baby you looking fine


“My old puppet body… Suddenly it all seems so pointless. I now have the body I’ve always desired, one that will never rot or decay. I’ve truly become a puppet in every sense of the word.”

For Steph!

Jeff Atkins - One Shot

A/N: Please forgive me but this is extremely long. I wanted it to read out like the show where Hannah is the narrator but the flashbacks/events are from the reader’s perspective - kinda like when Clay was reliving them if that makes sense.

Let me know how you like it!



Y/N, I can count all of the times I ran into you on my fingers but yet you left a lasting impression. You and Jeff were the envy of the school. The cheerleader and the all-star jock. There was nothing cuter than when the two of you were together. Your locker was 4 away from mine and there wasn’t a day I didn’t see him meet you there before each class. I envied you so much. Both of you. You had it all. Love. Popularity. Friendship. You were good at everything you tried to do, and you were still some of the sweetest, kind-hearted people, I’d ever met -



“Dang, you’re looking extra fine today, baby.” Jeff said, coming up behind you to press a kiss on the back of your head before leaning against the locker next to yours.

 “Not as fine as Angie’s lips though, right?” You returned hotly, continuing to look through the mess of papers to see if you could find your chemistry study guide.

 It took him a moment to process what you’d just said and he immediately straightened up. “What?”

 “That’s what you said to Angie in the library right?” You slammed your locker shut, throwing your bag over your shoulder. “If she’s what you want then be my guest.”

Jeff rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms around your waist. “You know you’re all I want. You’re all I’ve wanted since 8th grade. I was just congratulating her, that’s all baby. Besides you got best face and best legs. I’m sure you’ve gotten a few compliments today.”

His lips pressed playful kisses along the side your neck, nuzzling his face in your hair to make you laugh. As much as you wanted to stay mad, it was hard when he was just so damn cute.

“Besides - since when do you get jealous?” He asked, with an innocent smile on his face. Then in a moment of recognition, his eyes widened. “Uh-oh. Are you on your period? Is that why you’re so emotional?”

You’d known Jeff since the sixth grade and had been dating since the 8th, by sophomore year of high school, he was practically an expert at reading you and making things better. Lowering your head, you nodded it slowly.

“Awh baby.” He pouted his lips, lowering them to kiss yours. “It’s your lunch period right? Let’s go get you some chocolate from the vending machine. My treat.”

I chuckled, wrapping my arm around his torso to hug him tightly. “Well aren’t you my knight in shining armor.”

“You’re damn right I am.” He laughed, kissing the top of your head.

With his arm thrown over over your shoulder, you walked down the hallway together. Clay and Hannah were talking by the his locker and you both smiled at them.

 “Jensen!” Jeff nodded his head at Clay, the smaller man awkwardly smiling and giving a wave.

“Hey Hannah.” You smiled. “I love those boots.”

She looked down at her shoes then up at you with a genuine, touched smile, saying thank you before you and Jeff disappeared around the corner.

 “That kid has the biggest crush on her.” Jeff said, looking down at you.

“If only he had the balls to do something about it.”



You had no idea how much something so small had meant to me. You didn’t know about the shitty day I’d had. You didn’t know about how hard I’d had things lately. You didn’t say it to get something out of it. You were genuine and nice  and it helped a lot that day.



At the dance you and Jeff showed up fashionably late. Your hair was down straight, not a strand out of place. Your makeup was no less than perfect like it usually was. You wore an all black dress that matched Jeff’s suit. Sleeveless, with a puffed skirt. The whole thing molding to your perfect body. I had watched as you two entered the gym - everyone did - your both grabbed the attention of everyone and it never seemed to phase you as you were in your own little world.


“Ayyyy!” Monty came by, throwing an arm around Jeff and I. “You finally made it!”

Jeff laughed, nodding his head towards me. “Would’ve been here 40 minutes ago if Y/N didn’t take forever getting ready.”

“Hey!” You defended, hitting him playfully. “It takes time to create a masterpiece like this.”

“That you are.” Monty looked your up and down, “and those legs definitely deserved to make the list.”

You rolled your eyes and laughed along with Jeff as you were approached by Zach, Justin, and Bryce. Each gave you both a hug and you watched as Jeff tensed when Bryce hugged you. After he let go, Jeff threw his arm around you as if to stake his claim while they made small talk.

“Alright alright. If you fellas don’t mind, I’ma have a dance with my lady.” Jeff said after a while.

“Ooohh” They teased playfully, blowing mock kisses at you.

You laughed as Jeff took you out to the dance floor, his arms wrapping around your waist as you slow danced to the song playing. With your arms wrapped around his neck, holding him close like you had at every dance since you’d been together. He’d gotten better at dancing, certainly improved from the first time when he wouldn’t stop stepping on your feet. He looked down into your eyes, a soft smile on his face.

 “You really are a masterpiece.” He whispered.

You blushed, leaning up to kiss his neck. “All for you baby. Always.”

“Man am I lucky.” He smiled.

Looking over his shoulder, you could see Bryce creeping on some girl and returned your eyes to Jeff. “What was that about earlier? With Bryce?”

His face turned serious again and he looked over his shoulder to where I had been looking. “He’s not a good guy. I don’t know. Guy gives me a bad vibe.”

You nodded, running your fingers through the back of his hair. “He does seem like a douche bag.”

“Yeah, I try not to hang out with him one on one.” He nodded, before changing the subject. “Will you look at this? Clay sitting on one side, Hannah on the other. This would be like the perfect opportunity for him to ask her to dance.”

You laughed, looking at them smiling at each other from across the gym. “Go. Tell him to make a move. I have to use the restroom anyway.”

He smiled, kissing your lips again, before letting go of you to walk up to the bleachers. You smiled to yourself watching him go into big brother mode as he spoke with Clay before you walked out of the gym to use the restroom.

“You and Jeff look so good tonight.” Sheri boosted, applying another coat of lipstick in the mirror. “You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys won prom king and queen for our senior prom. Everyone’s totally jealous of you guys.”

You laughed, brushing a hair behind your ear as you washed your hands. “We are dreamy aren’t we.” You half joked, drying your hands.

“You have no idea. You’ll have the cutest story to tell your kids some day.” She laughed.

“You ready to go back out?” You asked, finally taking notice of her dress. “Damn Sheri, you’re the one looking amazing. I love that dress.”

She laughed, hooking your arm with hers. “Well, I can’t let you have all the glory.”

The two of you walked out of the bathroom and Hannah practically knocked you over as she walked down the hallway, her eyes filled with tears.

“Hannah, hey.” You stopped her, placing a hand on her shoulder to turn her around.

“I’ll meet you inside.” Sheri said, giving us some privacy.

“What’s going on?” You asked her, lifting her chin up to face you. “What happened?”

It’s nothing.” She shook her head, “I just want to go home. It was stupid of me to even think I’d have a good time here.”

“No! Come on - don’t think that way. Come hang out with Jeff and I - Jessica’s in there - we’ll have a great time.”

She looked down then back up at me nodding her head.

“Good.” You smiled, taking your hand in hers.

The two of you walked back inside the gym, each grabbing a cup of punch. You knew Jeff had a game early in the morning so you he wouldn’t be drinking, that gave you a free pass to fill from the spiked bowl. You danced with Hannah before she spotted Jessica getting sloppy with Justin.

“Oh god,” She shook her head, looking over at you. “I’m getting her out of here before she does something she’ll regret.”

You tried to convince her to stay but she didn’t opting to pull Jessica away from Justin. Your eyes met Jeff across the room and your lips lifted into a smile, crossing to jump back into his arms.

“There you are.” He smiled back, kissing you again, “Let’s dance cause this song’s definitely going to play at our wedding.”



You didn’t have to look out for me that night but you did. I should’ve listened to you, Y/N. I should’ve stayed with you and Jeff and Clay, and ignored everyone else but I didn’t.



It was no surprise that by the time Dollar Valentine came around, you and Jeff had been matched together. While I got guys like Bryce and Marcus, you got your soulmate. Some things just always went right for some people.



“Well obviously I did dollar valentine - It’s for my squad.” You rolled your eyes, at Monty’s question.

“So?” He asked, “who’d you get?”

Jeff laughed, putting both of our result sheets on the table.

“No - no fucking way!” He laughed in disbelief. “How in the fuck did you two get each other?”

“What can I say man, it’s literally in the cards.” Jeff laughed, pulling you into him before kissing the top of your head. “What do you say? Movies tonight?”

“30 Ways to Die just came out.” You replied. “I’m so down.”

“30 Ways to Die? Seriously?” Zach cocked a brow. “It’s a valentine’s day date - shouldn’t you see some mushy shit?”

You laughed, shaking your head. “Not when you’ve been together as long as we have. Besides, the romance can happen later” You shot him a wink.

 “Awww shit!” Monty laughed finally catching on.


“Let me guess.” Clay said as you approached the counter. “You two are seeing Never Say goodbye for Valentine’s day.”

“No we’re seeing 30 Ways to Die.” He replied.

“You’re a classy date” Hannah joked, counting money at the register.

“I am.” He returned, hanging his head with a chuckle. “This was her idea.”

“Nothing gets me in the mood like a good horror.” I joked, causing her to laugh out loud by my unexpected comment. 

“Oh wow. That’s a first.” She laughed, wiping her eyes.

“What’s up with that Dollar Valentine thing?” Jeff asked Clay. “You told me -”

He was cut off by Clay giving him a look. Hannah looked over at us then at him.

“We’re goin’ to see our movie.” Jeff backtracked, grabbing the bowl of popcorn. “I’ll catch you later.”

“Later guys.” I waved back at them, pinching Jeff’s arm.

“How was I supposed to know?” He asked with a shrug.



While you were in the theater watching a horror movie, curled against into your boyfriends chest, I spent the next couple of hours wondering why I wasn’t good enough to be doing the same.




I think back to the night of Jessica’s party and wonder if things would’ve gone differently if I hadn’t been there. I convinced myself that I could start over. That I could be a person that fit in.. And for a little while I did and it was the most fun I’d had in a long time. Of course you and Jeff were there, surrounded by your usual crowd. Yet you both still found the time to push Clay and I towards each other and I never got the chance to thank you.



“Justin, Jess is looking for you in the kitchen.” You yelled before you caught sight of Hannah.

“Hannah, hey!” You smiled crossing the room with a red cup in your hand. “I like the new hair.”

 You were always extra touchy when you drank and without even asking, you ran your fingers through her hair to fully appreciate the new length.

She smiled at you returning your overly affectionate hug. “Thank you!” She laughed. “Someone’s been drinking.”

“Hell yeah. It’s my turn. I was DD last week, this week is Jeff’s turn.” You laughed, motioning to your hubby in the corner talking to Zach and Monty.

“Well - that’s responsible.” She returned.

“Hey - Clay’s here, being his usually secluded self. You should go say hi and bring him out of his shell.”

She froze but a blush swept her cheeks. “Oh - no, I wouldn’t want to bother him.”

“Y/N!” Jeff called from across the room. “Zach thinks he can finally take you at beer pong!”

“That so Dempsey?” You yelled, then turned back to Hannah. “That’s my cue but next time I see you, you better be with Clay!”

She laughed, nodding her head while you ran over to Jeff and the guys.

“You think Junior year is going to be the year you beat me? History says you’ll lose!”

“Nah - “ He shook his head. “This is my year. I can feel it.”


As the night went on, you ended up making out with Jeff, grinding along to the music while Zach and the guys continued playing. His hand ran up your thigh grabbing your ass through the fabric of your denim shorts. Biting his lower lip, you swept your tongue across it with a smirk, locking your eyes on him.

“You’re totally spending the night at my house.” He whispered. “Tell your mom you’re spending the night at Sheri’s or something.”

 “I’ll call her when we leave.” I smirked, kissing him again.

As much as your mom loved Jeff, she would much quicker approve of you spending the night at your best friends house then at your boyfriends.

“Look -” You motioned your head towards Hannah and Clay walking out to sit by the pool.

Jeff smiled proudly at his friend as they laughed and giggled. “See, I give good advice.”

The two of them looked over at you and Jeff, and the two of you looked away quickly, with you nuzzling your face into his neck with a laugh.

“Uh - oh” You sighed, watching Troy bother them. “Go get him before he ruins it.”

“On it!”

Jeff did as he was told, grabbing Troy and bringing him back towards the ping pong table. You shot Hannah and Clay a wink before Jeff’s lips were back on yours again.

“Seriously. I don’t know what it is, but you’re lookin’ extra good tonight. One more hour tops and I’m getting my hands on you.” He promised with a whisper against your lips.

“Your hands are always on me!” You laughed, brushing your hands up through his hair.

“You’re damn right!”


“You’re so bad. This is like the third week in a row. It’s only a matter of time before your mom starts to think you’re a closet lesbian.” Sheri laughed, looking up at you as you sat up on the kitchen counter.

Courtney said trying to join in with your laughter. “Who would want that right?”

Both of you stopped laughing, your faces turning serious. Neither of you were a fan of Courtney. She was one of the most two faced people you met.

“Fuck off Courtney.” You replied, no humor in your tone.

Her jaw dropped at your straight-forwardness but she turned around walked away, almost bumping into Hannah who was walking into the kitchen.

She looked distraught so you waved her over. “Hey? What happened? You and Clay were hitting it off.”

“I screwed it up.” She sighed. “Just like I screw everything up.”

“Look, you two have been playing this game for too long. Give it a couple of minutes and go talk to him. You gotta go after what you want honey. Make things happen for yourself.”

“Sheri - You’re blocking me in.” Jeff called from the doorway. His eyes landed on your and his lips curled into a bright smile. “There you are.”

“Here I am.” You threw your arms up, pulling him in for a hug. “Where are you going?”

“Let me just grab my stuff, I’m taking off anyway. Hannah if you want to head out I can give you a ride.” Sheri offered, heading out of the room with her.

“Thank you ma’am.” Jeff yelled after them. “Going on a beer run for the guys.” He answered, holding you against him with his hands on your waist.

“You want me to come with?” You asked, pressing kisses along his neck.

“Nah, I’m going to try and take Jensen with me to see what went wrong. But as soon as I come back, we’re going home.” He smirked, leaning down to kiss your lips. “Then they’ll be nothing to stop me from doing what I want to you.”

“You promise?” You purred against his lips.

“Oh I definitely promise.”


I wondered what would’ve happened if I’d listened to you that night. If I stayed with you a little longer. As I looked back at these events, I realized my mistakes in them, and this is one I could’ve never forgiven myself for.



So we come to the reason you’re listening to this tape.

That night, I had caused Sherri to get distracted and knock over the stop sign. She panicked and took off. I ran to the nearest store to call 911 and report it but I was too late by then.

The police said he was drunk driving. Nobody would listen when you told them he’d been sober but he had been and I hope this gives you the tiniest bit of comfort in knowing you weren’t wrong.

I wasn’t there to see your face when you got the news. I’ll never forget the broken-hearted gaze in your eyes at the wake.

You were dressed in all black, again matching Jeff like you always did.Your hair pulled back in a low pony tail. Your makeup done perfectly as always aside from some mascara that had run down from the never-ending flow of tears.

You didn’t speak to anyone that night. You took a cushion from one of the chairs and sat next to the coffin the whole time. The guys tried to offer their condolences. Family tried to comfort you. None of it helped.

I watched as Sherri sat down with you for most of the time. She would whisper comforting words and stroke your back to soothe you when the tears began to constrict your breathing. I could see the guilt inside of her yet she never admitted what she’d done.

The light had gone out inside of you the day Jeff died. The vibrant, cheerful, happy-go-lucky girl was no longer there. Not a smile. Not a glimmer. Not a sound.

You slept at the funeral home that night. Under the special circumstances, the owners allowed it. You stayed on an air mattress inflated next to the casket by the guys and there you had the last night you’d ever spend next to him.

Jeff hadn’t been drinking that night. He was planning to come back to you and the two of you would go on with your perfect lives.

Knowing I ripped that away from you was a guilt I couldn’t bare to live with. I hope you know how truly sorry I am. I hope you can one day find it in your heart to forgive me, though I know I don’t deserve it. Just like I didn’t deserve your friendship or his.


Your fingers brushed over the cassette player. Tears now streaming freely down your face. You’re tired eyes landed on the tattoo of Jeff’s initials on the inside of your wrist and your heartbeat had slowed to a dangerous pace while you relieved the memory.

Your eyes met Sherri’s as she approached your table in the courtyard of the school. She glanced down at the player in your hands and her smile instantly fell to one of fear. She’d listened to the tapes - must have - because she instantly opened her mouth to explain.

You stood, as calmly as you could and your hand struck her across the face. You had no words for her. No explanation for anyone. You grabbed your stuff and walked away.

She was your best friend. She should’ve told you. You should’ve heard it from her. Not one some tape.

You would never get Jeff back. You would never see his smile again. Smell his cologne. Run your fingers through his hair. All because of some fucked up chain of events.

Jeff deserved to live. He wanted to live. He wanted to play baseball and get married and have kids. All of that was ripped away from him.

How was that fair?

Life had gone on for everyone after Jeff had died, but you wished so badly yours would’ve ended. You had thought about doing it yourself numerous times but you knew that wasn’t was he would’ve wanted.


A/N: I know everyone voted for Jeff to live, and I will do a rewrite of this ending with a happy finish, but I had to get this off my chest for now. Don’t hate me. :(

 ** NONE of the gifs/images are mine.

Christian Yu As Your Boyfriend~


- waking up to him in the morning is a blessing 

- he’s adorable as fuck with messy bed hair

- he’s the big spoon 

- plays with your hair 

- raspy morning voice 

- loves when you trace his tattoos

- hickeys 

- all over your neck and collarbones 

- also your thighs 

- i bet he’s an ass guy 

- backhugs 

- deep conversations late at night 

- loves skinship 

- biting 

- K I N K Y ?? 

- pouts when you make fun of his korean 

- “Damn baby, look at you. Looking all fine." 

- lots of compliments 

- occasionally takes you on set with him 

- sexy australian accent 

- he takes you out for dinner a lot 

- he’s an amazing boyfriend pls love him

Asthma Attack

Not requested, but this idea has been on my mind for a while because I think we all need worried, concerned boyfriend Shawn. Also who had asthma when they were younger or still have it?? 🙋🏻 I never had bad asthma attacks so sorry if this is inaccurate. Just focus on how adorable worried/protective Shawn is. 

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Your name: submit What is this?


Shawn is spending the week in LA to do some writing so he asked you to come along so that you two could spend some time together and explore the city whenever he had time off. You agreed, but you didn’t realize until you were already in LA that it wasn’t a great idea because it made your asthma act up. When you were younger, you used to have really bad asthma. As you grew older, you grew out of it a bit, but you still have to deal with it and worry about it once in a while, but for the most part it doesn’t affect your everyday life.

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{ date night }

promptif it’s okay with you,how bout a hamilsquad prompt that’s like At Ease?(it could be when the reader went somewhere with John at night but then they meet a couple of thugs so they end up not coming back and the remaining boys decide to look for them)

pairing: hamilsquad x reader but there’s a little more john x reader

a/n: this took way too long,,, i apologize. 

t/w: fighting mostly, some cursing

“Baby girl!” John yelled loudly throughout your place. 

“Yeah, John?” You called back from where you were upstairs. You were sorting through your laundry, picking out your clothes from the huge pile on your bed. 

He followed your voice and quickly popped into the room. He hugged you from behind and kissed your cheek. “It’s our turn to go out tonight.” He said with a big smile. “All you have to do is go get dressed and our night will begin.” 

“Do I get any hints as to where we’re going?” You smiled at him coyly, raising your eyebrow slightly. 

“Figured we could check out that new club that just opened.” He kissed your neck, rubbing your side. “Maybe get a drink or two. Dance a little. Grab a bite to eat afterwards.” 

“Sounds fun.” You decided, turning a little so you could kiss him on the lips. The kiss was greedy, with him pulling you closer. You smirked against his lips and pushed him down against the bed slightly. You straddled him and finished the kiss with a big smile. “I’ll go get ready.” You were both breathless as you sat up a little straighter.

“I’ll be here.” He kissed you once more before you got up to find something to wear.

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“ Dance for Me, Baby “ // Min Yoongi (M)

Request: Hi, dear I see you take request so may I ask for a yoongi smut where he is tired and stressed and his friends make something for him, you can use like inspiration the song Dance for you by Beyonce? Pretty please 😀😀😟

Description: You and the boys are out for a couple of drinks and Yoongi been stressed out about his solo album. The boys tease him and you decide to get the album of his mind

Tag: striptease! 

“Yoongiii~” you whined as you gripped his arm to force him into the bar. People walking by gave you two weird looks, because you were acting like a toddler out in public. Yoongi rolled his eyes and pulled his arm back. “I want to stay in the car,” he said as he snatched the keys away from you and started walking down the alley, where you two parked. You followed behind him. “Please, you promised me,” You said. Yoongi just sighed, annoyed. “I didn’t promise I said I’d take you.” You ran up to him and caught him arm. “Please, Minnie,” you gave him puppy eyes. “Just for 30 minutes and we’ll go back home, and I’ll relive you,” you whispered the last part in his ear and pulled away. You turned back around and you heard Yoongi defeated groan and caught up to you and held your hand. “A couple of drinks and we’re gone.” You nodded and pecked a kiss on his cheek. 

You two walked in and easily spotted the 6 boys at the bar, drinking and having a good time. You two walked over to them and the boys cheered. “Woah! Yoongi seems like he’s back from the dead,” Namjoon teased. Yoongi flipped them off and sat down beside you as you order yourself beer. “Speaking of Yoongi, where have you been?” Yoongi took his beer from you and sighed. “working.” “Working or fucking?” Jimin teased and the guys laughed. You didn’t want to upset Yoongi, who was holding his beer firmly in hand as he took the insult. You sighed and looked at the guys.

“Guys, come on, no more teasing my boyfriend. Be thankful he had to squeeze in time for us tonight,” you said. You raised your beer bottle up. “To Yoongi!” you said. The boys said cheers, and Yoongi didn’t, just looked off in the distance.

The whole night was filled with liquor, memories, and of course teasing Yoongi. Yoongi was tired and stressed out with the album and all the guys did was tease them. Even asked the bartender to put up one of his interviews, where he was explaining his album. The guys were roasting him and Yoongi didn’t respond. You felt the the bad guy for not trying to help him and standing up for him. “alright, guys, that’s enough,” you said as you looked in the corner of your eye and saw Yoongi upset a bit. Yoongi stood up and slid a 20 to the bartender before going to your ear. “I’m going to go sit in the car, Y/N.” you sighed and watched as Yoongi walked disappointed and you turned to the guys. “You guys are being asshole. Yoongi is working really hard on that solo album with zero help. The best thing you guys could do is support him,” you said as you paid for my drink and walked off. You caught up with Yoongi who had his head low as he walked to the car. “I’m sorry baby.” Yoongi looked at you and gave you a small smile. “Its fine. Can you drive?” You nodded and he handed you the keys and you walked to the driver’s seat and the car ride was quiet. Yoongi kept his head out the window and watched the city lights as you drove to the flat. You knew how he was feeling. You placed a hand on his and kissed his hand. He looked at you and kissed your cheek. You two drove in complete silence the whole way, with the radio playing slow music. When you two got home, Yoongi got out and went the door, typing in the code and walked in not waiting for you. You sighed and walked in. “Want me to make you something?” you asked as you took your coat off. Yoongi was already climbing the stairs when you asked. “No,” he said in a shaky voice. “I’m going to be in my office.” You frowned. “Okay, I love you-” The door was slammed and you just sighed and walked up the stairs to your room.

The past several weeks, Yoongi been distant and been in his room the whole time. The only time I saw him was when he was getting a midnight snack. He’d just smile and walk off, but today was going to be different.I got Kookie to take him out the house for a couple of hours to set in a big surprise for him. Since he’s been stressed out, I put up a pole in the office and a black chair he wanted. Tonight was going to be our night. 

I heard the keys go off and Yoongi came in and I walked out to greet home. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing his favourite red lingerie. I covered myself and I walked down the stairs and kissed his lips. “Hey baby.” Yoongi smiled and kissed back. “How was the hangout?” Yoongi smiled and it was different. It was a gummy smile. “Great. Your idea was great, baby, thank you.” I blushed. “Aw, no problem babe. You should get some rest.” Yoongi shook his head. “I have a album baby girl. I’ll come in the room when I’m done okay.” He kissed my cheek and walked up the stairs and I followed behind him, eager to see his expression. He went to his door and opened it to easily spotted the pole and his face went blank. I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed his neck. “Surprise,” I whispered. “What’s this?” I pulled away and walked inside. “A pole,” I said smirking. Yoongi walked in and took of his shoes as he eyed the pole. “Since when did we have one? When did we even get one?” He asked as he circled it. “Well I thought that since you’ve been stressed lately, why not to relieve you. I know you like this.” Yoongi nodded and sat in the black couch. 

He stared at the pole and I knew he was fantasising about me on there. His eyes went black and it was filled with lust and he turned to me. The atmosphere got tensed with his stare. He nodded his head to the pole. “Dance for me baby girl.” You smiled and walked over there, but felt weak under his gaze. The way he eyed you up and done in the silk black robe increased your ego. When you got to the pole, you unwrapped the robe and he watched it fall of your body. His eyes widened a bit at your outfit. You smirked at his expression and walked over to the speaker and typed in ‘Dance for you’ to set the mood a little better. Yoongi shifted in his seat a bit as you noticed a tent in his tight jeans. 

He opened his legs a bit and watched as you walked over to the pole as Beyoncé sang the first verse. You circled the pole when the beat dropped and stopped in front of it and squatted on the pole, imagining Yoongi’s hand roaming your body. You roamed your hand across you breast and lowered it down to your temple and got up and walked over to Yoongi. You pressed your arse on his body and twirled your ass on his body. Yoongi sighed behind you and placed his hands on your hips. Feeling your hips grind on him turned him on a lot. You grinded harder on him and grabbed his hands and pressed them on your breast. Yoongi’s hands roamed your body just like you imagined and you moaned and reached behind you to grab his neck. 

He rested his chin on your shoulder and pressed a kiss on your neck, sending shivers down your body. You smiled and got up to sit on Yoongi. Your thighs either side of his thighs, you rolled your hips on his. He stared into your eyes watching your every move. You knew what he liked and you fulfilled his desire. Yoongi reaches up and touched your body. His hands touching every curve of your body. He loved your hips the most and the way they moved on him, he threw his head back and let you grind on him. You knew he was into every second of the moment. When Beyonce talked about dropping it, you got up and swayed your hips in his face ans grabbed your eyes. 

You held onto Yoongi’s knees as you lowered yourself between them amd swirled your hips and grinded a bit. Yoongi soothed your hair when you turned around to face him. You reached up to touch his throat and your hand traveled from his neck to his chest, abdomen, and his bulge where you touched it barely, sending Yoongi moaning. Yoongi bit his bottom lip as you got up. He grabbed your hips and pulled you into him. He sat up a bit and looked into your eyes as he held you. You leaned down and pressed a kiss on his lips. The kiss was passionate. Meaningful. Different from the other. The music changed to Daniel Caser - Get You as you two kissed. His soft lips took over your in a dominant kiss and he grabbed your hips and pulled you down with him. You climbed on top of him and held his face in hand, and deepened the kiss. He reached up and caressed your face with his thumb. His cold thumb ring sending a chill down your spine. You licked the bottom of his lips, for an entrance, and he gladly opened his mouth to share a sinful and slow kiss with you. He gripped your hips as he felt the rhythm of your hips. He pulled away and kissed your neck, before looking into your eyes. You tangled your fingers with his, as you looked into his eyes. 

“Strip for me,” he whispered. You smiled and removed your fingers from his and reached behind you to detach the bra and he watched closely as the material fell off your body. His eyes widened like he was a boy receiving ice cream. His hands glided up your body to your breast and you manned as he squeezed lightly. He looked at your expression before attaching his pale lips on your nipple and you gripped the back of his head, throwing your head back due to the sensitivity, and moaned. He twirled his tongue over your pearl and sucked on it, as he other hand went to work on the other breast. 

All the intensity left you dry humping Yoongi. He chuckled deeply at your desperation and pulled away. “Come on baby. Relieve both of us.” You nodded and reached below him and tarted fondling with his belt, eager to take it off and Yoongi pulled you off. 

“Strip and maybe you’ll get a reward.” You quickly complied and took the rest of your garment off. Young watched as he peeled his belt off, eyes roaming your body and watching every move, he pulled his pants down to his ankles and kicked them off. He long slender hands reached for his cock and slowly touched himself to you. When you slipped the heels off, your mouth watered at the sight of his cock in hand. Yoongi beckoned his fingers for you to come over and you walked over and sat on his lap. Yoongi wrapped his arm around your waist as he leaned into the kiss. You two roughly kissed one another, sensing desperation, Young’s other hand came between your legs as he spread them open and started playing with your slit. You moaned in his mouth and he smirked. He rubbed your clit in a slow circular motion. Feeling how wet you are, his middle finger pressed down your slit and slipped inside your entrance and you hissed and pulled away, pressing your forehead against yoongi’s.

He smiled, breathless by the kiss, and started curling his finger inside you. You threw your head back and moved your hips on his lap. You pushed his finger deeper and he grinned.

“Taking this so well baby. Ahh,” he said. You moaned out loud, telling Yoongi you wanted more. Yoongi hissed as he felt your hand grabbed his cock. He hissed lowly. “You want more baby?” You nodded your head and he felt him slip his ring ringer in, his cold ring, pressing on your clit. You started  breathing heavily as he kept his eyes on you, moving his fingers harshly inside.

“Shit..your so tight, I can barely move my fingers,” he smirked. You wrapped your smile hand around Yoongi and started pumping him as he sent you to the moon. You were on the edge and started panting.

“Yoongi,” you whispered breathless. He smirked and grunted. “You close? Cum for me.” In a matter of seconds you felt yourself cum on his fingers, your juices coating his fingers and some dripping down to his bare thigh. You released his cock when you came down from your high. “Fun wasn’t it?” You nodded and you pulled yourself off him and got on your knees. Yoongi shook his head. “Baby girl no.” You raised a brow. “I want to pleasure you, Yoongi.” He smiled. “Ahh, your so cute. I wanted you to feel loved tonight baby. I know I haven’t been around but I want this to be for you.” You smiled at him and leaned up to kiss his lips. 

“This night was made for you, so they it well baby.” Yoongi smirked and leaned back into the couch, soaking into the comfort of the couch and your hand around his shaft. 

Dating Roman Bürki Includes

Originally posted by dybullet

  • Him being completely infatuated with you when you first start dating.
  • “You’re amazing, I’m in awe of you” “Stop it Roman, you’re just sucking up now.”
  • As soon as you agree to being his girlfriend, you become the subject of his social media
  • He posts SnapChat’s of you all day long
  • ‘Bae looking so fine 😍😍😍’ ‘My lil baby killing it in the gym #goals’
  • His Instagram is flooded with pictures of you too
  • ‘My favorite supporter #bvb #goaliebae’
  • Even when he does post-match interviews he can’t shut up about you
  • “My girlfriend was in the stands today, I figured I’d play a really good match so I’d impress her”
  • The vacations, or as Roman captioned them, baecations would be fantastic
  • Bora Bora, Abu Dhabi, Bali, the Bahamas, you name it
  • And the sex would obviously be mind-blowing
  • Car sex, balcony sex, washer machine sex, throw rug sex, elevator sex, nowhere was off limits
  • Roman would shower you in the best, most sentimental gifts
  • Remember that one time you randomly mentioned always wanting to go to Aspen to stay in a ski lodge? He booked it, you’ll be going this Christmas
  • He also liked to spoil you with flashy gifts
  • That Mercedes Benz you reblogged on your blog with the heart eyes under it? He’s gonna have it delivered to your work tomorrow.
  • When you guys have a fight (a very rare occasion) he’s usually the first one to break the ice, even if you were in the wrong 
  • He’s a big family guy too. At night when you’re cuddling with him, he’d be going through potential kid names with you
  • “I think I like Klara for a girl.” “And I like the thought of me having a Roman Jr.”
  • Roman is hella loyal to you
  • Any thirsty girl that tries to make a pass at him is met with a cold rejection
  • Most importantly, he loves you for who you are
  • “You know, you’re really sexy when you walk around in just a bra and my boxers.”

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◇ Shin Wonho is dead.

◇ Wonho x reader

◇ mafia!au

◇ requested by anon; Could I please request a mafia au/gang au with wonho even the thought is killing me

◇ ummm this is way angstier than i planned. Oop


Wonho was cold. Icy cold. He was blue locks and battered knuckles and bruised lips and a black eye that was really shades of purple, not black.

He was never hesitant, always sure of every step forward he would take. Wonho could interrogate the toughest person known to man and they would be writhing for help in ten seconds. He was quick and nimble and good with his fists. Wonho had skills.

These skills were the main reason for Shownu’s interest in him. He remembers it clearly, how he was recruited; three years ago, after a good fight. He won, so of course it was good.

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You Look Happier (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Requested by anon: “your imagines are so good omgomgomg!!! is it possible if you could do a grayson imagine based off the song happier by ed sheeran? and could it be grayson’s pov? thx!!:)”
Word Count: 2,049
Warnings: Alcohol abuse, heartbreak. I cry.
A/N: I love this song, it’s saaad. Like who hurt Ed Sheeran so badly? :( Anyway, hope you like this dear anon. Thank you guys so much for almost 200 followers. Also, this is my 100th post, yay! Listen to the song for the full effect.


“Walking down 29th and park, I saw you in another’s arms
Only a month we’ve been apart, you look happier”

We had walked around town, Ethan and I, searching for a good location to film our newest video in. I hadn’t expected it at all, I hadn’t seen it coming. But there she was, in another man’s arms. She was standing outside a clothing store, bright smile on her face as she wrapped her arms around the man’s neck. It was like something had pierced my heart at the sight, because that smile was once only reserved for me. I stopped in my tracks, feeling like the breath had been knocked out of me and the tip of my fingers became numb. She looked so happy, way happier than she had looked when she was with me at the final stage of our relationship. Sure, it had been a month and she deserved to be happy because I had hurt her pretty bad, stuff that wasn’t supposed to be said, was said, and now she had moved on.

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Title: Surgery

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: Sorry it’s so late. Got crushed at work tonight. An Auston Matthews imagine will be posted tomorrow, it’ll probably be posted super late since I work and have a game to go to. Let me know what ya think!

Links: My Master List  and My Current Requests

”No good.” he muttered, shaking his head; removing the back of his hand from your fevered forehead. “We go to hospital. Now.” he instructed. “Can you sit?” His worry almost palpable, his eyebrows furrowed in concern.

You groaned, swinging your legs off the side of the bed, another bolt of pain racing through your body. You hadn’t been feeling well; the pain on your right side was mild, coming and going over the past few days and you had been able to shake it off; until now. Today you had woken up with a fever, the pain now radiating through your abdomen. By the time Evgeni had gotten back from practice this morning, you couldn’t get out of bed. Realizing how sick you really were put him into a state of worry.

You took short breaths, not being able to take a deep breath without the pain flooding through you. Wrapping his arm around your waist, Evgeni helped you to your feet. “Can you walk?” he questioned, supporting you as you took a few soft footsteps forward. Not satisfied with your pace, Evgeni scooped you up into his arms, carrying you to the car.

You looked over at him from your hospital bed; his large frame filling the tiny, uncomfortable visitor chair. He was slouched forward, his head in his hands. “Baby, I’ll be fine.” you said softly, frowning as you saw how worried Evgeni really was. His hair disheveled, still in his workout clothes from this morning.  You were surprised he had managed to get you to the hospital without getting a speeding ticket.

Lifting his head from his hands, he reached out and took your hand in his, shaking his head. His lips were moving a mile a minute; Russian flowing off his tongue. Not having time to process everything he was saying you only caught bits of his rant; ‘we should have come sooner’, ‘you were admitted 3 hours ago and they still don’t have an answer’, ‘I should have brought you here when I got home from the road trip last night’. 

The creaking of the door cut him off, a doctor walking to the foot of your bed; Evgeni straightened in his chair, still clutching your hand. “Hello again, Ms. (Y/L/N). We’ve identified the problem. The pain you’ve been experiencing and fevers are all stemming from issues with your gallbladder. We had an opening in the OR this afternoon, so we’ll be taking you down there in about 45 minutes to have the gallbladder removed.” the doctor explained.

“Removed?” Evgeni questioned, his head snapping up. “Surgery?”

“Yes, it’s a fairly simple procedure. We’ll go in laparoscopically, so there won’t be any major incisions. The recovery time is just around 10 days.” he nodded before leaving the room, Evgeni’s eyes widening. 

“See I’ll be fine.” you reassured him, squeezing his hand. Sure, you were nervous, surgery wasn’t something you were looking forward to, but if it was going to make the pain stop, you couldn’t complain. “It’s just my gallbladder, nothing serious.”

“Not serious? You joking?” he asked, lines creasing his forehead. “You going into surgery!” he said panicked.

“Baby, they found the problem and they can fix it. I’ll be better.”

He shook his head worriedly, placing kisses onto the back of your hand.

You opened your eyes, darkness had overtaken the hospital room; the only light came from the glowing television in the corner. Glancing at the digital clock, you realized you had been asleep for the past 5 hours, no pain to rouse you from your sleep. Beside you, Evgeni was strewn uncomfortably across the plastic chair, his head tilted awkwardly over the backrest.

“Evgeni?” you whispered. Evgeni jerked awake, untangling himself from his chair he walked over to your bed side, pressing a kiss to the corner of your mouth.

“You okay, lyubov moya?” he asked softly, brushing a strand of hair out of your face. “I was worried.”

“I’m fine, baby. You look exhausted, how long were you asleep?” you asked, brushing a thumb across his cheek.

“Maybe been sleeping for an hour? But it’s okay, as long as you okay.”

You scooted over to the side of your bed, patting the empty space beside you. “Come sleep with me. There’s plenty of room.”

“No, no. You sleep, you heal. I don’t want to hurt you.” he said quickly.

“I would feel a lot better knowing you didn’t spend the night in that uncomfortable chair.” you said, glancing behind him at the hard-plastic seat. “Please?”

Knowing you weren’t going to relent, he slipped off his shoes, slipping under the covers beside you. He kept his distance not wanting to jostle you. Once he was settled, you curled into him, resting your head on his chest.

“You feel better?”

“I do, baby. Thanks for staying with me.” you whispered.

“I will stay, always.”

Request: I’m so excited for April now- you’re a great writer! I feel like Geno doesn’t get enough love so Evgeni Malkin where you get really sick and Geno freaks out and it turns out you have to get your gallbladder removed? Thank you so much in advance!!!

“I’ll always appreciate your company.” (Grayson)

Requested by anonymous: “can u do a fluffy grayson imagine”


You were lying in bed in your apartment, scrolling through your twitter feed, trying to find something to hold your attention. You didn’t have class, so you just planned on hanging out by yourself at home, until your scrolling was interrupted by a knock on your door.

“Who could that possibly be at nine in the morning on my off day? I’m not expecting anyone.” You said to yourself as you walked to the front door. You opened it to find Grayson standing outside.

“Hey baby.” He said with a wide smile on his face.

“Grayson! What are you doing here? I would’ve made myself look presentable had I known you were coming.” You laughed as you pulled him in for a hug.

“Baby, you look fine. Plus, I missed you like crazy and wanted to see you. Why not make it a surprise visit?” He smiled, kissing you. 

“Surprise visits are always nice.” You laughed. You helped him bring in his bags and led him to your bedroom, sitting down in your bed. Grayson slipped off his shoes and climbed into the bed with you, laying his head in your lap as you played with his hair.

“I can’t believe your here. But, what about your channel? Don’t you have videos to film? And what about Ethan? You two are never apart.” You said.

“We already have all of that taken care of. I’m here for the next few days, and all I’m focused on is spending time with you. And Ethan will be fine. This was partly his idea anyway. I think he’s been wanting to get rid of me.” He said.

“Now, why would anyone wanna get rid of you?” You asked.

“I don’t know. I guess not everyone appreciates my company as much as you do.” He laughed.

“I’ll always appreciate your company.” You said, leaning down to kiss him.

You and Grayson lied in your bed, talking and laughing. taking cute pictures and videos with each other. You took a video of Grayson leaving kisses on your cheeks and all over your face, captioned it “My baby” and posted it to your story, and you and Grayson took videos on his snap playing with the filters. A little while later, you were interrupted by Grayson’s stomach growling.

“Oh my god, that sounded like an animal.” You laughed.

“I haven’t eaten since I got to the airport this morning. I’m starving.” You said.

“Well, it’s still early, we can make breakfast.” You said.

“Ah yes, my favorite meal of the day.” He laughed. You both went to the kitchen and got to cooking. You made pancakes, bacon and eggs, and once you were done, you sat at your dining room table, eating breakfast, drinking coffee, and catching up. It had been almost a month since you and Grayson had last seen each other, and you missed him. You missed being able to see him in person and being able to hear his voice in person. 

Once you finished breakfast, you cleaned up the kitchen and went back to your room and got cozy in your bed. You put on a movie and laid on Grayson’s chest as he wrapped his arms around you. You knew that you both would fall asleep early on into the movie, but you didn’t mind. You were happy that you and him were finally with each other again, finally able to spend time with each other.

Intertwined-Chapter 7 (Final)

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: ANGST. Depression, Violence, Smut, Mutant Reader (ALWAYS) powers include immortality, healing and telekinesis. Currently can’t think of anything else.

Summary: 5 years after the events of CACW, you are the live-in therapist for the newly reconciled Avengers, Steve’s Fiancé. The first words your soulmate speaks appears on your body, but only after your first conversation has taken place, making it impossible to know who your soulmate is, what will happen when Steve brings Bucky too live at the compound?  

Song: Noah Cyrus ft Labyrinth Make me cry

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I never needed you like I do right now

I never needed you like I do right now

I never hated you like I do right now

‘Cause all you ever do is make me

Your POV:

“Oh..Oh my god Steve!” you whisper as you blindly stumble forward “Oh no..Oh God” you whimper as you sink to the floor, clutching desperately at Steve’s hand, tears are spilling down your face as the weight of Bucky’s words start to sink in, It’s over, All over you think “Jus stay here doll, I’ll be right back” he says as he strides purposefully down the hallway

Gave you up 'bout twenty one times

Felt those lips tell me twenty one lies

You’ll be the death of me

Sage advice

Love, lovin’ you could make Jesus cry

Bucky’s POV:

They had an agreement, He and Steve, that they would stay away from you until you had made a decision, you had obviously made it, and soulmate or no, it wasn’t him, he wasn’t expecting it to be, but it crushed him to see you in the arms of his best friend again. He can not deal with this, he cannot live the rest of his life watching his soul bonded in the arms of another man, striding into his bedroom he yanks out a duffle bag from his closet, stuffing in any clothing he can find “Jerk” Steve says “Lemme explain” he asks, “There aint anything to explain Steve, I see the lay of tha land, I ain gonna fight ya on this” he replies “Buck jus listen please” Steve says, Bucky angrily throws his duffel on the bed, whirling to face Steve “I ain listening to shit you have to say” he yells “you knew what she means ta me! Ya knew how i felt, and still ya couldn’t keep ya hands off her” he says, chest heaving “She doesn’t want me Buck” he counters “She called ta tell me face ta face that it was you she wanted” Bucky’s heart is racing, hope flaring in his chest with this new revelation “wha? No, tha can’t be right” he wonders out loud “Believe it Buck, ya best go get ya girl, she’s a sobbing mess on the lounge floor” Steve admonishes, guilt washes over him “Man, i’m such an asshole” he mumbles as he hurries out the bedroom.

When I hear you sayin’, “Darlin’, your kiss is like an antidote”

I’m fightin’ like I’m Ali

But you got me on the ropes

Your POV:

You’re shell shocked, you can’t seem to wrap your head the events of the last 15 minutes, so close you whimper, so close to being with him, and ripped away so suddenly by a misunderstanding, it was not supposed to end this way, you were supposed to sit him down and talk, tell him how you feel, he was supposed to reciprocate, you were supposed to live a long happy life together, with children and grandchildren and it was gone. ‘(Y/N)’ you barely register the person speaking to you, so wrapped up in your tumultuous thoughts, that you stare blankly at his combat boots for a full 30 seconds before you realize that Bucky has reentered the room, your gaze snaps up, staring at his piercing blue eyes, willing your mind to catch up with the current situation “Bucky?” you ask “Oh god baby doll, i’m so sorry, i completely misunderstood what was going on” he pleads “I love ya baby doll, i wanna be with ya, Please give me a chance ta make it up to ya” Bucky wants to be with you? These are actual words coming out of his mouth respond moron you internally scream, mouth opening and closing, Bucky kneels in front of you “I’m so sorry, please forgive me, please be with me” his words spur you into action and you bodily launch yourself into his arms, babbling incoherently “Yes! Of course! I love you!” he chuckles “Good otherwise this would’ve been really awkward” He kisses you soundly on the mouth, your entire body feels like it’s been set on fire, you can feel the bond solidifying with the kiss, entire galaxies burst behind your eyelids as he deepens the kiss “Bucky” you murmur against his lips “yeah prinstessa I know”

Baby, say the word, darlin’

You know just how to hold the sucker down

So I’ll see you in the morning

I can’t watch you walk out

4 years later

You watch contently as Bucky splashes around the kiddy pool with your son, Bucky completely engrossed in teaching him how to float, laughing joyfully every time your son makes a splash, you had been married for more than 3 years and the addition of your boy had solidified the happy little family you had made for yourselves, you couldn’t be happier, Bucky picks up your son and spins him around, sunlight glinting off his metal arm, your sons head thrown back in laughter, It’s the most beautiful thing you have ever seen “you alrigh’ Darlin?” Bucky calls out, taking in the blissed out look on your face

“Yeah Baby, I’m perfectly fine” you reply answering Bucky’s smile with one of your own, Steve chuckles beside you, reaching for Sharon’s hand as she tries to nurse their daughter. Yup. Life was perfectly imperfect, and you wouldn’t change a damn thing.

Couldn’t hear the thunder, but I heard your heart race

Couldn’t see the rain, we’re too busy makin’ hurricanes

Love ain’t easy when it ain’t my way

But it gets hard, when you ain’t here makin’ me crazy


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anonymous asked:

A Request :P could you make jikook overstimulation smut? However u want it, like a one shot or hc any is fine #pervertlife thank youuiui:3

“Uh-oh, baby you look so overwhelmed.” Jimin says as he rides Jungkook who is typed to the bed. Jungkook is just a whimpering mess, tears down his flush cheeks as his lower lip is trembling. His eyes are in and out of focus while some drool dips down his chin. 

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