baby winter hat

it’s been crazy difficult keeping this secret but i drew ashley’s name for the askblog au secret santa!

i wish more than anything i could make you something beautiful and completed but since my stylus is busted i decided to sketch copious amounts of otp/headcanons to attempt to make it up to you. ; v ; i love you super duper extra much, and hope you enjoy page one of what i hope will be enough sketches to express in some small measure how much i love you and appreciate having you as my friend and ship partner. merry christmas ashley! <333

Home is Where the Heart Is (Luke)

“Look, mumma!” You little girl, no older than three, exclaimed as she ran out onto the station patio. She looked up into the dark sky as the snow fell onto her little lashes. She giggled as the flakes fell onto her rosy cheeks and got caught in the faux fur of her winter hat. 

“Baby, don’t get too close to the tracks okay?” You called out. You and Luke weren’t too far behind, walking under an umbrella in the snow. 

“Princess, do what your mother tells you!” Luke said sternly as your little girl wandered towards the tracks. You sighed and released your husband’s hand and walked to your daughter. 

“You can’t walk near the tracks, baby.” You repeated, taking her hand in yours. 

“Mumma, when are we going home?” You daughter asked looking up at you. 

“We go home in a few days, but right now our home is right here with daddy and your uncles.” You replied softly. Luke walked up to the other side of your daughter. She wrapped her tiny hand around his index finger and the three of you walked to the small awning. 

“But home is with my toys and Mr. Freddy.” Your daughter continued, referring to her puppy you and Luke had gotten her about a year ago. 

“Home is where the heart is, princess.” Luke said kneeling down to her level. He tied her small purple scarf a bit tighter as the snow began to fall a bit thicker. 

“So your home is with, mumma right, daddy?” The little girl said looking into Luke’s eyes. “ ‘Cause you say mumma is your heart.” You couldn’t say a word and just stared at your husband with tears threatening to spill.

“That’s right, princess. You and your mumma are my heart. So my home is with the two of you.” Luke said kissing his daughter’s forehead. 

“Then you’re my home too!” She chimed with a big smile. “You too, mumma!” She said hugging your leg and hanging onto Luke’s finger as the train finally came through the station. 


Spiro from Russian was visiting Helsinki for a new year’s eve and we met her shortly today for tea and celebrating the first day of 2015.

I have had lot of troubles with my injured back over holidays and medicines  have made me moody but today I was able to forget all stress. You girls are the best an cutest!