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Do you have any oc's? If so would you like to share them? Also I love your art so much, you capture the spirit of the characters you draw so perfectly. Keep on being amazing! 💓💓💓💓

THANK YOU SO MUCH IAFSPJ; <333 and oh wow i didn’t expect anyone to ask about my OCs! :0  

I’ve… neglected my OCs for like a full year now (and haven’t drawn them for even longer ;^;), so revisiting them was fun! 

Okay so, being the space ho I am, most of my OCs are aliens, monsters, or alien monsters  _(:з」∠)_


current fav thing to draw is lil Allura with young Coran


i have fallen hard

We’ll Make It Happen

Just a little Malec/Madzie thing that ended up running away from me! I kinda wish this was a Malec/Lightwood Siblings + Clary plot later this season! Let me know if you want more! 

They found Iris Rouse a few days later, out in some dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere. It was a tall black shape, blocking out the already hidden winter sun against the colorless sky, the shadows cast by its hulking form looming over them as they stood and gazed up at it, a chilling air settling itself around them. The house was made of dark wood, rotted to holes in places from disuse, with its open windows creaking in the wind and what sounded like ravens cawing deep within. Alec shuddered as he remembered all the women Iris must have trapped here, the children…

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Sugar Daddy date ideas

Obviously to start out with you have coffee, drinks at a nice/fancy bar, lunch/dinner.
Once you start to get closer and more intimate, dates I have had or am planning for the future are:

- wine tasting at a vineyard, or tasting scotch at a distillery, or beer in a brewery

- for bars, take him to a secret speakeasy he doesn’t know about, or suggest he gets a room at a luxury hotel with drinks in the bar beforehand 😉

- couple’s spa/ massages, champagne and plenty of private time

-if your SD likes clubbing, invite your hot girlfriends (make sure you can trust them not to steal him away) and have him get a table at an exclusive club.

-have him take you to Vegas to gamble! He should give you some money to play with, and maybe you can win some more to take home

- shopping at boutiques/department stores (pick things out for him too! Make sure it’s not just all about you. Choose things you think look good on him and tell him he looks sexy, that way he’s less likely to feel like you’re using him.. though of course you are)
Also, you can ask him to pick out clothes that he thinks look good on you (or lingerie 😉) that way, you can play it off as him buying you new clothes for his own enjoyment! Tell him “I can’t wait to wear this for you..”

- if you’re not shy, take him to a sex toy shop.

- have him take you to a concert or play in the VIP section.. maybe you want to see Jay Z, Beyoncé or Kanye on tour? Or maybe he enjoys Broadway?

- for the more refined SD maybe ballet or the opera.. if anything it’s a nice excuse to get dressed up in black tie and look stunning. If you don’t know anything about it read up on whichever show you’re going to and the careers of the performers, and make it sound like you know what you’re talking about!

- for the sporty SB’s go skiing, play tennis or even better, golfing. If you know how to golf that is a huge plus in the SD world because it’s a sport that many businessmen enjoy and use to close deals! Use going golfing with him to close your deal 😉

- if you don’t want to play a sport then you can at least go to a game with him! What’s his favorite sport? Football, soccer, baseball, basketball? Maybe he can get court side seats! And again, read up on the sport so you’re not constantly asking him to explain what’s going on. Nothing is more annoying. You don’t have to go overboard and pretend you’re a huge fan, as that’s annoying too if you’re faking it, but at least have a general idea of how things work.

- upper class sporting events include polo (veuve clicquot polo classic for example), Wimbledon or the US Open, or the Masters golf tournament. These tickets are generally more expensive, and you should dress nicer.

- cooking classes! Learn how to cook each other’s favorite meals

- gallery openings and museum exhibitions, or charity galas. This depends on whether your SD wants to introduce you to his friends and society (assuming he is part of society). Even if he isn’t, you can buy tickets to major art events such as Art Basel in Miami. Or attend an art auction by major auctions houses such as Christie’s or Sotheby’s

- Getaway for the weekend to the beach! Remember, if he’s kind enough to book tickets and arrange everything, it’s your job to make the weekend as stress free and relaxing for him as possible. And long walks on the beach, while cliched, are still very romantic! And take care of him while you’re there - for example make sure his drink is always full (you order with the waiter so he doesn’t have to) and put sunscreen on him, throwing in a little massage.

- My SD took me in a helicopter to the Hamptons. Got to see this incredible view of New York as we were flying out (and on the way back as well)! Or for the more adventurous pairs.. sky diving?

- have him rent a yacht for just the two of you for the day/weekend (or if he owns a yacht, even better)!

- for the traveling SD, have him take you along on his business trips. London seems to be a common destination for these types, as does NYC, LA, and Hong Kong.

- take a short weekend road trip if you can’t travel for longer. For example, go to Nantucket from Boston for the weekend, or drive to Napa if you live in California

- stay up all night kissing and talking until the sunrise is a sure fire way to make him fall in love with you and have him wrapped around your little finger

- more couple vacation ideas include going glamping on safari in Africa (not like camping at all - it’s like a five star hotel with air conditioning etc that just happens to be in a tent rather than a building), going salsa dancing in South America, scuba diving in the Maldives or Fiji, or shopping in the souks in Marrakech!

- you can always surprise him by showing up at his door with movies, a bottle of wine, and wearing a coat with nothing underneath!

You can really make memories to last a lifetime with your SD footing the bill, and it’s a win win for all as he gets to go on dates/vacations with a pretty young thing and make memories as well!

And remember, it’s his experience as well, especially since he’s paying for it. You should be low maintenance and non fussy - to an extent. Obviously your plane tickets should be first or business class, but don’t kick up a fuss if he takes you to Italian instead of Sushi, for example. ALWAYS, ALWAYS BE GRACIOUS AND GRATEFUL!!! if he wanted someone nagging him and being bitter/bitchy/passive aggressive about stupid details, he’d get a girlfriend or a wife!

Any other suggestions?

EXO reaction coming home to find you in lingerie waiting for them

Xiumin- “oh, what have I done to deserve an angel like you?”

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Luhan- “Come lay by me and show me your little costume baobei, kitten”

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Kris- “Come here and let daddy have a closer look”

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Suho- “My baby looks so good in that. Too bad it’s going to be tear into pieces in a few seconds”

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Lay- “Baby, be prepare for tonight. You have no idea what you got yourself into”

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Baekhyun- “why don’t you undress me too baby?”

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Chen- “Who is this beauty, waiting obediently for daddy?”

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Chanyeol- “Come here and sit on my lap baby girl. Let me take a closer look at my precious girl”

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D.O- “What’s the occasion baby? Why do you have your beautiful costume out? Not that I don’t like it”

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Tao- “Didn’t know it was my birthday baobei. Looking delicious for me to resist”

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Kai- “Follow daddy to the bedroom baby girl”

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Sehun- “thank god i bought the big mirror. I want to see your beautiful self white I fill you with my love, baby girl”

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my friends watched some of miraculous ladybug for the first time. all they knew going into it is what i’ve said and a video that explained the love square

stuff that’s not in quotes is me, anything in quotes is one of my friends

(note: some pretty lowkey nsfw stuff because of who they are as people)

stormy weather

  • “its been 30 seconds you biG BABY”
  • “that’s [tikki] a small child"
  • “i have no idea what’s going on” oh my god just let it happen
  • “of course they always make the blonde girl the bitch” [we were on stormy weather and hadn’t met chloe]
  • “he’s cute”
  • transforming “oh jeez. of course there’s a transformation”
  • “look at that beautiful boy” [adrien]
  • “why does he have to have cat ears”
    “because he DOES”
  • chat comes onscreen “i love him”
  • “i love [chat]. i love him so much. i love. i love him so much”
  • “miraculous ladybug is my favorite anime”
  • “chat is my favorite”
  • “so they can figure [stormy weather] out, but they can’t figure out each other??!?!?!”
  • “this is a good episode of pokemon”
  • “that photographer needs to chill”

(evillustrator, lady wifi, the bubbler, and mr pigeon under the cut because this is So Long)

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Thinking about Fenris, and how he came to the decision to stop running and, as he says, “turn and face the tiger.”

Thinking about how difficult it must have been to decide to approach Anso. Thinking about all the times Fenris, on the run, must have been forced to put his trust in strangers only to have to flee because they were only out for what they could get from him. Thinking about how he expects it to happen the same way, here, but he’s going to take what he can get and deal Danarius a blow while he has the chance.

Thinking about how surprised Fenris must have felt, when Hawke agreed to help him. Thinking about how exposed and frightened he must have felt, waiting there outside the mansion for Hawke to arrive. If Danarius had had any guards set, they could have spotted him. They could have snuck up behind him. He could have been caught, taken back - but he’s standing there, anyway, watching the mansion, expecting to be betrayed but trying anyway.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Advice

So I finished my Ob/Gyn rotation last week, and here’s some take aways that I found valuable. Take this with a grain of salt. I’m just a wee third year medical student:

Before the Rotation:

1. I studied a few things beforehand, and several residents/attendings said that it showed during the first couple of weeks of the rotation. Know fetal heart tracing basics and why they happen (baseline HR, variability, accels, decels). Know what G’s and P’s are (TPAL!). Review pre-eclampsia. You’ll learn more about this on the rotation, but if you’re at a larger urban hospital like I am, you’ll see a lot of this.

2. Watch a video of a baby being born and a c-section if you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. If you haven’t taken surgery yet, and really want to be prepared, watch a video of a subcuticular suture. I closed more skin on this rotation than I did on general surgery.

3. Sleep and grocery shop because lol who knows when you’ll get the chance later.

Labor and Delivery

1. Follow your residents EVERYWHERE. You will get left behind if you don’t.

2. Offer to get an H&P on as many triage patients as you can, especially if it’s a labor rule-out. At my hospital, we weren’t allowed to go into rooms of laboring patients we hadn’t met before. So try to meet as many as you can, so you can get more deliveries! Don’t just expect to be handed deliveries. You have to earn it.

3. Ask to do as much as you can. Whether it’s cervix checks or presentation ultrasounds, there’s lots of smaller hands-on stuff that the resident can do in a few seconds and will forget to include you on if you don’t ask.

4. Some people might not agree with me on this, but if you’re interested in Ob/Gyn and have to do night shifts, don’t sleep if you can help it. See above, if you are asleep, there are tons of small things the residents do throughout the night that they won’t wake you up for. Also, there were a couple of times people rolled in by ambulance at 10cm and pushed a baby out in a few minutes. You don’t want to miss this. Be included in as much as you can! Plus, you can always study during slower nights.

5. C-sections are so much fun! Wear the knee high boots, and grab that suction because you’re going to need it. Eat something beforehand and don’t forget to bend your knees.

6. You’ll see lots of body fluids. Practice your poker face and don’t scowl when things get weird.


1. Don’t forget the OB and GYN histories. For OB, get the full G’s and P’s. Don’t forget to ask about miscarriages and abortions. Ask about any pregnancy complications (i.e. hypertension, diabetes, preterm delivery) and mode of delivery. For GYN, ask about last menstrual period, how heavy they are, how regular they are, and how long they last. Then, ask about birth control/condom usage, history of STI’s (list them off because sometimes people don’t know), and pap smears (any abnormal ones?). Finally, ask about sexual activity (men/women/both, multiple partners, etc.). This seems like a lot to ask, but if you don’t ask, many people won’t tell!

2. Be comfortable with speculum exams. For God’s sake, don’t tell patients to “spread your legs”. Ask them to let their knees fall to the sides. Tell them to expect your touch and downward pressure. Insert the speculum ALL the way and open, the cervix will 9 times out of 10 pop into view from there. Make sure you close the speculum while taking it out.

3. Know what tests need to be ordered when for each OB visit throughout pregnancy. Know the types of spontaneous abortions and what can be expectantly managed. Know the work up for infertility. Know when colposcopy and LEEP are generally indicated. Know when endometrial biopsies are indicated.

4. Talk to every patient about birth control if they aren’t already on it and aren’t trying to get pregnant! Maybe this is something I’m just passionate about, but no one is going to fault you if during your presentation for a patient with a vulvar lesion or vaginal discharge you say “…oh by the way, she’s interested in trying a Nexplanon”.

Gynecologic Surgery

1. I only had a week of this but know your anatomy. Know layers of the abdominal wall, parts of the fallopian tube, and uterine ligaments.

2. Fibroids and abnormal uterine bleeding. Learn this. Know the types of fibroids and when you treat abnormal uterine bleeding with surgery.

3. Sleeping patients are the best time to practice speculum and bimanual exams.

Shelf Exam

1. I don’t know my score yet, but I studied sooo much for this one. I read BluePrints, did all the UWise/UWorld questions x1, and all the questions I got wrong x1.

2. Honestly, I love the ACOG committee opinions and practice bulletins. Ask your resident to use their account if you don’t have one. If you only choose a couple to read, the hypertension/pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes ones are great.

3. Just work hard, and it will all be ok! After taking the shelf, I realized that I saw so many of the clinical vignettes in real life, which was pretty cool.

4. Some things I wish I studied more were STI’s and antibiotics, breast disease, and stages of labor.

I probably have a lot more advice, so if you have questions, just ask! These are just some things that helped me along the way.


A Canon Divergent set sometime in the future after Emma and Killian are married.   A series of one-shots centering around a CS pregnancy. Currently, plans on for several parts; Pregnant, Pregnancy, New Baby, and Sleep, however, if you have an idea send it on over.  Each part will have 2 parts. Here is part 2 which is Killian’s POV.  If you missed Emma’s POV you can find it here. 

Pregnant - Killian’s POV     

Can be found on FF. Net

word  count ~4600           Rating - K+

Killian looked out the window, watching his Swan climb into that yellow contraption she liked and drive off down the road.  Sighing at her stubbornness, he turned to the kitchen where Henry was finishing his usual morning Pop-Tarts, “You need anything else, lad?" 

"She okay?” he asked instead.

“Aye lad, she’s fine.  Just being Emma." 

"Stubborn, you mean?" 

Killian laughed, "That she is, but I was thinking more along the lines of ‘savior’ Emma. The Emma who doesn’t like to burden others with what she perceives as a problem.”

Henry sat there a minute contemplating what had been said and finally as if accepting there was nothing he could do, cleaned up his plate and ran upstairs to get his things for school.   

Killian wiped down the table, grabbed his jacket and walked the lad to the bus stop. “See you after school,” he called as Henry climbed on. 

As the bus drove around the bend, Killian felt a vibration in his pocket and pulling out his phone, was surprised to see Emma’s mother’s picture flashing on the screen. “Milady, is there trouble?”

“No, Killian, nothing like that.  I just wanted to tell you what happened with Emma as she just left Granny’s." 

"How was her appetite today?  Lately, it’s been hit or miss, with days where she eats well and then turns a pale shade of green and dashes off to the lavatory.”  

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Being pregnant with Crowley’s child would include...

  • Crowley kissing your stomach and resting his head on it whenever your lying in bed together
  • not letting you do anything and practically locking you up in your room to keep you safe
  • forcing him to go shopping with you and Crowley grumpily tagging along even though he secretly enjoys it
  • telling you how much he loves you
  • not being able to agree on a baby name because you have very different ideas of what’s appropriate
  • Crowley constantly being worried about you
  • having demons follow you around all day to look after you
  • “I will not raise our child in hell, we need a house!”
  • getting a bit more clingy than usual but Crowley likes it since you’re normally not that affectionate
  • heated discussions because you don’t like to rely on others and someone constantly worrying about you gets on your nerves sometimes
  • hugging you from behind
  • no demon would even dare to look at you the wrong way
  • Crowley lovingly calling you his ‘queen of hell’