baby xmen


“He’s the type of guy who can make your knees weak with just one look.”


Michael Fassbender attends the 2017 Directors Guild Awards in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, on the 4th February 2017.


“The chemistry was immediate, the spark intense. I said early on, ‘This girl frightens me’. She’s so fierce and brave…it kind of bowled me over.”
~ Michael Fassbender


Michael Fassbender arrives at Heathrow Airport in London on the 3rd February 2017 to catch a flight to Los Angeles.

Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men cross-over imagines

Summary: Meeting Peter on Xander while getting supplies.

Warnings: N/A

You were a mutant on the plantet Xander and knew that your long time friend, Peter Quill, was going to be there. Since you grew up there, you had been sent to the planet by Professor X for supplies. 

On your way there you met Gamora, a good friend of yours, and she told you that Quill was going to Xander. When you found out he was going to be there, you tried going as fast as you could to try and see your old friend.

Soon, the two of you saw each other and ended up having lunch in a nearby café…

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Additional notes: I’m not sure what’s up with the Pratt gif, so sorry. And sorry about it being a short one. I have NO idea why I decided on this cross over, and the actual thing is probably badly worded and thought through. Sorry if it is badly worded or is confusing. On the plus side: baby Groot?