baby with a mohawk


yup plus I got a buncha doodles of the twins designs. Lets see…

Kince the older twin. Bold, if you dared them to back flip into the moon they would accept it and figure out how to do it. Becomes a future green Paladin.

Vulu the younger twin. Chill, quiet. Kince is usually the loudest but Vulu has the the loudest laugh .Gets easily motion sickness when floating in zero gravity. Expertises in the medical field.

The twins were a surprise. Both twins can shift between their Altean and Galran form. They don’t have a preference. When they were younger the switch of forms was usually triggered by depending were they closer to an Altean or a Garlan. They were dubbed as the Crimson twins, cause of their hair/fur colour.

Also there’s a third Thoran child. Still working on their design.


Gerbil baby.  She just opened her eyes yesterday, and keeps crawling into my hand every time I put it in the cage with her and her siblings and mother.  Sporting a mohawk, because she’s badass like that.  PS-  she loves getting mohawks, it’s like being groomed to her.  

the real question here is if baby Peter Quill went through a mohawk phase because of his blue space dad

or because his blue space dad would eat him if he didn’t


~Last part!! @ilikechocolatemilkh thank you for your help!!~

Part 1

Part 2


Part 3

Reader’s POV

Happy and I moved our things into the apartment. Since we didn’t have very much stuff, he didn’t have his Charming brothers help. The only Charming member I’ve met before was Clay so the party they were throwing for us was also going to be the first time I met most of them. I was slightly nervous but Happy was going to be there with me. I was looking through my clothes in my closet when Happy came in my room. He laid down on the bed and watched me.

“What?” I asked and looked at him.

“The boys want us to come over a little earlier so everyone can meet you.” Happy told me.

“Okay I’m just going to pick out an outfit and take a shower.” I told him. He smiled and nodded.

“Alright, baby girl.” He got back up and came over to kiss my head before walking out of the room. I found a low cut tank and some ripped shorts. I set them on the bed and went into the bathroom to take my shower. After that I headed back to my room, I paused when I heard the TV in the living room and smiled.

I went into my room and got dressed, and after that I dried my hair and put on some makeup. I looked pretty damn good if I say so myself. I put on my boots and grabbed my leather jacket before going out to the living room. Happy was engrossed in his TV show and didn’t even look as I entered the room, which caused me to clear my throat and he still didn’t look. I sighed annoyed and stood in between him and the TV.

“How do I look?” I asked as he finally looked at me. His eyes scanned me up and down.

“Perfect, baby girl.” His voice was lower and raspier than normal and for some reason it made me blush.

“Great! Ready to go?” I asked and he nodded and got up.  We headed outside to his bike and we both got on it. He drove us to the clubhouse, and when we pulled in, only the bikes and a couple cars were there. It made slightly more nervous than having it be a full blown party. Happy parked and we got off the bike, I took his arm and we walked into the clubhouse together. There were some Sons on couches and two playing pool, that’s when I noticed Clay coming towards us.

“Brother!” Clay smiled and clapped Happy on the back. Then he looked to me. He pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek softly. “And Y/N, how are you?”

“I’m good, thank you for asking.” I smiled as I hugged him back.

“Boys, you all know Happy. This is Y/N. She is family and we are going to watch out for her.” Clay told everyone. He had probably already told everyone about me and who my father was. All of the guys came over.

“Hello, doll. I’m Tig.” A curly haired man with bright blue eyes told me.

“Hey I’m Juice!” A short baby faced man with a Mohawk said as he shook my hand. A man with scars on his cheek took my hand out of juice’s and kissed it softly.
“Hello, love; don’ mind them, they get a bi’ tapped in the head whene'er a beau'iful lass comes round.” He paused and smiled at me “And you are verra beau’iful love.” I blushed at his words. Well someone was definitely a charmer.

“Brothers, back up and give the lady some breathing room!” A blonde said pushing the others back. He looked at me and put on a charming crooked smile. “Sorry, darlin.” He took my hand and kissed it too but this time he winked up at me. He stood up and stepped closer to whisper in my ear. “Name’s Jax, make sure you remember darlin. You’ll be screamin it later.” He pulled back smirking and I blushed harder than I ever have in my life. Happy let out a loud growl that had even me shivering, both in fear and… excitement? Huh, weird.

“Alright, I think that’s enough introductions for now.” Clay said suddenly and everyone went back to milling around. Jax winked at me and went back over to the couches talking to some of the guys. “You two want a beer?” He asked and we nodded. We all went over to the bar and a hang around got us all beers.

Happy’s POV

If Jax looked at her one more fucking time, I was going to wring his pretty boy neck. I heard what he fucking told you and I was incredibly close to pulling out my gun and shooting him in the head for it. I was relieved when Clay stepped in and took us away from him. We stayed up at the bar as the party started and the room began to fill.

I got pulled away to do a game of pool with Tig and Chibs. I glanced over at you every once in awhile. You had started a conversation with Juice but about halfway through my game Jax went over and interrupted your conversation. My grip on my pool stick tightened to the point that I was afraid I was going to break it. Juice had left so it was just you and Jax. You laughed at something he said and my jaw clenched, I heard my teeth grind together and I felt the wood crack beneath my fingers.

“You gonna break tha’ stick o'er Jackie-Boy’s head, Hap?” Chibs smirked at me.
“I’m actually thinkin’ of shovin’ it up his ass!” Hap growls, dangerously. Max and you got up and moved to the dance floor. He pulled you close and grinded against you.

“Brother, just go over there and claim your girl.” Tig told me. “Otherwise, Jax is going to claim her over and over and over again tonight…” Tig said and something inside of me snapped. Between Tig’s words and watching the both of you, I couldn’t stop myself from going over to you. Without saying a word, I grabbed you from Jax and threw you over my shoulder. I heard you squeak and tell me to put you down but I just continued to my dorm.Once inside my room, I turned and closed the door before setting you down. You crossed your arms and glared at me.

“What the hell, Hap?” You yelled. I didn’t say anything just got closer to you. Once I reached you, I grabbed you and pulled you close to me. Your eyes widened and your mouth opened slightly in shock. I cupped your cheek softly. “What… What are you doing?” You whispered breathlessly.

“Something I should of done a long time ago…” I said just before I leaned down to capture your lips with my own. It didn’t take long for your surprise to wear off and you to kiss back. I pulled back slightly, panting softly and rested my forehead against yours. “I love you, baby girl…”

“God, Happy. I love you too.” You smiled and pulled me into another kiss.

Day Twenty-Three

-A young girl practiced her dolphin noises as she went through the lane. I can tell that she has devoted all four years of her life to perfect this, as her shrill whistles were absolutely impeccable. 

-I told a woman to have a good night. In most cases this would have seemed proper and polite. Unfortunately, it was 10:06 AM, so it was neither.

-A manager told me that for each guest who signed up for a Target card, he would put on a piece of clothing. I was worried that he meant that he would be starting at zero. Fortunately, he clarified that he meant a costume item from the Halloween aisle, starting with a shark costume. This is better, but I hope that the rules can be bent, as I have quickly become very partial to the idea of spending my shift in a shark costume.

-An old man walked through the front of the store. He was dressed head to toe in the pinnacle of punk chic. This would have been both intimidating and impressive, were it not for the fact that he had a baby blue mohawk that only spanned about three inches at the front of his scalp rather than a normal length. Realistically, this baby mohawk only served to earn my respect even more.

-A man came through and bought a mystery box with a collectible Garbage Pail Kids figurine inside. He returned ten minutes later to buy another one, saying, “Maybe this time I’ll get lucky.” This continued until he had bought four figurines. This is the most innocent brand of gambling that I have ever been an enabler of.

-I stuck my tongue out at a crying baby to make it laugh, as I am wont to do. The baby was overjoyed by this, and attempted to return the gesture. Unfortunately, he had not yet learned this valuable motor function. Instead he grabbed his tongue with his baby hand and pulled it out manually. I appreciate his effort with all of my heart and consider this to be the ultimate sign of respect.

-My register is stocked to the brim with spring, summer, and winter stickers, and yet, no autumn stickers are anywhere to be found. I feel that at this point I deserve to have a steady supply of seasonally-appropriate stickers, but here we are.

-An older woman informed me that “cell phones will be the end of all of us.” I only wish that she had been purchasing more than one item so I could have had the time to learn about more of her worldviews. 

-A woman had a brief moment of sheer terror as she looked at my face, but it immediately vanished and she returned to normal. I am filled with curiosity about what I did to warrant such a response, but I am unable to find a polite and professional way to ask, “What is it about my face that made you soil yourself on sight?”

-A group of gawky men, all wearing pants hiked up to nipple-level, walked through the checkout lanes. As one turned, I was able to see that one of them had a poorly-shaped dollar sign shaved into the back of his head. As I turned back, one of them walked up behind me and started shouting, making me think I was about to be attacked. I am not sure what impression these men were trying to give off, but to be fair, I am also not sure what impression I got from them. Ultimately, nipple-pants, designer shavings, and unwarranted shouting are lose-lose situations for everyone involved.

-A Target card was signed up for. The shark costume was donned. Nothing makes a job better than seeing your supervisor handle guest services dressed as a dangerous and sharp fish.

-I asked a man how he was doing. He gleefully replied, “Pretty good for a bald man!” At this point the fact that he was bald had completely evaded me, but I appreciated him being so up front about this, and I am glad that he manages to keep his spirits up to combat his hairline recedes.

-As the end of my shift draws close, I made the realization that not a single coupon had been printed. The only solution I can find is that the robots have finally had enough of being put to such menial tasks. I am grateful that my shift is over, as I do not have the emotional capacity to handle an uprising against mankind today.

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If someone hasn't already, but an evolution of all that is holy Min Yoongi's hair from debut to now pretty please with Suga on top.

Strap in your fucking seat belts, we’re going on a ride


the IN IT TO WIN IT audition mohawk (same, yoongi, same…)

the MULLET RETURNS from his trainee days


the infamous WEALTHY HOUSEWIFE from N.O





the shortlived but cute SMOL TANGERINE

the PRETTIER THAN YOU’LL EVER BE cotton candy pink hair





finally, the “I’VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE”

tag your favorite! we’re curious :) 

i showered about three hours ago and i already stink of sweat… my body sure knows how to make me uncomfortable

polished my nails with shiny dark purple to feel a bit prettier

and omg!! i cut my H A I R too

a nonbinary goth person with a baby mohawk and purple nails and a fragrance of sweat and moisturizer