baby you're so stupid

  • Dean: Well maybe if you had just listened. You know for once
  • Castiel: No one asked you to come. Or for your opinion
  • Dean: No of course not, because if you'd asked my opinion I would have told you what a incongruous idea this was
  • Castiel: Oh, been reading the dictionary have you Deean?
  • Dean: No. I'm actually smart, which is something you'd know if you knew anything about me. But you're just a stupid baby so-
  • Castiel: How am I a-
  • Dean: *mutters* Stupidbabysayswhat
  • Castiel: What?
  • Dean: Ha! He admits it!
  • Castiel: That doesn't count. That doesn't count!
  • Sam: ....So are we gonna try to disarm the bomb or...
Baby Mukuro's First Insult
  • Baby Junko: Sis, you're so ugly and stupid and irrelevant! No wonder people can 'connect the dots'!
  • Baby Mukuro: I love you, Junko-chan! *Smiles*

Anyone else having mixed feelings about the twins leaving Tumblr? On the one hand, it’s not a great site and it’s getting worse and you want to leave it yourself sometimes, it takes up lots of time and is often upsetting and band members are ditching it bit by bit. And it’s not like you had much contact with those two anyway, what with David’s itchy blocking finger…

On the other hand, to follow them on Twitter or Instagram would mean more social media. I don’t need more. Tumblr’s a time sink and I’d have more time without it.

But there’s still a little community here and it feels horrible to have someone just shrug and walk away. I don’t know if I’d call it triggering in my case, but considering my history of being a non-entity to my own family and “friends” as a kid such that I had nightmares for decades about being left behind in the dark with no one even noticing or trying to speak and not being able to make a sound…

Seems like it shouldn’t matter, but I can’t be the only one who finds it more upsetting than it really should be.