an oath to protect and defend these people. Instead.. I killed them.”  

My husband and I share duties in the morning - I’m primarily the Timekeeper and Taskmanager, and I usually focus on getting our two year old ready and out the door.

Kyle looks after the dogs and gets Vera ready, which means he’s usually the one dressing her. I try and take 30 seconds to lay out the kids outfits for the day, but I often don’t have time.

Those days - like today - Kyle picks out their clothes. Often his choices are perfect, but sometimes…

Sometimes we end up like this.

Double-stripes. Going in opposite directions. MIS-MATCHED DOUBLE STRIPES.

I know what he would say. He would say, “But it’s all blue. Blue and white. I thought it matched?”

Oh, honey. Honey, no.


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Ever since the baby was born, he has stood at the end of her crib and watched her sleep. He’d often look down at the baby and his wedding ring and wonder how he got so lucky. When baby Vera was about an hour old, Matthew called Alvera, crying of course, to tell her the good news. Also that his baby was named after her. Matt wanted Alvera to meet Vera so bad but he also wanted some time alone with his husband and newborn. She was about a week old when the doorbell to his house ran, signaling that his best friend was finally here to meet the newest member to the Sinclair family. Matthew ran as fast as he could to the door and swung it open. “Hi, Alvera!” he said with a smile stretching across his whole face.