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I loved your Halloween Special! Even if I'm not a huge fan of Bill Skarsgard. Can you write one with Harry please? thank you

Thanks for appreciating it <3

Pairing: Daddy!Harry

Word count: 2.295

Warnings: none

A/N: So I got carried away and this turned out to be super long so I’m posting it in two separate parts. Here’s part one (part two here). And remember: English is not my first language so I apologise for any possible spelling/grammar mistakes

P.S: I’m a vegan so I have literally no idea how to make scrambled eggs lol anyway it’s a small part and irrelevant to the story

“IT’S HALLOWEEN!” Harry woke up to his five year old screaming, but after the Disney movie marathon from last night he was way too tired to open his eyes.

“Daddy! It’s Halloween!” continued the excited child, trying to climb to his father’s bed but failing miserably. She started pulling at his sheets. Harry was wide awake by then, but decided to play along and torture his child a little more “C’mon daddyyyyyyyyyyyyy” he hid his smirk against his pillow, suddenly feeling the tugging at his sheets stop.

The kid was making her way to the end of the bed, deciding to use the dirtiest trick under her sleeve: She tucked her hand under the covers, straight towards her father’s feet. Once she made skin contact, she started quickly moving her fingers all along his skin, making Harry jump up on the bed, getting his feet away from her.

“JESUS, Eve!” He chuckled, helping his daughter up to his bed, the little girl stretching her arms out for him to take her “That was not playing fair” he said, once she was sat beside him

“It’s Halloween daddy!” She started jumping on the bed, her brown curls flying up and down with her movements.

“I know, Evey. But before going trick or treating, there’s breakfast” He placed a kiss on the child’s forehead before going to the bathroom and washing his teeth. After that he made his way to the kitchen, little steps hurrying up behind him.

Once in the kitchen, he checked the inside of the coffee maker, making sure he had put the coffee grounds there the night before. He added some water to the machine then, turning it on and waiting for the brown liquid to fill the coffee pot. Meanwhile he watched Eve opening all the drawers from the kitchen counter and using them as a staircase, climbing to sit on top of the counter. Damn the day she discovered she could do that. He had had to place the knives and other dangerous things in a covered kind of box inside the top drawer to make sure she wouldn’t injure herself.

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