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“He’s the type of guy who can make your knees weak with just one look.”


Michael Fassbender attends the 2017 Directors Guild Awards in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, on the 4th February 2017.

Me: Dylan low-key looks like a bumb with a beard and long hair.

Someone else: Yeah he looks high-key like an ugly drug addict



He’s fast and she’s weird.


“The chemistry was immediate, the spark intense. I said early on, ‘This girl frightens me’. She’s so fierce and brave…it kind of bowled me over.”
~ Michael Fassbender


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“Hey, Remy, guess what!” you said, unable to contain your excitement.

“What?” Remy asked.

You proudly presented your pregnancy test that had a positive reading. “I’m pregnant!”

Remy was shocked. “I’m going to be a dad?”

You nodded. You and Remy hadn’t been planning on becoming parents, but both agreed that if a contraceptive failed, you’d just roll with it. The more you thought about it, though, the more you liked the idea of becoming a parent.

Remy pulled you to him and gave you a passionate kiss. After a moment, however, you pulled back. “And you’re going to tell my brother~” you said in a sing-song voice.

“No. Non. No way,” Remy said, shaking his head. “He’d gut me.”

You giggled. “Your face. There was actual fear,” you said. “I won’t let Wolvie kill you. But you’re still telling him.” You pat Remy’s cheek.

“Why do I have to be the one to tell him? He’s your brother,” Remy asked.

“Yeah? But it’s your fault. You bought the defective condom,” you pointed out.

Remy pouted a little. “Is there any way I can get out of this?”

“Nope!” you replied with a grin. You took Remy’s hand and pulled him to where you guessed Wolverine to be. Sure enough, he was sitting in the kitchen. “Hey, Logan! Remy has something to tell you.”

Logan raised his eyebrow. “What is it?” he prompted, looking at your boyfriend.

Remy gulped. “Uh, there’s no way to tactfully tell you this, but, uh, your sister and I are going to have a baby.”

There was a moment as Remy’s words processed in Logan’s mind. “You WHAT?” he asked.

You couldn’t stop smiling. “We had been careful, honest,” you explained. “But a condom broke, and I kinda wanted to be a mom anyways, so…”

“So looks like we’re now officially family,” Remy told Logan. “You being the uncle to my child and all.”

“You’re safe for now, Gumbo. But for your sake, don’t mess this up,” Logan stated darkly.

a thing for alex summers

I’m on another SoMo binge so here’s another thingy based off of the song “Do It All For You”. +I love Alex Summers sooo

When I wake up and you’re next to me, gotta pinch myself ‘cause you’re a dream.

He supposed his time in the army trained him to wake up early and be alert. Alex always woke up before you. But he didn’t sleep long even before his time in the army. Alex rubbed his hand down his face and grunted softly as he sat up. Your arm slid from where it laid on his chest and landed in his lap. He didn’t know how he kept forgetting that he’s had you in his bed every morning for four months.

The initial shock vanished in the blink of an eye and Alex’s face softened. His body settled back against yours and his hand combed through your hair.

Then you wake up with that smiling face, I know that I’m in the perfect place.

You stir at his touch, eyes fluttering open to take in Alex’s blurry form. Alex’s breath catches in his throat and his pulse quickens and he finds himself returning the smile that stretches across your face. Your hand is warm when you twirl his long hair through your fingers. Alex’s head leans into you and you laugh quietly. You prop yourself onto your elbows and draw his lips to yours. Morning breath is no longer a thing where you’re concerned. Countless kisses have been shared between you but each time Alex’s heart flutters. He wonders silently if you feel the same.

And you know that you’re my saving grace.

“Morning, Al.” You sigh, pulling away but still playing with the hair at the nape of his neck.

“Morning, dollface.” Alex broke into a cheeky smile when you rolled your eyes at his pet name. Suddenly your face falls and you release his neck.


“Hm?” Alex braced himself. He did not know what for; he couldn’t help it.

“You had an episode last night.” Your voice was cautious and concerned.

“Did I hurt you?” He almost had in the past. It ruined him until you put sense back into him. You shook your head.

“No…But you started screaming for me and I got so scared and I held you tight until you finally calmed down and–”

Alex pressed his lips to yours, cutting off your words. Your arms wrapped around him again, putting you both at ease.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

You bit your bottom lip between your teeth, absently rubbing patterns into Alex’s shoulder and unknowingly leaving goosebumps on his skin in your wake.

“Crash and burn?” You suggest. You both have a fit of laughter.

I do it all for you, I do it all for us. 

Alex was easily distracted by your bare legs swinging under the table and how your bedhead was framed by gold in the morning sun. Only the smell of eggs on the verge of burning brought him back to earth. It did not take much begging on your part to get Alex to prepare breakfast that morning. Or any other morning. 

He made a jab at your hand glued to the inside of the cereal box you munched away at. You made a jab at the eggs in return.

When you come home from a hard day and I tell you that it’ll be okay.

The next thing to happen that morning set a course for the rest of Alex’s life.

“What is it?” You ask in regard to Alex’s shaky hand placing the telephone back on the hanging receiver on the wall.

“My parents…It’s Scott. He’s-He’s a mutant. Like us.”

Alex is glad you decide to tag along to Charles Xavier’s school. Alex can tell Scott is glad too, under the moodiness he displayed. Alex had his hand behind his brother’s back in order to guide him in his blindfolded state, and the other laced with yours. Alex is happy to see what was left of his old friends again.

Then I kiss your lips and turn off the lights and you trust me ‘cause I’m still by your side.

The introductions were made, a tree destroyed, and now it was finally dark. Charles was generous enough to lend a room to you and Alex away from the younger children attending the school.

Never in a million years would Alex have thought his own brother would be a mutant too. He stared at the ceiling, thinking about Scott. He hadn’t gotten ready for bed yet.

“He’s going to be alright, you know, Al.” The mattress dips under your weight as you crawl over to him. 

“I know. I’m just worried about him.”

“You don’t have to be,” You snuggle in close, “He’s at the school now. He’ll be safe and he’ll be happy.”

Alex allows himself to smile and open his arms to pull you into his side.

And I say, Honey, I’ll never leave you, babe.

Alex falls asleep quickly, in his clothes from the night before, and with you by his side.

“Al? Wake up, babe.” Your hands gently shake him awake. “Charles wants to visit Moira now.”

“Moira?” Alex sits up. He finds it odd–and a little humorous– that you’re awake before him. He blames the business with his brother for exhausting him. “Oh, right.”

Alex shrugs the covers off and goes to his suitcase to get dressed, then dashed backwards to peck your lips. It brings forth a giggle from you and you run a hand through his hair. Reluctantly Alex has to leave your touch to get ready.

“Be good for my girl ‘kay, Scott?”

“I’ll try my best.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

The three of you chuckle a little until Alex is summoned by an impatient Charles. Alex plants a short kiss on your lips before turning on his heels. Scott makes a disgusted expression at the PDA.

I do it all for you, I do it all for us. 

“It’s a what?” You stare in disbelief.

“An ancient, all powerful mutant from Cairo.” Aex explains for the umpteenth time. Your eyes roll and you shake your head.

“And I thought Raven coming back was the weirdest thing that was going to happen…” You smirk, but it falls away when you see Alex’s face.

“We’ll have to stop him.” Alex rubs the side of his temple in circles. “My life is on the fritz, doll. First my brother…Raven and Erik? Now this mutant who wants to take over the world?”

You’re watching him, holding his hands in yours between you.

“We’ll get through this together. Like always.” You promised. Alex tugged you into an embrace for a while. He focused on his breathing and your soft hair against his cheek.

“Let’s go see what we can do.” You smile a tiny smile and the two of you meet Hank, Raven, Moira, and Charles in the basement. Charles connects to Cerebro to try to find Erik. Alex might feel the most nervous; he has the most to lose at this point.

Alex’s heart begins to race as Charles struggles with some force unseen to them. The feeling is not new, but he feels it very strongly. It’s the possibility of losing everything he loves.

“Destroy it! Destroy everything, destroy Cerebro!” Charles pants, unresponsive to Raven and Moira who are yanking at the controls. In the mess, he manages to meet Alex’s eye. “Wreak havoc.”

He barely heard the man over the shooting of sparks and the firing of alarms. He looked to you, and you nodded quickly, eyes wide with the same panic everyone else possessed.

Alex widened his arms and started to blast the walls. He pushed himself until the panels began to fall from the sides and you were pulling him out of the way of the collapsing structure. Charles fell unconscious, head dangling over his body.

“What the hell!” You gasp and all stop in your tracks at the same time. In an instant Alex positions himself in front of you, protecting you from the sudden appearance of four strangers and an old friend.

“Alex!” His name slips from your lips and he’s spurred into action. He has to try to stop Apocalypse before he takes Charles. He knows the consequences if he doesn’t. He has to stop Apocalypse, has to save his friends. He has to do it for you.

“Hey!” Alex charges after Charles. Your hand just misses him. Alex keeps going, spreading his arms to go on the defense despite the protests from the others. Your heart is already failing you.

“Alex, no! Please–”

A burst of red, a crash of metal, excruciating heat. Alex just catches his mistake when his thoughts go to you. He isn’t aware of a silver-haired boy whisking everyone away to safety. Getting you to safety. Alex thinks he’s killed you, and doesn’t know any better when his world goes dark.

I do it all for you, I do it all for us.

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Michael Fassbender arrives at Heathrow Airport in London on the 3rd February 2017 to catch a flight to Los Angeles.

Peter Maximoff x Reader - Sparky and Speedster

Prompt: “I’d sarcastically ask if you could whisper any louder, but I don’t think
               you would get the hint.“
Your mutation: controlling electricity
Rating: T
Warnings: Mentions of sex, language
Background: Peter, you and Jean are all in high school.

gif credit to quicksilver-gifs

“So x is 4? But that makes no sense. Why couldn’t it be 6?” Peter asked. For the past hour, Jean had been attempting to assist Peter with algebra.

“Peter, look at the work on the page! It just can’t be six!” Jean sighed, laying her pencil down. The hour had felt like an eternity of Peter being, well, Peter. He had to be sarcastic and joking no matter where he was.

“Math is literally the worst subject in the world.” Peter laughed. The two had become increasingly louder in conversation, not even noticing that the other students around them were beginning to become annoyed.

“Peter, it’s an important subject! You need to know how to do this!” Jean fumed.

A few feet away, at a table, you had been trying to get some studying done. Sadly, the two people studying near you decided they wanted to be very loud. You had attempted many times to signal for them to quiet down; you had sighed, cleared your throat, and even glared at them in hopes of making them shut up.

“Jean, chill. Go have sex with Scott or something. That calms you down, right?” Peter snickered. That was the last straw with Jean.

“You know what, Peter Maximoff?! Fuc-” Jean began to yell.

“Excuse me!” You snapped, turning around. The two went silent, realizing how loud their conversation had been.

I’d sarcastically ask if you could whisper any louder, but I don’t think you would get the hint. Now, please, Jean. If Peter over here is getting on your nerves, why don’t you leave? And Peter, do you ever shut the fuck up?” You demanded. Peter laughed as Jean’s face turned bright red.

Your mutation allowed you to control electricity, but when you got angry you became a little uncontrollable. You noticed that tiny sparks had started coming out of your finger tips.

“I’m leaving. Bye Peter. And I’m really sorry for interrupting you.” Jean smiled at you sheepishly and began to leave the room. You sighed, turning away from the silver haired boy, only to see him sitting across from you at the table.

“Hey Sparky.” He smirked at you. You rolled your eyes, returning to your work.

“My name is (Y/N). But, hello Speedster.” Peter laughed at the nickname you had given him.

“Speedster, I like it. Well, listen, Sparky. You are as hot as the sparks shooting out of your fingertips. And I also find you getting angry incredibly sexy. What would you think of going on a date with me?” A date? Really? This dickhead was asking you out?

“How much are you going to pay me?” You smiled at him.

“Depends on how good the sex is.” Your eyes widened in disbelief that this boy, who you barely knew, was practically asking you to have sex with him.

“If you think you can get me that easy, Speedster, you would be wrong. But, fine. I’ll go on one date with you.”

“Great. See you soon, Sparky.” Peter gave you a wink, pulling down his goggles and speeding off. Whatever happened next with this boy, it was sure to be interesting.

Hey guys! I hope you like this one! I’m really trying to get better at writing Peter’s character, it’s a lot harder than expected. I hope you all liked this one! <3


Michael Fassbender leaves Italian restaurant Madeo in Los Angeles on the 7th February 2017 after having dinner with ‘X-Men’ producer Simon Kinberg.

📸 via @terdazaly edited by me.