baby's life

Last night and again this morning, it was as if Ray had reverted to his newborn self. Awake half the night, drinking no more than 3 ounces at a time so he’s constantly hungry… I found us in an almost constant rhythm of diaper (with temp check), feed, sleep, repeat - with each cycle lasting 60-90 minutes.

I’m exhausted.

Thankfully, Ray has been sleeping now for about 90 minutes and I’m hoping he wakes up feeling like a new kid. He hasn’t run a fever since 6:30 this morning, so fingers crossed this was a 24-hour thing and it’s leaving his system…

I wonder if Ray’s reversion to a newborn-like state was the universe’s way of telling me I was freakin’ nuts to consider that 1-week-old placement, even if I only considered it for a fleeting moment!

Generic, nothing-to-be-done-but-treat-the-symptoms viral infections are the worst. Give me an ear infection that I can throw amoxicillin at. Give me coxsackie virus, so when the fever appears, I know he’s already on the mend.

But don’t give me something that has to “run its course.” Ugh.

So, guess what Ray has?

Poor boy has been a hot, clingy, whiny mess today. Hottest temp I measured was 103.7. Pushing Motrin and Tylenol around the clock (when he’s awake), and the doc told me to give Ray the dosage for a 24-pound child (Ray is 4 ounces shy of that mark).

Fingers crossed we’re able to both get some sleep tonight…


You brought food? Of course I brought food. I’m not going on a date with a girl who’s fasting for 19 hours without bringing food. Don’t make me throw you into the water. Seriously. Of course I brought food. I’m Yousef. Awww. Don’t ‘awww’ me. I get really awkward, seriously. I can’t even look at you now. That’s what the backpack is for!