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Little Sister

Title: Little Sister  

 Summary: Dwalin couldn’t believe what his sister just did…

 Warnings: Language. Slight Angst. Confrontation.

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Dwalin held Nali’s hand tightly, using his other to rest on her back as he guided her down the hallway.  He couldn’t help but smile fondly as he watched his little sister’s stomach shift with every step, it seemed to be bursting at the seams as she was soon going to bring his little niece or nephew into this world.  He chuckled as he watched her, and flat out laughing when she shot him a look.

“I don’t find a single thing about this humorous, Dwalin.”  She bit out, sounding a bit too much like Balin in that instance.

“Aye, and I don’t blame ya.”  And truthfully, Dwalin didn’t.  He couldn’t believe this was happening, to his sister of all people.  Granted, when she married that idiot of a dwarf, what was she to expect.  Things were bound to go sideways more than once.  “Do ya need to take a rest?”

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I’m gonna go to bed real early tonight but I feel like thinking of happy fluffy animal things before I do, so without further ado:

- While in the Shire a pair of baby geese sees Nori and believes he’s their daddy. They follow him from that moment. They be fierce. (Eventually they attack Azog and save the day)

- Bifur has a pet mouse who lives in his pocket. It just moved in one day and Bifur likes the company.

- Sheep love Thorin for some reason. They will follow him around and bleat yearningly until he gives up and pets them. (While they stayed at Beorn’s there was much bleating and petting)

- I think I’ve mentioned this in a fic, but there’s a toad living in the flower beds outside Bilbo’s home and Bilbo is normally fine with this as it eats flies, but he wishes it would stop scaring him by croaking real loud every time he accidentally waters it.

- Kíli will feed anything looking hungry or sad enough. Which means that over the years he’s collected a few strays. The elk was probably the largest and strangest (and the one his mother most explicitly forbade him to bring home with him).