baby you 're amazing just the way you are


“No. Fucking. Way,” Harry stands, in the drive way, staring at the car in front of him. 

Y/N leans against it, a smile on her face as her arms are crossed over her chest, keys in her hands, “happy-your album is doing amazing-day,” she grins, holding out the keys. 

“You’re fucking with me,” Harry shakes his head, but the smile on his face does not fade. 

“No, it’s all yours,” she says, standing up. 

Harry wraps his arms around her, lifting her up, “baby,” he laughs, “this is the best gift I have ever gotten.”

“I just, I’m so proud of you,” she admits, wrapping her arms around his neck, her legs wrapping around his waist, “you’re doing so great and you deserve this.”

“I love you,” he sets her down, kissing her face, “I,” he presses a kiss to her lips, “love,” her nose, “you,” her forehead. 

She giggles, “I know,” she kisses him back. 

“You didn’t have to do this, I still think I’m being punked,” Harry admits, setting her down and grabbing the keys. 

Y/N leans against it, “nope you go where ever you want in the car,” she pats it, “or do whoever you want in the car, on the car, it’s up to you really.”

Harry laughs, walking around the car, inspecting it. Of course he could have bought the car himself, he’s Harry Styles. But the fact that she had paid attention to his dreams, to his desires, the fact that she went out of her way to do this only made the car better. 

“I love it, I love you,” Harry says, “car to accompany me on a drive?”

“I would love nothing more,” she smiled.

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Okay all the Dec babies move out of the way a magical August baby has appeared. We're quiet the opposite, but you know what they say? Opposites attracts c; You're a winter kid and I'm summer kid. You're cool and I'm hot. You're ying I'm yang. You're the paper and I'm the pencil. You're the phone while I'm the charge. OK, I'll stop xD I just wanted to list the difference between us

PFF Ha-  incredible comparison Ti 

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6 and 16? you're amazing btw!!! ily!!!!

hahaha thank you, sweetie!

6:Age you get mistaken for

Usually, people think I’m 19 or just turned 20, cause I have a “baby face”. I’m 24 almost 25.

I’m getting too old for this, when does it stop? WHERE’S THE STOP BUTTON!?

16:I’ll love you if

you pay attention to me and show some effort to make part of my life slowly, without stomping your way in (I’ll probably just shut you out in that case).

So if you are sensible enough to get me and smart enough to know how to show that, I’ll definitely love you for it.

gosh, I’m soft.

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I just love your writing. Been re-reading some of my favs lately and I was wondering if you could write a 1 shot sequel of sorts for 'Find our way home' with caskett and the baby that they eventually have? Pretty please?!

Thank you so much for this lovely message. I’m always amazed that people go back to read my work and I’m humbled that you enjoyed that story enough to want more of it. And I really wish I could fulfill this request and maybe I can eventually, but at the moment, I have a multi-chapter I’m rather wrapped up in and a few other shorter pieces, and an endless list of prompts I hope to fill. But again, I’m not disregarding this idea, it may just have to be added to the ‘to do list’ for a while, or even be saved for Christmas. :)

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Ok, here's a weird kind of angsty one. Could you please do a VIXX scenario where you find them sobbing somewhere out of the way. They're not necessarily hiding, but they don't want the other members to see. I just have this image of a tear stained Cha Hakyeon needing cuddles in my brain. I would really appreciate it. I wouldn't trust this request to anyone else. You are an amazing storyteller, and that is a gift. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. ☺️

Thank you so much for trusting me baby, I hope I’m worth it lmao 💓💓💓

My own Happy Birthday Post 2 Angel <3

Hey bby, mod ember here ;)

We met like??? A month ago??? And it feels like I could have known you for years. We immediately warmed up to each other and I just knew you were such a delight.

I was being a big baby, and you hopped on over with some Squad™ ideas and it just clicked.

And now you’re growing, learning, letting me in on this amazing blog with amazing followers that you hand made and tended for, you include me in your life even if we do live a very long way apart, and needless to say (but I’m gunna say it anyway) you’re my best friend.

I hope you have a great day by the time you see this. I don’t want you worrying about a thing *slowly backs away*, you hear me, you little sluuuuuuuuuuut

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Hello! I'm a wee baby TWD edits blog, and I was wondering if you could give me a shoutout? You're just such a sweetheart and an amazing editor, and you're kinda my role model XD Anyway, it's totally fine if you don't want to, but if you do, this is my blog: @the-walking-dead-edits :) Thank you so much!

hey there! first of all, thank you so much, you’re honestly way too kind and sweet to me and it honestly made me so happy that you think of me this way. please feel free to send a message my way if you ever want to talk or if you want to ask anything about editing, i’d be happy to help the best i can.

also, of course i can do that for you - i never refuse giving shoutouts to creators and fellow twd blogs as i understand it’s hard to get your blog around the whole fandom sometimes.

thanks so much for being so sweet and i hope you’re having a great day!

follow @the-walking-dead-edits

And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while. ‘Cause girl you’re amazing. Just the way you are.
—  @paubianco your smile has lit up my world for 7 months now and it’s become my favorite thing in the world. I love you so much baby girl. You’re the love of my life ❤

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Same here 😉. But I was finally able to break the list down until I could have 2. May I please have 'In My Arms' by Plumb with Steve (Avengers), and 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This' by Paloma Faith with Dean (Supernatural)? Whew! That was a toughie, but I knew I had to do the song by Paloma Faith. It was my first time hearing it, and I am in love!!! Congrats on 1000 by the way. I've read so much of your stuff, and you really deserve it! You're amazing at writing.

They are all yours, baby. I need to confess: “In my Arms” just hits me right there. I have a baby cousin/niece and the song is exactly how I feel about her and it is a very emotional song to me. No pressure haha. 

I fell in love with “Only Love Can Hurt Like This”. Paloma’s voice, the lyrics, the melody… It is a great song. 

I’m looking forward to read whatever you write, sweetheart, and thank you so much! I’m really glad to know you enjoy it, it is very important to me. 

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Beca’s Song Challenge

Oh What a Night by Gottabeelove

Summary: Caroline tapped her leg nervously as she waited for the timer to finish. Her life, her baby-free life, flashed before her eyes before the ding of the timer interrupted her thoughts. Elena’s eyes inquired as Caroline slowly made her way over to the counter to see what her fate held. “Damon will never stop making bun in the oven jokes, will he?”

I have wanted this one made into a ebook since I read it, and now as sad as I am that it’s over, I’m happy to get to put it in my Klaroline library for all time! Such an amazing story!! If you want to download it, just message me and I’ll re-upload it for you!

***This ebook is available in epubmobi or PDF. Just message me with your format preference and I’ll upload the link for you.***

***This ebook also has more than one cover art, so be sure let me know which one you prefer***

*Cover art credit: dhfreak*