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i was thirsting for some mamamoo fanart and @flyingchancla suggested to make them join the runaway orphans!au 

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Can you tell us more about Jinwey and Kitzom? Because they are both tol, smol and beautiful

Jinwey my smol son

species design inspired by the jumping spider. average size of an adult of the species is 80-100cm. Jinweys kind have shorter life spans than Alteans. Jinwey is the oldest in maturity in the Voltron squad. He’s got like a dozen grand kids (cute grubs they are, Coran has babysat them a couple of times).

Kind and Honest that can be very blunt (his whole species are a honest bunch. like they can lie, but don’t see the point. this is probably because their ancestors used to be a hive mind based species. i came up with a whole history of that and i’m just like //weeps//).

Being the smollest in the gang, he starts liking being picked up and carried around. there’s just something pleasant about it. Is an inventor, makes all kind of junk. 

His species head butt in greetings with friends and family and they do this yelling screeching when they are happy >:3c

Jinwey is the strongest in the squad

this is result of the incredible strong gravity on his planet.

he can lift the whole squad if he wanted to

plus his lion (yellow lion also likes to be carried)

Kitzom, my bootiful toll fish son. Though only the 2nd tallest in the squad (Vaamal beats all there)

From a planet where the water is like in zero gravity mode, so literally floating oceans (i need to draw it). He’s the small type of his species, which are colourful with variation patterns, where the bigger types don’t have as complex colours and patterns (so imagine like birds of paradise, where the pretty males gotta attract the ladies with their style).

Coran nominates Kitzom as the Blue Lions substitute pilot and later on takes the position full time when Coran retires.

Kitzom is an expertise in the medical field and is hella flamboyant. Loves to help peeps up in fashion department and style his (well its fins not hair) and others hairs (he’s the one who was able to finally tame Coran’s hair in his youth. man i got a comic about it that need to be finished :)))))).

Extremely loyal and man i just love my bootiful toll fish alien son.


Gaara Headcanon #02

Have you ever thought about how it was for Gaara to sleep for the first time after losing his Bijuu?

• When Gaara became tired, it was a completely new feeling for him, which perhaps scared him. His first yawn puzzled him, and he did not know what that was, and he was afraid a little, and began to ask himself, “What happens when I fall sleep?”

• Gaara would be like a small child at that moment. He did not know why, but he wanted his siblings to be with him. He might be a bit afraid of really falling asleep, and especially the presence of his sister Temari might have been important to him. Even in the days after his resoue, he feels better when he falls asleep when Temari and Kankuro are with him. Temari would love to take care of her baby brother! ♥

• Temari and Kankuro reassured him and stayed with him until he fell asleep. After that they stayed with him for a while, happy that they had their baby brother again. Temari stroked his hair, Kankuro smiled.

• Gaara’s sleep is very low and is isnt easy to weak him up again. In general, he sleeps very long on free days and seems to catch up with everything he has missed.

Temari is sitting by Gaara, stroked his hair and take lovely care of him. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to cry now.


extra Taeil has never been so extra ^^

Alec arrived at Magnus’s place a few hours before the party started to help set up. Magnus insisted that it wasn’t necessary because he could do it all by magic in a matter of minutes, but honestly, Alec needed to get away from his mother for a little while before he was forced to spend an entire evening with her, pretending that she didn’t hate his sexuality and his boyfriend.

His boyfriend.

Magnus Bane was his boyfriend.

That thought alone was enough to make him forget (or, well, almost forget) that he was going to have to spend an entire party - a party celebrating his baby brother’s first rune - trying to keep his mother away from Magnus and starting all kinds of drama that no one, especially Max, needed to see.

When he walked in, he must have looked stressed because instead of giving him a kiss, Magnus said, “Something’s wrong.”

“No, I’m fine.”


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Combined Request | Sex w/ Dyl

-I decided to combine these, hope you enjoy! <3 (quick note: I recommend you guys download “InteractiveFics” to your computer if you have one. It replaces y/n with your real name!)

Dylan gently picked you up and placed you on the bed of his room. “I want to make you feel so good, y/n,” Dylan whispered in your ear. You guys had just got done with yet another love making session. Of course they never got boring, because Dylan knew all and the places that made you give in to him. He did something new every time.

You giggled as you pushed Dylan on his back. Straddling him, you put both legs on either side of him. “But first baby, let me try something,” you smiled seductively at him. You reached down and pulled out his erection sitting on it, but not allowing it inside. “fuck y/n,” Dylan whined while he rubbed his cock on your slit. You moaned trying not to give in. Sitting firmly on his hips you started to rock your body, grinding on him. Synchronized moaning was created as you concentrated on the friction between you. Feeling a sudden hot liquid on your thighs, you looked down, smiling. 

He came. His face reddened and his eyes widened as he realized what he did. You placed your hand on the mess he made trying to clean it up. He felt a wave of dominance take over him. He flipped you flat on your stomach after you licked your fingers clean. You felt the bed shuffle as he made his way down to your feet. He licked your big toe slowly. You placed your cheek on the soft pillow breathing in softly. Dylan kissed sensually up your leg, occasionally tongue kissing. You felt his hot breath on your entrance. Moaning, you felt his tongue insert your wet cavern, feeling all around and enjoying your taste. “Ughh, Dyl!” He chuckled at your begging and pulled his tongue away. 

He continued to kiss up your back, humming all the while. You moaned loudly as he grazed his nose against your sweaty skin the rest of the way, placing his thick cock at your pussy. “You ready y/n?” he teased you. Still laying flat, you only groaned in response when he slid himself in. Taking in the feeling of his rock hard dick inside of your slick walls. He began to thrust, finding a quick rhythm. He continuously switched angles, loving the way you moaned for him on the bed. You screamed as he slammed into your sweet spot, “Oh fuck Dylan yes! Right there!”  His dick continued to rub against your spot. Finding your long wanted release, your walls clenched around his cock. Dylan groaned, following you close behind. He pulled out of you and landing next to you breathing hard. It only gets better from here, you thought to yourself.

Just fucking imagine pictures in the HP universe

- The Order of the Pheonix taking group selfies

- The Longbottom’s poking their head’s in at the bottom

- Lily has a polaroid camera obvs

- Pictures of young!Snape and young!Lily

- Photos of Lily and Petunia taken by Mrs Evans

- So many pictures of James holding Harry

- Pictures of a sleepy James holding a sleeping Harry

- Lily loved taking photos

- Lily bought a new polaroid that prints moving photos

- Blurry pictures taken by Peter

- Lily covers the area around her bed in the dorm with polaroid pictures

- Awkward first pictures of James and Lily from their first dates

- Baby Harry trying to bat the camera away

- Harry finds a bunch of the photos and Lily’s camera in Godric’s Hollow

- It’s mainly selfies of Sirius 

- A few have Remus in

- He find’s out Lily got her red hair from her Dad from a picture of the two of them doing hair moustaches using Lily’s hair

- Harry recreating a bunch of old photos with his friends

-Pictures of baby Teddy changing his hair colour (’Galaxy aesthetic’ written on by Teddy at 17)

- Molly Weasley digs up the old photo albums when Harry tells her about it


- One of baby Ginny has Fred and George running in their underwear in the back

- Another of Ron falling off a broom the first time he flew one

- One of either Fred or George with “George Fred George” wrote on the back

- Molly explains that she used different coloured yarns for their Christmas jumpers so she would know how was in pictures

- That’s also why she added letters to them

- There’s a lack pictures of Fred and George

- No one mentions it as they know George has them

- Half awkward, half polite pictures of Dudley and Harry after “I don’t think you’re a waste of space”

- Pictures of Harry, Ginny, Dudley and Dudley’s girlfriend

- Pictures of Dudley and his girlfriend at Harry and Ginny’s wedding (b/c Harry is too polite to not invite them)

Basically pictures in the HP universe


Loud sports sons are the best! 🏐⚾️

I got sucked into Daiya, so when I had like 5 episodes of HQ to catch up on last week, I was like oh yeah, he Sawamura too. Let’s just pretend their ‘sawa’ kanji aren’t different. (澤村 for Daichi and 沢村 for Eijun)

“She stood on the roof and made rainbow patterns with her hands against the rabidly bluing predawn sky until it stopped working.” 

The Magician King, p.124