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There is so much symbolism hidden all throughout Treasure Planet, but it would take me years to uncover and explain it all, so I’m just going to focus on my beautiful baby boy and husband, Jim Hawkins. There is so much symbolism in Jim’s face and clothes, that once you’ve seen it, it’s frankly quite hard to ignore. 

In the beginning of the movie, Jim’s clothes are dark. Dark pants, dark boots, dark jacket, even darker black shirt. Dark dark dark. The darkness of his clothes symbolizes the internalized hopelessness he has, and the despondency that he emanates. After all, black is the color of mourning (unless you’re on Altea, then it’s pink) and Jim is still mourning the fact that his father left him and his mother when he was twelve. Now, let’s talk about his face. Do you see that shadowy eye mask? How about those bags that look kinda like scars? No, he doesn’t just have deep set eyes. Those are there to intensify the hopelessness of Jim’s outlook on his future. pretty deep, right? Just wait. It gets deeper. 

Take a better look here. Dark clothes, dark eyes, dark outlook. Hopelessness. 

Then, our buddy Jimbo here gets the map. The map is supposed to symbolize a sort of hope for Jim, something he had previously been lacking. Now, look at this next gif.

A glimmer of hope has entered Jim’s life with this odd little sphere, and Jim is ready to jump into the first ship he can and said across the galaxy, chasing his favorite fairy tale. (Damn, that’s a real dreamer there. I applaud you, honey.)

In the next scene we see him in, his clothes are a little different. 

He still wears the dark jacket, dark pants, and dark boots, but notice something: his black shirt is gone, replaced with one of a lighter color. This is SO IMPORTANT because it shows something that you might have missed if you weren’t overanalyzing the crap out of it like I am omg I have no life. He is wearing a lighter color, which symbolizes how he now has a little bit of hope to hold to now. However, he still wears the black jacket, which is supposed to show that he is still trying to hide this hope with his sullen exterior. 

Now, look! Jim’s jacket is gone! This is supposed to show that even after everything he’s been put through on this voyage, he now has hope. That hope was originally the map, but soon became Silver. 

I mean just look at the look he gives Silver when the cook cheers him up. My depression: cured. My skin: clear. My heart: full. 

Now, onto my next point. 

In the last scene of Treasure Planet, Jim has a haircut, and he’s wearing white. The haircut symbolizes that he took initiative to take care of himself. The white clothing is symbolic of a few things. White often denotes purity, cleanliness, and the most important of all, new birth or rebirth. At the end of the movie, Jim is essentially “reborn” into a new person, into a man who found his hope and future, instead of a boy haunted by his dark emotional state. Now, remember how I mentioned those eye bags and shadow mask? Notice here that they’re gone. This symbolizes the fact that Jim no longer is weighed down by his emotions. No, he sees he has a future, and has internalized hope. He looks forward to the brightness of his future instead of back into the darkness of his past. 

That’s it. Class dismissed.

*mic drop*

The Paul Revere of Long Island –Austin Roe

Not a day goes by when I don’t curse Turn for robbing me of my favorite Culper, so in honor of season four, I have out my copies of Washington’s Spies (Alexander Rose) and George Washington’s Secret Six (Brain Kilmeade and Don Yaeger), as well as my array of online genealogies. Let’s do this, shall we?

Austin Roe was born to John and Joanna Miller Roe on March 2, 1749. He was the youngest of nine siblings. In 1773, Roe married Catherine Jones, and throughout their marriage they had eight children, of which we know little. This means that out of the main members of the Ring during the war, he was the only married man, if you exclude Washington. This also makes him the only member of the Ring with children at the time–once again leaving out Washington and his stepchildren–with his oldest recorded as being born in 1775. Austin was the owner of a little establishment going by the name of Roe’s Tavern in Setauket. Having grown up in the area, it is very likely that Roe was a childhood friend to other members of the Ring like Tallmadge, Brewster, and Woodhull. 

When the Culper Ring began, Roe gladly joined his friends in the cause, becoming a courier alongside Brewster and another, younger man named Jonas Hawkins whose paranoid personality got him kicked out of the ring early on. It’s a stunning thing when you realize that with a business as well as a growing family, such dangerous work could have surely offered many more cons than pros. But he joined the team, and was granted the code number 724. Roe became the link between Townsend and Woodhull (except for brief window that Jonas Hawkins served or when  Abraham made the trips himself). Austin rode over 1000 miles throughout the whole Revolution, earning him he very fitting title of The Paul Revere of Long Island. Riding in and out of enemy territory weighed down with incriminating letters that could put a noose around his neck must have been quite the nerve-wracking job for poor Austin, but with a clever disguise of a merchant he was never discovered. He would meet Townsend, most likely on “business terms,” receive the letters from Culper Jr., then return home to Setauket where he would find a means of passing the letters off to Woodhull. Woodhull would then add Culper Sr.’s own findings to the mix and then the information would be passed along to Tallmadge through Brewster, where Benjamin would present the information to 711 himself–George Washington. Roe’s work was crucial to the Ring, however his personal life soon caused trouble for his fellow spies. 

Around late 1779 to early 1780, both Townsend and Woodhull had quite a few complaints with Roe’s functioning as a courier. It seemed as if he was having trouble being on time, and if the Ring was not functioning like clockwork, it could easily cause many problems. This fear, of course, was worsened by the two jumpy spies. Roe was given a bit of time off, leaving correspondence up to Robert and Abraham. Why did Roe’s work suddenly decrease in quality though? A lot of digging through family trees, however, seems to explain to me why Austin slowed down. In October of 1779, tragedy struck the Roe family. Their third child, a two year old named Joanna, died. I cannot find anything saying how she died, but her death does seem to offer explanation to Austin’s struggle to keep up with spy work. To add to his stress, less than two weeks after little Joanna’s death, Catherine seems to have given birth to a son.It’s likely that grief is what caused Austin’s work in the Ring to falter, even to the point where Washington considered discharging him (a choice Townsend would have happily agreed with). However, thanks to some convincing on Tallmadge’s part, Roe was allowed to remain. After a well deserved break, Roe was back within the Ring, though it seems he was much more reluctant to risk the trips and his work as a courier became only part time.

After the war, Roe was reimbursed for his duties and he returned his full attention to his family and tavern. Unlike the other Culpers, who seemed content to let their pasts faded into obscurity, Austin was delighted to entertain guests with tales of his adventures in espionage–kindly leaving out the names of his fellow spies. In 1790, Roe’s Tavern was due for its most famous visitor. On his tour of Long Island, George Washington himself stayed the night, and legend says that Austin was so excited to meet him that he fell from his horse and broke his leg. After the war, he joined the army as well, serving under none other than fellow courier, Jonas Hawkins. Captain Austin Roe passed away ten years after his wife, on November 28, 1830, at age 81. 

Sadly, like the other members of the Ring, the memory of this hero has all but been buried, with poor Austin even being denied a true role in the AMC series Turn sorry kids but Rogers will never be my Roe. But he is definitely my favorite member of the Ring, so I figured I would share because honestly I love Austin Roe.

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  • I don’t think that’s really snow?
  • don’t blame Red, you know it’s your fault
  • well then just wait till he puts his suit and hat on 👀👀
  • oh hello Agnes 😌
  • “delayed honesty” ok whatever helps you sleep at night
  • COCO ❤️
  • ARAM 💜
  • more doggos? yes yessss 🐶
  • ok are you suuuuure you’re not attracted to him? 👀👀👀
  • yesss a phone with Tom’s number(?)
  • and the black suit just kill me please 👌👌👌
  • you know for Tom Bond™ you ask way too many questions
  • you’re the one who got her killed, now you want to visit her grave
  • Baddass!Aram? hell yes
  • oh so it was Shady Pete who killed Nik after all
  • wait she didn’t even notice Red in the suit wtf
  • haha you’re  f u c k e d 🙊