baby birch

Baby Birch
Joanna Newsom
Baby Birch

There is a blacksmith,
and there is a shepherd,
and there is a butcher boy,
and there is a barber, who’s cutting
and cutting away at my only joy.
I saw a rabbit,
as slick as a knife,
and as pale as a candlestick,
and I had thought it’d be harder to do,
but I caught her, and skinned her quick:
held her there,
kicking and mewling,
upending, unspooling, unsung and blue;
told her “wherever you go,
little runaway bunny,
I will find you.”
And then she ran,
as they’re liable to do.

Be at peace, baby,
and be gone.
Be at peace, baby,
and be gone.


try not to cry challenge