baby so shiny

personally i dont think i really want to have kids of my own due to my crippling fear of responsibility and general lack of maternal instinct but i’d love to be the cool aunt who takes their nieces and/or nephews to see movies and goes on cool vacations and comes back with awesome presents

sometimes a family is a man and 5 largos that should not be housed together in absolutely any situation 

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he hated the parks. hated that his father had gotten his the damn internship and hated how they kept roping him into contracts. fitz was almost certain it was harder to get out of working for the company than it was to get the damn job in the first place. and his pride was far too large for fitz to even consider doing a shoddy enough job that would get him fired. so instead he continued the miserable work. day after day. month after month. slowly the light that used to be in his eyes drained out as he became as robotic as his projects. 

it was a new park and given clean up was more focused on the active sites, fitz had to go into the damn town and fix the robot himself. radcliffe mocked him, asking if fitz needed a babysitter but fitz stubbornly told him know. the tense boy man had his eyes glued to his screen as he tried to find the damn dot on the map. “bloody hell.”