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He uses the headphones less when you’re around” she [Livvy] said, her eyes on her brother, though her words were for Kit.
“Is that good?” Kit was surprised.
Livvy shrugged. “It isn’t good or bad. It’s just something I noticed. It’s not magic or anything.” She glanced sideways at him. “I think he just doesn’t want to miss anything you say.
—  Livvy (I can tell you and my brother are going to become boyfriends) Blackthorn

Hongbin vs. Makeup 💄

basically i served a really beautiful man in work who was holding a lil bab in a sheep onesie and i couldn’t help myself

The onesie was the first thing Aaron ever bought her off his own back. They’d done the shopping for the nursery together, sure, a quiet event filled with white furniture and hastily picked out wall stencils, but the onesie was the first thing Aaron had bought for her because he wanted to buy it for her.

Ellen is four months old, when it finally fits (Aaron’s not the best judge of size, really) and Robert dresses her in the snow white material, smiling to himself as she kicks out her little legs, tuffs of blonde hair obscured by the hood as he tugs it up around her ears, the ridiculously cute image of his daughter dressed in a little sheep costume making it feel as though his heart was going to burst.

Robert tucks her little face under his chin, one hand under her wriggling bottom as he goes downstairs, cursing his choice of a spiral staircase for what felt like the millionth time since Ellen had come into their lives - it was tricky to navigate, and he didn’t like to imagine what level of absolute horror he was going to feel every time he looked at the stairs when Ellen started walking.

Ellen snuffled quietly against his t-shirt as he walked into the kitchen, Aaron standing at the sink, making them both some breakfast. They were planning a family day out, into Hotten for a few hours - a browse of the shops and maybe some lunch, the most adventurous they’d attempted to be since they’d all decided on a custody arrangement that gave Robert and Aaron a few days a week with the little one.

“Morning,” Robert greeted, pressing a kiss to Aaron’s hoodie clad shoulder. It was still hard, somedays, still hard to get past all Robert had done, how he’d hurt Aaron, but Ellen’s innocent little face and wide blue eyes were impossible not to love.

It had just taken time, and it would probably take some more time yet, but Aaron was starting to light up around Ellen, the same way he always had done with Liv, and it made Robert love him all the more.

“She looks so cosy,” Aaron grinned, playing with one of the floppy ears of the onesie, a soft smile on his face. He looked almost proud, proud that he’d bought Ellen a present, proud Robert had put it on her at all.

“I bet you wish you had one,” Robert grinned, cradling Ellen against his chest, the material of her sheep onesie soft underneath his fingertips. He was still getting used to how soft babies were, all fuzzy clothes and that soft lavender smell that lingered after every bath.

He could really like being a dad.

“I do, a bit,” Aaron grinned, easing Ellen out of Robert’s arms. He was doing that more lately, actively wanting to hold her. It was strange, to have to approach someone so tiny so carefully, but she didn’t come into the world in the happiest of ways, Robert supposed.

(She’d brought a lot of happiness along with her in four months though, Ellen  already having had brokered an awkward peace between the Sugdens and the Whites in her short little life.)

Robert watched as Aaron messed with the floppy ears on the onesie, pulling faces at a giggling Ellen, and he smiled.

Really, genuinely smiled.

It could be a good life, in the end.


unnecessarily long gifset of Mulder looking for his keys and saying stuff

Barry Allen AU - Which Friends character is the best?

A/N: So I asked you guys if you wanted a Barry or Cisco imagine, and it turned out as a Barry fic, although Cisco is just as much in it as Barry is! I hope you like it and remember the request box is open if you want me to write something :)))

I know I haven’t written anything in a long time, but I hope you can forgive me! I’m trying to find the time.  

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The bell chimed above the door as you pushed it open. It hadn’t been long since you were here, but Cameron greeted you like he hadn’t seen you in ages. “Hi Y/N!” His face lit up at your familiar face. He had worked at the diner for as long as you’d been coming here. You had moved to Central City for college and the first diner you walked into was fortunately also the best. You said hello to some of the main customers whom you had grown to know a little, as you made your way to the counter.

You sat down on the barstool in front of Cameron. “I’m presuming you’re having your usual, so I’m not even going to ask.” Cameron said and started making your smoothie. The diner didn’t look like much, but it had the best breakfast menu in Central City. For ages you had come here to eat your breakfast and you always ordered the same. You ordered pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon, a smoothie and some fruit. Sometimes when you had more time you ate even more. Breakfast was your favourite meal of the day.

The bell above the door chimed again and in walked two guys. You lifted your head from your book and saw one tall (cute) guy, and one shorter brown haired guy. They were discussing loudly which earned them a glare from you. That is until you heard what they were discussing. “Cisco shut up! You can not be serious?” The tall one exclaimed with wild handgestures and Cisco, the short one, only nodded. “I’m dead serious. Ross Geller is the funniest character in Friends.” The two guys had now reached the counter and sat down next to you.

Your eyebrows instantly furrowed. “Are you mental?” You thought, except the words left your mouth before you realized. The two boys turned to you in shock of being interrupted in their discussion. Cisco looked at you with a “bitch who the hell are you and why are you not agreeing with me” look. 

“Ross Geller is not the funniest character on friends? Have you even seen the show? Or does your humor just suck?” You turned your chair so you were facing them, preparing yourself for the fight which was about to come. You knew everything there is to know about Friends. Game on, you thought.

The guy behind Cisco drew in a sharp breath and whispered a “ooooh burn” while he was trying to contain his laughter. “Excuse you lady, but I have watched Friends more times than any other person in this universe. Wait scratch that, more than anyone in this entire solar system.” He took a step closer. The look from before hadn’t left his face and his eyes challenged you to disagree. “I can promise you I have watched Friends more than you.” You scoffed and made yourself seem superior. Without you noticing your smoothie had arrived so you picked it up and started drinking from the straw.

“Oh it is on!” Cisco said and rolled up his sleeves. His friend laughed and you could see in his face how ridiculous he thought the two of you were. “Bring it.” You mouthed. Cisco’s friend had beautiful green eyes which looked at you with surprise. He was probably wondering why you even bothered to fight with his ridiculous friend. But you would never back down from a fight, and especially not a fight about Friends. 

“Who said the first line in episode one?”
“Easy. Monica. What is the name of Rachel’s sisters?”
“Is that all you got girl? Jill and Amy.” You moved closer and kept on hitting each other with facts and quick questions, trying to answer the fastest without failing. 

Cisco’s friend tried to pay attention but lost interest. He waved Cameron over who appeared with a smile. He asked about the smoothies and was about to order the pineapple one, but that was a big mistake. You held your hand up to pause the fight. “Don’t order that one,“ you scrunched your nose, "take the strawberry smoothie and some pancakes. I swear you will not regret it.” You said confidently. He was surprised you were even paying attention to him with that hot battle you got going on. He nodded. “I guess I’ll go with that!” He chuckled. Cameron nodded. “Thanks Cam!” You shouted after him, trying to suck up to get a free donut to go afterwards. You turned back to Cisco.

“Look here mister. Give me your best shot and I’ll prove that I know more about Friends than you do.” You loved a good discussion but your pancakes were turning cold. 

“What is Chandler Bing’s job?" 

He retreated from fight position and gave you a smug smile. Every Friends fan knows that, that is the hardest question there is about the 90′s show. Chandler Bing’s job = mystery. Except you were a real hardcore Friends fan, so of course you knew what Chandler’s job is. You smiled and Cisco gave you a worried look. With three little words you wiped that smug grin of his face. “IT Procurement Manager.” Your mouth broke into a big grin. Cisco’s smile fell and he hung his head in shame. “WHY GOD WHY!” He yelled and walked away. 

Your grin didn’t falter and you chuckled. Mentally you high-fived yourself. “I can’t believe you kicked his ass in Friends knowledge. Cisco lives for Friends, and you just crushed his dreams.” Cisco’s friend laughed and shook his head. You took a good look at him. Brown hair, green eyes, tall, blue sweater which hugged his body perfectly. man this guy’s cute

“Oh well I would lie if I said I was sorry because I really am not.” He chuckled. “I don’t think I catched your name?” You said and moved closer. “Barry. Barry Allen.” He said and held out his hand. You took it and gave him a firm handshake like it’s supposed to be done. “Wow firm handsake you have there. Military dad?” He asked and shook his hand a little before he took a sip of his strawberry smoothie, which had now arrived. “Yeah…” You brows furrowed. “That hard?” You leaned back and pushed your plates to Cisco’s old seat. “I’m not gonna lie. Yeah…” Barry continued. “My friend Iris’s dad is a cop and she has just as hard a handshake as you.” You wondered if she was his girlfriend. “That your girlfriend?” You blurted out before you had a chance to think it over. “Actually no. I don’t have a girlfriend…” You nodded and started eating your pancakes. 

“Have you tried the pancakes yet?” You pointed your fork at his seemingly untouched pancakes. He shook his head. “Haven’t gotten to it yet. I was kinda fascinated by your fight.” Even though you were a proud Friends fan, you blushed a little at his words. He had payed attention. 

Barry noticed your blush and looked down at his hands. He fidgeted with his phone. You hadn’t even noticed he had pulled it out of his pocket, you had been too distracted by him to notice. He looked nervous, and you hoped he would do what you thought he was about to. When he didn’t speak you manned up and did it yourself.

“Would you like to go out sometime?” You asked in unison. Your eyes met in surprise and a grin spread widely across your face. “I would love to.” After you had said it he immediately said the same. You handed him your phone and he handed you his. His face mirrored yours and he blushed. A happy silence had erupted between the two of you, until Cisco came back and interrupted. 

“Okay,” He said and stopped in front of you, “since I think you are kind of awesome, and I can see on Barry’s face that you two are going on a date, I will forgive you for your behaviour before.” You laughed in disbelief while Barry’s red face became more red. “I didn’t realize I was apologizing?” You cocked your head to the side. “Lady listen up, you would want to stay on my good side since I’m one of Barry’s best friends. I can easily throw you out of the game.” He pointed his finger at you as he moved closer and closer. When you were almost head to head he whispered; “I will destroy you.” He wiggled his eyebrows and and moved his hand to pretend cutting his neck in two. “Okay Cisco that’s fine.” Barry interrupted as you were about to shoot back. He stood from the barstool and dragged Cisco away. “I will call you!” He shouted over his shoulder, while Cisco silently threatened you. “I will look forward to it!” You yelled back and he stopped for a moment. The roles switched and Cisco pulled Barry out of the diner. 

“They never ate anything?” you thought. You shrugged and called for Cameron. You would get that free donut no matter what. 

First baby

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Featuring: none I think

Words: 1286

Warning: fluff!

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“#24 with Tony please :)”

Notes: as I always say, I’m so sorry for taking so much time into writing. I’m currently doing my uni exams so it’s hard to find the time and I had a busy Xmas break as well, but I promise all of your requests will be done asap.

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A day after you gave birth you went sent home, after being told by ten different doctors that you were ok. Of course, that was on Tony. He wanted to make sure you were completely alright to leave and just one opinion wasn’t enough. It was quite funny at the beginning but by the time he had the fourth doctor called, it stopped being funny and it started being annoying.

Luckily, you had talked some sense into his head and you were finally going back to the Tower. He had habilitated a whole floor for you two since he didn’t want any of the Avengers to be disturbed due to “baby’s noises” like he liked to say. You were completely ok with it. It was like living on your own but with your best friends a couple of floors above your head.

“I told the guys to wait until tomorrow to come and visit”, Tony said while you were still in the car. “I imagined you wanted some time to…relax”, he shrugged.

You smiled at him. He had changed so much since you got pregnant it was hard to recognise him. Of course he was still the same sarcastic narcissist you loved, but he had grown up somehow. Fatherhood had changed him. Now he had something he had always wanted: a family. And he had already been the first father ever even before little Rose came to the world.

“I do. Thanks, Tony”, you smiled at him before turning to look at the sleeping baby once again.

It was magnetic. You just couldn’t stop looking at her. It didn’t matter that she spent most of her time asleep. She was just beautiful and hypnotising to watch.

A few minutes later, Happy drove into the tower garage and parked in Tony’s private parking where he kept all his overpriced cars. He quickly left the car and went around it to open the door and take the portable chair where Rose was sleeping. You couldn’t help smiling as you saw his face looking down at his first daughter. He looked so happy, so calmed, so relaxed for the first time since you met him all those years ago.

“She’s beautiful”, he mumbled.

“She really is” you nodded standing next to him.

“I think she looks like you”, he said looking at you with a small smile.

“Sorry Tony, as much as I love you and as sweet as that is…she’s being alive for less than 48 hours. She looks like an old potato”, you shrugged.

Rose did was beautiful but it didn’t matter. She was a new born and that was how new born looked like. Of course yours was the most beautiful ever but still a potato.

“Have you really just called our daughter an old potato?” Tony asked seriously.

You chuckled and took the chair from his hand and walked to the elevator. You really were tired after those 15 hours of giving birth and you needed a bath or to lie down for a while since you knew you wouldn’t have much peace during the next few months.

“Don’t you think she’s beautiful?” Tony asked following you into the elevator. The question made you laugh.

“I don’t think she’s beautiful, Tony. I know she is”, you replied looking at him. “That doesn’t change the facts. A beautiful potato indeed but a potato”, you shrugged.

“She’s not a potato…” he mumbled crossing his arms which made you laugh.

Neither of you did much during the rest of the day. Tony almost forced you to take that bath as he assured you he would watch Rose. You did it reluctantly. You knew he would take care of her but you just didn’t want to be away from her for even a second, as stupid as it sounded. But the thought of a warm bubble bath was too appealing so you decided to listen to your husband.

It was a hard day. Not having the nurses to help you was harder than you thought. You knew how to change diapers since you had changed your niece’s many times; you knew how to fed her since the nurses had told you how and Rose knew how to do it as long as you held her; you knew how to bath her. You knew how to do everything. And you had to do everything.

By the time you both hit the bed that night, you were too exhausted to even talk and you fell asleep with Tony’s arms around you immediately although you knew you would have to wake up in less than 3 hours for her feeding but you were going to take as much time as you could to sleep.

When you woke up an hour and a half later, you were surprised when you found the other side of the bed empty. With a frown, you sat up and looked around. The door was opened and there was a light coming from the nursery. Confused you woke up and followed the light as you rubbed your eyes trying to see clear.

What you had never expected was to find Tony holding Rose while he was sitting on the rocking chair, moving back and forth and humming something between his teeth. It was the most adorable picture you could have ever dreamed of. Slowly, you walked in, letting Tony know you were there. He looked up and smiled at you before looking back down at her with such a loving look it brought tears to your eyes.

“What are you doing here?” You asked in a whisper.

“I couldn’t sleep…I needed to see her”, he told you. “Then I came in and I was watching her when she started crying a little so I took her and sat here. Now I’m not able to leave her”, he said. “I don’t think I will ever be able to leave her”, he added with a frown.

“Well…that’s good”, you chuckled moving closer to him.

“I don’t know…what if I’m too protective? What if she hates me for that?” He frowned. “She’s our first baby, I want to make it right”, he sighed. You smiled a little and rubbed his arm slowly.

“Tony you will be more than too protective. You will intimidate every single guy she ever comes home with. You will send Bucky to scare of the boys that mess with her at school. You will probably build some kind of armour for her 15th birthday”, you chuckled making him chuckled a little as well. “But you’re her father and maybe some time you will get on her nerves, like you get on mine, but she will love you more than anyone else in this world”, you smiled.

Biting his lip, he looked up at you letting you see the tears in his eyes. With a loving smile you looked down and kissed him softly.

“I love you”, he whispered. “And thank you…for her”, he added with a bigger smile.

“Thanks to you. She wouldn’t be here without your participation”, you winked.

“I’m willing to participate more”, he smirked.

“Wow! Slow down Iron Man”, you laughed quietly. “One at a time, shall we? We first have to raise this one”, you added looking down at her.

Just then she moved a little on Tony’s arms and started crying quietly at the beginning but in less than a minute she was crying out loud.

“Ok, this is your job, ma’am”, Tony quickly said getting up and putting her in your arms before exiting the room so you could feed her.

Laughing you shook your head and sat down with her. Too much for a romantic moment with Tony Stark.