baby you grown up so fast :(

Better Walk That (Pap) Walk, Baby by FallingLikeThis/@suddenclarityharry and lululawrence

Harry sat and stared at the print in front of his eyes where the names Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles looked to be in neon lights. It made him think back to those early days when all they’d dreamt of was seeing their names lit up on the signs for popular venues. Back then, things had seemed so black and white. Their love had grown as their popularity had, fast and intense and overwhelming. Maybe that was part of the problem. They’d never anticipated having to weave their way through a love so all encompassing at that age, much less at the same time as navigating brand new careers they’d been lucky enough to be a part of.

Harry stared at the papers as if it wasn’t him who had just signed them. He could do this. He could. He could pretend he was still as in love with Louis Tomlinson as he had been all those years ago no problem. He was now an actor in addition to a musician for fuck’s sake, he could make this work.

Or the one where, after years filled with the anger and pain that accompany a bad breakup, Harry and Louis have to try to put it all behind them, at least for the cameras.

Written for @dimpled-halo as part of the @hlficexchange2017


Requested: no.

Warnings: none.

This is really different but I really like it. I’m proud of this one. Hope you enjoy it.

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Would you believe me, if I said I went To the same church as Justin Bieber? I doubt it. People never did. But then again, who would?

But I do. And I have for a while now.

It’s not like we’ve talked or anything. In fact, I don’t think Justin even knows my name, but I still see him every week. So much that seeing him around isn’t even a shock anymore.

To me, he’s now just a normal person, attending church on a Sunday - who goes upon there normal day just like any one else would.

The church I attended was a private one. Very closed off and self kept. It was no wonder Justin came along.

At first, he would come along with his family. Sometimes alone. Basically just came to say grace, attend mass then leave. And it was like that for around a year, before I noticed someone else.

A girl who’s name I learnt to be Y/N. She was sweet from what I had seen. A religious girl who had good intentions. It surprised me to see her considering we usually don’t get a lot of new faces here.

She was friendly to everyone - including Justin. They looked like a couple of old friends who had grown up together and I actually think that’s what they were.

From what I had heard from my mother they have been best friends since as long as they could remember. And apparently Y/N’s normal Church closed down, so Justin invited her to join him at ours until she found a new parish.

But What was supposed to be a one time thing turned into a series of repetitive events, and after a month, she was considered a member of the church.

I honestly didn’t mind. It wasn’t like she was bothering me or anything and she was rather friendly. I liked her.

Months had passed and everyone in the church had begun to see a change in attitude around the two. It was as if they both a had a secret they were too afraid to tell each other but otherwise tried to act as if it wasn’t there.

But everyone else in the church had noticed. I remember my mother talking to Mrs smith one weekend after church about the two - they were saying how they ‘had seen this coming since the day Justin brought her to the church.’ Whatever that meant.

What did they see coming?

It wasn’t until weeks later I realised what they were talking about. One week at mass I watched them intensely, there was something about them that was just so interesting.

I may have been sitting a few seats behind them, but it was impossible to miss the way they were looking at each other when the other wasn’t. The love in there eyes.

That’s when I knew that they both had feelings for each other, they were just too afraid to admit it.

Time went by and nothing had changed. The problem about our church though is the church mothers love to gossip, and the kids love there media.

Apparently, some of the teen girls had seen on tmz some rumours that the two were dating, and they must have passed that message to there parents because it wasn’t long before the whole church was talking about it.

I didn’t believe it. I never believed anything the church mothers talked about. They’re always full of crap. But it came as a surprise the next Sunday when justin and Y/N walked in, smiling at each other with so much love, hand in hand.

Honestly, I was glad. It was about time. If I’m being honest, I think they looked cute together.

They were touchy throughout mass. Rubbing each other backs, winding their fingers through each other’s and even giving each other short, small pecks throughout.

It was honestly adorable.

And of course the church talked. No one in this place can keep there mouths shut but I didn’t mind talking about them. They were fascinating to me. And no one was saying anything bad.

A couple months had gone by and nothing had changed. They still had the same amount of love and passion in there eyes for each other. Sometimes they would show up looking a little pissed and avoided each other, but the next week they’d come back as if nothing had happened.

Just like a normal couple.

Justin continued making music and I even heard that Y/N got into modelling. Good for her, she had the body for it.

But that got the church talking once again. I think the girls were jealous honestly since from then on out people began throwing crap Y/N’s way. But after a while it passed.

Years had gone by and i think they were around 23 now. I know because Justin was exactly 6 years older then me. And I had just turned 17.

They still attended church, still sat in the same seats and shared the same love but one thing was different. Not only did they seem a lot more happy, but something in particular seemed to stand out.

Of course, this had the Parrish gossiping like crazy. Especially once they caught the size of the 27 carat diamond engagement ring wrapped around Y/N’s slender finger.

From that day on, the church began looking at her differently which was really uncalled for and rude. She had done nothing wrong and minded her own business - not disturbing anyone. But the Parrish saw her as spoiled and a gold digger.

Which didn’t make sense. It wasn’t like she askedfor the ring. It was Justin’s idea to propose. And they were a beautiful couple. Not just by looks but by personality as well.

Yet the couple went unphased. And a couple months later they both sported another ring each. Both just a simple wedding band.

Of course I didn’t attend the wedding personally but I heard they got married in the Parrish church. And the photos that flooded the internet only proved that theory.

Everything about the two was perfect. And they continued to attend mass together like a normal couple would.

All until a few weeks later. When Y/N walked in looking tired and saddened. Alone.

No Justin. And it was like that for a little while. She was alone.

I couldn’t believe it and apparently neither could the Parrish. They talked like crazy, some saying that they saw it coming and knew they wouldn’t last but others in as much shock as I was.

I couldn’t believe that they had broke up. They were so happy. I just couldnt figure out what went wrong.

But if you think that was a surprise, then you had to see how much more surprised we were to realise a couple months later, that Y/N’s stomach had grown.

No not fat. But Baby weight.

She was pregnant.

I couldn’t believe it. I felt so sympathetic for Justin. And the church couldn’t either. The news and rumours spread so fast after that and I even remember the day I heard it.

It was from Mrs Banks, the young housewife with the twin girls. Her daughters where bitches.but I remember my mother talking to her, and the way the news slipped Mrs banks lips, as if she was talking about a convict in prison. So much disgust.

‘She cheated on him.’

She said.

'she got pregnant with the other mans baby and poor Justin couldn’t take the heartbreak - left the sorry women just like she deserved.’

I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe such a sweet women could do such a terrible thing. Or maybe she wasn’t as sweet as i thought.

I avoided her for a long while after that. She tried being friendly, tried to say hello or throw a smile at me but I kept my distance. I was surprised father Gabriel hadn’t kicked her out.

A few more weeks went by, her stomach grew and so did the gossip and rumours. But suddenly, a month or two later, something happened. Something so small, yet it caused the whole church to shut there mouths.

Justin showed up one day. Not alone. Not with family. But with Y/N. Smiling.

He was walking behind her, with one hand on her swelling stomach and the other clutching her hand which also rest on her stomach. He guided her down the isle and into there usual seats, cuddling next to her.

Like nothing had happened.

Every pair of eyes where on them. Even father Gabriel’s.

Everyone was confused. Why had Justin gotten back with her? After what she did. I would never have forgiven her.

But it wasn’t long for word to get around. The truth. A girl who was a fan of Justin had actually asked him.

I don’t know how. I would have been so embarrassed. Thats such an invasion of privacy, yet she did it and I’m honestly glad she did.

Y/N never cheated. And the baby was Justin’s! The reason she showed up alone was because Justin had been on tour and everyone had overreacted.

I told you the woman were full of crap.

Anyways, months passed and Y/N’s stomach continued to grow. Swelling with life and beauty. Justin and herself looked so happy. And every time they walked in, I couldn’t help but notice how Justin clutched her stomach. It was so beautiful.

Everything was normal until one day, they both just stopped showing up.

It disappointed me. I really enjoyed watching the two from a distance, examining there lives. I wondered where they went. And hoped they would come back to the Parrish.

But they didn’t. Not the next week, or the week after that. Not even the week after that. They were both MIA.

I was convinced they had found a new Parrish. One with less crap and gossip. I wouldn’t blame them.

But that wasn’t the case, and we all found that out when they finally one Sunday, showed up again. This time, Y/N was not pregnant.

And Justin seemed a lot happier. So did Y/N but she also seemed tired. Not sad though. It was like a happy tired.

It was pretty obvious what had happened but I was still shocked when Justin’s body came into full view.

In his hands, he held a beautiful baby girl, dressed in a pink dress with a white flower band on her hair.

The girl was stunning. She had a full head of hair which was obviously inherited from her mothers thick dark brown hair, but was a dirty blonde like her father. Long thick eyelashes supported her eyes and a cute button nose sat on her face.

She was really small. But I think she was actually premature by a couple of weeks. So it made sense that the two weren’t at church for the last few weeks. They were busy looking after there new born baby girl.

And although Y/N brought a pram along with her, Justin didn’t put his little girl down. It was obvious he was proud of his little beauty. I would be too. She was really cute.

And well behaved. I hadn’t heard her cry all mass. There was a few times when the baby girl would stir, become a little restless but all Justin would need to do was say “shh it’s alright” and she would settle.

It truly was adorable.

And it wasn’t until Justin wrapped his arm around his wife, as Y/N placed a hand on her daughters leg and another around Justin’s torso that I truly realised.

This family was unbreakable.

  • Sasuke&Sakura: *came back with Sarada after the travels and are welcomed at the Konoha gate by Naruto and Kakashi*
  • Naruto: Hey Kakashi-Sensei! Why are you so quiet? Is it not wonderful, that the teme and Sakura-chan are finally back ttebayo? And they both said, that I will be the godfather of Sarada-chan.
  • Sasuke: Shut up, usuratonkachi.
  • Kakashi: Yeah. I am very very proud of you. Sasuke.....Sakura...
  • Kakashi in his mind: My OTP has a family! My work here is done. My heart. They are married and little babies. They have grown so fast. They are really married. And little Sarada is beautiful. But....they did the do AND I WASN'T THERE!!!
Justin As A Dad -Requested Twice (Blurb)

So you and Justin have 4 kids together, you have a 6 month old baby girl Lucy, a 4 year old named Hannah, Chase who’s 7 and your oldest girl Bella who’s 15. Justin is the most amazing dad and you are so so happy to have him as your husband. - ||||So he would always sing lullabies to baby Lucy and at night when she wakes he would be like “it’s ok babe I got her” and he’d go into her nursery and you’d find him on the rocking chair with her sleeping soundly in her daddy’s arms in no time. Lucy is a total daddy’s girl and she’s only 6 months! Whenever she tries to talk she keeps saying “da da”, it’s the cutest thing ever and Justin loves to video her and brag on snapchat about she hasn’t said mama yet!😌 - ||||| Hannah is just over toddler stage and has just started pre school, neither you or Justin could believe how fast she’d grown and got super emotional on the day, all he kept saying was “my baby girl you’re growing up so quick”. Hannah loves going to the studio with J and he always lets her record her own little singing voice! And then she would come home to you and be like “mommy look at the song me and daddy made” while Justin would smile , “babe you gotta hear it”. Hannah also gets a long super well with Jaxon as they are closer ages ,so whenever you guys go to his parents house they go crazy together! - ||||Chase and Justin have such a special relationship as he’s the only boy! They are never not playing sport together, Justin has taught him how to play hockey, basketball, soccer you name it! Justin would also always take him to the basketball games and Chase goes crazy when he gets to meet the players! Justin is always teaching chase to protect his 3 sisters and how to respect girls in general, you would always find this so sweet as you knew how amazingly Justin has treated you as a wife! - ||||And last but certainly not least “the baby” as you both call her even though she’s the oldest , 15! So as you can imagine she’s always coming to you , stealing all your clothes and shoes and makeup! She’s starting to go to parties and date guys and while you don’t mind this , Justin HATES IT! He hates to see his ‘little’ girl growing up and goes crazy at the mention of guys. You’d always have to reassure him that you guys started going out when you’s were 15! As he’s very overprotective but wants the best for her! Or even sometimes she’d be going out and he wouldn’t want her wearing something too short or revealing , typical dad right? She finds it so annoying yet you think it’s the cutest thing ever ! She’s at the stage where one day she could be arguing with us and another she’ll want a huge cuddle session with her mom and dad or her little siblings! Justin will say things to her like “you’ll always be my baby girl Bel” and she’ll be like “Daaddddd” - ||||Justin would always say to you how much of an “amazing mother” you are to the kids or how he doesn’t know how he got so lucky to have you not only as his wife but the mother of his kids too! 💗 - Awww I loved writing this hope you guys enjoy it lemme know if you did, this was requested twice so I fitted two into one!🙊

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every time you announce a "new" (that is not exactly new bc we already know them, but you know what i mean) WDDM character i freak out and then, when the new chapter is out (in the mean time i forgot about the new baby in the fanfic) i literally freak out even harder like OML HEY BABY IM PROUD OF YOU LOOK HOW YOU GREW UP SO FAST AWNNNNNN

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Awww, yay!  And next chapter you get to meet Nath all grown up too!!  ;)

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Being Viktors younger sister and dating Yurio?

This was so fun to write !!!! Bringing out Viktor’s protective side is really fun to do. I tried my best to make this a gender-neutral reader, but it just didn’t flow very well. I stuck to the request and used female pronouns, but feel free to change the pronouns in your head. Thank you for the request, hun :3

Viktor wipes the contents of his beverage off of his chin, ignoring the feeling of it starting to soak into his shirt. “You want to what my sister?” Viktor asks a bit harshly. He doesn’t actually need clarification; he had heard Yurio perfectly, but wished he didn’t.

“Date her, Viktor. I want to date your sister,” the blond repeats, biting his lip nervously. Normally he wouldn’t let his cool and edgy stature falter, but there’s too much at stake to not be nervous; he can’t seem to stop fidgeting with his hair and biting his lip and crossing and uncrossing his legs. He can’t stop himself from glancing around at the other skaters at the banquet around them, hoping they don’t see the vulnerability he’s displaying.

You’ve been going on dates here and there with Yurio, and you both genuinely like each other. He’s never enjoyed anyone’s company like yours before, and it didn’t take long for him to start falling for you. He hates sneaking around behind Viktor’s back, but he knows how protective he is over you. And Yuri figured that after Viktor had a few glasses of champagne, he’d be loosened up enough and wouldn’t be able to say no to the request. So, he asked. Viktor’s response wasn’t awful, but he did spit his drink out all over himself and the floor.

“Yurio, I think—“

“Vitya!” you voice interrupts Viktor before he can continue. You come up behind Viktor and give him a hug around the waist, and Viktor smiles at how adorable you are. Viktor spins you around so you’re next to him and puts a protective arm around you. “Come dance with me!” you plead excitedly. Viktor feels his heart flutter at the sight of you; his baby sister has grown so much so fast. He wants to protect you so badly.

“In a moment, krasavitsa. Yuri and I are talking,” he responds coolly, making sure you don’t catch on to the situation.

You move from Viktor’s side and wrap your arms around Yuri’s neck, giving him a quick peck to the cheek. A blush dusts Yuri’s cheeks while you stay glued to his side. You can’t seem to stop smiling while at the blond’s side, and your dearest brother doesn’t miss any of it.

“You really like him, don’t you?” Viktor chuckles, earning your attention. He wears a soft smile; it almost looks sad. You nod with an even bigger smile, and Viktor sighs, the smile disappearing. “Come here then, my (Y/N).” Viktor opens his arms, and you gratefully move into his arms for a warm hug.

Yuri clears his throat, earning Viktor’s attention with a glance over your shoulder. Viktor knows it’s time to make a decision.

“I guess it can’t be helped, then,” Viktor sighs, releasing you from the hug. He holds your shoulders and takes in your face. The baby sister he practically raised himself has grown up, but it’s time to let another important man into her life. He gives a tender kiss to your forehead and ushers you to Yuri’s side, a confused look on your face the whole time.

“What’s going on?” you ask, looking between both of the boys.

“Yuri, you have my permission. I trust you’ll take good care of my zvyozdochka,” Viktor says, smiling but looking sad. He can’t stand the thought of you being hurt, but he knows it’s not right to deny you happiness; it’s obvious that Yurio makes you very happy. He begins walking away to join Yuuri from Japan, but he stops at Yuri’s side and leads down to whisper in his ear, “and if you hurt her, there will be consequences!” Viktor stands back up straight with a chipper smile and bids you and Yuri goodbye before leaving.

You giggle at the blush that cover’s your boyfriend’s entire face and wrap your arms around him once again. Yuri puts his arm around you and breathes a sigh of relief. Finally, he’s got the girl of his dreams, and he can call her his own.

Time for a story - Through the eyes of a child

When a low noise pulled Felicity from her already light sleep, she turned her face into the pillow. With a sleeping baby in the room next-door, she never really slept soundly. She was hyperaware that Millie could wake up and she would be forced to get out of bed and breastfeed her daughter. She took in a deep breath and listened into the darkness, waiting for the baby monitor to transmit Millie’s dissatisfied cries once more, but everything stayed silent.

Keep reading

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Simmons gives birth to Fitz's child and he goes absolutely nuts? For the headcanon thing

Hey there! Thank you for the ask! I saved the best for last, and unfortunately, that meant you had to wait a long time. Also, I am still the worst. Here we go!

  • The thing about Fitz is that he always wanted to be a dad, but he never really had one around to show him how to be one
  • I mean he definitely knows what NOT to do
  • But he’s out of that loop, you know? He’s grown up and he’s a good person and Jemma wouldn’t have married him if she didn’t believe in him
  • And they’ve spent a whole nine month reading parenting books and going to classes
  • Really, he’s ready
  • But let me tell you, when he’s actually holding that baby in his arms?
  • A baby that looks up at him with eyes he’s only seen in a mirror
  • He loses it
  • He has never fallen in love so fast and he’s not sure what to do with himself
  • He’s supposed to support the head, right? Is there such a thing as too much support?
  • He doesn’t remember. Everything he’s learned goes right out the window
  • He’s happier than he’s every been except for the sheer panic
  • And Jemma’s no help, over there at the hospital bed, looking over at them with doting eyes
  • Doesn’t she realize that he is IN CRISIS??
  • But a nurse appears
  • And this guy has been in the same boat before
  • He calms Fitz down
  • Reminds him of everything Fitz is supposed to do
  • And keeps guiding him until the baby is fast asleep and they can return her to her mother
  • Jemma has never looked more beautiful than she does with their baby in her arms
  • And Fitz has never felt more lucky in his life
  • (Though he doesn’t calm down for a good 18-25 years)
When bangtan sees V on Hwarang


Rap-monster: *slaps taehyung’s back* AYE THATS MY SON


Suga: *nods in approval*

Jin: *sobbing* My baBY HaS grOWn UP sO faST

Jimin: *screeches*

V: for fucks sake are you guys going to do that every time

Sing To Me (Soulmate!Ashton)

Hey guys! Hope you like this new Ashton imagine. The only name that’s an insert is the main character because in a story this long it’s a hassle. If you have any questions let me know! And to address the elephant in the room, the reason the age gap is the way it is is because I wanted it to kind of be Ashton sort of going through different stages with her like first he’s a best friend, then he’s a big brother that sort of thing. I wanted them to have like a spectrum of relationships before they actually dated. Plus, that first scene with him is adorable.

This imagine is strictly feel-good. There is no great problem to address. I just wanted to write something more fun and cutesy for once. Also, this is only part one, and it’s 10.9k words.
Soulmate AU in which you’re born with a timer, blah blah blah, you know how it goes.

“This can’t be right.”

“What?” The woman in the hospital bed struggled against her drowsy state and tried to push herself up into a sitting position. She was tired and wanted nothing more than to sleep, but if something was wrong with her baby she wanted to know now.

“Her clock, Miss.” The doctor looked up at her, confused beyond belief, and the woman looked at her baby in his arms with absolute panic.

“What? What’s wrong with it?” She tried to push herself up further, but a nurse off to the side rushed forward and held her back on the bed.

“Well it’s… It’s 04:06:27:19… only four days from now, Miss.”

The woman didn’t know if she should be elated, worried, or depressed. The doctor certainly seemed confused which was reason enough to be worried, and if something was truly wrong with her clock being that short then that would definitely be depressing. On the other hand, if it was right, if her daughter was meeting her soulmate in a matter of days that would be so exciting.

The woman chose to focus on the excitement, that seemed best. “My daughter’s going to meet her soulmate before she’s even a year old?! That’s… That’s so exciting!" 

Over the course of the next two days in the hospital a steady stream of hospital employees and visitors to other patients dropped in on the woman and her child. Having a child who met their soulmate in the first few years of their life was incredibly rare, and having a child who met their soulmate in the first few days was unheard of. Everyone was ‘ooing’ and 'awing’ over the tiny numbers printed on the little girls wrist.

"What did you name her dear?” Currently the little girl was being held in the lap of an elderly woman in a wheelchair who was in the hospital with her husband who had just had surgery. The older woman had come to visit the new mom and her baby several times over the last two days while her husband slept. She had imparted so much wisdom on the new mother that she would be forever greatful for.

The new mom bit her lip nervously and thought for a moment. She had had the baby early, and with the number of complications she had had during labor none of the doctors had wanted to rush her to fill out a birth certificate just yet. To be fair, with all the people dropping in on her she hadn’t really given a name much thought. She had a few picked out before she came, but none of them really seemed to fit the delicate bundle of joy.

The woman squinted her eyes at the guest tag pinned to the older woman’s shirt with her name printed in big bold letters and smiled. “(Y/n).”


It was only a few hours later, after the birth certificate was filled out and all of the release forms were signed, that a hospital nurse wheeled the woman down to a cab that was waiting for her out front. As she was loaded into the car, the woman looked down at her daughter’s wrist again, partially hidden in the pink blanket they had wrapped around the girl. 01:19:46:17.

She smiled as she watched the seconds tick away as the cab driver pulled off. It was so close!

Her mind jolted out of it’s haze when her phone started beeping. “Hello?” She answered.

“Sarah! Hey,” The woman, Sarah, was greeted over the phone by her best friend from school.

“Hi Anne, I just got discharged; we’re on our way back to the house now!” Sarah looked down at her daughter as she said 'we’ and smiled. She was so beyond happy now that she finally had her baby girl in her arms again. She wasn’t alone anymore. All the aches and pains had paid off, and she was finally holding the most important person in her life. “I’ll see you soon, right?”

“Of course, we’re gonna drive up to your house on Friday. I can’t wait to see my goddaughter!” Anne gushed over the phone. Anne had been just as excited for Sarah’s new baby as Sarah was herself. They had been friends for ages; it was a safe assumption Anne would be deeply involved in the girl’s life.

“Great! I can’t wait to see you!” Sarah hung up soon after, seeing that they were turning onto her street. She decided it best not to tell Anne about her daughter’s clock. God only knows how she would react to a thing like that.


Sarah sighed heavily and straightened up the pillows on her couch nervously. She hadn’t seen her best friend in about 6 months, and she was very nervous about impressing her.

Last time Anne had seen her she’d been a wreck. Her boyfriend had just found out she was pregnant and left her sad and alone; her parents had abandonded her for getting pregnant with a man who wasn’t her soulmate; she’d been fired from her work due to cutbacks; and the counter on her arm still had over a decade left on it.

Sarah had improved a lot since then, and she just wanted to prove it, not because Anne would judge but because she would worry. She had a new job; she’d gotten over her ex; she had her daughter now.

A knock on the door stopped Sarah’s situating, and she bit her lip in nerves and excitement. Straightening her shirt quickly, Sarah rushed over to the door and threw it wide open with a smile. “Anne!” She gushed and pulled her old friend into a hug.

Anne hugged the woman tightly for a moment before she pulled back and examined her carefully. It had been a while since she’d seen Sarah, and she couldn’t help but worry. “You look good,” Anne smiled widely as her friend let out a sigh of relief. “I think that baby is doing good things for you already. You seem a lot calmer.”

Sarah could feel the tension easing out of her body, and a smile spread itself across her face. “I feel a lot calmer to be honest. I think you’re right. Now that I can actually hold her in my arms I’m a lot more relaxed.”

“Momma! Momma!” The women’s attention was drawn away from their conversation to the little boy clutching to the side of Anne’s pants. “Momma I need to use the potty!” The little boy practically cried out.

Sarah smiled down at the boy who she recognized immediately, despite not having seen him in six months. He’d grown a little since the last time she’d seen him, but he still had all the same facial features, making him very easy to distinguish.

“Ashton, maybe if you ask nicely your Aunt Sarah will let you use hers.” Anne spoke softly to the boy, a little smile on her face as she pulled his hand from her pants, directing him toward the woman in the doorway.

“Aunt Sarah, can I please use your potty?” Ashton said, rocking back and forth between his feet, looking absolutely desperate for relief.

Sarah let out a quiet chuckle and stepped to the side, pointing him down the hall. “Second door on your right, little man.”

Ashton rushed passed her into the house and down the hall while the two women laughed to themselves in his wake. “He’s grown up so fast,” Anne gushed, stepping into the house as well and following Sarah as she showed her down the hall to the baby’s room.

“I feel like (Y/n) has grown up too fast for my liking as well… You know she was born with her clock?” Sarah spoke. She might as well tell Anne before she sees it for herself. That would be a shocking thing.

Anne smiled and shook her head, “Ashton still didn’t have his when I checked last. I’m glad he was born without it though. I don’t want to think about my baby boy growing up so quickly.”

Sarah nodded, “I’m worried about her. Her clock only had a few days on it… She’s supposed to meet her soulmate today, actually.”

“What?” Anne’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor. That was a shockingly short counter, almost impossible to believe. “That poor baby.” They reached (Y/n)’s room, and Sarah opened the door, waving Anne on in as they continued their conversation. “That’s pretty soon to have a thing like that forced on a person. I mean the two of us aren’t even going to get to see ours for years!”

Sarah glanced over to the crib and saw that her baby was still asleep, so she led Anne over to a set of chairs in the corner. It had taken ages to get her to finally go to bed. She really didn’t want to have to try and get her back down for a nap again later. This could wait.

“I feel like she’s being pulled right out from under me almost.” Sarah gushed her feelings to Anne. “She’s not even able to walk, and she’ll already be tied down to one person. It’s a lot to ask, especially not knowing the rest of the details. I don’t know who she’ll turn out to be, what she’ll like, what she’ll hate. I don’t know if her soulmate will grow up to be a good man, or even a good woman for that matter. There are so many variables.”

Anne reached across to her friend with a sympathetic smile. “It’ll be all right. Soulmates are the one person in this world that we are really truly meant for. Whoever it is will grow to be the perfect person for your little (Y/n) and vice versa.”

“Momma,” Anne and Sarah jolted a little. The pair looked up and saw Ashton, climbed up on the side of (Y/n)’s crib and looking down at the baby inside. They hadn’t even heard him come in.

“Yes Ashton, honey?” Anne got up to go get Ashton off the side of the crib, and Sarah joined her on her feet with a sigh, prepared for (Y/n) to wake up waling, as usual, now that Ashton would have jostled her awake with his climbing.

“She’s so tiny.” Ashton whispered, staring down at the baby in the crib with what was almost a thoughtful expression. “She’s not gonna break is she?” There was a hint of worry in his voice that made Sarah’s step faulter slightly. “Was I ever that tiny?” Anne and Sarah came to a stop next to the crib and looked at Ashton with a mixture of shock and confusion. “She has really pretty eyes.”

Sarah looked down into the crib and saw that (Y/n) was, in fact, awake like she expected, but she wasn’t waling or crying or even pouting. The baby was just staring up at Ashton like he was the only person in the room that was worth her time.

“Ashton, when did you get that?” Anne picked her son up off the side of the crib and pulled back his sleeve, revealing his arm to the women’s gaze. There, printed across his wrist clear as day were two black zeros, a timer that had run up before Anne even saw it was there.

“A few days ago, but it wasn’t that. It had other numbers. They counted really fast though. I didn’t keep up.” The boy replied very nonchalantly.

Sarah’s eyes flashed from Ashton’s wrist to the baby in the crib. Leaning over she pulled up her daughter’s sleeve very gently and saw the same printing on the inside of her wrist as well. “No way,” she murmured, her eyes turning to look up at Anne’s shocked expression.

(Y/n) didn’t seem to like being jostled around like that, and her eyes tore away from Ashton for the first time since he entered the room. She let out a whimper followed by a sharp cry that made Ashton visisbly flinch in his mother’s grasp. “Momma, is she okay?”

“She’s fine sweety,” Anne reassured him, setting him back down beside (Y/n)’s crib as she finally came to terms with the thought. “Ashton, do you remember when Mommy explained soulmates to you?” Anne glanced up to make sure Sarah was all right with the situation, and she found her best friend shooting her a wide smile as she picked up the baby.

Ashton’s face fell into a very serious expression, or as serious as a boy who was still just shy of three years old could manage. “I remember.”

“Well, Ashton, the numbers on your arm were counting down to you meeting them. (Y/n) is your soulmate.” She waved a hand up to the baby now cradled in Sarah’s arms.

Ashton seemed to think on it for a minute before he decided, “Wow!” That made the two women laugh again, for some reason unknown to Ashton.

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Simsrena: the new addition...

So here we are, enjoying some down time together. Just us girls. I mean its Easter and even doctors get time off every now and again right? Well Bernie and Serena do because I rule in this town and I made it so! 

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Whoa… I think the power might be going to my head…

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Deep breaths Rex… back to the post. What was I writing about? 

Oh yeah!! Simsrena. Aren’t they adorable? Bernie quite literally looks like she’s swallowed a bowling ball. I mean look at that belly! It’s pretty cute though that at every opportunity Serena touches her belly and talks to the baby… can we just take a moment together to appreciate this…

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So just like in real life, when we were all halfway through eating ice cream (or a Nobbly Bobbly ice cream if you’re me - yeah I haven’t grown up! So what?), the baby decided it was the perfect opportunity to make an appearance. 


So obviously I freaked out (and gave myself brain-freeze from eating my Nobbly Bobbly too fast in my panic. Thanks Bern!) and I was really relying on Serena, seeing as though she’s a doctor, to keep her shit together long enough to be of some use to me…


Instead she just jumped from foot to foot and made that face ^^^


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When we finally managed to get Bernie to the hospital, the doctor, who was far too happy if you ask me, brought Bernie and Serena onto the ward. 

Let me tell you, having a baby in the Sims is terrifying! And once again Serena freaked out - so enjoy her freaking out and extremely deep voice… yeah I have no idea why she’s suddenly sounding like a man…

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Wasn’t that disturbing? 

Anyway… the whole point of this post was to say…

Say hello to Cameron Campbell-Wolfe!

Our little family has grown by one :)

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anonymous asked:

Olá! I really love your art and your blog, it's so cute and aaaaaa SO CUTEE. I'm from Brasil so it hurts right in the kokoro see that Brasil isn't in the anime yet ;-; So can i ask you to drawn Luciano (Brasil fan-design) and Portugal? And ask Port what he felt when Luci gain his independence from him. (sorry for my bad english...;-;)

Port: “for his independence…. I had to let it go some time, so I did. (my baby boy has grown up so fast.) ;-;”


8 weeks postpartum [05-28-2017]

Hello everyone, it is now 8 weeks since I gave birth, and it’s amazing how time flies. Things have definitely changed, and we have finally fallen back into our normal schedule, with a few changes, of course. I have also lost about 11 pounds since giving birth, and I honestly have not even put a lot of work into losing weight. But I’ve always lost weight very fast, and has a very slim body type in general, which can be both a blessing and a curse. I’m actually very happy to have a “curvier” body now after having kids, compared to when I was a teen. Xochitl is gaining weight as expected, and has grown out of some of her newborn clothes already. I was honestly shocked. I suddenly feel like she’s growing faster than I appreciate. But they really do grow up fast! I am also surprised by how much she resembles her brothers! Of course, I know that I have not posted any baby photos of the twins, but I’m sure you would be able to see what I’m talking about!

Here’s a photo of Miguel and Xochitl from today. They’re so adorable together.

Perfect Only Lasts So Long- Tyler Joseph Part Eighteen

Tyler’s P.O.V.

It had been two days since Jenna left. She said she understood so she packed up and left. I brought the boxes in from the porch, but didn’t open them. Last time Y/N left something for me it was that letter I still kept in a small box in my closet. Some people might think it’s weird, but I never stopped loving her and the box reminded me of that perfect smile she had.

“Dad? Where’s mom?” Gabby asked from the doorway to my bedroom. I still had yet to tell her about Y/N.

“Come here.” I said opening my arms and she sat on my lap. “I’m not really sure where mommy is, but I know where ever she is, she’s thinking of you. Probably wishing she and you were home so she could tell you how beautiful and perfect you are.” I say. That’s all I say. I wasn’t sure what to tell her.

“When can I go home?” she asked.

“I’m not sure baby girl, I’m not sure.” I tell her and we sit in silence.

The next day I open the first box. It was filled with Gabby’s clothes. The next is all toys, and the next is a few stuffed animals and pictures.

“Look this says my name.”Gabby says but I wasn’t listening nor looking. “See g a b b y. Gabby.” she says cheerfully and it catches my attention.

“Can I see?” I asked taking the white envelope from her hands.

I immediately go back to the box she found it in and looked around finding another letter. This one with my name.

“How about you find all your stuffed animals a home in your room and play for a bit.” I suggest and she takes off pulling the small box of stuffed animals behind her.

I opened the letter addressed to me and again she uses her words to break my heart again.

Take care of yourself and Gabby,

Your misbeliever.

She was right, she was my misbeliever. I loved her and didn’t care what she was going through, I wanted to be there for her. I remember writing that song when we started dating. I remember how the words just flowed perfectly and when I sang it to her she almost cried. I remember just seeing her full of doubt and trying my best to be there for her, but she never seemed to listen. She never saw how much I loved her and she never will. 

She’s so strong and I was the reason she left this time. I pushed her over the edge. I hoped she didn’t do anything stupid. I hope she was safe and alive. All I could do was hope.

Five months later…

The first month or so was the hardest. Gabby always asked for Y/N, but now she was getting use to the idea that she was gone. I didn’t tell her of course, but I could tell she knew. I planned to move back to Ohio for a while and move in with my parents. I’m not sure how Y/N did it. It was hard being alone and raising a child. I started to realize what Y/N meant by how Gabby was the only reason she woke up everyday.

“Daddy, Grandma said she’s going to bring me to the store with her. Bye.” Gabby woke me up before leaving.

Gabby was happy here. I was back in my childhood room. It didn’t feel like home. The only place that felt like home was when I would drive past Y/N’s childhood home or when I was holding Gabby. She felt comfortable with my parents and they were more than loving towards her. I was glad they didn’t hold anything against her because of Y/N, or that they didn’t say anything about Y/N. I knew they hated her for doing this, but I told them I loved her and would do anything to get her back.

I wasn’t happy here. I could feel myself slipping. The only reason I didn’t give up was Gabby. She needed someone to be there and to be strong. She made me smile every day. Every time I looked at her I saw Y/N. Gabby had my eyes, but everything else about her was Y/N. She was going to grew to be so gorgeous, just like her mom. Only if Y/N could see.

I decided I needed to get out today. Maybe a walk would be good, or maybe visit a place where I feel close to Y/N.

I got ready and drove to a small mountain where Y/N and I use to hike on. Of course she would lie to her parents and say she was with her friend’s. Memories of all the times she tripped or laughed so hard tears brimmed her eyes flooded back as I walked the trail. I missed that laugh and that smile. All the times I had to carry her the rest of the way. She would say she was tired, but she wasn’t. She just wanted to be close and loved. That’s all she ever wanted and I did anything I could to how her I loved her. I still would. Only if she knew how much I loved her.

When I reached the top I sat on the rock I sat with her the first time I told her I loved her. I stared over the edge of the mountain letting the small breeze bring me to my happy place.

When I was up here I felt like I could talk to her even though nobody really knows where she is. I had asked her parents and they said they hadn’t heard from her in over 3 years. I asked her friends and only one still had contact with her, but she thought she was still at home in California. Where ever she was she was hidden and probably didn’t want to be found.

“Hey Y/N. I know you can’t hear me, but I like to believe one day you will. One day I’ll hold you, you’ll hold your baby again. She’s starting school in about 5 months. She’s grown up so fast in the year I’ve been with her. In the five months you’ve been gone our little bean has changed. Those big brown eyes are sad now. She misses you terribly. She’s always asking about you and I can’t answer her questions.” I say to nobody.

It was comforting talking to her even though she was probably across the world for all I knew. This wasn’t the first time I did this. I came here basically every day I had the chance to.  

“I love you Y/N. We both do and we need you. Desperately. Please come home.” I say and listen to a few birds chirp before I was met with the sound I’ve been dying to hear.

Playing Pretend has finally come to a close… I feel like it’s been forever, but I finally got the courage to finish this. Thank you to everyone who has loved and supported and stuck with this story. I really couldn’t have done it without you!! As always, thanks to my eternal hype squad–Admins Ellie and Alyx and my best girl, Hanna. You ladies are the best! Reminder, this is from Daichi’s POV and is under a cut for length.
~Admin Emma

Playing Pretend Epilogue
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Two Years Later

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