baby whovians


My 3.5yo daughter just ran up to me with her talking plush Dalek, pointed it at me, pressed the button, and proceeded to scream:


She has never said a sentence that long and that perfectly in her life.

She even did the robotic voice.

I am so proud.

And also a little scared.

oh, these girls

Watching “The Time of Angels” for a Friday night pizza party before I’m gone for the weekend.

“I love River Song. She’s sooo coooool. She’s strong and spicy,” in these totally awestruck voices. Also, they were excitedly sharing their theories as to where the Angel was and *stuff that is creepy and spoiler-y about the cave and the Angels, but Whovians will know what I’m talking about probably*.

I dunno, it just got to me for some reason. I’m glad Auryn shared this with me, and I’m glad I shared it with the twins. They seem to have something they really, really enjoy…besides Pokémon. :P

areyoumarriedriver ROCKS

Because she introduced me - and my Baby Whovians - to Chameleon Circuit.

The tiny one - Lizzy, nearly five - has not yet watched any Who except for bits of The Eleventh Hour. She really really likes Still Not Ginger. I suspect this is because it contains the lyrics “head shoulders knees and toes” which are familiar to her.

The true Whovian - Abby, nine-and-a-half - loves the ‘scary’ songs, especially Count the Shadows and Don’t Blink.

Thanks, hon. You have done a good deed.

She is Good People. Love her.

Geek parenting. I am doing it right.

Lizzy (5) can read probably 75 to 100 words (not including logos). She’s not yet in kindergarten, so that’s reasonable. Some of these you might expect, like cat and Lizzy. Some of these are not unusual for a child of the 21st century, like reset and liberty.

And then there’s EXTERMINATE. And Raxacoricofallapatorius.

And - as I have pinkeye - she wants to buy me “some pretend tentacles for Halloween”.

My friend Carrie, baker extraordinaire, has offered to make these for Abby's Who themed tenth birthday. I believe the “fish fingers” are shortbread cookies rolled in graham cracker crumbs, with vanilla custard in brownie cups. Carrie is the best!

We may also try to figure out Adipose-shaped cookies, and we have a source for jammie dodgers and jelly babies. Mind you, the birthday is not until December, so we have plenty of time to find or make TARDIS goodie bags and a Dalek piñata…


My youngest has Alex Kingston Hair. On the way to Kingston on the ferry especially. Coincidence?

Yeah, probably.

But who cares; they’re having a blast at the beach with Grandma, and Mummy gets to sleep!

I miss them.

But there’s that sleep thing!