baby in a suit with a cigar

domestic Cegan is my favourite thing in the world


like can u picture Negan asking Carl to make him a sandwich, thinking he’s goddamn hilarious, and Carl just throws a loaf of bread at his head, cheerfully calling him a pig who can make his own fucking sandwiches

Carl baking Negan a homemade birthday cake, painstakingly decorating it with beautiful ripples of colour, then carefully piping out ‘Happy Birthday Jackass’ in neat iced cursive

One time they set the kitchen on fire cause Negan couldn’t keep his hands off Carl when he was wearing that frilly lolita style apron he got him as a joke present

When Negan goes on a business trip, Carl packs him a lunch and writes ‘You’re an asshole but I love u xoxo’ on the paper bag

Add in kids and its fucking glorious

Carl forcing Negan into a Santa suit at Christmas cause 'I don’t have the belly for it, babe’. Negan chainsmoking cigars dressed like Santa is the reason he’s banned from attending the Nativity again

Their babies clinging onto Carl’s ankles, begging him not to leave, cause last time he went to visit Grandpa Rick, daddy made them eat pasta for a straight week. Negan looking sheepish while Carl glares and reminds him he made meatloaf and 'its in the freezer, numbskull, don’t starve the kids’

I just. domestic!Cegan y'all

Bonnie & Clyde - pt. 11

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“No Yoongi I’m not leaving you.” You whimpered. “Come on.”

Trying to pull him up, you struggled as he flinched and kept himself in place. He was too heavy and there was nothing you could do.

“I said go. The cops will be here any minute. Don’t go home it’s not safe. Go somewhere far. Where no one can find you.” He breathed.

“No, no. I’ll stay. My dad will get us out. He’ll get us out of this.” You promised, knowing that you wanted to stay with him, until the cops were prying you off of him.

“He’s not coming Y/N.”

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Philippe Halsman     Photographer Weegee with Cigar, New York City     1945

“Being a free-lance photographer was not the easiest way to make a living. There had to be a good meaty story to get the editors to buy the pictures. A truck crash with the driver trapped inside, his face a crosscross of blood… a tenement house fire, with the screaming people being carried down the aerial ladder clutching their babies, dogs, cats, canaries, parrots, monkeys, and even snakes… a just-shot gangster, lying in the gutter, well dressed in his dark suit and pearl hat, hot off the griddle, with a priest, who seemed to appear from nowhere, giving him the last rites.”  Weegee 

Tongue Tied- A Summary.

Tongue Tied is about the most talked about thing within the Red Dwarf Fandom, but if you still have yet to see the official music video, starring and directed by none other then the fabulous Mr Danny John-Jules, then here is a summary of my personal favourite scenes from the shoot and the behind the scenes footage!

First thing’s first, you bet your sweet ass Danny dance’s in this! 

but he also is a dramatic director; he needs to get physically involved in the shooting of the back-up dancers (I wish I could’ve put some glitter in for him to be throwing, he’s just a solid diva)

…some parts aren’t as graceful when the rest of the gang… and Elvis… gets involved as the back up crew

I swear Robert and Craig were just there to fuck shit up- Example A (that pelvic thrust doe)

“We’ve got to perform for the camera’s Bobby!” - Example B

“R: I love a good cigar! 

C: Would you like to see my big black cigar?!” - Example C 

(multiple times during this part, shit was lost xD)

Also whilst making these gifs, the boys made some hilarious faces midst frames that I couldn’t help but share to the world!

see. total dorks.

ahh.. the duke of dork makes a cameo too :D

20 YEARS LATER AND HE’S STILL ROCKING THAT SUIT! (side-note: “you spin me right round baby right…” ok I’ll stop)

Something that has been on my mind since watching this… WHY DID HE NEED SOMEONE DRESSING HIM?!- also should I tag my porn? hahahaha

“D: You now know the secret to The Cat’s voice… jock strap. A size too small.”

You gotta love ‘em aye! 

Ok, the reason behind the idea to make this summary was from this very last piece that is basically the piece de resistance of this whole production…

… Cat finally gets some.

You really don’t know how much I’ve always wanted Cat to find someone, because he was always the one character who never did. Kryten had Camille, Rimmer had… well multiple people (including Lister) and Lister had Kochanski. I was SO BLOODY HAPPY when Cat got his first kiss :3 it’s so cute!

I hope you all liked my first piece for the Red Dwarf Series Weeks, and my first attempts at making gifs too! (just as a side-note: I made all these gifs except the one from Series 10. You’re alright to use them as long as you don’t caption them as your own original creations)