baby behemoth


【Pet AU】

It was just a random day in a peaceful Insomnia, until Ignis found a lost baby behemoth in an alleyway. He took it home with the intention of letting it go once he patched it up, but the little purple critter had…other plans. :3

So anyway yes say hello to the smol behemoth called Gladio.

・Loves meat—raw, cooked, anything goes. Bonus points if it’s something Ignis made. Also, instant noodles.

・Wants to fight everything in the house that hums and is bigger than itself (especially the vacuum cleaner).
・Likes getting picked up and cuddled—the best position to snooze off in.

Birthday gift to my BFF Falcon Wind!
Best wishes for you and thanks for everything ( ◍´д`◍ ) I love you

Our OCs Irene and Frederic ♥
Inspired from one of RP moment, when her OC plays the FF4′s [theme of love] for mine. it was so touching that I almost cried X’]

ps.these are chibi elezens,not lalafells (but what’s the difference!??)

“Okay look, I know I have royal duties to attend to Ignis, but rescuing the Chocobos comes first.”

soburin-likes-stuff  asked:

👾 for them posing with their favourite minion/pet(s)

C’oretta and her “piggy”, Violet. Does she know it’s really a baby behemoth? No one’s quite sure.

Dark recently got a new friend! Tora-jiro can be bought with Clan Centurio Marks in Rhalgr’s Reach and Kugane, and is so super cute. He’s been following Dark around for a couple weeks now.

you can find the exact moment when i rediscovered a flashy effect by the fact that i now use it on like everything (ie outline, lazy texture abuse)

also you ever notice how inspiration strikes at one of 3 times 1) you’re in a boring situation you can’t leave 2) you  need to go to bed 3) you left home and didn’t bring a single drawing implement


Super long final video for the end of the Monster Hunter: World side of the Collaboration.

Honestly, fighting Behemoth was a slog because of so many people not following mechanics, and given I none stop did it for 3 days straight to clear it, it may be the hardest I have worked to clear something in a game (specifically in all my recordings), but even having said that I adored this fight and this crossover.

And all THAT said, I hope you enjoy this video, and I hope like me you are super excited to see what the FFXIV side offers on August 7th!