baby wearing

Last night was a little tough, my dad came into town and Cass and I didn’t get to bed at our normal time, so I think she got overtired, because she yelled for a long time. It was hard to get her to nurse. Then she did for 1.5 hours. Then she slept for 5 hours straight (hallelujah). But we were all up by 530 when I nursed her for another hour, and tried handing her over to Aaron. She flipped her shit and yelled again. I think she was expecting to sleep another 2 hours, and wasn’t quite asleep when I gave her to Aaron, and was pretty upset.

But the rest of the day has been good. I have had good success nursing her into a nap and then her napping for 1-2 hours. She had a good 45 minutes of chirping-alert time too. She was pretty content. My dad even cuddled her while I had an hour nap. It was glorious.

And biggest highlight of it all, I got to walk the pups with Aaron. I haven’t walked them since I was super pregnant the day before she was born. It was so nice to walk without aches or a huge belly. And be able to easily pick up the stick! So nice. I find walking the pups off leash sooooo therapeutic. I always feel grounded and good afterwards.

I got the insert for my Ergo baby carrier. It’s gonna take some getting used to. It doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of room for her in there. I think my boobs are too big or something. We will try again later tonight. Anyone out there use an Ergo Baby Carrier?


So I posted a couple weeks ago on my Facebook that I was having a hard time deciding if I wanted gators or message in a bottle. EVERYONE was saying gators. Even I wanted gators a tiny bit more than message in a bottle. Well.. now I want message in a bottle and I feel like that defiant little kid who goes against what everyone else likes 😂 like.. hey I asked for everyone’s opinion and I know all of you are going with gators but I’m gonna go ahead and get message in a bottle anyways. PLUS it is $45 cheaper AND my main reason is because gators has a light lime green structure.. and I’m so worried it will get really dirty. Like my toddler waves. ITS DARK BLUE and still ended up getting really dirty .. I was also looking on Etsy, and I can actually have slip covers made in whatever print I want. So there’s that.

I’ve had too much coffee this morning.
Had to. Baby shower in my house this weekend.
Need . To. Clean. No energy because of growing human.

Ring Slings ❔

Anybody have a ring sling they love? I think that’d be our best fit carrier but I’m having trouble picking. I was never happy w the moby, too fussy, and the Tula feels safe and solid to me but is uncomfortable and I hate wearing it very long. The arm straps dig in. My child does not tolerate me sitting down or stopping while being worn, so, I need something I can pop her in and out of frequently and easily. Hence ring sling. I keep looking at woven wraps, but. ⬆️ I’m not spending 10 minutes wrapping her up on me like a Christmas bow only to have to get her out again in 10 minutes.

I’d go $50/$60 for something plain, serviceable, mainstream, and $70/$80ish for something pretty/fancier.

Recs? Things you love or hate? Baby wearing thoughts and suggestions? Baby wearing is yet another thing I am theoretically in love with, and hate the reality of. Yay parenting, shattering all your delightful illusions.