baby hawkins


Ezra ‘Aladdin had a baby with Jim Hawkins’ Bridger, Space-DILF… and I don’t know, Princess Kida?

Kidding kidding, I know who Ahsoka is. 

Story time! Back when Lucasfilm first set up an animation studio in my home country, Clone Wars was kind of a point of national pride for us. It used to be on every staurday - the big selling point was ‘look at it! we made this!!’ - and I’d watch it with my family.

I didn’t watch anything else but Clone Wars (and I only got into ‘rebels’ because they promised us Ahsoka) so you can imagine I barely understand ANYTHING about Star Wars…

…It took five years before I realized precious boyband-haired buttoned nosed babychild Anakin and Darth Vader were the same guy. ;;;;

Happy may 4th!