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You’re Mine || one

Meeting the guy, that made my life a living hell after years of running away. Do I love him or do I hate him?

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Word Count: 1.7k

Genre: Mature/Angst

A/N: Taking a break from this fic, will start a new one. 

The way he used to look at me, was all gone when he started hanging out with guys that were older than him. Ignoring me because he was too ‘cool’ for me, breaking my heart and messing with it like I was a toy. Of course, I have heard stories about him, some horrible ones. Casual sex, treating women like toys and the worse one gangbangs. This was someone he had become, something he did every day and I couldn’t fathom at all. We used to be friends, me thinking that we were more than friends, was just a huge lie to make myself feel better about the situation. He used me, breaking my heart like a heartless person, he had become and I forgave him every time because I loved him. I used to cry and tell everything he had done to me to Lia, my best friend. There was always something to say about him or the girls that were stupid enough to fuck him, just like the old me. Lia normally would tell me to stop letting people hurt me and stand up for myself instead of forgiven them for their mistake. That must be easy for her, she has always been the girl that said what she wanted, not being afraid what people would think about her. 

As the time passed. I moved away from my childhood home into a bigger city or the capital living there for a year or two before moving back. Where all the pain of mine started, but I guess I got attached to the place, maybe that’s the reason why I’m back. Thinking that he would be long gone from this place, hoping that I didn’t run into him or see him again. I didn’t have anything to say to him, nothing at all. When I finally found my peace, something that will soon be ruined by the one and only Jeon Jungkook, the guy I have been running away from for years now because my heart couldn’t take it anymore watching him from afar. Watching him fuck up every single girl he met, just because he found it fun to mess around with me. Who does that? he does. 

“Missed me?” he whispered into my ear making me jump up a little by his sudden presence, as I stood outside of someone’s backyard at a party that I got forced to go on.  

“What do you want?” I turned around facing him, at first it was hard to remember if I knew who the voice belonged to, but the fact that he asked if I had missed him made everything much easier for me. He looked different but I guess time changes someone’s looks, he was much taller than last time I saw him. Honestly, he looked great, black shirt and pants in an outfit he didn’t put much effort in. 

“Looks like someone have become stubborn, what happened to the girl who did everything I told her? I wonder if she’s still around,” he smirked while looking around for ‘her’ ending it with a grin showing his teeth, that every girl died of seeing. “Want to go inside and get a drink, so we can catch up on things?“ 

"So sad that she’s gone and would probably never come back as well,” I said with a harsh tone. “No thanks, I don’t drink," 

He was surprised to get to see the true me or the changed me, but let out a laughter making me frown my eyebrow. "Why are you at a party, if you’re not planning on drinking anything or have fun?” he asked with a cocked eyebrow. “Wait~ did you come here because of a guy? Then where is he," 

The way he said it and acted showed me that he was obvious teasing me, thinking that I couldn’t get laid. That was just rude of him, I can easily get laid but I’m not like him. I don’t do one stands, I have to be drunk first at least to do it. Does he think that I’m the shy girl that he fucked up multiple times, that was too afraid to say anything about it? How fucking nice of him to think. 

"Bye~,” I said with no emotional and brushed past him earning a call from him but instead of turning around and wait for him, I slightly turning my head back flashing him a smile. 

A couple of hours later, I was still avoiding him. Once in awhile, he would try to get my attention by going up with a random girl closer towards me, hoping that I would get jealous by it. Lia was nowhere to be seen, I guess she’s the one getting laid tonight after all I’m her wingwoman. My eyes were wandering around the party when I spotted something that caught my attention or in fact, I caught someone staring at me. He somehow looked familiar but I couldn’t put the words together, there was just something familiar with him or was that just me being paranoid. I was about to stand up and walk over to the guy but got pushed back down onto the chair, looking up seeing his face. He was slowly shaking his head, as he was doing that he was making sure that I wouldn’t stand up again by holding onto my shoulder. 

“Why do you want to go talk to him and not me? Fun, now you’re looking at my friends. I don’t understand why you’re giving me a cold shoulder, and don’t you dare tell me that I have to think harder. You disappeared for three years, I tried to ask your-” I cut him off. 

“How dare you ask my parents, great it’s just great. Don’t you understand that I hate you, you fucking used me like I was a toy! Just go and fuck someone else because I don’t want anything from you” This was just great, he’s acting all innocent when he’s the reason for the pain I have been feeling for years. I harshly pushed him to the side rushing out of the house, hot tears were already trailing down my cheek. Regretting that I didn’t get drunk, knowing that I would just regret it tomorrow anyway but it would have felt great if I got drunk. Why did I have to be like this? because this is who I am.

The whole way home was me trying to get myself to stop crying, but it seemed useless. I didn’t want it to stop, my body needed to let it all out before getting home. No one needed to know that I met him again, not even Lia needed to know. I came to a dark alley not paying much attention to the dark, slightly sobbing could be heard making the night seem endless not knowing when it would stop. I almost died of shock when suddenly someone pushed me into the stone wall, making my teeth grit together of the pain. My head was still hanging low not really caring if I got raped by a guy on the street because I’m already in so much pain. Maybe it would be a nice fuck with a good looking guy, something I would probably regret like I regret getting to know Jeon Jungkook, regretting that I let him fuck me up. 

“I thought you loved me, baby girl. Why have you become so cold hearted all of a sudden?” he started to kiss my neck leaving wet kisses, holding onto my waist tightly. I wanted to push him away, but my body wasn’t collaborating with my brain. “This isn’t the Y/N, I used to know" 

"Then you surely don’t know me well” I finally pushed him off me, it all sounded harsh but it was true. He doesn’t know me that well, he doesn’t care about me anymore. He ditched me because he was too ‘cool’ for me, leaving me to become a monster and now he’s thinking that I came back for him. Used me for his pleasure whenever he needed it, I won’t let that happen again. How stupid can someone be? He’s stupid enough to think, that I’m crawling back to him. “I have changed something you haven’t" 

When I was about to go away, he harshly pushed me back on the wall making me hiss. He has become even stronger over the years, his face showed that he was irritated and angry. "You truly have learned how to make someone angry, but it suits you” with that he pressed his lips onto mine, my eyes grow bigger while his eyes were closed. 

My hands were on his chest struggling to push him away from the kiss, I have to admit this was something I had missed but I had to remember all the things he had done to me. Making me feel like trash, forcing me to watch him fuck another girl because I didn’t obey him. Making me fall in love with him over and over again, so many times it started to hurt. This was a life I left behind but it looks like I’m going to get it back. The life I hated to live, always wanting things to change but it wouldn’t change. Why was he doing this to me? No one knows because this is his life, he’s used to doing this to girls, but why with me, though? 

He soon moved down to my neck sucking on it slightly earning some moans escape my lips, but I regret letting them out, covering my mouth with one hand so I wouldn’t make him satisfied. He was trying hard to make me feel miserable under his touch, he wanted me to beg for him. I didn’t want to beg for anything, I don’t even love him anymore. The hate for him was stronger than the love that I once felt for him. “I missed hearing them” he purred into my neck, his hand grabbed my hand that was covering my mouth holding onto it so I couldn’t use it. 

“I missed everything about you" 

Sehun- Broken Puzzle Pieces

Group: EXO- Sehun

Theme: random idea- a really bad, late-nite fight with a surprising secret

Type: Drabble- angst asf

Plot: Sehun shows up home really late at night only to leave but when you try to stop him, things take a really ugly turn with a secret and confessions that may shatter your glass-like relationship.

Inspo:  1, 2 , 3  (please, please check these out before you read, it’ll really help to set + enhance the overall mood, *u can read the notes section at the bottom why)

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[Genre] Extremely deep yet encouraging FLUFFY smut.

[Starring] You x Namjoon

[WC] Short.

It was around 1:30 in the morning when I woke. The sudden urge to quench my unknown thirst had awaken me from my slumber. I hardly wake up in the middle of the night like this but for some reason my mind and body was up with only the request of water. I flung the covers from my body and stepped precisely on my toes, making sure my heels didn’t thud the ground as I walked—just because I was awake did not mean I should disturb anyone else.

 My feet plodded effortlessly on the cold wooden floor. I had barely noticed the cool air of the house that brushed past my bare legs as I walked. The room temperature bottle of water sitting in my pantry was calling my name.

 I had finally retrieved my water and instantly began gulping it down. From the kitchen I looked around and realized how bright the room actually was. I hadn’t noticed how iridescently gloomy the atmosphere was from the clear night sky outside. I stepped closer to the big glass window and many nostalgic feelings over came me. I had always admired nature and the world around me that seemed to be hidden behind the cities. I often felt that I didn’t belong in the city—too far I thought, away from the most amazing things the world has to offer.

 But here I was working, going to school, and living comfortably in the city with my fiancé. We led busy lives. So busy that it was easy to forget the other parts of the world that become overlooked or unappreciated because of today’s fast moving society.

 2am hit and I was getting deep inside my own mind putting off sleep to think about everything in my life. I felt so spiritual in these moments. I stepped outside the back door barefoot with my bare legs into the cold night. Taking these little meaningless risks exhilarated me. It was such a silly but freeing feeling to step outside at this hour when no one else was really awake and let the night air caress your skin. My eyes wandered to the sky where I was instantly taken aback by the wonderful canvas above. 

 The night sky was so clear that I could see stars for miles; stretched around my vision stars were everywhere I looked. I felt myself getting lost in the depths of the black abyss that contained twinkles and flashes of tiny bursts. How small I was compared to the sky. My mind was compelled to many thoughts staring into the crepuscular night. I immediately became grateful for my vision, to be able to see this magical scene unveil before me. I spun on my toes reaching out to the sky. It’s easy to pretend that you can actually touch the stars when they seem so close. I began to wonder. From above looking down how important am I to the world? Looking up at the stars brings me happiness and joy. It’s easy to admire it and feel proud when witnessing it. But who looks at me that way… Will I ever be able to put off a similar image and become so well known that people get the same feeling when looking at me? I want to be so great in life and I want to help others. I’m scared and stressed out about these things in life.


I had not heard the door creak open I was so immersed in my own thoughts. I turned around to see him and immediately wiped my eyes with the back of my hands. Tears had silently ran down my cheeks and I hadn’t noticed. I felt silly for being this way so early in the morning. "I’m sorry I hope I didn’t wake you. I was really thirsty and then I got… distracted” I forced a smile to reassure him. He walked towards me and wrapped himself and the blanket around me hugging me from behind. “Are you okay [y/n]? Your skin is so cold baby, why are you crying? What are you doing out here?” Concern tainted his voice when he spoke. I explained to him all my thoughts and my reasoning's—we gazed at the sky together now. “I just want to be like the stars, will I ever be as great or…” My voice trailed off. He added and encouraging squeeze to his hug, “baby, how can you doubt yourself so easy? I wish you could see the things I see when I look at you” He unwrapped himself from me and grabbed my wrist gently in his large hand. “You should go back inside, I don’t want you catching a cold and you need to get some sleep baby, it’s really late." 

 I followed him into the house, stealing one last glance at the sky. I crawled right into bed, he covered me up and tucked me in like I was a child. I could not help myself from instinctively smiling up at him. He smiled back and even in the dim of the night I could see his dimples flash at me through his cheeks. He crawled into bed and shifted his body close to mine to spoon me. His breath tickled my neck, the warm soft brushes of air felt nice against my skin. He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close until my back was on his chest. "Your skin is still so cold sweetheart” his plump lips pressed against my shoulder. “With you holding me tight I should warm up in no time, thank you.” I gently squeezed his hand. I never wanted to let it go. “I love you, you don’t have to thank me, just stay with me like this…forever” his voice barely a whisper; His words touched me. I turned my head back towards him, wanting to make contact. He accepted my hint and placed his lush lips against mine. 

The warmth that flowed from his mouth tingled against mine. Worried that the kiss might get too heated I pulled away from him and stared into his eyes. He moved forward and connected our lips again in a haste. “I thought you wanted to sleep?” I interrupted. “I changed my mind darling.” His lips moved to my neck, he placed soft pecks against my skin and the sound of lips smacking together against me filled the quiet room. I lifted my chin towards him so he could gain more access to my neck. His lips landed everywhere, leaving no flesh untouched. The rhythm of his heavy breathing throughout the room sounded so peaceful, it fit the mood just right. My heart started pounding so hard in my chest. It flooded my hear drums. My body became hot, my body felt needy. Under the covers his large hand found my hip, trailing over my side and down onto my stomach where I had a knee jerk reaction to his touch. He traced his fingers under my shirt between my breasts, focusing on the outline of my sternum—lips still on my neck. 

 "Every little detail I can feel is so perfect. I can close my eyes and feel how precious you are through touch as if my eyes were wide open with you in front of me" his hand followed my sternum back down and dipped between the light indentations of my rib cage through my skin. “Look at me…” he was waiting, as soon as I lowered my head he connected our lips, slowly, slipping his tongue into my mouth. There was a distinguishing scent in his mouth that aroused me. He was so gentle with his tongue and it was so warm. The soft muscle filled my mouth and made me lightheaded. While we kissed his hand made contact with my bare breast. His hot skin made contact with my nipple and I felt myself becoming more turned on by the second. I hadn’t realized my back was arched so tightly against him. 

 He broke the kiss and traced his open mouth against my jawline. His hand begin gliding down to my middle. I parted my legs just a little so he could just touch me already. He didn’t hesitate and his nimble fingers traced the outline of my slit through my panties. “I want to show you… Just how important you are to me sweetheart.” He added more pressure, the cotton of my panties already soaked through in preparation for him. I could feel his erection sticking straight out now through his boxers, the head of his penis pressing just below my ass on the back of my thigh. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to feel him. I unknowingly parted my legs more and backed onto him, arching my back so much I was straining for contact. “Okay baby I won’t keep you waiting any longer.” He slid my panties down and I helped him move them away. I reached back and felt under the covers for the hem of his boxers, I grabbed the edge and pulled them back exposing his cock. He silently chuckled at my impatience and slid them down the rest of the way. His tip was achingly close to my entrance. He grabbed his cock in hand and pushed my thigh up more before letting his shaft glide between my folds and caress my clit. I threw my head back onto him at the sudden sensation I was receiving.

His movements were slow and precise, making sure I was feeling every inch of him glide through my folds. So soft. He placed his mouth on the back of my neck and suckled at my skin. I could hear the desperate moans that he was choking up behind me as he tried his best to hold back. “Namjoon.” I called out to him in a whisper. He didn’t even respond verbally. That was his cue. He paused and circled the head of his penis around my entrance before pushing his cock completely inside. He filled me entirely whole, my body tensed at the sudden action but I was able to adjust before he started pushing behind me. His large hand grasped around my inner thigh and parted my legs completely as he dug deeper and deeper within my walls. His mouth stuck to mine in a panic, desperate to fill me in another way. The taste of his tongue was different again, but it was good.

 Uncontrollably, I released multiple spews of moans and whimpers into his mouth. My actions only encouraged him to keep going harder and faster. He broke the kiss to catch his breath. The sweat dictated between the sheets–already, we were a hot drenched mess. In the midst of our lovemaking he had flipped my leg up and over between us so i could fall flat on my back. I could see him hovering over me and still keeping his pace. His plump lip turned white because he was biting down on it so hard. I loved watching him this way. His eyes were so sultry and low. His lids were heavy like weights were weighing them. He found my clit and began stimulating me with each pump, heightening my arousal. I could feel my body changing more and more. I knew what it was preparing itself for. I tried to brace myself.

 "I don’t want you to ever doubt yourself again [y/n]. You’re my precious little star baby. You already make so many people happy in this world so don’t ever worry about the future, you’re not alone" he spoke softly with desperation in his voice. His thrusts became wild and erratic the tight feeling in my core became stronger and my heart ached over his encouraging words. To have another human being understand and support your internal thoughts that scare you the most is the most amazing feeling on the planet. He leaned down to make eye contact with me—lips inches from mine. “Promise me you won’t ever doubt yourself again” he practically growled at me, sending my climax into full throttle. A sting of moans and cries left my mouth as I climaxed. I immediately felt myself weakening at my impulses and his words. He continued grinding until he finally came seconds after. Tears chased the skin of my cheeks because the over-stimulation eventually became too much. He pulled out slowly and lowered his body on top of mine. Our breathing in deep synchronization, I could feel his chest rising and falling with each breath. I closed my eyes and just listened to us. In complete bliss and exhaustion from the turn of events. “You okay sweetheart?”

 "Yeah, thanks.“ 

 "Hey,” he sat his head up to look me in the eyes, “I meant everything I said tonight. I love you, always." 

His dimpely smile flashed at me again. I connected our lips, words just didn’t seem to be enough for the moment. I’m worried about such silly things. I was admiring the wrong stars. There is a beautiful one right in front of me, and he’s all mine.

[A/N] I had dreamt about this one night and woke up the same night really early in the morning to immediately began writing this. It was so realistic I wanted to remember it forever so I turned it into a smut. Thank you for reading. I’m going to go finish crying about my bias list. 

when you're sick


The boys were out on a case, leaving you in the library of the bunker, researching some lore even though you felt like scratching your face off. It was the beginning of Spring so your allergies were being a real bitch. Swollen eyelids, uncontrollable sneezing, and stuffy sinuses were only the least of your troubles.

  Your phone rang beside you. Sighing, you picked it up.

  “Yeah?” You sniffled, clicking away on the laptop.

“Y/N? You sound terrible.” Came Dean’s gravelly voice. He was always one to be straight-forward. Man, what you would do for him to be home so you could snuggle up in his arms.

“Yeah, are you okay?” Sam asked. You could practically see the concerned face he had on through the phone.

“Just allergies.” You muttered. “What did you guys call for?”

“We just finished the job. Easy newbie vamp. We’re coming home now. Should be there in about 15 minutes.”

You sneezed, groaning afterwards. “Alright Winchesters, I’ll see you soon.”

“See ya.” they both said in unison. You sighed again, closing the laptop.

God, your head was aching. You couldn’t even breathe properly! You rested your head on your arms that were being supported by the table. Maybe just a few minutes of sleep… After all, you were getting agitated.

Within those few minutes, the sound of the bunker door opening and slamming shut was enough to jostle you out of the idea of ever even trying to go to sleep.

You felt warm lips at your temple. Before you could see him, you sneeze. Again. And again. And again. You looked up to see Sam and Dean standing, looking down at you and your struggle. Sam was concerned, Dean amused.

You squinted up at them, sniffling. “What?”

“You sure you’re okay?” Sam acknowledged.

You were irritated. You were completely sick and tired of these stupid allergies. It’s already 11pm and you’re just over this day.

“I’m fine.” You insisted, walking past them and to Dean’s room.

You tore off your clothes and pulled on one of Dean’s ACDC shirts with some pajama shorts. Grumbling incoherent sentences, you flopped down onto the bed, resisting the urge to scratch your face. This was gonna be some night.

The sneezing and sniffling continued for about 20 minutes before you heard the bedroom door open. You looked over to see Dean with a plastic bag in one hand, glass of water in the other.

“Y/N, babe, I got you some allergy medication.” He said softly, setting the glass down on the nightstand beside his bad. You smiled slightly, another sneeze erupting from you. He chuckled.

You sat up as he handed you the pills along with the water. He kissed your forehead as you took them, going off to get in the shower. You sniffled once more, setting the glass back on the nightstand.

You hated being needy. The Winchesters already had enough on their plate. They don’t need to be worrying about you this much.

A few minutes later, a shirtless Dean only wearing boxers came out, drying his hair with a towel which he tossed into a corner of the room before picking out a clean shirt and shrugging it over his head. He made his way over to you, sliding under the covers and turning to face you.

“How you feelin’?”

You shrugged. “Like shit. I don’t think the medicine works that fast.”

He frowned. “If I could take it away, darlin’ you know I would.”

“Thanks, Dean.” You smiled, leaning forward to press a kiss to his lips. You felt him smile into the kiss. You quickly pulled away and sneezed into your shirt.

“Son of a bitch!”



You were hunched over the toilet, throwing up your guts. Damn cheap diner food!

“Y/N?” You heard your boyfriend’s concerned voice from outside the bathroom. “Open up.”

You crawled over to the door, unlocking it and scurrying back over the toilet. You heard the door open and soft footsteps padding behind you. Oh no. Another fit of vomiting. You always hated throwing up. Especially in front of other people.

“Sam, you don’t have to-” You were cut off again.

You felt soft fingertips brush against your face, holding all your hair back. Sam rubbed your back soothingly. After a few minutes, you finally think it’s over.

You still felt terrible, throat sore from all the vomiting. You were about to cry. Sam saw your face and quickly took you into his arms, pressing you close to his chest. You couldn’t help it, quiet, breathy sobs came from you.

“It’s going to be okay.” He whispered, his hand caressing the back of your head. “I’ll have Dean run out and get some things that’ll make you feel better.”

More sobs wracked your body.

“L-Look at me! I’m a hunter and I can’t even handle a simple stomach flu!”

“Hey, hey. Look here.” He said, guiding me gently by my chin. “You’re one of the strongest hunters I’ve ever seen, Y/N. You’re quick and smart and incredibly coordinated. So what if you can’t handle a stomach flu by yourself? I’ve seen what you’re capable of. Don’t let this bring you down, you’re still the most-badass girl in the world to me.”

You stared up at him, a smile twitching the corners of your lips. Just when you were about to say something, you threw up the last of whatever you had in your stomach.

Sighing, you slumped back into Sam’s arms. He picked you up ever so gently and carried you bridal-style back to his room. He placed you in his bed and under the covers. You curled up into fetal position. Yeah, it felt that bad.

“I promise I’ll be right back.” He said softly, pressing his lips to your forehead before running out of his room, calling for his brother.

Within a few minutes, Sam was back with loads of stuff carried in his arms.

“Alright, Y/N, I’ve got you some nausea medication, a cold rag for your head, some ginger ale, and some ice cubes to chew on.” He announced, placing each thing on his nightstand. You smiled weakly up at your darling boyfriend.

The medicine was taken, ice chewed, ginger ale sipped on and you were snuggled up into Sam’s chest with the rag pressed to your forehead. You still weren’t feeling quite yourself yet, but it was definitely starting to make you feel better.

You looked up into his eyes and smiled. “What would I do without you?”

He chuckled, rubbing along the length of your upper arm. “Glad to be of service.”

“I love you, Sammy.” He smiled.

“I love you, too, Y/N. Get some rest.”

He kissed the top of your head and you sighed contently before slowly drifting into unconsciousness.



“Y/N, are you alright? Judging by the amount of tissues surrounding you and your bed, do you have some sort of leakage?” Cas’ gruff voice filled your ears.

You laughed, blowing your nose again. “Cas, baby, I have a cold.”

“Oh, why didn’t you just say so? I’ll go fetch you some blankets.” He turned to leave.

“No! I’m not cold! I have a cold!” You laughed. “It’s just a little infection. My throat just hurts and I have to blow my nose a lot.”

“What are you blowing from your nose?” He asked curiously, weirdly intrigued by this.


He looked confused, eyebrows knitting together and head tilting slightly to the side.

“Mucus.” You corrected yourself.

Realization hit him and he nodded. “Oh, I see.”

“Yeah, but you’re not a full angel so your grace won’t keep you from getting sick. Don’t get too close to me or else you might catch a cold, too!” You warned.

“I’d rather be ill than stay away from you, Y/N.” He said, making your heart melt.

He climbed into bed with you, swiping all of the used tissues onto the floor. You sniffled, wiping your nose once more before allowing him to hold you in his arms.

“Cas, baby, have I ever told you how sweet you are?” You smiled.

“I think this is the fourth time.” You laughed, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

The next week, Cas was the sniffling mess and you were the one taking care of him.

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Can I get a little story with Bruce please? The prompts 63 "can we just share a shower? Please?" And 82 "baby your all red." Please? Thank you!!! Btw, just found your amazing blog.

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“Oh, god, it’s cold. So, so cold.” You sang under your breath as you frantically tried to close the front door and shield yourself from the bitter, biting wind. “It’s freezing. Why is it so cold? Yesterday it was sixty degrees!” 

You heard a quiet chuckle from the kitchen and immediately made your way toward the sound. Bruce sat at the counter, reading through one of his science magazines. 

“Baby, explain to me in science terms why it’s suddenly so cold.” You giggled, wrapping your cold hands around his neck and massaging the muscles there. He flinched at your cold touch and rubbed your hands. 

“You’ll get bored. You always do.” He teased, forcing you to stand in front of him with a light tug on your arm. “Aw, baby, you’re all red.” 

“I told you it’s cold.” 

His thumb swiped over your pink, wind bitten cheeks, and then he pinched your irritated nose. You squealed, gaping at him as if he had just committed a first offense. He watched silently as you wrapped your hands in his sweater, but before he could protest, your cold hands were pressed to his stomach. 

“You’re evil!” He exclaimed, tugging you onto his lap and tickling your sides as you shrieked and squealed and kicked your legs. 

“Okay, okay! Truce!” You panted, soft giggles still finding their way out of you. 

“Why don’t you go shower and get warm. I’ll make us some dinner and pour us some wine.” Bruce hummed softly, tugging at your scarf gently. 

“That sounds amazing, but… can we share a shower? Please? I missed you today.” You mumbled, staring up at him with your puppy dog eyes. 

“Alright, go run the water.” 

You grinned at him and skipped your way up the stairs, imagining all the ways Bruce could keep you warm that didn’t include the shower. 

Large group of international exchange students have been asked what is weird in Denmark:

So weird

• How can you like the rain? Is that the reason why the buildings are so fancy?
• Leaving babies outside of shops in the cold
• Square pillows - why do you need so much extra height? People’s heads aren’t that tall!
• Overwhelming hospitality
• Breaking and making cultural stereotypes at will - this leads to contrast, surprise, and confusion
• Spending time on many meetings and talking about many things at work and at study places without reaching an immediate conclusion
• Monarchy
• Blossoming flowers in my neighbour’s garden
• The combination of social welfare state and personal freedoms
• EU membership without using euro
• klippekort (ten-trip transportation card)
• Bananas taste unripe
• People on the street play beautiful music