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Baby Vocabulary 赤子

赤子: あかご (akago) - baby

嬰児: えいじ (eiji) - infant/ baby

幼児: ようじ (youji) - infant/ baby/ child/ child over 1 but not yet of school age

幼子: おさなご (osanago) - infant/ baby/ little child

赤ちゃん: あかちゃん (okayan) - baby/ infant

赤ん坊: あかんぼう (akanbou) - baby/ infant

ベビー (bebi) - baby

産衣: うぶぎ (ubugi) - clothes for a newborn baby/ baby clothes

喃語: なんご (nango) - lover’s whispers; sweet nothings; whispered intimacies|baby babble; goo-goo; gaga

粉ミルク: こなミルク (konamiruku) - milk powder/baby formula

人工ミルク: じんこうミルク (jinkoumiruku) - baby formula/ bottle-feeding

抱っこ: だっこ (dakko) - (child’s) hug/ carrying a baby in one’s arms/ carrying a pet in one’s arms

離乳食: りにゅうしょく(rinyuushoku) - baby food

乳母車: うばぐるま (ubaguruma) - baby carriage/ perambulator/ pram

一つ身: ひとつみ (hitotsumi) - baby clothes

哺乳瓶: ほにゅうびん (honyuubin) - baby bottle

ベビーベッド (bebi-beddo) - cot/ basinette/ crib

乳歯: にゅうし (nyuushi) - baby tooth/ milk tooth/ first set of teeth

託児室: たくじしつ (takujishitsu) - nursery/ nursing room/ baby-care room

お誕生おめでとうございます: おたんじょうおめでとうございます (otanjouomedetougozaimasu) - congratulations on the birth of your baby


“I wouldn’t even socialize with anybody remotely related to my job.”     

“Okay. We’ll see.” 

– Eric Delko & Calleigh Duquesne {CSI:Miami}


I hate to be so finicky but in “Chasing Amy” (4x18) Rosa takes advantage of Jake’s compromised situation and takes pictures after he is stuck from Die-Harding off the roof.

Then, in “Slaughterhouse” (4x20), Rosa tells Jake she doesn’t have any pictures of Jake to delete (not even the Splash Mountain ones).

My final question is, what happened to the Die Hard pictures of Jake?


My name is Benjamin Linus and I’ve lived on this island all my life.