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Bonnie & Clyde - pt. 11

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“No Yoongi I’m not leaving you.” You whimpered. “Come on.”

Trying to pull him up, you struggled as he flinched and kept himself in place. He was too heavy and there was nothing you could do.

“I said go. The cops will be here any minute. Don’t go home it’s not safe. Go somewhere far. Where no one can find you.” He breathed.

“No, no. I’ll stay. My dad will get us out. He’ll get us out of this.” You promised, knowing that you wanted to stay with him, until the cops were prying you off of him.

“He’s not coming Y/N.”

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“But then, in a respite from the darkness, there was the moon landing. The entire world had been waiting in anticipation of this monumental achievement–"one giant leap for mankind”–which was to take place on July 20. We had come down from Sausalito, as school was out and we had begun the process of moving back to Southern California. Sharon was back home after finishing her film 12+1, and the whole family would bare witness to this historic event together.
Sharon greeted us as we walked up the path towards the house. She was wearing a bikini bottom and a simple top that I had made for her. I was delighted to see her wearing it. Her very pregnant belly peeked out just slightly between the two pieces of clothing. I was the first one to reach the porch. I held out my hand and touched her belly as I bent down to greet the baby, then stood up and greeted my sister. Patti, who was dragging a plethora of pool toys, followed suit. Mom was next, and then Dad pulled up the rear with his signature cigar clenched firmly between his teeth, his arms overflowing with all the goodies Mom had prepared. These included a ham and fried chicken, which Sis had specifically requested. I ran back to the car for the potato salad and baked beans and my personal gift for Sharon and baby–a tractor inner tube big enough for her midsection to fit through. This way she could float comfortably and allow her belly to become weightless. She said she couldn’t wait to try it out. We quickly set up the buffet on the dining room table and jumped in the pool, where we spent a good portion of the day laughing, splashing, talking, and eating. It really was a glorious afternoon.
Dad came out of the house and announced it was time. The television broadcast of the moon landing was about to start. We all got out of the pool, put on dry clothes, and piled on the bed to watch this unbelievable even unfold. As Apollo 11 settled itself onto the lunar surface, there was a feeling of global unity so palpable that I almost couldn’t hold back my tears. For that brief moment we seemed at peace. I couldn’t help but think about all of the ways our lives were about to change, both personally and as a nation. Mom had said that because of the moon landing the world would advance in so many wonderful ways. With this in the forefront of our minds, we all got off the bed and went to the kitchen to clean the dishes, pack up, and ready ourselves for the trip home.
Mom, slightly emotional as mothers often are when leaving their children, asked Sis if she was going to be all right and if there was anything she might need. Sharon assured her, “No, silly. I’m okay. I have everything I need,” as her eyes glanced down towards her belly. We all filed out of the house, Sharon behind us. She waited for us to get in the car to start waving goodbye, and we all did the same until we exited the large gate.
I looked over my shoulder to wave one last time and noticed her standing in the doorway. She resembled Botticelli’s Venus with her hand under her belly and her corn-colored hair dancing gently in the breeze. She became smaller and smaller as we rounded the corner until, finally, she disappeared.“
–Debra Tate (from Sharon Tate: Recollection)