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Warnings: none

Rating: G

Word Count: 1577

Pregnancy with Dan requested by Anon

1st Trimester:

You found out before Dan, obviously. Sitting on the lip of the bathtub, you couldn’t really say you were surprised at the little pink lines staring back at you. It wasn’t like the two of you were trying or anything, but from the moment he had finished touring you had been all over each other, most of the time too into the moment to bother with protection. Completely you guys’ fault. You remembered the rush of joy that filled your veins when you thought about it. You were pregnant.

Phil was the first person you told. Not even your parents or your best friend. Phil. After the happiness had set in, worry hit you. What if Dan didn’t want kids? His career was entirely too demanding right now, not to mention you didn’t even know if you could handle a child. You had explained all of this to Phil through tears, sitting on his floor. Ever the rock, the dark-haired male told you that you were going to be fine, and that Dan would be thrilled. There was nothing to worry about.

Dan was thrilled.

He was more excited than you were, he went to nearly every doctor’s appointment with you. While the first trimester is usually the most difficult for women, the first half of it went pretty well. You went about things normally, if only getting tired easier and craving saltier foods. The second half took a turn, unfortunately. Whereas you could pretty much eat anything before, now food refused to stay in your stomach. Breast pain had started much sooner than you would’ve liked, and though Dan appreciated your increased cup size, you stopped letting him touch them. He had no issue rubbing your lower back when the soreness hit there, though.

2nd Trimester:

Adorably named the Honeymoon Period of pregnancy, you were grateful that everything had died down. You had a noticeable bump now, your favorite skinny jeans didn’t fit anymore. You often would wear Dan’s sweats, since they stretched comfortably over your middle. You knew that maternity shopping would be necessary soon. Despite knowing the weight gain was due to your little bean, you weren’t a fan of how quickly you were starting to put on the pounds. Dan’s new job was reminding you that you were not, in fact, getting fatter, but instead your child was growing strong and healthy inside of you. Since the bump had started really showing, Dan couldn’t keep his hands off it either. Your hormones were out of whack, too. Everything inspired emotion. You weren’t an over emotional person before, but now anything could set you off and you’d be crying for at least 20 minutes. You no longer had internal temperature control, you couldn’t sleep, and your sex drive was through the roof (currently Dan’s favorite pregnancy symptom). You were also prone to periods of deep exhaustion, you could be doing something and the next moment unable to keep your eyes open. All of this was normal, of course, but that didn’t mean it was fun.

You and Dan had already announced to your families that you were expecting, but didn’t tell the rest of the world just yet, wanting to enjoy this on your own. Eventually, people asked why all of your pictures were from the chest up, and some had even commented that you were gaining weight in your face. Finally, you and Dan made a video letting all of the phans know that you were going to be having Baby Howell. Phil noted that the flat wasn’t really child friendly, so you and Dan went house searching. The first night you two laid in the bedroom of your new home, your baby kicked. Now, you knew that they’d most likely been kicking for some weeks, but this was the first time you’d felt it. You had frantically pressed Dan’s hand to your stomach, moving it around until you saw his face light up. Your baby was in there, actually growing inside of you, someone you and Dan had created. The nursery was the next step, before you were too big to help Dan out with the decorating.  The doctor knew the sex of your child, but you and Dan had held off from knowing. You wanted to be surprised. Therefore the nursery would be unisex, no pinks or blues unless they were a part of some greater overarching theme. He and Phil came up with a forest idea, and they painted the walls sky blue with little clouds and a very sloppily done Sun as well as some trees. You had glued some glow in the dark stars to the ceiling, and had all of the furniture moved in. Seeing the nursery when it was completed had brought more tears to your eyes, everything was suddenly becoming so real.

3rd Trimester:

Things were really starting to bear down on you. The honeymoon period was over, and your nausea had come back with a vengeance. Not to mention the insomnia had gotten worse, you were running on maybe 3 hours of sleep a night. Luckily the periods of extreme exhaustion had stopped, but you wished you could get more sleep. You were getting braxton hicks contractions, little shoots of pain around your abdomen to prepare you for birth. Though they didn’t compare to real labor pains, they still hurt like a bitch. Your back was hurting everyday, and your active little bean was kicking pretty much all of the time. It had been endearing at first, but now you wished they would give you a break. One night, when everything was catching up to you, Dan had woken up to you sobbing at just how uncomfortable you were. He’d rubbed your tummy, whispering to you and talking to the Baby Howell until the both of you settled enough to fall asleep in his arms. Your doctor told you this was normal, and that it was best to try to carry on with normal tasks as much as possible. This unfortunately conflicted with Dan’s obsession with keeping you off of your feet. You were at the point in the pregnancy where you could have your baby at any time, and Dan didn’t want to take any risks. You were almost always annoyed with him these days, and Phil had to calm you down so you didn’t strangle the man you loved.

The day your child was born, you really should’ve suspected something was up. It was a week before your due date. You had actually gotten good rest, and your back wasn’t hurting nearly as much as usual. You’d slept in, and made yourself a sandwich, feeling hungry instead of nauseous for the first time in weeks. Phil had just entered the kitchen when you were hit with a contraction. It didn’t feel like the tiny ones you’d had before, though. This one made you double over in pain, forehead pressed against the table and groaning out loud. Phil wasn’t particularly good in situations like this, and went to go get your husband while you struggled. It didn’t last very long, but the pain was still fresh in your mind, and you feared it coming back again. Following almost immediately after that, your favorite pair of PJ pants were soaked through and your water was broken. Luckily, you had a duffle bag packed at the door for times like this, ready for your baby to come whenever they decided to. This was going to be the day, you supposed. The three of you packed into the car and drove to the hospital. Even if this was just a close call, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Labor was impossible. That was the only way you could describe it. Waiting on a bed while contraction after contraction hit, each coming sooner than before. Poor Dan was a wreck, full of nerves and going the extra mile to try and make you comfortable. To you it was smothering, and you had to exile him to the waiting room with Phil so he could get himself together. You felt bad for those women who were in labor for long periods of time. 5 hours in and you were ready to push, meaning things were really getting into gear. You knew it’d only get worse from here, and so did Dan. He’d simply gripped your hand, kissed your lips, and told you that the both of you were so close to meeting your little prince or princess.

Giving birth was a blur. You remembered situating yourself in uncomfortable stirrups, your doctor telling you to push, and squeezing Dan’s hand so hard you were sure you had broken it. You also remembered the piercing cry that quieted the room. Your child taking his first breath. You must’ve passed out after that, because next thing you knew you were being shaken awake by a friendly nurse and you were being taught to feed your newborn. While he nursed, Dan explained everything you’d missed. Cutting the cord, your parents making it just in time to see your little man being held in Dan’s arms. You couldn’t believe it. A child, you and Dan’s child. He already had little wisps of brown hair on his head, you hoped he would have those curls. Those dimples. His father’s big, sweet heart. An adventure was starting for you, Dan, and the little bean in your arms, and you couldn’t wait.

A/N: Was worried about this because I’m not really one to write about pregnancy and kids and stuff, but like how it turned out. Sorry it’s so damn long, hope you enjoyed!


Fans finding out about you and Jooheon

Pairing: Jooheon x [y/n]

Genre: fluff

Warning: none

Word count: 1060

a/n: again, I do not own any of the gifs I used, credit goes to owner! Also, thank you for the requests, I’ll try my best to do them as quickly as I can! xoxo

The boys have a concert in Seoul today and, of course, you’re going but this time you’re not as excited as you normally would be. Jooheon was really stressing himself and practising more than usual which makes you just as stressed and anxious. Even the other boys were not themselves these past days. Maybe they’re nervous because it’s a such a big deal to perform in Seoul?

Nevertheless you got ready and curled your hair even though no one in particular is going to see you because you’re watching them from behind the stage. One reason is because of security and the other is that the fans can’t see you there. You don’t want them to get the wrong idea and ask questions.

Just when you were about to put your shoes on your phone rang and it was Jooheon. You picked up, excited to hear his voice. “Yes?”

“Annyeong, baby. Are you ready?” Your heart jumped whenever he called you that. “Yeah, let me get my purse.” You answered while putting on your shoes.

“Mhm, okay. A car is waiting outside for you. I’ll see you when you’re there.” You smiled and said. “Okay, see you there.” before hanging up.

Entrance was half an hour ago and most of the fans were already seated. You were waiting in one of their dressing rooms when suddenly the door opened and Jooheon walked in with his typical dimple smile. You stood up and jumped in his arms, welcoming his odour. His grip tightened on you when someone knocked on the door, obviously annoyed that your moment was interrupted. He groaned and threw his head back in annoyance but decided to open the door while still having his arm tight around your waist. “Yes?”

“I’m sorry to interrupt but we have to put a mic on you, now.” Jooheon turned to you and you were quick to cup his face in your hands and press your lips on his before whispering. “Good luck and have fun.”

“You’ll be watching?” You furrowed your eyebrows. “Of course, like always.” He gave one last smile and then he was gone and you were alone standing in his dressing room. You let out a sigh and opened the door already hearing the fans chanting and screaming for the boys. You walked over to the end of the stage and were watching from the side. The concert started and all the boys went on stage and opening the show with Trespass.

After some time your feet started to hurt from standing the whole time but you ignored it and kept watching them. You noticed Jooheon being a bit out of it which made you worry and wonder if something happened before he went on stage.

Just when they were about to sing Amen, their last song for the show, the lights went on shining directly on Jooheon only. You were confused as to why he was standing alone in front of the stage with the rest of the boys standing behind him and pushing him to say something.

He let out a nervous cough before holding the microphone close to his lips and saying. “Thanks for coming to see us, we love you very very very much.” The crowd cheered and Jooheon continued. “Today was quite a rough day for me.” Jooheon looked down and then to Kihyun. “I asked Kihyun if he could help me prepare a special song for todays show.” The fans went absolutely crazy as soon as he said that which made them smile, seeing their just as excited to hear the song. Kihyun walked up to him now standing side by side. “It’s called You and I, we hope you like it.”

Jooheon quickly took the mic before the music started and debated his next move. “This may sound cliché right now, but this song is for a special someone and I hope she’s watching me right now.” The boys were cheering too along with the crowd.

You and I You and I baby
You and I You and I baby
You and I You and I baby
till I die till I die baby

옆에 있을게 내가
wherever you go
내 두 손을 잡아 줘 girl
어디든 떠나자 바로
티켓을 끊어 내게로
오늘 밤 다 주고 싶어
네 곁에 잠들고 싶어
아침 햇살 보고 싶어
널 위해 노래 부르고 싶어 yeah  

You and I You and I baby
You and I You and I baby
You and I You and I baby
till I die till I die baby  

You couldn’t believe what was happening right now. The song was absolutely beautiful and Jooheon sounded amazing the whole time. He decided to show his singing skills which made the song even better. You kept peeking to some fans to see their reaction. Every one of them seemed happy to say at least. Some were frantic and started looking for someone in the crowd the whole time while Jooheon was singing. It was you they were looking for. You felt you face heat up and you hid behind one of the curtains. You were overwhelmed and didn’t know how to react. It was a surprise and you never expected Jooheon to do something like this.

But you enjoyed it nevertheless and were happy when the song ended. You walked over to the stairs where the boys would walk off when they’re done and decided to wait for them here. Minhyuk was the first to walk off stage and greeted you with a wide smile and a big hug. “Can you believe he did that?” He asked you still in shock himself. You shook your head and hugged him back. “He must be crazy.” He said before walking off to take his mic off.

“Crazy in love.” Wonho teased you and came up to you hugging you. “Shut it.” You warned him but hugged him back. He laughed before patting your head. That’s when Jooheon came and looked at you with surprised eyes as if he didn’t know that you were here the whole time. He quickly recovered and gave you a hasty smile. You shook your head and let out a laugh before running in his arms.

“I guess you liked it?” He asked you to make sure you weren’t mad or anything. You were not able to talk so you just buried your head in his chest, feeling it vibrate from laughter. “I take that as a yes, then.”

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haunted (sebstan)


 you surprise sebastian after a hard day. (based on this request)

pairing: sebastian stan x reader

warnings: smut, fluff, language

word count: 1.6 (this is kind of short i’m so sorry wow)

a/n:  here is this lil piece, i’m not sure if this is what you meant by costume but i tried my anonymous friend. i dont like this one, so let me know what you think. 

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You Tell Him your a Virgin ~ Cameron Dallas Blurb

Just an idea :) 


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You sat at your beauty table fixing the last touches of your makeup, Getting a good look at yourself in the mirror being satisfied with the your hair and makeup.You smiled looking at the time seeing you needed to pick Cameron up in 20 minutes. You stood up slipping on your tight black dress that hugged your curves, Slipping on your black heels and grabbing your clutch getting one last look in the mirror before heading out the door . Cameron Hated the idea of you picking him up for a dinner date, But it was his birthday so you wanted to make it special.But the though of knowing what comes with a birthday in a relationship took over your mind.You were a Virgin and haven’t told cameron because you didn’t want him to look at you different .The relationship has been 7 months, and hes been dropping some hint’s .You weren’t ready at all for sex mentally or physically .

You arrived at Cameron house , He left in his tuxedo looking so handsome and sexy . ‘Hey birthday boy ‘ You said biting your lip at his sight, “Hey you look so beautiful’He smiled giving you a kiss .

After dinner, ‘what shall we do now?’You chuckled sitting in the passenger seat Holding Cameron’s hand . ‘I was thinking maybe we could head back at my place and you can stay over, it’s up to you ‘e smiled starting the car. ‘That sounds like a plan’You reached your arm behind his neck rubbing it slightly . Your nerves started to kick in . soon arriving to his house He let you out of the car and being a gentleman carried you in . ‘thank you my price’You laughed ‘No problem my princess’he chuckled. ‘what do you want to do now ?’ He asked . ‘get comfortable ‘You blurted out, ‘ahh okay let’s do it ‘He ran up the stairs to the best of his ability . You kicked off your heels and did the same, ‘here you go’ cameron handed you one of his black t-shirts.After getting comfortable you two were just cuddled and relaxed in bed . ‘I love you”cameron said hovering over your body placing a kiss on your lips, His hands traveled up and down your body the kiss turned into a Makeout session .‘cameron’ You sighed catching your breath . He stopped looking at you with his brown eyes .’I-I’m a virgin’You looked down trying to not see his expression .He chuckled, you looked at him confused and more embarrassed. ‘I know Y/N’He smiled at you ‘how?’You asked ‘I can tell your so timid I’m ready whenever you are baby ‘You gave you a sweet peck on the lips ‘well thank you but i’m not ready yet ‘You chuckled wrapping your legs around his waste ‘You don’t have to be ‘He smiled once again giving yet another kiss.

TFIOS Preference 1/2

Author’s Note: There’s going to be two different versions of TFIOS Preference, this is the first one! :-) Don’t hate me okay, bye.

Taylor: When you guys are watching TFIOS, Taylor starts laughing and saying the movie is stupid. You told him to hush and keep watching, and at first he didn’t but than he noticed you were ignoring him so he did. He looked at you when the part got really intense to see you crying, and he hugged you tightly, and said, “Babe it’s only a movie. Okay I lied, maybe it’s more than just a movie to you.”

Aaron: Aaron would be sitting next to you with his hands intertwined with his. Every time a scene comes on that reminds him of you, he would lean over and give you a kiss on the cheek. And he whispers that his sorry for the repetitive pecks, but he couldn’t help but show how much he cares for you like they did in the movie.

Cameron: Cameron would probably have tissues hidden in his pockets. And when you started crying he would wipe your tears with his fingers, and pulling out the tissues making sure to not smudge your makeup. He would kiss the top of your head and say “I know this movie meant something to you, and whenever your ready I’ll be here you baby.” as he intertwined his hands with yours.

Matt: He would tell you he wasn’t going to cry, that this movie is fiction, and you’d be the one crying first. You argued back, but you obviously lost the bet. Matt was laughing when he saw that you were crying, but eventually he came to his senses to comfort you. Pressing his lips against yours, and saying, “But babe, guess who cried?”

Jack G: During the scene with the metaphor, Jack would joke around and react it. You would tell him to shut the fuck up and watch. At points you would start laughing, and he wasn’t. So he looked at you and asked, “Are you laughing because your trying not to cry?” You nodded, and hugged you tightly. 

Hayes: Hayes would be interested in the movie more than you would be. You would laugh about it, and he would tell you to shut up or you would miss the most meaningful parts. Eventually you did, and since your head was resting on his shoulder he leaned in. Saying, “Shit babe, I might cry.” You messed with his hair, saying you might cry to so it was going to be okay.

Nash: You would be watching it with a smile on your face, and all of a sudden you would be crying in his chest. He would be worried and ask, “Babe why are you crying? Did I hit you? WAIT, it’s this scene huh?” He would kiss the top of your head, telling you that think about it in the positive way. He loved her so much, and she did as well. Making you smile, and you pressed your lips against his.

Jack J: Jack would have complained watching it, saying it was to overrated, but he watched for you. And every time a scene came on that you really liked, you would ask him what he thought, and he would always have a funny comment about it. But when you asked him about one last scene, he replied with the most thoughtful comment, and he pressed his lips on to yours smiling.

Shawn: Shawn would probably have his arms over you the whole time. And every time an emotional scene came on he would sing your favorite song into your ear making you remember that his there for you. And when you finally cried, he pushed away your messy hair, and smiled. “Babe, now I know why you wanted to see this movie so badly.” Staring into your eyes deeply.

Carter: He would have probably complained about watching it as well, but you persuaded him to watch it. And at the scene where you started crying you took his snap back to cover your face. He would have yelled, “What the hell babe-” but than he saw you crying and he hugged you tightly. Telling you that it’s a good thing you made him come and watch it.

Dillon: Dillon would have probably made fun of you for just even reading the book. But that made him end up watching the movie too, so he started laughing during it. He saw that you were ignoring him, and he watched the movie. He looked at you to see that your eyes were glistening, and he wiped the tears away. “Babe, don’t cry I’ll read the book if you stop crying.” He laughed as held your hand tightly.

Jacob: Jacob would have been the one to drag you to go watch it. Saying it would change your perspective on things. When you watched it you held his hand tightly, letting him know it hit you right there. He would smile, and whisper into your ear. “I told you it was more than just a movie.” He smirked, and than surprised you by saying that that now you have to read the book. 

Sam: Sam would be pretending to take a smoke every time something reminded him of the metaphor. He did it so many times to the point where he didn’t realize you were crying. “Babe, I didn’t mean to make you cry, I was just messing around.” You shook your head telling him it’s not his fault, and led his hand to your heart. “This movie hit me. Hard.” As he stared into your eyes and got lost in them.


Midnight Escapades - Ashton Smut

The cool air of our bedroom woke me at the early hour, the sun not yet up as the pitch blackness was all i could see. Slight snores of my the boy beside me stalling as he twisted in his sleep, letting a moan fall from his lips.

“Mmm baby you awake?” He whispered huskily. The sound that had me weak at the knees.

“Yeah.” I whispered back as he moaned again shuffling close to me. His body laying on top of mine, our legs tangling as he kissed my neck slowly. Catching onto my sweet spot effortlessly as i closed my eyes sighing in content.

“Good.” Whispering into my ear i became aware of his actions, and aware of the bulge he had going on. Grinding into me slowly i felt myself becoming more aroused.

“Ashh..” Only he would make me a moaning mess with just his lips and the feeling of his body, but it felt so good adding warmth to my skin which was cold from the frosty morning air.

“Turn over for me baby..” He cooed and i did, not before pulling off his shirt i claimed for bed, the shadowed outline of my body making him groan. A light slap was place against my ass and i gasped with shock and pleasure.

“No underwear? What a cheeky girl you are.” His fingers traced down my back making me shiver before his hands pulled me up onto all fours. Almost begging for him to spank me again but the need for him was too much to take anymore teasing. Sliding a few fingers over my heat i moaned out.

“Mmm so wet…”

“Please Ash..” Shuffling behind me i felt him push into my entrance, my body so sensitive to his touch in the middle of the night. I couldn’t resist pushing back against him as we moved together, slow but heatedly. The feeling so full making my eyes roll as we moved.

“God babe..” His lips pressed down my back, his hands reaching around me to grab my breasts in his hands. Massaging them in his palms as i moaned out more. Both of us almost there already as out sleepy bodies rocked together desperate for relief and release.

“Fuck, Ash, oh god!”

“Let go baby, whenever your ready oh fuck.”


“Y/N!” Climaxing together i grabbed onto the pillows, collapsing our clammy bodies in a tangled mess on the bed. I could feel his hot breath on my back along with the fast beating of his heart.

“Baby your amazing.”

“Mmmm I love you Ash.” My eyes were becoming heavy as he spooned my body from behind, wrapping around me like my own personal blanket.

“I love you too Y/N, sleep now baby.” And with that my eyes closed, with the faint memory of his fingers brushing my to the side so his head could nestle in the crook of my neck.